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Header Picture: McDonnell-Douglas QF-4E Phantom IIs 73-1167 & 74-1638 of USAF/53rdWEG at Oshkosh 2016

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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

20/01/13 - Washington-Dulles - NMOAH - NASM

The Tregears East Coast trip continues.

Washington-Dulles - morning & evening

A6-EWI Boeing 777 (35589) Emirates
A7-BAJ Boeing 777 (36096) Qatar Airways
C-FREQ BAE Jetstream 31/32 (733) Chartright Air Inc
C-GAWR Cessna Citation Excel (560-5717) Execaire
C-GCUL Cessna Citation X (750-0090) Canadian Utilities Ltd
C-GMRO Learjet 45 (45-086) Chartright Air Inc
D-ABYC Boeing 747 (37828) Lufthansa
D-AEUK Canadair Challenger 604 (5632) Challenge Air
EI-WFI Canadair Challenger 605 (5812) Whitney Moore
ET-ANO Boeing 777 (40771) Ethiopian Airlines
F-GSQA Boeing 777 (32723) Air France
HB-JSN Dassault Falcon 7X (076) Dasnair SA
HZ-AKE Boeing 777 (28348) Saudia
HZ-MEJ1 Canadair Challenger 604 (5320) Mid East Jet Inc
LN-RKM Airbus A330 (496) SAS
N101HW Learjet 60 (60-037) RMSC Of West Palm Beach Inc
N103CD Grumman Gulfstream 3 (418) World Heir Inc
N108DB Gulfstream 550 (5180) Wilmington Trust Co, Trustee
N11544 Embraer Emb145 (145557) United Express
N12569 Embraer Emb145 (145630) United Express
N132QS Beechjet 400 (RK-427) NetJets
N13553 Embraer Emb145 (145585) United Express
N135BJ Beechjet 400 (RK-135) Cas Aviation LLC
N14920 Embraer Emb145 (145380) United Express
N14923 Embraer Emb145 (145318) United Express
N14959 Embraer Emb145 (145091) United Express
N14974 Embraer Emb145 (145161) United Express
N155SM Cessna Citation Excel (560-6058) Wilmingin Trust Co, Trustee
N156GJ Canadair CRJ-700 (10227) United Express
N164SL Rinaldo-Piaggio Avanti (1134) Avantair
N16546 Embraer Emb145 (145562) United Express
N16732 Boeing 737Ng (28948) United Airlines
N17185 Embraer Emb145 (14500922) ExpressJet
N1730M HS/Bae/Raytheon 125 (258583) Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee
N173GJ Canadair CRJ-700 (10287) United Express
N17984 Embraer Emb145 (145246) United Express
N18102 Embraer Emb145 (145643) United Express
N18243 Boeing 737Ng (28806) United Airlines
N197SL Rinaldo-Piaggio Avanti (1215) Midsouth Services Inc
N21144 Embraer Emb145 (145741) United Express
N226QS Dassault Falcon 2000 (126) NetJets
N238JB Embraer Emb190 (19000039) JetBlue Airways
N25705 Boeing 737Ng (28766) United Airlines
N277QS Dassault Falcon 2000 (177) NetJets
N301SG Gulfstream 150 (205) Wilmington Trust Co Trustee
N301SL Rinaldo-Piaggio Avanti (1166) Midsouth Services Inc
N317FE Douglas DC-10 (46835) FedEx Express
N331BN Gulfstream 200 (230) CFS Air LLC
N338NG DHC-8 (4338) US Airways Express
N350QS Cessna Citation Sovereign (680-0036) NetJets
N358PH DHC-8 (506) United Express
N362PH DHC-8 (518) United Express
N36444 Boeing 737Ng (31643) United Airlines
N364QS Cessna Citation Sovereign (680-0062) NetJets
N369PH DHC-8 (513) United Express
N37427 Boeing 737Ng (37097) United Airlines
N375QS Cessna Citation Sovereign (680-0230) NetJets
N38451 Boeing 737Ng (31646) United Airlines
N390JK Raytheon 390 Premier I (RB-039) Kelley Aviation Associates Inc
N3QG HS/Bae/Raytheon 125 (258127) Marina District Development Co LLC
N400J Gulfstream 4 (1330) Johnson & Johnson
N400WD Cessna Citationjet 2 (525A0002) 400WD LLC
N401UA Airbus A320 (0435) United Airlines
N402SE Raytheon Hawker Horizon (RC-047) Spectra Energy Corp
N402WN Boeing 737Ng (29814) Southwest Airlines
N405UA Airbus A320 (0452) United Airlines
N407UA Airbus A320 (0456) United Airlines
N409CS Cessna Citationjet 3 (525B0050) CitationShares
N420XJ Saab 340 (420) Silver Airways
N42EE Canadair Challenger 601 (5008) Encore/SB Aviation LLC
N450XX Gulfstream 450 (4062) Stephenson Air Services LLC
N464UA Airbus A320 (1290) United Airlines
N474UA Airbus A320 (1475) United Airlines
N475HM HS/Bae/Raytheon 125 (258451) General American Enterprises Inc
N487UA Airbus A320 (1669) United Airlines
N493TM Beechjet 400 (RK-582) Aircraft Holding Co One LLC
N500TH Beechjet 400 (RK-246) Carolina Air Transfer LLC
N502MJ Canadair CRJ-700 (10050) United Express
N502P Gulfstream 450 (4231) Pritzker Realty Group LLC
N503MJ Canadair CRJ-700 (10058) United Express
