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Header Picture: McDonnell-Douglas QF-4E Phantom IIs 73-1167 & 74-1638 of USAF/53rdWEG at Oshkosh 2016

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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

02/11/10 - LAX - Long Beach - Carson

Todays log from RichT.

Los Angeles

9V-SGC Airbus A340 (478) Singapore Airlines
A6-EWB Boeing 777 (35573) Emirates
A6-EWF Boeing 777 (35586) Emirates
B-16708 Boeing 777 (33752) EVA Air
B-16712 Boeing 777 (33755) EVA Air
B-18210 Boeing 747 (33734) China Airlines
B-18707 Boeing 747 (30764) China Airlines
B-2070 Boeing 777 (32703) China Southern Airlines
B-2470 Boeing 747 (29070) Air China
B-2477 Boeing 747 (24998) Air China Cargo
B-6053 Airbus A340 (577) China Eastern Airlines
B-KPC Boeing 777 (34432) Cathay Pacific
B-KPN Boeing 777 (36165) Cathay Pacific
C-FBXL Cessna Citation Excel (560-5298) Airsprint Inc
C-FHKE Embraer EMB190 (19000048) Air Canada
C-FHNW Embraer EMB190 (19000077) Air Canada
C-FZUG Airbus A319 (0697) Air Canada
C-GHLU Boeing 767 (30851) Air Canada
C-GWJG Boeing 737NG (35504) WestJet
EI-DRD Boeing 737NG (35117) Aeromexico
F-GSQU Boeing 777 (32847) Air France
HL7418 Boeing 747 (25780) Asiana Airlines
HL7490 Boeing 747 (27177) Korean Air
HL7606 Boeing 747 (24199) Korean Air
HL7734 Boeing 777 (34207) Korean Air
HL7742 Boeing 777 (29171) Asiana Airlines
HL8210 Boeing 777 (40377) Korean Air
HP-1370CMP Boeing 737NG (29048) Copa Airlines
HP-1532CMP Boeing 737NG (35068) Copa Airlines
HS-TLB Airbus A340 (628) Thai Airways International
JA715A Boeing 777 (32646) All Nippon Airways
JA732A Boeing 777 (27038) All Nippon Airways
JA738J Boeing 777 (32436) Japan Airlines
N124US Airbus A320 (1314) US Airways
N139DL Boeing 767 (25984) Delta
N171US Airbus A321 (1465) US Airways
N184AT Boeing 737NG (32656) AirTran Airways
N18MZ Dassault Falcon 900 (032) Steel Partners
N19136 Boeing 757 (29285) Continental Airlines
N192AN Boeing 757 (32386) American Airlines
N223UA Boeing 777 (30224) United Airlines
N26123 Boeing 757 (28966) Continental Airlines
N300CR Gulfstream 4 (1401) National Air Services
N304DQ Boeing 737NG (29683) Delta
N315FE Douglas DC-10 (48313) FedEx Express
N316AT Boeing 737NG (33928) AirTran Airways
N318AS Boeing 737NG (30018) Alaska Airlines
N332UP Boeing 767 (32843) UPS
N336FX Canadair Challenger 604 (5634) FlexJets
N3734B Boeing 737NG (30776) Delta
N37437 Boeing 737NG (33532) Continental Airlines
N375DA Boeing 737NG (29623) Delta
N39418 Boeing 737NG (33456) Continental Airlines
N451CM Gulfstream 450 (4024) L&L Leasing IV LLC
N453PA Boeing 747 (30811) Polar Air Cargo
N463UA Airbus A320 (1282) United Airlines
N473UA Airbus A320 (1469) United Airlines
N502NK Airbus A319 (2433) Spirit Airlines
N508AS Boeing 737NG (35691) Alaska Airlines
N514AS Boeing 737NG (35193) Alaska Airlines
N517AS Boeing 737NG (35197) Alaska Airlines
N521PF Cessna Citationjet (525-0005) Riester Corp
N522VA Airbus A319 (2811) Virgin America
N523AS Boeing 737NG (35194) Alaska Airlines
N524DW Learjet 25 (25B-081) Charter Airlines Inc
N525FE McDonnell Douglas MD-11 (48565) FedEx Express
N528AS Boeing 737NG (35695) Alaska Airlines
N528VA Airbus A319 (3445) Virgin America
N529VA Airbus A319 (3684) Virgin America
N534UW Airbus A321 (3989) US Airways
N535UW Airbus A321 (3993) US Airways
N541UW Airbus A321 (4123) US Airways
N562AS Boeing 737NG (35091) Alaska Airlines
N563FE Douglas DC-10 (46948) FedEx Express
N596NW Boeing 757 (32996) Delta
N621VA Airbus A320 (2616) Virgin America
N622AS Boeing 737NG (30165) Alaska Airlines
N629VA Airbus A320 (3037) Virgin America
N634VA Airbus A320 (3359) Virgin America
N635VA Airbus A320 (3398) Virgin America
N637VA Airbus A320 (3465) Virgin America
N641VA Airbus A320 (3656) Virgin America
N660QS Cessna Citation Excel (560-5647) NetJets
N686FE Airbus A300 (804) FedEx Express
N699BR Canadair Regional Jet (7801) Midwest Connect
N706AS Boeing 737 (28894) Alaska Airlines
N710SY Boeing 737NG (30241) Sun Country Airlines
N711SW Gulfstream 450 (4085) World Travel GIV LLC
N713TW Boeing 757 (28173) Delta
N722TW Boeing 757 (29385) Delta
N734MA Boeing 737NG (30039) Miami Air International
N7518A McDonnell Douglas MD-82 (49895) American Airlines
N77510 Boeing 737NG (32828) Continental Airlines
N78009 Boeing 777 (29479) Continental Airlines
N794AS Boeing 737 (28889) Alaska Airlines
N801NN Boeing 737NG (29565) American Airlines
N812NN Boeing 737NG (33520) American Airlines
N814MD Embraer EMB170 (17000033) US Airways Express
N827CC Beech King Air 350 (FL-457) Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee
N839MH Boeing 767 (29712) Delta
N856NN Boeing 737NG (31107) American Airlines
N857NN Boeing 737NG (30907) American Airlines
N87507 Boeing 737NG (31637) Continental Airlines
N889QS Hawker 900XP (HA-0021) NetJets
N924FR Airbus A319 (2030) Frontier Airlines
N943AN Boeing 737NG (30599) American Airlines
VH-EBG Airbus A330 (887) QANTAS
VH-OQD Airbus A380 (026) QANTAS
VH-OQE Airbus A380 (027) QANTAS
XA-VOF Airbus A319 (3077) Volaris
XA-VOI Airbus A319 (2657) Volaris

