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Header Picture: McDonnell-Douglas QF-4E Phantom IIs 73-1167 & 74-1638 of USAF/53rdWEG at Oshkosh 2016

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Sunday, 21 November 2010

20/11/10 - San Diego Balboa Park

RichT visited the Air & Space Museum at San Diego Balboa Park.

493 Bowlus Albatross SP-1 Replica (n/k)
3020 Mikoyan MiG-17F (n/k) ..ex Egypt
4323 Mitsubishi A6M7 Zero-sen (n/k)
05414 Boeing N2S-3 Stearman (75-6588)
06900 Douglas SBD-4 Dauntless (1775)
11828 Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat (UKC4F01)
42874 Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat (A-4140)
48406 Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina (1768)
135763 Convair YF2Y-1 Sea Dart (135763) ..outside
142905 Douglas A-4B Skyhawk (11967)
157267 McDonnell Douglas F-4S Phantom II (3713)
161963 McDonnell Douglas F/A-18A Hornet (0177)
246/16 Fokker E.III Replica (n/k)
27-150 Consolidated PT-1 Trusty (AC27150)
41-20692 Ryan PT-22 Recruit (1901)
43-15952 Douglas C-47A (20418)
44-73683 North American P-51D Mustang (122-40223)
477/17 Fokker Dr.1 Replica (n/k)
60-6933 Lockheed A-12 (130) ..outside
77-22778 Bell AH-1E Cobra (22116)
95-3018 General Atomics RQ-1K Predator (P-018)
B9916 Spad VIIc1 (n/k)
N13094 Aeronca C-3 (A.258)
N1486 Nieuport 11 Replica (102)
N17361 Ryan ST-A (166)
N2100 Granville Gee Bee D Sportster Replica (R-1)
N211SD Ryan NYP Spirit of St.Louis Replica (AM-1)
N2532 Ryan M-1 Replica (n/k)
N2826D Standard J-1 (1598)
N28GH Nieuport 28C-1 Replica (N-1)
N333ED Piper J.3F-50 Cub (3463)
N3767A Albatros D.Va Replica (AA-106)
N4HS Pitts S-1S Special (10034)
N544LB Robinson R-44 (0880)
N5599N Curtiss Little Looper Replica (2)
N648M Fleet Model 2 (223)
"NR7952" Lockheed 5 Vega Model (n/k)
N9236 Ryan B.5 Brougham (194)
N9265 Curtiss Robin (329)
N9637 Ford Trimotor (011)
NX90840 Coward-Changa-Montijo Wee Bee Replica (n/k)
SL574 Supermarine Spitfire LF.XVIe (CBAF.IX-4688)
<<+- Messerschmitt Bf.109G-4 Replica (n/k)
Deperdussin 1911 Replica (n/k)
Sopwith Pup Replica (n/k)