N505MJ Canadair CRJ-700 (10070) United Express
N506KS Learjet 40 (45-2055) Wal-Mart Stores Inc
N506UA Boeing 757 (24627) United Airlines
N508MJ Canadair CRJ-700 (10087) United Express
N510LL Cessna Citation Mustang (510-0074) Capital Mustang LLC
N510MJ Canadair CRJ-700 (10101) United Express
N511MJ Canadair CRJ-700 (10104) United Express
N514MJ Canadair CRJ-700 (10116) United Express
N514UA Boeing 757 (24839) United Airlines
N519LR Canadair CRJ-700 (10260) United Express
N521LR Canadair CRJ-700 (10261) United Express
N528VA Airbus A319 (3445) Virgin America
N543H Gulfstream 5 (688) Hawlett-Packard Co
N553UA Boeing 757 (25277) United Airlines
N564TA Airbus A321 (2862) TACA International Airlines
N58CG Dassault Falcon 900EX (047) Corning Aviation
N590UA Boeing 757 (28708) United Airlines
N5956B Gulfstream 4 (1469) Oakmont Holdings LLC
N599H Gulfstream 550 (5016) Honeywell Aircraft Leasing LLC
N601AD Canadair Challenger 601 (5186) Cameron-Henkind Corp
N614CZ Embraer Emb175 (17000205) Delta Connection
N615SM Embraer Emb500 Phenom 100 (50000223) Music Square Air LLC
N622VA Airbus A320 (2674) Virgin America
N627CZ Embraer Emb175 (17000229) Delta Connection
N628QS Cessna Citation Excel (560-5305) NetJets
N695QS Cessna Citation Excel (560-5293) NetJets
N699BG Dassault Falcon 900 (082) Word Of Life Christian Center Inc
N700MP Dassault Falcon 50 (070) JT Inc
N728LB Gulfstream 4 (1296) IC Group LLC
N73291 Boeing 737Ng (33454) United Airlines
N73406 Boeing 737Ng (30123) United Airlines
N73860 Boeing 757 (32584) United Airlines
N753AW Beechcraft King Air 200 (BY-151) Alpha Whiskey LLC
N75433 Boeing 737Ng (33527) United Airlines
N75851 Boeing 757 (32810) United Airlines
N76288 Boeing 737Ng (33451) United Airlines
N76CS Raytheon Hawker 900XP (HA-0178) CSX Transportation Inc
N76RP Gulfstream 550 (5334) Warner Communications Inc
N770AZ HS/Bae/Raytheon 125 (257046) International Air Medical Services Inc
N780SK Canadair CRJ-700 (10277) United Express
N787AD Dassault Falcon 7X (073) Archer-Daniels-Midland Co
N795UA Boeing 777 (26927) United Airlines
N7TK Cessna Citation I (501-0116) Timothy Mellon
N801SS HS/Bae/Raytheon 125 (258291) Stephen D Susman PC
N802HK Embraer Emb145 (145066) United Express
N802UA Airbus A319 (0690) United Airlines
N809HK Embraer Emb145 (145187) United Express
N818QS Cessna Citation Encore (560-0778) NetJets
N820AS Canadair Regional Jet (7188) United Express
N825AS Canadair Regional Jet (7207) United Express
N825QS Cessna Citation Encore (560-0655) NetJets
N827AS Canadair Regional Jet (7212) United Express
N828AS Canadair Regional Jet (7213) Delta Connection
N829AS Canadair Regional Jet (7232) Delta Connection
N833AS Canadair Regional Jet (7246) Delta Connection
N834AS Canadair Regional Jet (7254) Delta Connection
N836AS Canadair Regional Jet (7263) United Express
N836UA Airbus A319 (1460) United Airlines
N842HK Embraer Emb145 (14500830) United Express
N848NN Boeing 737Ng (31103) American Airlines
N851TC Beechcraft King Air 350 (FL-510) Raytheon Aircraft Co
N854JA Cessna Citation II (550-0920) Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee
N857ST Gulfstream 4 (1345) Seminole Tribe Of Florida
N859RW Embraer Emb170 (17000082) United Express
N8855A Canadair Regional Jet (7855) Delta Connection
N8884E Canadair Regional Jet (7884) Delta Connection
N905NN Boeing 737Ng (31156) American Airlines
N905WN Boeing 737Ng (36617) Southwest Airlines
N908DL Douglas MD-88 (49539) Delta
N912FJ Canadair CRJ-900 (15012) US Airways Express
N914FJ Canadair CRJ-900 (15014) US Airways Express
N953QS Cessna Citation X (750-0153) NetJets
N955SE Raytheon Hawker 900XP (HA-0102) Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee
N983J Canadair Global Express (9072) Mark Irwin Jacobs, Trustee
N989BJ Rinaldo-Piaggio Avanti (1152) Salamandair LLC
N997DL Douglas MD-88 (53364) Delta
P4-MMM Canadair Global 5000 (9430)
PH-AOK Airbus A330 (834) KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
TC-JII Airbus A340 (331) THY - Turkish Airlines
XA-MIA Boeing 737Ng (35119) Aeromexico
XA-MKI Gulfstream 5 (664) Servicios Aeronautics Zeta SA
XA-VYC Learjet 45 (45-034) El Caminante Taxi Aereo SA
ZS-AMP Canadair Global Express (9230) Aralia Trading Pty Ltd
ZS-SXE Airbus A340 (646) South African Airways

