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Header Picture: McDonnell-Douglas QF-4E Phantom IIs 73-1167 & 74-1638 of USAF/53rdWEG at Oshkosh 2016

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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

30/11/10 - LAX - Long Beach - Orange County

Todays logs from RichT

Los Angeles International

B-18702 Boeing 747 (30760) China Airlines
B-2062 Boeing 777 (27606) China Southern Airlines
B-2079 Boeing 777 (37715) China Cargo Airlines
B-2475 Boeing 747 (34239) Air China Cargo
C-FFYJ Embraer EMB190 (19000013) Air Canada
C-FGLY Embraer EMB190 (19000028) Air Canada
C-FHIQ Embraer EMB190 (19000031) Air Canada
C-FTJQ Airbus A320 (0242) Air Canada
C-GBHM Airbus A319 (0769) Air Canada
C-GBIA Airbus A319 (0817) Air Canada
C-GDBF Canadair Challenger 601 (3014) Chartright Air Inc
C-GJPG Dassault Falcon 900 (110) Pattison Airways
C-GWAZ Boeing 737NG (32763) WestJet
HL7751 Boeing 777 (34210) Korean Air
N102SL Piaggio P180 Avanti (1052) Avantair
N103US Airbus A320 (0861) US Airways
N118US Airbus A320 (1264) US Airways
N137SL Piaggio P180 Avanti (1102) Avantair
N138HQ Embraer EMB175 (17000234) US Airways Express
N143DA Boeing 767 (25991) Delta
N15Y Gulfstream 4 (1318) G4SP LLC
N1602 Boeing 767 (29694) Delta
N16217 Boeing 737NG (28777) Continental Airlines
N162UP Airbus A300 (851) UPS
N162UW Airbus A321 (1412) US Airways
N163US Airbus A321 (1417) US Airways
N169UW Airbus A321 (1455) US Airways
N17126 Boeing 757 (27566) Continental Airlines
N172HQ Embraer EMB190 (19000198) Midwest / Frontier
N173US Airbus A321 (1481) US Airways
N174US Airbus A321 (1492) US Airways
N177US Airbus A321 (1517) US Airways
N178US Airbus A321 (1519) US Airways
N179DN Boeing 767 (25144) Delta
N182UW Airbus A321 (1536) US Airways
N186US Airbus A321 (1701) US Airways
N187SL Piaggio P180 Avanti (1164) Avantair
N188US Airbus A321 (1724) US Airways
N229SW Embraer EMB120 Brasilia (120305) United Express
N234KW Beech King Air 200 (BB-1065) General Atomics Aeronatical Systems Inc
N256AY Boeing 767 (26847) US Airways
N261FX Learjet 60 (60-319) FlexJets
N27TB Cessna Citation IIS (S550-0082) BOS Dairies LLC
N283AY Airbus A330 (1076) US Airways
N284AY Airbus A330 (1095) US Airways
N293WN Boeing 737NG (36612) Southwest Airlines
N322NB Airbus A319 (1434) Delta
N324UP Boeing 767 (27750) UPS
N332MM Gulfstream 550 (5283) Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee
N34131 Boeing 757 (28971) Continental Airlines
N367FE Douglas DC-10 (46605) FedEx Express
N3734B Boeing 737NG (30776) Delta
N373DA Boeing 737NG (29621) Delta
N3742C Boeing 737NG (30835) Delta
N3758Y Boeing 737NG (30814) Delta
N3759 Boeing 737NG (30815) Delta
N3773D Boeing 737NG (30825) Delta
N381DN Boeing 737NG (30350) Delta
N385DN Boeing 737NG (30348) Delta
N392DA Boeing 737NG (30561) Delta
N41VP Cessna Citation Encore (560-0626) Citation Technology Partners II LLC
N430QS Gulfstream 450 (4021) NetJets
N48127 Boeing 757 (28968) Continental Airlines
N490TA Airbus A320 (2282) TACA International Airlines
N493TA Airbus A320 (2917) TACA International Airlines
N501VL Airbus A319 (2979) Volaris
N503VL Airbus A319 (3491) Volaris
N508AY Airbus A321 (3740) US Airways
N512AS Boeing 737NG (39043) Alaska Airlines
N514AS Boeing 737NG (35193) Alaska Airlines
N520TA Airbus A319 (3248) TACA International Airlines
N521JB Airbus A320 (1452) JetBlue Airways
N523UW Airbus A321 (3960) US Airways
N529AS Boeing 737NG (35198) Alaska Airlines
N546AS Boeing 737NG (30022) Alaska Airlines
N551AS Boeing 737NG (34593) Alaska Airlines
N554JB Airbus A320 (1898) JetBlue Airways
N559AS Boeing 737NG (35178) Alaska Airlines
N561JB Airbus A320 (1927) JetBlue Airways
N586AS Boeing 737NG (35189) Alaska Airlines
N591HA Boeing 767 (33423) Hawaiian Airlines
N592AS Boeing 737NG (35190) Alaska Airlines
N592NW Boeing 757 (32992) Delta
N595FE Douglas MD-11 (48553) FedEx Express
N5NG Gulfstream 4 (1485) Northrop Grumman Systems Corp
N60BC Learjet 60 (60-105) BC Aviation LLC
N614AS Boeing 737NG (30343) Alaska Airlines
N66057 Boeing 767 (29452) Continental Airlines
N67052 Boeing 767 (29447) Continental Airlines
N6705Y Boeing 757 (30397) Delta
N676QS Cessna Citation Excel (560-5176) NetJets
N682TA Airbus A320 (3581) TACA International Airlines
N683QS Cessna Citation Excel (560-5643) NetJets
N69020 Boeing 777 (31687) Continental Airlines
N698DL Boeing 757 (29911) Delta
N706QS Gulfstream 200 (131) NetJets
N722MM Gulfstream 350 (4086) MGM Mirage Inc
N726DC Gulfstream 200 (058) DC Aviation LLC
N728MM Gulfstream 450 (4147) MGM Mirage
N729FD Airbus A300 (657) FedEx Express
N737QS Gulfstream 200 (127) NetJets
N746JB Airbus A320 (3622) JetBlue Airways
N754AS Boeing 737 (25095) Alaska Airlines
N754AS Boeing 737 (25095) Alaska Airlines
N75858 Boeing 757 (32817) Continental Airlines
N760JB Airbus A320 (3659) JetBlue Airways
N766JB Airbus A320 (3724) JetBlue Airways
N770BC Canadair Challenger 604 (5352) Franke & Co Inc
N781WN Boeing 737NG (30601) Southwest Airlines
N794AS Boeing 737 (28889) Alaska Airlines
N813NN Boeing 737NG (30918) American Airlines
N822MD Embraer EMB170 (17000043) Shuttle America
N828MD Embraer EMB170 (17000048) US Airways Express
N839NN Boeing 737NG (29557) American Airlines
N850NN Boeing 737NG (40580) American Airlines
N862PA Learjet 60 (60-014) Pointe Aviation LLC
N87SL Cessna Citation X (750-0174) Schweitzer Aircraft Leasing Inc
N902AN Boeing 737NG (29504) American Airlines
N907WN Boeing 737NG (36619) Southwest Airlines
N926MC BAE.125-700 (257021) MC Aviation Corp
N929FR Airbus A319 (2240) Frontier Airlines
N943AN Boeing 737NG (30599) American Airlines
N962TW McDonnell Douglas MD-83 (53612) American Airlines
N998CX Cessna Citation X (750-0098) Oakley Air LLC
PH-HZI Boeing 737NG (28380) Sun Country Airlines
VP-BLB Dassault Falcon 900 (049) Stavros Niarchos
XA-VOD Airbus A319 (3045) Volaris

