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Header Picture: McDonnell-Douglas QF-4E Phantom IIs 73-1167 & 74-1638 of USAF/53rdWEG at Oshkosh 2016

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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

29/11/10 - Los Angeles

Todays LAX log from RichT

9V-SGC Airbus A340 (478) Singapore Airlines
9V-SPE Boeing 747 (26554) Singapore Airlines
A6-ECX Boeing 777 (38982) Emirates
A6-EWH Boeing 777 (35587) Emirates
B-16709 Boeing 777 (33753) EVA Air
B-18212 Boeing 747 (33736) China Airlines
B-2073 Boeing 777 (37311) China Southern Airlines
B-2470 Boeing 747 (29070) Air China
B-6055 Airbus A340 (586) China Eastern Airlines
B-KPR Boeing 777 (36163) Cathay Pacific
C-FFYJ Embraer EMB190 (19000013) Air Canada
C-FGLX Embraer EMB190 (19000024) Air Canada
C-FHNX Embraer EMB190 (19000083) Air Canada
C-FTJQ Airbus A320 (0242) Air Canada
C-FUWS Boeing 737NG (32765) WestJet
C-FYJH Airbus A319 (0672) Air Canada
C-GAQX Airbus A319 (0736) Air Canada
C-GBHR Airbus A319 (0785) Air Canada
C-GWAZ Boeing 737NG (32763) WestJet
C-GWEN Embraer EMB190 (19000010) Air Canada
CC-CXK Boeing 767 (37802) LAN Airlines
D-ABVK Boeing 747 (25046) Lufthansa
EI-DRA Boeing 737NG (35114) Aeromexico
F-GSPJ Boeing 777 (29009) Air France
F-GSQY Boeing 777 (35678) Air France
F-OJGF Airbus A340 (385) Air Tahiti Nui
HB-JMM Airbus A340 (154) Swiss International Air Lines
HL7488 Boeing 747 (26394) Korean Air
HL7575 Boeing 777 (28445) Korean Air
HL7715 Boeing 777 (28372) Korean Air
HL7732 Boeing 777 (29174) Asiana Airlines
HL7734 Boeing 777 (34207) Korean Air
HL8208 Boeing 777 (37645) Korean Air
HP-1376CMP Boeing 737NG (30497) Copa Airlines
JA717A Boeing 777 (33415) All Nippon Airways
JA777A Boeing 777 (32650) All Nippon Airways
N102SL Piaggio P180 Avanti (1052) Avantair
N103US Airbus A320 (0861) US Airways
N105HQ Embraer EMB175 (17000163) US Airways Express
N111CQ Gulfstream 450 (4006)
N115AN Learjet 60 (60-308) Anderson Management Services Inc
N119US Airbus A320 (1268) US Airways
N128DL Boeing 767 (24078) Delta
N133HQ Embraer EMB175 (17000217) US Airways Express
N136DL Boeing 767 (25146) Delta
N1402A Boeing 767 (25989) Delta
N143DA Boeing 767 (25991) Delta
N145SL Piaggio P180 Avanti (1093) Avantair
N1602 Boeing 767 (29694) Delta
N162UW Airbus A321 (1412) US Airways
N165US Airbus A321 (1431) US Airways
N172US Airbus A321 (1472) US Airways
N175HQ Embraer EMB190 (19000216) Frontier Airlines
N176UW Airbus A321 (1499) US Airways
N178US Airbus A321 (1519) US Airways
N179UW Airbus A321 (1521) US Airways
N181UW Airbus A321 (1531) US Airways
N18243 Boeing 737NG (28806) Continental Airlines
N182AN Boeing 757 (29592) American Airlines
N184DN Boeing 767 (27111) Delta
N186DN Boeing 767 (27962) Delta
N187US Airbus A321 (1704) US Airways
N19130 Boeing 757 (28970) Continental Airlines
N19141 Boeing 757 (30354) Continental Airlines
N191DN Boeing 767 (28448) Delta
N208WN Boeing 737NG (29856) Southwest Airlines
N214WN Boeing 737NG (32486) Southwest Airlines
N224SW Embraer EMB120 Brasilia (120294) Skywest Airlines
N24202 Boeing 737NG (30429) Continental Airlines
N245WN Boeing 737NG (32506) Southwest Airlines
N246LV Boeing 737NG (32507) Southwest Airlines
N259WN Boeing 737NG (35554) Southwest Airlines
N25FM Learjet 25 (25-063) Royal Air Freight Inc
