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Saturday, 20 November 2010

19/11/10 - Santa Monica - Van Nuys - Los Angeles

RichT had an early stack so went biz hunting:

Santa Monica

N100WX Embraer EMB500 Phenom 100 (50000037) Maverick Jet Leasing Inc
N113FT Piper PA-46 Meridian (4697280) N1063M LLC
N149VB Dassault Falcon 2000 (053) JVB Aviation Falcon LLC
N151KV Cessna Citation Excel (560-5320) GRP Aviation LLC
N190SS Beech King Air 90 (LJ-1298) Lynn L Kramer
N194SJ Cessna Citationjet 2 (525A0194) Crex-MML LLC
N200AF Beech King Air 200 (BB-0102) Ameriflight
N245QS Dassault Falcon 2000 (145) NetJets
N26TG Piper PA-46 Malibu (4636193) Aeromarketing Associates
N349AK Raytheon Hawker Horizon (RC-042) Horizon Air Charters LLC
N350TP Siai-Marchetti SF.260 (62-004) AC Sunni LLC
N400VB Piper PA-42-1000 Cheyenne (42-5527002) Kelleher Corp
N501DU Beech King Air 90 (LA-082) Pacific Coast Aviation Inc
N535DT Cessna Citationjet 3 (525B0069) Skyline Aviation II LLC
N53U Cessna 208B Caravan (208B0855) MG Aviation Inc
N547CS Cessna Citation Excel (560-5542) CitationShares
N680KH Cessna Citationjet (525-0680) Hedgerow Inc
N722QS Gulfstream 200 (093) NetJets
N722SR SOCATA TBM700 (049) Go-Mav Inc
N756XJ Cessna Citation X (750-0256) XoJet
N773S Beech King Air 90 (LJ-0283) SIM Aircraft Trading LLC
N800AF BAE.125-800A (258158) Hawker 258158 LLC
N814TB Pilatus PC-12 (748) ALS Aviation LLC
N833QS Hawker 800XP (258433) NetJets
N842QS Hawker 800XP (258542) NetJets
N845QS Hawker 800XP (258545) NetJets