Long Beach

09-9205 McDonnell Douglas C-17A Globemaster III (P-205) US Air Force
N107US Airbus A320 (1052) US Airways
N108DB Gulfstream 550 (5180) Wilmington Trust Co, Trustee
N111CQ Gulfstream 450 (4006) Wilmington Trust Co Trustee
N129UP Airbus A300 (813) UPS
N14EX Extra EA.400 (15) Amber Adil
N168EA Cessna Citation V (560-0168) Hawkeye Group LLC
N16WG Beech King Air 90 (LA-226) Rialto Riverside Corp
N170BA Schweizer 300 (0174) Southern California Aerial Services Inc
N222GY Gulfstream 4 (1142) Gypsy Two LLC
N237GA Gulfstream 450 (4055) Orange County / Sunbird Aviation LLC
N26602 Robinson R-22 (0858) M Spitzer
N29LB Eurocopter EC-130 (3560) City Of Long Beach
N36866 Raytheon 390 Premier I (RB-166) N36866 LLC
N36RR Grumman Gulfstream 2 (004) BKF Aviation Ltd
N450BD Grumman Gulfstream 3 (412) Bramblebush GIII LLC
N46WY Gulfstream 150 (276) L&L Manufacturing Co
N498CS Cessna Citation III (650-0180) Sahara LLC
N54DB Beech 60 Duke (P-127) Best Craine & Equipment Co LLC
N565JB Airbus A320 (2031) JetBlue Airways
N586JB Airbus A320 (2160) JetBlue Airways
N592GA Gulfstream 550 (5292) Bank Of Utah Trustee
N594JB Airbus A320 (2284) JetBlue Airways
N603KE Gulfstream 4 (1452) Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee
N700EJ SOCATA TBM700 (291) Comstock Crosser & Associates Development Co LLC
N70AG Gulfstream 5 (522) Chargers Football Co LLC
N74460 Robinson R-44 II (11161) Crossfire LLC
N769JS SOCATA TBM700 (187) TBM Trendco LLC
N844BC Piper PA-46 Malibu (4636293) Left Coast Ltd
N84FG Cessna Citationjet (525-0192) Norton Packaging Inc
N8620F Hughes 369 (0160D) Omega Air Inc
N8MY Cessna Citation Mustang (510-0322) Strategic Organizational Management LLC
N916VK Robinson R-44 II (11162) Patriot Air LLC
N949LL Cessna Citationjet 3 (525B0306) Leavitt Leasing Co Inc
N960SD AS.350 Ecureuil (3501) County Of Los Angeles Sheriffs Dept
N9680B Cessna 208B Caravan (208B0150) Catalina Flying Boats Inc