N26215 Boeing 737NG (28775) Continental Airlines
N263WN Boeing 737NG (32520) Southwest Airlines
N273AY Airbus A330 (337) US Airways
N276WN Boeing 737NG (32530) Southwest Airlines
N280AJ Beechjet 400 (RK-164) Cloudhopper LLC
N283AY Airbus A330 (1076) US Airways
N298WN Boeing 737NG (32543) Southwest Airlines
N308AT Boeing 737NG (35109) AirTran Airways
N317AS Boeing 737NG (30856) Alaska Airlines
N327AA Boeing 767 (22327) American Airlines
N330NB Airbus A319 (1549) Delta
N331NB Airbus A319 (1567) Delta
N33264 Boeing 737NG (31584) Continental Airlines
N341UP Boeing 767 (37861) UPS
N3742C Boeing 737NG (30835) Delta
N37437 Boeing 737NG (33532) Continental Airlines
N3743H Boeing 737NG (30836) Delta
N3758Y Boeing 737NG (30814) Delta
N3762Y Boeing 737NG (30817) Delta
N3773D Boeing 737NG (30825) Delta
N378DA Boeing 737NG (30265) Delta
N385DN Boeing 737NG (30348) Delta
N413WN Boeing 737NG (29819) Southwest Airlines
N416MC Boeing 747 (32838) Polar Air Cargo
N417QX DHC-8 (4086) Horizon Air
N419QX DHC-8 (4145) Horizon Air
N427QX DHC-8 (4156) Horizon Air
N430QS Gulfstream 450 (4021) NetJets
N439QX DHC-8 (4246) Horizon Air
N45440 Boeing 737NG (33535) Continental Airlines
N455SW Canadair Regional Jet (7760) Delta Connection
N461GT Grumman Gulfstream 3 (411)
N466MW Beech King Air 200 (BB-1273) K A Partners LLC
N468QS Gulfstream 450 (4146) NetJets
N47414 Boeing 737NG (32827) Continental Airlines
N488CH Canadair Global Express (9150) GC Air LLC
N488WN Boeing 737NG (33853) Southwest Airlines
N503VL Airbus A319 (3491) Volaris
N506AS Boeing 737NG (35690) Alaska Airlines
N520AS Boeing 737NG (36481) Alaska Airlines
N520UW Airbus A321 (3924) US Airways
N523UW Airbus A321 (3960) US Airways
N524AS Boeing 737NG (35195) Alaska Airlines
N528AS Boeing 737NG (35695) Alaska Airlines
N529AS Boeing 737NG (35198) Alaska Airlines
N559AS Boeing 737NG (35178) Alaska Airlines
N560SW Embraer EMB120 Brasilia (120334) Skywest Airlines
N561JB Airbus A320 (1927) JetBlue Airways
N562SW Embraer EMB120 Brasilia (120336) United Express
N567SW Embraer EMB120 Brasilia (120342) United Express
N56859 Boeing 757 (32818) Continental Airlines
N568SW Embraer EMB120 Brasilia (120343) Skywest Airlines
N57016 Boeing 777 (28679) Continental Airlines
N57868 Boeing 757 (32590) Continental Airlines
N583NW Boeing 757 (32983) Delta
N584NW Boeing 757 (32984) Delta
N585SW Embraer EMB120 Brasilia (120353) United Express
N588NW Boeing 757 (32988) Delta
N589JB Airbus A320 (2215) JetBlue Airways
N592HA Boeing 767 (33468) Hawaiian Airlines
N617AS Boeing 737NG (30542) Alaska Airlines
N630JB Airbus A320 (2640) JetBlue Airways
N633JB Airbus A320 (2671) JetBlue Airways
N661SW Boeing 737 (23173) Southwest Airlines
N662AW Airbus A320 (1274) US Airways
N662JB Airbus A320 (3263) JetBlue Airways
N6714Q Boeing 757 (30485) Delta
N672AW Airbus A320 (2193) US Airways
N673US Boeing 747 (30268) Delta
N682TA Airbus A320 (3581) TACA International Airlines
N706QS Gulfstream 200 (131) NetJets
N711SY Boeing 737NG (30245) Sun Country Airlines
N71411 Boeing 737NG (30128) Continental Airlines
N716BD Learjet 31 (31A-093) Bolavi Aviation LLC
N728MM Gulfstream 450 (4147) MGM Mirage
N744SK Canadair CRJ-700 (10200) United Express
N746JB Airbus A320 (3622) JetBlue Airways
N750AT Boeing 757 (23126) Delta
N750SL Cessna Citation II (550-0554) Kern Global Service LLC
