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With luck we are intending to visit the following in 2017:
April - Henstridge Fly-In
May - Popham Microlight Fair, EBACE Geneva, Ireland
June - UK Air Expo, Paris Air Show, Iceland
July - RIAT, Eastern Europe
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Header Picture: McDonnell-Douglas F/A-18F Super Hornet 165887/AD-206 of VFA-106 during its display at Oshkosh 2016 (credit Matthew Blunt)

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Sunday, 23 April 2017

23/04/17 - Henstridge

Stu attended the LAA Wessex Strut 40th Anniversary Fly-in at Henstridge. Log includes residents visible.

F-BPNM Zlin Z.326 Trener Master (928)
G-ADNE de Havilland DH-87B Hornet Moth (8089)
G-AFZL Porterfield CP-50 (581)
G-AJAD Piper L-4H Cub (12008)
G-AJKB/N71631 Luscombe 8E Silvaire (3058)
G-AKSY/TJ534 Auster AOP.5 (1567)
G-APIE Tipsy Belfair (535)
G-APYG/WB619 de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk 22 (C1/0060)
G-ARFI Cessna 150A (150-59100)
G-ARNG Piper PA-22-108 Colt (22-8547)
G-ASFX Druine D.31 Turbulent (PFA 513)
G-ASSS Cessna 172E (172-51467)
G-ATDA Piper PA-28-160 Cherokee (28-206)
G-AVFZ Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee (28-22767)
G-AVGZ SAN Jodel DR.1050 (341)
G-AVNS Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee C (28-4129)
G-AVOM Centre-Est DR.221 Dauphin (65)
G-AVSR Beagle D.5/180 Husky (3689)
G-AWPW Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser (12-3947)
G-AWVZ Jodel D.112 (898)
G-AWWO SAN Jodel DR.1050 (552)
G-AYAN Slingsby T.31M Cadet III (PFA 1385)
G-AYGG Wassmer Jodel D.120 (184)
G-AYLC SAN Jodel DR.1051 (536)
G-AYLP American Aviation AA-1 Yankee (0445)
G-AZVI Socata MS.892A Rallye Commodore 150 (12039)
G-BAKN SNCAN Stampe SV.4C (348)
G-BALF Robin DR.400-140 Major (772)
G-BBDO Piper PA-23-250E Aztec (27-7305120)
G-BBXW Piper PA-28-151 Cherokee Warrior (28-7415050)
G-BDEY Piper L-4J Cub (12538)
G-BDSB Piper PA-28-181 Archer II (28-7690107)
G-BDTL Evans VP-1 Volksplane (PFA 7012)
G-BDWJ/"F8010"/Z Replica Plans SE.5A (PFA 020-10034)
G-BEVS Taylor JT.1 Monoplane (PFA 1429)
G-BEWR Reims/Cessna F.172N Skyhawk (1613)
G-BFAK Socata MS.892A Rallye Commodore 150 (10595)
G-BFGK Jodel D.117 (644)
G-BFGZ Reims/Cessna FRA.150M Aerobat (0329)
G-BFSS Reims/Cessna FR.172G Rocket (0167)
G-BGWO Jodel D.112 (227)
G-BHVF SAN Jodel D.150A Mascaret (11)
G-BIYW Jodel D.112 (1209)
G-BJEL SNCAC NC.854S (113)
G-BKDR Pitts S-1S Special (PFA 009-10654)
G-BLGV Bell Helicopters 206B Jet Ranger II (982)
G-BTCH Luscombe 8E Silvaire (6403)
G-BTGJ Smith DSA-1 Miniplane (NM.II)
G-BUJM Cessna 120 (11784)
G-BUTK Murphy Rebel (PFA 232-12091)
G-BUWK Rans S.6-116 Coyote II (PFA 204A-12448)
G-BVCG Van's RV-6 (PFA 181-11783)
G-BVGT Auster J/1A (PFA 00-220)
G-BWMB Jodel D.119 (77-1492)
G-BWMN Rans S.7 Courier (PFA 218-12446)
G-BWYR Rans S.6-116 Coyote II (PFA 204A-13058)
G-BXCA Sisler SF-2A Cygnet (PFA 182-12921)