Long Beach

96-0002 McD C-17A Globemaster III (P-034) US Air Force
01-0197 McD C-17A Globemaster III (P-097) US Air Force
06-6154 McD C-17A Globemaster III (P-154) US Air Force
07-7180 McD C-17A Globemaster III (P-180) US Air Force
09-9205 McD C-17A Globemaster III (P-205) US Air Force
C-GNDN Gulfstream 550 (5230) Skyservice Business Aviation Inc
N114MX AS.350 Ecureuil (1747) Island Express Helicopters Inc
N124TV Grumman Gulfstream 2 (124) Brian Conway & Associates
N132FP Grumman Gulfstream 2 (153) Crenshaw Christian Center Church of Los Angeles County
N1DW Gulfstream 450 (4176) Air Orange Inc
N220AB Dassault Falcon 2000 (170) Pacific Connection Inc
N2298C Douglas DC- 3 (16453/33201) Catalina Flying Boats Inc
N235LP Gulfstream 4 (1336) Crest Aviation LLC
N29LB Eurocopter EC-130 (3560) City of Long Beach
N301EX AS.350 Ecureuil (1358) Island Express Helicopters
N303GA Gulfstream 550 (5303) Gulfstream Aerospace Corp
N303UP Boeing 767 (27241) UPS
N377RX Grumman Gulfstream 3 (377) Sea-Ya Enterprises LLC
N400JD Cessna Citation X (750-0235) Deere & Co
N403JB Douglas DC-3 (16943/34202) Catalina Flying Boats Inc
N415QS Gulfstream 450 (4014) NetJets
N428QS Gulfstream 4 (1328) NetJets
N450BD Grumman Gulfstream 3 (412) Bramblebush GIII LLC
N450BF Gulfstream 4 (1015) Kona Coast Air LLC
N456Q Learjet 45 (45-282) Quinn Group Inc
N501FJ Cessna Citation I (501-0167) Quest Energy LLC
N510AK Gulfstream 450 (4186) AKM Aviation II LLC
N524JB Airbus A320 (1528) JetBlue Airways
N54KB Gulfstream 5 (627) Miranda International Aviation Inc
N560DM Gulfstream 550 (5045) McDonald Aviation LLC
N589GA Gulfstream 550 (5289) Gulfstream Aerospace Corp
N603KE Gulfstream 4 (1452) Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee
N62MS Gulfstream 550 (5017) AVN Air LLC
N637JB Airbus A320 (2781) JetBlue Airways
N7087K Robinson R-22 (2945) Delta Leasing Inc
N709JB Airbus A320 (3488) JetBlue Airways
N717XA Boeing 717 (55000) wfu
N727M Boeing 727 (22541) Nomads Inc
N729JB Airbus A320 (3572) JetBlue Airways
N767CS Raytheon 390 Premier I (RB-142) Yosemite Water Co Inc
N777WM Mitsubishi MU2 (397SA) Commodity Logistics LLC
N780W Gulfstream 5 (530) Bank of Utah Trustee
N797BD Grumman Gulfstream 3 (388) 797BD LLC
N816MG Gulfstream 550 (5187) Chevron USA Inc
N83FJ Dassault Falcon 50 (074) Civic Center Corp
N849BM Beech King Air 200 (BB-0849) Carde Equipment Sales LLC
N884WT Gulfstream 450 (4143) QualComm Inc
N9500B/ZZ177 McD C-17A Globemaster III (UK-7/F-227) Boeing/Royal Air Force
N961SD AS.350 Ecureuil (3516) County of Los Angeles Sheriffs Dept
N962SD AS.350 Ecureuil (3517) County of Los Angeles Sheriffs Dept
N965SD AS.350 Ecureuil (3626) County of Los Angeles Sheriffs Dept
N9680B Cessna 208B Caravan (208B0150) Catalina Flying Boats Inc
N968SD AS.350 Ecureuil (3757) County of Los Angeles Sheriffs Dept
N999NB Gulfstream 4 (1234) Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee
VH-PFL Gulfstream 550 (5287)
VP-CVI Gulfstream 550 (5092) JABJ / SAP AG Systems
unmarked Diamond DA.40 (n/k) US Aero on pole

Carson - Goodyear Mooring Strip

N10A Goodyear Airship (4117) Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co