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    Welcome to our Trip Report Blog.
    Here we will post logs and pictures taken on aircraft spotting trips.
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    Header Picture: UP-MI602 Mil Mi-26T (34001212133) Kazakhstan Emercom at Boraldai, Kazakhstan on 08/07/19 (credit StuC)

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    Updates 2021:
    30th January - Logs added for 2019 Austria/Slovakia/Hungary tour. Museums listings updated for same tour.
    1st February - 151 photos added to first three days of the 2019 Kazahkstan trip. See the dropdown under July 2019 on the sidebar
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    Sunday, 22 April 2018

    21/04/18 - Frankfurt - Cologne - Brussels

    Last day of the Aeroprints Aero Expo Tour by StuC.
    Thanks to all present for a most enjoyable trip.

    Frankfurt - 06:00-10:00

    9A-CTH Airbus A319-112 (833) Croatia Airlines
    9V-SKQ Airbus A380-841 (79) Singapore Airlines
    9V-SKR Airbus A380-841 (82) Singapore Airlines
    A4O-SB Boeing 787-8 (42379) Oman Air
    A6-DDD Boeing 777-FFX (62744) Etihad Airways
    A6-ENH Boeing 777-31HER (41086) Emirates Airline
    A6-ETK Boeing 777-3FXER (39686) Etihad Airways
    A7-BEF Boeing 777-3DZER (60332) Qatar Airways
    A9C-AQ Airbus A320-214 (5175) Gulf Air
    B-18001 Boeing 777-309ER (43978) China Airlines
    B-2001 Boeing 777-39PER (43269) China Eastern Airlines
    B-2040 Boeing 777-39LER (38680) Air China
    B-6117 Airbus A330-243 (903) Air China
    B-6532 Airbus A330-223 (1244) China Southern Airlines
    B-KQH Boeing 777-367ER (42143) Cathay Pacific Airways
    C-FGHZ Boeing 787-9 (37169) Air Canada
    C-FITU Boeing 777-333ER (35254) Air Canada
    C-GFAH Airbus A330-343X (279) Air Canada
    EC-LPG Bombardier CRJ-1000 NG (19021) Iberia Regional
    EC-MQP Boeing 737-800/W (60588) Air Europa
    EI-DAM Boeing 737-8AS/W (33719) Ryanair
    EI-EBD Boeing 737-8AS/W (37522) Ryanair
    EI-FIL Boeing 737-8AS/W (44702) Ryanair
    EI-FOT Boeing 737-8AS/W (44730) Ryanair
    EI-FZI Boeing 737-800/W (44782) Ryanair
    EI-RDN Embraer EMB-175 STD (17000347) Alitalia
    EP-IJA Airbus A330-243 (1540) Iran Air
    ER-AXM Airbus A319-112 (1786) Air Moldova
    ET-AUC Airbus A350-941 (147) Ethiopian Airlines
    F-HBLF Embraer EMB-190 LR (19000158) HOP
    G-BNWA Boeing 767-336ER (24333) British Airways
    G-CLBA Boeing 747-428ERF (32870) CargoLogicAir
    G-EUPJ Airbus A319-131 (1232) British Airways
    G-LCYI Embraer EMB-170 STD (17000305) BA CityFlyer
    G-RJXC Embraer ERJ-145 EP (145153) bmi regional
    G-RJXM Embraer ERJ-145 MP (145216) bmi regional
    HB-IPV Airbus A319-112 (578) Swiss International Air Lines
    HS-TKM Boeing 777-3ALER (41522) Thai Airways International
    I-ADJR Embraer EMB-195 LR (19000595) Air Dolomiti
    JA790A Boeing 777-381ER (60136) All Nippon Airways
    LN-RKI Airbus A321-232 (1817) Scandinavian Airlines System
    N1201P Boeing 767-332ER/W (28458) Delta Air Lines
    N154DL Boeing 767-3P6ER/W (25241) Delta Air Lines
    N181DN Boeing 767-332ER/W (25986) Delta Air Lines
    N2136U Boeing 777-300ER (62648) United Airlines
    N220UA Boeing 777-222ER (30223) United Airlines
    N282AY Airbus A330-243 (1069) American Airlines
    N2846U Boeing 777-300ER (64990) United Airlines
    N765AN Boeing 777-223ER (32879) American Airlines
    N782UA Boeing 777-222ER (26948) United Airlines
    N783UA Boeing 777-222ER (26950) United Airlines
    OD-MEA Airbus A330-243 (984) Middle East Airlines
    OE-LBT Airbus A320-214 (1387) Austrian
    OE-LGF de Havilland Canada DHC-8-402 (4068) Austrian
    OE-LMK Embraer EMB-170 ST (17000150) Peoples Viennaline
    OE-LWF Embraer EMB-195 LR (19000447) Austrian
    OE-LWK Embraer EMB-195 LR (19000523) Austrian
    OH-LVD Airbus A319-112 (1352) Finnair
    OK-KFP ATR 42-500 (639) CSA Czech Airlines
    P4-SOM Boeing 737-93YER/W (40889) Somon Air
    PH-EXA Embraer EMB-190 STD (19000655) KLM cityhopper
    S5-AAX Airbus A319-111 (1000) Adria Airways
    SP-LNB Embraer EMB-195 LR (19000444) LOT Polish Airlines
    SU-BTM Airbus A320-214 (4320) Air Cairo
    SU-TCF Airbus A320-232 (1561) flyEgypt
    SU-TMH Boeing 737-8GJ/W (34903) flyEgypt
    TC-ACF Boeing 747-481BDSF (25645) Saudi Arabian Airlines
    TC-JTI Airbus A321-231SL (7089) Turkish Airlines
    TC-LOD Airbus A330-343E (1554) Turkish Airlines
    TS-INQ Airbus A320-214 (2158) Nouvelair Tunisie
    UK67005 Boeing 767-33PER (40533) Uzbekistan Airways
    V5-ANO Airbus A330-243 (1451) Air Namibia
    VN-A891 Airbus A350-941 (67) Vietnam Airlines
    VN-A896 Airbus A350-941 (192) Vietnam Airlines
    VQ-BIA Boeing 747-4KZFSCD (36785) AirBridgeCargo
    YL-LCU Airbus A320-214 (1762) easyJet Airline
    YL-RAH Saab 340A (081) RAF Avia
    YR-BGI Boeing 737-78J/W (28439) Tarom
    ZS-SND Airbus A340-642 (531) South African Airways