G-BXCW Denney Kitfox Mk.III (PFA 172-12619)
G-BXDY Europa Europa (PFA 247-12914)
G-BXHY Europa Europa (PFA 247-12514)
G-BXRZ Rans S.6-116 Coyote II (PFA 204A-13195)
G-BYEJ Scheibe SF-28A Tandem-Falke (5713)
G-BYSF Jabiru UL (PFA 274A-13356)
G-BZRV Van's RV-6 (PFA 181A-13573)
G-BZST Jabiru SPL-450 (PFA 274A-13616)
G-BZWJ CFM Streak Shadow (PFA 206-13553)
G-BZXN Jabiru UL (PFA 274A-13747)
G-CBDM Tecnam P.92 Echo EM (PFA 318-13756)
G-CBLB Tecnam P.92 Echo EM (PFA 318-13770)
G-CBNL Dyn'Aero MCR-01 Banbi (PFA 301A-13805)
G-CBNO CFM Streak Shadow SLA (PFA 206-13809)
G-CBRX Zenair CH.601UL Zodiac (PFA 162A-13833)
G-CCAL Tecnam P.92 Echo EM (PFA 318-13842)
G-CCCE Aeroprakt A.22 Foxbat (PFA 317-14002)
G-CCEF Europa Europa (PFA 247-13038)
G-CCKL Evektor EV-97 EuroStar (PFA 315-14117)
G-CCSX Best Off Skyranger 912(2) (BMAA/HB/366)
G-CDKE Rans S.6ES Coyote II (PFA 204-14119)
G-CDMN Van's RV-9 (PFA 320-14108)
G-CDRV Van's RV-9A (PFA 320-14186)
G-CDTA Evektor EV-97 TeamEurostar UK (2005-2509)
G-CDVL Alpi Aviation Pioneer 300 (PFA 330-14379)
G-CDWB Best Off Skyranger 912(2) (BMAA/HB/477)
G-CECK I.C.P. MXP-740 Savannah Jabiru(5) (BMAA/HB/495)
G-CECY Evektor EV-97 EuroStar (PFA 315-14551)
G-CEOP Aeroprakt A.22L Foxbat (PFA 317A-14671)
G-CEVC Van's RV-4 (2726)
G-CEWR Aeroprakt A.22LFoxbat (PFA 317A-14736)
G-CEYM Van's RV-6 (PFA 181A-14595)
G-CFLG Czech Aircraft Works SportCruiser (LAA 338-14771)
G-CFOG Ikarus Comco C-42 FB UK (PFA 322-14482)
G-CFRM Best Off Skyranger Swift 912S(1) (BMAA/HB/578)
G-CGJP Van's RV-10 (PFA 339-14600)
G-CGLI Alpi Aviation Pioneer 200-M (LAA 334-14919)
G-CGMG Van's RV-9 (PFA 320-14488)
G-CGMM Czech Aircraft Works SportCruiser (LAA 338-14934)
G-CGUU Best Off Skyranger Nynja 912S(1) (BMAA/HB/605)
G-CGVP Evektor EV-97 EuroStar (LAA 315-15047)
G-CGVX Europa Europa (LAA 247-12719)
G-CHIW Raj Hamsa X'Air Hawk (1104)
G-CIMD Alpi Aviation Pioneer 400 (LAA 364-15302)
G-CIPG BRM Aero NG-5 Speed Wing (LAA 385-15315)
G-CIWC Raj Hamsa X Air H Hawk (LAA 340-15349)
G-CJIT Ikarus Comco C-42 FB100 (1608-7466)
G-CJJA Evektor EV-97 EuroStar SL (2016-4235)
G-CJMF BRM Aero NG-5 Speed Wing (LAA 385-15413)
G-CJTX Evektor EV-97 EuroStar SL (2016-4238)
G-CLAC Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II (28-8116241)
G-CLIF Ikarus Comco C-42 FB UK (PFA 322-14377)
G-DADG Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub (18-5237)
G-DDBD Europa Europa XS (PFA 247-13569)
G-DEEZ Denney Kitfox Mk.III (931)
G-DENS Binder CP.301S Smaragd (121)
G-DHAH Aeronca 7AC Champion (7AC-4185)
G-DNBH Raj Hamsa X'Air H Hawk (LAA 340-14819)
G-DOGG/XX638 Scottish Aviation SA.120 Bulldog T.1 (308)
G-DRSV Robin DR.315X Petit Prince (624)
G-EAVX Sopwith Pup Replica (PFA 101-10523)
G-EDDS Czech Aircraft Works SportCruiser (PFA 338-14660)
G-EDRV Van's RV-6A (PFA 181A-13451)
G-EOID Aeroprakt A.22L Foxbat (LAA 317A-14836)
G-EYOR Van's RV-6 (PFA 181A-13259)
G-FARO Star-Lite SL-1 (PFA 175-11359)