Washington - National Museum of American History - Price of Freedom Gallery (3 East)

65-10091 Bell UH-1H Iroquois (5135)

Washington - National Air & Space Museum Washington Mall

Gallery 100 - Milestones of Flight

42-108784/1 Bell XP-59A Airacomet (27-1)
46-0062 Bell X-1 (1)
56-6670 North American X-15A-1 (240-1)
N328KF Scaled Composites SC.316 SpaceShip One (001)
NX211 Ryan NYP (30)

Gallery 101 - Museum Store (shop)

N11DR Pitts S-1S Special (JDR-2)

Gallery 102 - America by Air

(N11)/NR257Y/NC13369 Boeing 247D (1953)
(N11Y)/NC11Y/12 Northrop 4A Alpha (3)
(N18124)/NC18124 Douglas DC-3-201 (2000)
(N2895)/C2895/21 Pitcairn PA-15 Mailwing (1)
(N334AA) Douglas DC-7 (45106) ..forward fuselage
(N601US) Boeing 747-151 (19778) ..front fuselage
N618PW Extra 260 (1)
(N6853)/NC6853 Fairchild FC-2 (139)
N9683 Ford 5-AT-B Tri-Motor (5-AT-39)
Unmarked MacCready Gossamer Condor (1)

Gallery 104 - Military Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

159 IAI RQ-2A Pioneer (Unknown)
1026 AAI Corporation RQ-7A Shadow 200 (Unknown)
97-3034/WA General Atomics MQ-1L Predator (P-034)
AV-050 AeroVironment RQ-14A Dragon Eye (AV-050)
Unmarked Boeing X-45A (AV-1)
Unmarked Northrop Grumman /Boeing RQ-3 Dark Star (AV.4)