Orange County

N111Y Cessna Citation Sovereign (680-0127) Ingram Industries Inc
N14704 Boeing 737NG (28765) Continental Airlines
N1GH Cessna Citation II (550-0201) Victor X LLC
N202JK Cessna Citation III (650-0100) A&S World Aircraft Inc
N203A Gulfstream 550 (5169) Anadarko Petroleum Corp
N22FS Beech King Air 90 (LJ-1452) Frank M Singer Trustee
N254AM Canadair Challenger 604 (5361) AKM Aviation LLC
N313CV Cessna Citation V (560-0313) Pacific Dental Services Inc
N326RT Beech King Air 200 (BB-0553) Paragon Airways
N384EM Cessna Citation III (650-0144) WWF Air LLC
N406CJ Cessna Citation VII (650-7010) Charles J Schreiber Jnr, Trustee
N424J Piper PA-46 Malibu (46-8408019) Horgan Enterpriss LLC
N444EG Beech King Air 200 (BB-0624) FKM King Air LLC
N448JM Hawker 800XP (258404) Valutech Management LLC
N467WN Boeing 737NG (33830) Southwest Airlines
N480HP Piper PA-46 Malibu (4692048) Liviu Gold DDS Inc
N521FX Canadair Challenger 300 (20057) FlexJets
N522JA Cessna Citation V (560-0288) C&D Aviation LLC
N540FC Robinson R-22 (3858) Associated Products Inc
N541FX Canadair Challenger 300 (20211) FlexJets
N568HP Piper PA-46 Meridian (4697306) RA Lotter Insurance Marketing Inc
N581JS Embraer EMB500 Phenom 100 (50000110) JetSuite
N604WB Canadair Challenger 604 (5306) Choice Administrators Inc
N60TJ Beech King Air 100 (BE-021) Ark Leasing Inc
N665AW Airbus A320 (1644) US Airways
N619AS Boeing 737NG (30164) Alaska Airlines
N626SW Boeing 737 (27702) Southwest Airlines
N644AS Boeing 737NG (30795) Alaska Airlines
N666TK Learjet 55 (55-038) Panorama Flight Service Inc
N684TS Canadair Challenger 604 (5384) Red Eagle Air Corp
N706AM BAE.125-700 (257009) Air Mark One LLC
N712PD Cessna Citation II (550-0069) Bennett Law Office PC
N714RM Cessna Citation II (550-1057) RAJ Consulting LLC
N716SW Boeing 737NG (27850) Southwest Airlines
N726SW Boeing 737NG (27858) Southwest Airlines
N7390D Beech 60 Duke (P-108) Thomas C Kockins
N743QS Gulfstream 200 (216) NetJets
N749FF Cessna Citation II (550-0952) Family Air LLC
N751TP Piper PA-46 Malibu (46-8608009) Capital Group LLC
N17619 Boeing 737 (27332) Continental Airlines
N7MZ Cessna Citation I (501-0217) Gleeson Aviation LLC
N817BT Cessna Citationjet (525-0635) 525-0635 LLC
N89RP Learjet 45 (45-011) Rich Aviation Inc
N8FR Cessna 425 Corsair (425-0095) Frank A Rhodes Jr
N91VB Cessna Citation II (550-0068) Sierra Tango One LLC
N931WN Boeing 737NG (36637) Southwest Airlines
N93FT Beechjet 400 (RK-166) Fidelity National Financial Inc