G-GNJW Ikarus Comco C-42 FB UK (PFA 322-13717)
G-ICMT Evektor EV-97 EuroStar (PFA 315-14598)
G-IEEF Raj Hamsa X'Air Jabiru (3) (1171)
G-IIGI Van's RV-4 (381)
G-IINI Van's RV-9A (PFA 320-13781)
G-IIRW Van's RV-8 (80449)
G-IOSL Van's RV-9 (90121)
G-ISAC/"TZ164"/01-A Isaacs Spitfire (LAA 027-15134)
G-JWIV SAN Jodel DR.1051 (431)
G-KENM Luscombe 8E Silvaire Deluxe (2908)
G-KLAW Christen Eagle II (003-1)
G-LIVH/330238/24-A Piper L-4H Cub (11529)
G-LLOY Alpi Aviation Pioneer 300 (PFA 330A-14568)
G-LTFC Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee B (28-26259)
G-LUSI Luscombe 8F Silvaire Observer (6770)
G-LUSK Luscombe 8F Silvaire (3795)
G-MDAC Piper PA-28-181 Archer II (28-8290154)
G-MRED Elmwood Aviation Christavia Mk.1 (PFA 185-12935)
G-MROD Van's RV-7A (PFA 323-14432)
G-MUJD Van's RV-12 (LAA 363-15145)
G-MWMW Murphy Renegade Spirit UK (PFA 188-11544)
G-MYXA Tennessee Eng. & Manufacturing MiniMax (PFA 186-12266)
G-NACA Britten-Norman NAC-2 Freelance 180 (2001)
G-NEAT Europa Europa (PFA 247-12642)
G-OABB SAN Jodel D.150 Mascaret (01)
G-ODJG Europa Europa (PFA 247-12889)
G-OJVL Van's RV-6 (PFA 181-12441)
G-OLEM Jodel D.18 (PFA 169-11613)
G-OZZI Jabiru SK (PFA 274-13176)
G-PCAT Socata TB-10 Tobago (60)
G-PUSI Cessna T303 Crusader (T303-00273)
G-RISY Van's RV-7 (PFA 323-14320)
G-RJWX Europa Europa XS (PFA 247-13197)
G-ROKY Nando Groppo Trail (LAA 372-15131)
G-ROWA Aquila A.210 (174)
G-RTRV Van's RV-9A (LAA 320-15033)
G-RVAN Van's RV-6 (PFA 181-12657)
G-RVCH Van's RV-8A (PFA 303-14116)
G-RVIN Van's RV-6 (PFA 181-13236)
G-RVIO Van's RV-10 (PFA 339-14548)
G-RVIV Van's RV-4 (PFA 181-12366)
G-RVIW Van's RV-9 (PFA 320-13924)
G-RVMT Van's RV-6 (PFA 181A-13644)
G-RVPW Van's RV-6A (PFA 181A-13481)
G-RVSG Van's RV-9A (PFA 320-14265)
G-SASR McD-D Helicopters MD-902 Explorer (900-00074)
G-SERL Socata TB-10 Tobago (109)
G-SHOG Colomban MC-15 Cri-Cri (001)
G-SHUC Rans S.6ESD Coyote II (PFA 204-12361)
G-SONX Sonex Home Build (LAA 337-14776)
G-SSTL Just Aircraft Superstol (LAA 397-15377)
G-STFO TL Ultralight TL-2000UK Sting Carbon S4 (LAA 347A-15380)
G-STZZ TL Ultralight TL-2000UK Sting Carbon (LAA 347-15003)
G-TDVB Dyn'Aero MCR-01 Banbi (PFA 301B-14015)
G-TECC Aeronca 7AC Champion (7AC-5269)
G-TIMP Aeronca 7AC Champion (7AC-3392)
G-TJDM Van's RV-6A (PFA 181A-13370)
G-TTRL Van's RV-9A (PFA 320-14248)
G-TWRL Pitts S-1S Special (PFA 009-14196)
G-UPID Bowers Fly Baby 1-A (PFA 016-13347)
G-VIXX Alpi Aviation Pioneer 300 (PFA 330-14465)
G-WALZ Best Off Skyranger 912S(1) (BMAA/HB/619)
G-WSSX Ikarus Comco C-42 FB100 (0608-6837)
G-XCRJ Van's RV-9A (PFA 320-14333)
G-XIFR Lambert Mission M108 (LAA 370-14986)
G-ZENY Zenair CH.601HD Zodiac (PFA 162-13668)
N1502A Piper PA-20 Pacer (20-686)
N243SA Piper PA-22-108 Colt (22-8376)
N257SA Piper PA-32-300 Cherokee Six B (32-40755)
N4698W Rockwell Commander 112TC-A (13274)
(N5427)/NC5427 Curtiss-Wright Travel Air 4000 (516)
N94SA Champion 7ECA Citabria (227)
OO-161 Van's RV-7 (73430)