Gallery 105 - Golden Age of Flight - closed, but a/c visible

(N14855)/NX14855 Wittman DFA (4)
(N15840)/NC15840 Beech C17L Staggerwing (93)
NR12269 Northrop Gamma 2B (2)
NR258Y Hughes H-1 (1)
NR526N Curtiss-Wright Robin J-1 (723)

Gallery 106 - Jet Aviation

111759 McDonnell FH-1 Phantom (11)
44-83020/78 Lockheed XP-80 Shooting Star (140-1001)
(T2-111)/500491/yellow 7 Messerschmitt Me.262A-1a Schwalbe (500491)

Gallery 107 - Early Flight

340/3 Bleriot XI (340)
Unmarked Curtiss Pusher D Replica (1)
Unmarked Ecker Flying Boat (2)
Unmarked Gallaudet Hydro Kite (Unknown)
Unmarked Hargrave Ornithopter FSM (Unknown)
Unmarked Langley Aerodrome No.5 (5)
Hargrave lower foreground, Langley top background
Unmarked Lilienthal Normal-Segelapparat (Unknown)
Unmarked Wright Military 1909 (Unknown)

Gallery 108 - Welcome Center

N269VA Rutan Voyager (1)

Gallery 109 - How Things Fly

unmarked Cessna 150 (unknown)
unmarked Cessna 150 (unknown)

Gallery 110 - Looking at Earth

(21959) Airco DH-4 (A.15101)
56-6680 Lockheed U-2C 'Dragon Lady' (347)

Gallery 203 - Sea-Air Operations

15392/E-10 Grumman FM-1 Wildcat (401)
54605/109 Douglas SBD-6 Dauntless (6119)
148314/NP-681 Douglas A-4C Skyhawk (12624)
(N9329)/9241/21 Boeing F4B-4 (1757)

Gallery 205 - World War II Aviation

(41-31773) Martin B-26B Marauder (41-31773)
44-74939/YJ-E North American P-51D Mustang (122-41479)
(FE-400)/EN474 Supermarine Spitfire F.VIIc (6S/171652)
(T2-130)/4340/61-131 Mitsubishi A6M5-52 Zero (4340)
(T2-496)/white 2 Messerschmitt Bf.109G-6/R3 (160756)
(T2-498)/MM9476/90-4 Macchi MC.202 Folgore (Unknown)

Gallery 206 - Legend, Memory and the Great War in the Air

4635/18/U-10 Fokker D.VII (3533)
D.2486/18 Pfalz D.XII (2936)
(D.7161/17) Albatros Flugzeugwerke D.Va (2004)
(N17501) Royal Aircraft Factory FE.8 Replica (300)
(N38933)/V.1817/4640 Voisin VIII (1817)
(N8737R)/E8082/X Sopwith 7F.1 Snipe (9262C)
S.7689/20 SPAD XIII C1 (7689)

Gallery 208 - Barron Hilton Pioneers of Flight

(23-1230)/2 Douglas DWC World Cruiser (146)
(A6979)/A7054/3 Curtiss R3C-2 (26-33)
AS.64233/P253 Fokker F.IV T-2 (1800)
(HB-BRA) Cameron Balloon R-650 Breitling Orbiter 3 Capsule (4380)
(N20137)/NC20137 Taylor Brothers J/2 Cub (1937)
(N277SF) Cameron Balloon R-550 Bud Light Spirit of Freedom Capsule (4384)
NR211 Lockheed 8 Sirius (140)
(NR7952)/NC7952 Lockheed Vega 5B (22)
Unmarked Wright EX Replica (Unknown)

Gallery 209 - The Wright Brothers & The Invention of the Aerial Age

Unmarked Wright 1900 Glider Replica (Unknown)
Unmarked Wright 1902 Glider Replica (Unknown)
Unmarked Wright Flyer 1903 (1)

Gallery 210 - Apollo to the Moon

N803NA Northrop M2-F3 (NLB-101)

Above staircases

N818NA Lockheed YF-104A Starfighter (183-1007)
NACA 144 Douglas D.558-II Skyrocket (6568)