    Cologne - 11:50-13:00

    10+23 Airbus A310-304 (503) German Air Force
    10+25 Airbus A310-304 (484) German Air Force
    15+02 Airbus ACJ319-133X (4060) German Air Force
    16+01 Airbus A340-313X (274) German Air Force
    16+02 Airbus A340-313X (355) German Air Force
    CN-NMI Airbus A320-214 (5206) Air Arabia Maroc
    D-ACNK Bombardier CRJ-900 LR NG (15251) Lufthansa Regional
    D-AGWJ Airbus A319-132 (3375) Eurowings
    D-AGWX Airbus A319-132 (5569) Eurowings
    D-AIPW Airbus A320-211 (137) Eurowings
    D-AIQB Airbus A320-211 (200) Eurowings
    D-ATWO Canadair Challenger 604 (5539) Air Alliance Express GmbH
    D-AXGB Airbus A330-203 (684) Eurowings
    D-AXGE Airbus A330-202 (612) Eurowings
    D-CNAF Swearingen Metro III (AC-505B) BinAir
    D-EOKB Mooney M.20R Ovation (29-0122) Private
    D-HDOM MBB-BK 117D-2 (20027) ADAC Luftrettung GmbH
    EC-LOF British Aerospace Bae.146-300QT (E3150) ASL Airlines Spain
    EI-DWJ Boeing 737-8AS/W (36077) Ryanair
    EI-SLU ATR 72-202F (364) ASL Airlines Ireland
    EI-SOA ATR 72-202F (265) ASL Airlines Ireland
    LZ-CGV Boeing 737-405SF (25795) Cargo Air
    LZ-CGX Boeing 737-43QSF (28489) Cargo Air
    N273UP McDonnell MD-11F (48574) United Parcel Service
    N336UP Boeing 767-34AF/W (37857) United Parcel Service
    N431UP Boeing 757-24APF (25462) United Parcel Service
    N709EL Beech 400A (RK-52) DFS Furniture Company
    N842FD Boeing 777-FHT (38969) FedEx Express
    N858FD Boeing 777-FS2 (37729) FedEx Express
    N861FD Boeing 777-FS2 (37732) FedEx Express
    OE-HRS Bombardier Challenger 350 (20504) Avcon Jet AG
    OY-SRG Boeing 767-219ERBDSF (23328) Star Air
    OY-SRH Boeing 767-204ERBDSF (24457) Star Air
    OY-SRI Boeing 767-25EBDSF (27193) Star Air
    OY-SRL Boeing 767-232BDSF (22219) Star Air
    OY-SRO Boeing 767-25EBDSF (27194) Star Air
    OY-SRP Boeing 767-232BDSF (22220) Star Air
    OY-SRW Boeing 767-346F/W (35818) Star Air
    SP-SPA ATR 72-202F (246) SprintAir
    SP-SPG ATR 72-202F (488) SprintAir
    SP-SPH ATR 72-202 (489) SprintAir
    VP-BCK Boeing 737-46QSF (28758) Atran

    Brussels - 15:20-16:15

    A6-EQJ Boeing 777-300ER (42355) Emirates Airline
    CS-TTB Airbus A319-111 (755) TAP Air Portugal
    D-AEAM Airbus A300B4-622RF (797) DHL Air
    EC-MAI Airbus A320-214SL (6045) Vueling Airlines
    EI-EKA Boeing 737-8AS/W (35022) Ryanair
    EI-FWB Sukhoi Su-95B Superjet 100 (95108) Brussels Airlines
    EI-RND Embraer EMB-190-100 (19000512) Alitalia
    G-11 MDH MD-900 Explorer (900-00045) Belgian Police
    G-EUPV Airbus A319-131 (1423) British Airways
    G-RJXH Embraer ERJ-145EP (145442) bmi regional
    HB-JVM Embraer EMB-190LR (19000349) Helvetic Airways
    HL7620 Boeing 747-419BDSF (29375) Asiana Airlines
    LZ-ADV McDonnell-Douglas DC-9-82 (53053) ALK Airlines
    M-OLTT Pilatus PC-12/47E (1063) One Luxury Travel LP
    OO-FYS Cessna 525B CitationJet CJ3 (525B0197) Luxaviation Belgium
    OO-SNH Airbus A320-214 (2207) Brussels Airlines
    OO-SNM Airbus A320-214 (2003) Brussels Airlines
    OO-SSW Airbus A319-111 (3255) Brussels Airlines
    SX-DNA Airbus A320-232SL (6655) Aegean Airlines
    TC-TLA Boeing 737-4Q8 (25107) Tailwind Airlines