Van Nuys

G-KSFR Canadair Challenger 300 (20189) London Executive Aviation Ltd
N108SL Piaggio P180 Avanti (1108) Avantair
N111FN AS.350 Ecureuil (2060) Helinet Aviation Services LLC / Fox Broadcasting Co
N117K Learjet 24 (24D-272) Clay Lacey Aviation Inc
N121GV Gulfstream 200 (094) Starship Enterprise Leasing LLC
N124BC IAI Westwind (351) Riley Air LLC
N124SD NA/Rockwell Sabre 65 (465-02) Fayette Aviation Inc
N127GK Grumman Gulfstream 3 (311) Cove Partners LLC
N135WC Cessna Citation V (560-0261) BATT Partners LLC
N136MC Cessna Citation Mustang (510-0321) Martin Cadillac Co Inc
N139CK/62 white Aero Vodochody L-39 (430315) Charles W Kerber MD Inc
N144RH Robinson R-44 II (11585) Samuel M Shapiro MD Inc
N168PK Gulfstream 4 (1053) PMC Global Inc
N170S Beech King Air 90 (LJ-1708) Shanair LLC
N179T Grumman Gulfstream 2 (086) NMP Enterprises LLC
N2000 Grumman Gulfstream 2 (056) Hadid Design & Management LLC
N209CV Cessna Citation V (560-0209) 209CV LLC
N211PD AS.350 Ecureuil (2807) Panterra Heli-Support Ltd
N212LA Bell 206 Jetranger (03957) City Of Los Angeles
N213PD Bell 206 Jetranger (01992) Purwin Co LLC
N217BA Gulfstream 200 (144) Max Aviation Group Inc
N218GH Bell 206 Jetranger (03470) Guardian Helicopters Inc
N222CW Cessna 411 (411A0257) John Rutkosky DBA
N226HY Embraer EMB135 (14501014) Atlantic Paper & Foil LLC
N233LA AS.350 Ecureuil (3366) City Of Los Angeles
N257AL Cessna Citation X (750-0226) AML Leasing LLC
N269HM Gulfstream 4 (1118) Flynt Aviation LLC
N270SC Gulfstream 4 (1229) Trans-Exec Air Service Inc
N297GB Gulfstream 4 (1208) Great Buy Inc
N29FX AS.350 Ecureuil (2085) Helinet Aviation Services
N2WP Agusta A109 (7397) WNP Aviation Inc
N304TS Grumman Gulfstream 3 (304) Nomad Transportation LLC
N311GC Beech King Air 90 (LA-055) RTE Enterprises Inc
N323CH Sikorsky S-76 (760095) Childrens Hospital Of Los Angeles
N324V AS.350 Ecureuil (2874) Heliblack LLC
N32TM IAI Galaxy (023) JMT LLC
N340FX Canadair Challenger 605 (5723) FlexJets
N351AS Learjet 35 (35A-146) Royal Air Freight Inc
N355CH AS.355 Ecureuil 2 (5423) Helinet Aviation Services LLC
N35ET Cessna Citation II (550-0879) Bright World Inc
N399AP Grumman Gulfstream 3 (399) Plan 15 Aviation LLC
N400KW Beech King Air 200 (BB-0337) Prop Jocks Inc
N4066S Robinson R-22 (1508) Dragonfly Corp
N408MG Learjet 35 (35A-328) Millennium Air Xpress Inc
N41352 Robinson R-44 II (12352) Coda Transportation LLC
N414PE BAE.125-800A (258090) RL Aviation LLC
N420JC Grumman Gulfstream 3 (326) James A McMahan, Trustee
N423SJ BAE.125-800A (258135) Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee
N430TB Embraer EMB500 Phenom 100 (50000052) N500PK LLC
N4466 Robinson R-44 II (10374) Helicraft Inc
N476SH Robinson R-22 (4052) Coda 3 Inc
N477GG Grumman Gulfstream 2 (155) 477 Aviation LLC