N752AT Boeing 757 (23128) Delta
N75433 Boeing 737NG (33527) Continental Airlines
N754AS Boeing 737 (25095) Alaska Airlines
N755SK Canadair CRJ-700 (10220) United Express
N757LV Boeing 737NG (29850) Southwest Airlines
N76054 Boeing 767 (29449) Continental Airlines
N760AS Boeing 737 (25098) Alaska Airlines
N763SK Canadair CRJ-700 (10228) United Express
N765SK Canadair CRJ-700 (10231) United Express
N766SK Canadair CRJ-700 (10232) United Express
N768SK Canadair CRJ-700 (10234) United Express
N77525 Boeing 737NG (31659) Continental Airlines
N775JB Airbus A320 (3800) JetBlue Airways
N778SK Canadair CRJ-700 (10242) United Express
N79279 Boeing 737NG (31597) Continental Airlines
N794AS Boeing 737 (28889) Alaska Airlines
N79521 Boeing 737NG (31662) Continental Airlines
N795AS Boeing 737 (28890) Alaska Airlines
N796SK Canadair CRJ-700 (10300) United Express
N799AS Boeing 737 (29270) Alaska Airlines
N802SK Canadair CRJ-900 (15061) Delta Connection
N804MD Embraer EMB170 (17000016) US Airways Express
N805SY Boeing 737NG (30032) Sun Country Airlines
N818NN Boeing 737NG (30910) American Airlines
N821LX Hawker 800XP (258406) Flight Options
N823SA Cessna 208B Caravan (208B0823) Western Caravan LLC
N829NN Boeing 737NG (33210) American Airlines
N836NN Boeing 737NG (31095) American Airlines
N838NN Boeing 737NG (31097) American Airlines
N849NN Boeing 737NG (33213) American Airlines
N850NN Boeing 737NG (40580) American Airlines
N854NW Airbus A330 (620) Delta
N856F Dassault Falcon 2000 (138) GBOGH LLC
N902AN Boeing 737NG (29504) American Airlines
N906SW Canadair Regional Jet (7510) United Express
N908AN Boeing 737NG (29510) American Airlines
N908FR Airbus A319 (1759) Frontier Airlines
N912WN Boeing 737NG (36621) Southwest Airlines
N915WN Boeing 737NG (36888) Southwest Airlines
N924SW Canadair Regional Jet (7681) United Express
N928SW Canadair Regional Jet (7701) United Express
N930FR Airbus A319 (2241) Frontier Airlines
N930WN Boeing 737NG (36636) Southwest Airlines
N931LR Canadair CRJ-900 (15031) US Airways Express
N934FR Airbus A319 (2287) Frontier Airlines
N935AN Boeing 737NG (30081) American Airlines
N938AN Boeing 737NG (29533) American Airlines
N9407R McDonnell Douglas MD-83 (49400) American Airlines
N940FR Airbus A319 (2465) Frontier Airlines
N942WN Boeing 737NG (36648) Southwest Airlines
N943AN Boeing 737NG (30599) American Airlines
N944WN Boeing 737NG (36659) Southwest Airlines
N948TW McDonnell Douglas MD-83 (49575) American Airlines
N950AN Boeing 737NG (30087) American Airlines
N951WN Boeing 737NG (36665) Southwest Airlines
N956AN Boeing 737NG (30090) American Airlines
N9625W McDonnell Douglas MD-83 (53595) American Airlines
N965SW Canadair Regional Jet (7871) United Express
N968TW McDonnell Douglas MD-83 (53618) American Airlines
N971SW Canadair Regional Jet (7947) United Express
N971TW McDonnell Douglas MD-83 (53621) American Airlines
N980TW McDonnell Douglas MD-83 (53630) American Airlines
N983SW Canadair Regional Jet (7961) United Express
VH-OEE Boeing 747 (32909) QANTAS
VH-VPE Boeing 777 (37939) V Australia
VH-VPH Boeing 777 (37943) V Australia delivery
VQ-BBE Airbus A330 (1014) Aeroflot Russian Airlines
XA-VOD Airbus A319 (3045) Volaris
XA-VOH Airbus A319 (3253) Volaris
XA-ZAM Boeing 737NG (35120) Aeromexico
ZK-NBV Boeing 747 (26910) Air New Zealand