N478SH Robinson R-22 (4056) Coda Inc
N4ES BAE.125-400A (25243) Aerohawk Leasing & Sales Inc
N50TC Boeing 737NG (29024) Tracinda Corp
N510GP Cessna Citation II (550-0421) F&M Aviation LLC
N515PL Gulfstream 500 (5144) LBN LLC
N522RS Bell 206 Longranger (45653) Ashley Aviation Inc
N525KF Gulfstream 4 (1315) Wilmington Trust Co Owner Trustee
N52LT Cessna Citation II (550-0355) Tristen Aviation Group LLC
N549TS Robinson R-44 II (11075) Aggregate Material Services LLC
N550HG Learjet 55 (55-083) Hammer Holdings LLC
N595PE Gulfstream 4 (1373) Platinum Equity LLC
N598F Gulfstream 5 (598) Jet Greene LLC
N604AC Canadair Challenger 600 (1012) Chanel Air LLC
N605VF Canadair Global 5000 (9152) Dwight Management LLC
N613SB Canadair Challenger 601 (5088) BACJET LLC
N63JG Cessna Citation V (560-0189) Jay Gee Holdings Inc
N677WA Turbo Commander 690A (11243) DJIC Inc
N686PC Pilatus PC-12 (686) ELW Group LLC
N700SR Learjet 55 (55-079) Chrysler Aviation Inc
N701JA Grumman Gulfstream 2 (007) (International Turbine Service Inc)
N706TJ Grumman Gulfstream 2 (212) Jetstar Air Inc
N711GH Bell 205 (05071) Guardian Helicopters Inc
N713VP Cessna Citation VII (650-7103) Cessna Aircraft Co
N7162R Robinson R-44 (0670) Socal Helicopters LLC
N727AH Boeing 727 (19261) Classic Designs Of Tampa Bay Inc
N751BR Turbo Commander 690B (11436) B&R Aviation LLC
N763DB Gulfstream 4 (1114) Trans Exec Air Service Inc
N777JZ Pilatus PC-12 (817) BOD Aviation LLC
N777XS Cessna Citation III (650-0008) AJL Leasing LLC
N780W Gulfstream 5 (530) Bank of Utah Trustee
N789JC Dassault Falcon 50 (066) Falcon Aircraft Leasing LLC
N789LB BAE.125-800A (258248) Superior Industries International Inc
N7GX Dassault Falcon 50 (139) GATX Financial Corp
N800DM Bell 212 (31147) San Diego Fire & Rescue Dept
N800GH Dassault Falcon 2000 (089) Leading Edge LLC
N807JS/2 Bell 412 (36466) San Diego Fire & Rescue Dept
N808MF Gulfstream 4 (1448) Gypsy Baby LLC
N814CL Douglas DC-3 (17103/34370) Clay Lacy Aviation Inc
N82XL Piper PA-31T2 Cheyenne (31T-8166034) Fast Fly Inc
N856F Dassault Falcon 2000 (138) GBOGH LLC
N876WB Cessna Citation I (500-0347) Schaefer's Air Services
N878RS Douglas NRA-3B Skywarrior (12071) Raytheon Systems Co
N900LD Raytheon Hawker 900XP (HA-0008) SDL Managament Co LLC
NX909TC Grumman F7F-3P Tigercat (80425) Avstar Inc
N925WC BAE.125-700A (257100) WCA Management Co LP
N960S Dassault Falcon 50 (086) Billabong Air II Inc
N988LS Gulfstream 4 (1290) Las Vegas Sands Corp
N993LC Cessna Citation III (650-0027) D&R Ventures LLC
N999NB Gulfstream 4 (1234) Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee
TP-07 Grumman Gulfstream 3 (386) Mexican Air Force
VP-BAP Boeing 727 (19260) Malibu Consulting Ltd
XA-SOL Canadair Challenger 604 (5501) CIFRA SA

Los Angeles

85-0008 Lockheed C-5B Galaxy (0094) 60thAMW/USAF
03-0016 Cessna UC-35C Citation Encore (560-0649) US Army Reserve
A6-EWJ Boeing 777 (35590) Emirates
B-16702 Boeing 777 (32640) EVA Air
B-18701 Boeing 747 (30759) China Airlines
B-2471 Boeing 747 (29071) Air China
B-KPD Boeing 777 (36155) Cathay Pacific
C-FKMC Canadair Challenger 605 (5772) London Air Services Ltd
C-FNAN Embraer EMB190 (19000136) Air Canada
C-GBIA Airbus A319 (0817) Air Canada
C-GHGC Canadair Challenger 601 (5019) Execaire IMP Group
C-GWWU Cessna Citation V (560-0304) West Wind Aviation LP
D-AALF Boeing 777 (36201) AeroLogic
D-ABVU Boeing 747 (29492) Lufthansa
D-AHAD Airbus A319 (3632) DC Aviation
G-VFOX Airbus A340 (449) Virgin Atlantic
HL7498 Boeing 747 (26402) Korean Air
HL7500 Boeing 777 (28685) Asiana Airlines
HL7531 Boeing 777 (27946) Korean Air
HL7550 Airbus A330 (162) Korean Air
HP-1529CMP Boeing 737NG (29670) Copa Airlines
HP-1532CMP Boeing 737NG (35068) Copa Airlines
JA716A Boeing 777 (33414) All Nippon Airways
N105FN IAI Astra Jet (105) Pivotal Aviation II LLC
N117AL Dassault Falcon 2000EX (131) AML Leasing LLC
N18MZ Dassault Falcon 900 (032) Steel Partners
N202PB Eurocopter EC-120 Colibri (1084) Calpass Corp
N240CX Gulfstream 4 (1370) Skyaire Inc
N245QS Dassault Falcon 2000 (145) NetJets
N245WN Boeing 737NG (32506) Southwest Airlines
N24NG Cessna Citation Excel (560-5124) Bank Of America NA
N27NG Beech 1900 (UE-382) Northrop Grumman Systems Corp
N316SS Dassault Falcon 900 (008) AVN Air LLC
N316UP Boeing 767 (27744) UPS
N321AA Boeing 767 (22322) American Airlines
N324UP Boeing 767 (27750) UPS
N33289 Boeing 737NG (31607) Continental Airlines
N336AT Boeing 737NG (36716) AirTran Airways
N350JB Beech King Air 350 (FL-213) Mayo Aviation Inc
N363FE Douglas DC-10 (48263) FedEx Express
N37281 Boeing 737NG (31599) Continental Airlines
N3745B Boeing 737NG (32373) Delta
N3752 Boeing 737NG (30492) Delta
N376DA Boeing 737NG (29624) Delta
N38424 Boeing 737NG (37095) Continental Airlines
N385DN Boeing 737NG (30348) Delta
N39418 Boeing 737NG (33456) Continental Airlines
N396QS Cessna Citation Sovereign (680-0240) NetJets
N398FE Douglas DC-10 (46634) FedEx Express
N399WN Boeing 737 (27693) Southwest Airlines
N405WN Boeing 737NG (27893) Southwest Airlines
N413QX DHC-8 (4060) Horizon Air
N422HP Piper PA-46 Malibu (4692122) Central Valley Mortage Services Inc
N429QX DHC-8 (4161) Horizon Air
N437SW Canadair Regional Jet (7564) Delta Connection
N468AA McDonnell Douglas MD-82 (49598) American Airlines
N483UA Airbus A320 (1586) United Airlines
N515FX Canadair Challenger 300 (20032) FlexJets
N516TR Grumman Gulfstream 3 (252) Precise Aviation Inc
N521FX Canadair Challenger 300 (20057) FlexJets
N523UW Airbus A321 (3960) US Airways
N524AS Boeing 737NG (35195) Alaska Airlines
N534UA Boeing 757 (25129) United Airlines
N534UW Airbus A321 (3989) US Airways
N56D Gulfstream 4 (1309) White Cloud Aviation LLC
N57862 Boeing 757 (32586) Continental Airlines
N580FE McDonnell Douglas MD-11 (48471) FedEx Express
N580QS Cessna Citation Excel (560-5741) NetJets
N582NW Boeing 757 (32981) Delta
N583QS Cessna Citation Excel (560-5812) NetJets
N584SW Embraer EMB120 Brasilia (120352) Skywest Airlines
N586FE McDonnell Douglas MD-11 (48487) FedEx Express
N587NW Boeing 757 (32986) Delta
N591NW Boeing 757 (32991) Delta
N595E Gulfstream 4 (1025) EI Aviation LLC
N601AW Airbus A320 (1935) US Airways
N630VA Airbus A320 (3101) Virgin America
N654FE Airbus A300 (738) FedEx Express
N6701 Boeing 757 (30187) Delta
N6709 Boeing 757 (30481) Delta
N680TA Airbus A320 (3538) TACA International Airlines
N705AS Boeing 737 (29318) Alaska Airlines
N706QS Gulfstream 200 (131) NetJets
N716FD Airbus A300 (358) FedEx Express
N717TW Boeing 757 (28485) Delta
N728SK Canadair CRJ-700 (10192) United Express
N742SW Boeing 737NG (29278) Southwest Airlines
N752AT Boeing 757 (23128) Delta
N754SK Canadair CRJ-700 (10215) United Express
N762SK Canadair CRJ-700 (10226) United Express
N76503 Boeing 737NG (33461) Continental Airlines
N768SK Canadair CRJ-700 (10234) United Express
N775JB Airbus A320 (3800) JetBlue Airways
N779SK Canadair CRJ-700 (10276) United Express
N78509 Boeing 737NG (31638) Continental Airlines
N789XJ Cessna Citation X (750-0289) Mistral Aviation LLC
N810NN Boeing 737NG (33207) American Airlines
N812SK Canadair CRJ-900 (15098) Delta Connection
N833NN Boeing 737NG (31093) American Airlines
N839NN Boeing 737NG (29557) American Airlines
N853NN Boeing 737NG (31105) American Airlines
N857AE Embraer EMB-135 (145752) American Eagle
N891GA McDonnell Douglas MD-83 (49423) Allegiant Air
N923FR Airbus A319 (2019) Frontier Airlines
N929SW Canadair Regional Jet (7703) United Express
N938AN Boeing 737NG (29533) American Airlines
N938FR Airbus A319 (2406) Frontier Airlines
N938LR Canadair CRJ-900 (15038) US Airways Express
N945SW Canadair Regional Jet (7770) United Express
N952QS Cessna Citation X (750-0200) NetJets
N971QS Cessna Citation X (750-0071) NetJets
OO-JAA Boeing 737NG (29660) Sun Country Airlines
VH-OEE Boeing 747 (32909) QANTAS
VH-OJE Boeing 747 (24482) QANTAS
VP-BLY Airbus A330 (973) Aeroflot Russian Airlines
XA-GMV Boeing 737NG (35118) Aeromexico
XA-UCV Beechjet 400 (RK-375) Aerolineas Ejecutivas SA
XA-VOH Airbus A319 (3253) Volaris
XA-VOL Airbus A319 (2666) Volaris