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    Welcome to our Trip Report Blog.
    Here we will post logs and pictures taken on aircraft spotting trips.
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    Header Picture: UP-MI602 Mil Mi-26T (34001212133) Kazakhstan Emercom at Boraldai, Kazakhstan on 08/07/19 (credit StuC)

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    Updates 2021:
    30th January - Logs added for 2019 Austria/Slovakia/Hungary tour. Museums listings updated for same tour.
    1st February - 151 photos added to first three days of the 2019 Kazahkstan trip. See the dropdown under July 2019 on the sidebar
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    22nd June - logs added for the Midland Air Festival at Ragley Hall
    23rd August - log & pics added for the Jet Age Museum, Gloucester

    Sunday, 22 April 2018

    15/04/18 - Dusseldorf - Frankfurt - Nuremberg - Munich

    Day 2 of the Aeroprints Aero Expo Tour by StuC.

    Dusseldorf - 07:00-10:30

    9H-AEP Airbus A320-214 (3056) Air Malta
    9V-SMI Airbus A350-941 (77) Singapore Airlines
    A6-EYL Airbus A330-243 (809) Etihad Airways
    B-6503 Airbus A330-343E (1333) Air China
    C-FDBJ Gulfstream G450 (4308) Aviation Starlink
    D-AIKB Airbus A330-343X (576) Lufthansa
    D-ASPI Airbus A320-214 (1054) Small Planet Airlines Germany
    D-ASXO Boeing 737-8HX/W (29649) SunExpress Germany
    D-AZUC Boeing 767-33AER (25535) Azur Air Germany
    D-CAWM Cessna 560XL Citation XLS+ (560-6002) Aerowest Flugcharter GmbH
    EI-DVM Airbus A320-214 (4634) Aer Lingus
    EI-RDE Embraer EMB-175 STD (17000335) Alitalia
    EP-MMA Airbus A340-311 (20) Mahan Air
    F-HBXG Embraer EMB-170 STD (17000301) HOP
    HB-IJN Airbus A320-214 (643) Swiss International Air Lines
    HB-JVR Embraer EMB-190 LR (19000435) Helvetic Airways
    LZ-BHG Airbus A320-232 (2844) Jazeera Airways
    OE-LXA Airbus A320-216 (3295) Austrian
    OH-LXD Airbus A320-214 (1588) Finnair
    PH-EXL Embraer EMB-175 STD (17000633) KLM cityhopper
    SP-LNC Embraer EMB-195 LR (19000462) LOT Polish Airlines
    SU-AAD Airbus A320-214 (4890) Air Arabia Egypt
    SU-BSM Airbus A320-214 (3626) Air Cairo
    SU-TCF Airbus A320-232 (1561) flyEgypt
    SX-SOF Airbus A320-232 (2479) Orange2fly
    TC-JNP Airbus A330-343E (1307) Turkish Airlines
    TC-SNZ Boeing 737-86N/W (28616) SunExpress
    VP-BTI Airbus A320-214SL (5873) Aeroflot Russian Airlines
    VQ-BAU Airbus A319-111 (1851) Rossiya Russian Airlines
    YL-LCN Airbus A320-211 (662) easyJet Airline

    Frankfurt - 13:00-14:00..excluding Lufthansa

    4O-AOP Fokker F100 (11332) Montenegro Airlines
    9K-AOH Boeing 777-300ER (62565) Kuwait Airways
    A6-AFB Airbus A330-343E (1081) Etihad Airways
    A6-EUA Airbus A380-861 (211) Emirates Airline
    A7-BEG Boeing 777-3DZER (60333) Qatar Airways
    B-2026 Boeing 777-F1B (41635) China Southern Cargo
    B-2042 Boeing 777-F1B (41633) China Southern Airlines
    B-2082 Boeing 777-F6N (37716) China Cargo Airlines
    B-2090 Boeing 777-39LER (38669) Air China
    B-2475 Boeing 747-4FTF (34239) Air China Cargo Airlines
    B-3246 Bombardier Global 6000 (9712) Wanfeng General Aviation Co
    B-5913 Airbus A330-343E (1509) Air China
    B-7367 Boeing 777-300ER (43281) China Eastern Airlines
    B-KPA Boeing 777-367ER (36154) Cathay Pacific Airways
    C-FRSE Boeing 787-9 (37181) Air Canada
    CS-TKK Airbus A320-214 (2390) Azores Airlines
    D-ASEF Airbus A320-214 (4974) SundAir
    EI-DPX Boeing 737-8AS/W (35553) Ryanair
    EI-FOT Boeing 737-8AS/W (44730) Ryanair
    EI-RDI Embraer EMB-175 STD (17000340) Alitalia
    ET-AUC Airbus A350-941 (147) Ethiopian Airlines
    EW-290PA Boeing 737-5Q8 (27629) Belavia
    HA-LXG Airbus A321-231SL (7182) Wizz Air
    HS-TUF Airbus A380-841 (131) Thai Airways International
    I-ADJT Embraer EMB-195 LR (19000606) Air Dolomiti
    M-ASHI Challenger 605 (5765) Orascom Aviation
    N2331U Boeing 777-300ER (62642) United Airlines
    OE-LDC Airbus A319-112 (2262) Austrian
    OE-LXE Airbus A320-216 (3532) Austrian
    PH-EXK Embraer EMB-175 STD (17000629) KLM cityhopper
    S5-AAX Airbus A319-111 (1000) Adria Airways
    SU-GEK Boeing 737-800/W (63803) Egypt Air
    TC-JPF Airbus A320-232 (2984) Turkish Airlines
    TC-JRY Airbus A321-231 (5083) Turkish Airlines
    TC-NBI Airbus A320-251NSL (7429) Pegasus Airlines
    TC-SOF Boeing 737-800/W (61191) SunExpress
    TF-FIX Boeing 757-308/W (29434) Icelandair
    UR-PSF Boeing 737-84R/W (38120) Ukraine International Airlines
    V5-ANO Airbus A330-243 (1451) Air Namibia
    VN-A893 Airbus A350-941 (129) Vietnam Airlines
    VP-BIM Boeing 747-4HAERF (35237) AirBridgeCargo
    VP-BKZ Airbus A321-211SL (8205) Aeroflot Russian Airlines
    VP-CVK Gulfstream G550 (5092) Jet Aviation Business Jets AG

    Nuremberg - 16:00-17:15

    D-ABAF Boeing 737-86J/W (30878) TUIfly
    D-ABOK Boeing 757-330/W (29020) Condor Flugdienst
    D-ABQO de Havilland Canada DHC-8-402 (4129) Eurowings
    D-AFAA Canadair Challenger 604 (5397) FAI Rent-a-Jet AG
    D-AFAB Canadair Challenger 604 (5378) FAI Rent-a-Jet AG
    D-AFAC Canadair Challenger 604 (5416) FAI Rent-a-Jet AG
    D-AXTM Bombardier Global Express (9102) FAI Rent-a-Jet AG
    D-BADA Dornier Do.328-310 Jet (3224) Aero-Dienst
    D-CFAT Learjet 60 (60-161) FAI Rent-a-Jet AG
    D-CFAX Learjet 60 (60-249) FAI Rent-a-Jet AG
    D-CFAY Learjet 35A (35A-084) FAI Rent-a-Jet AG
    D-CPMU Learjet 60 (60-032) FAI Rent-a-Jet AG
    D-CSLT Learjet 60 (60-200) FAI Rent-a-Jet AG
    D-CURE Learjet 60XR (60-379) Aero-Dienst
    D-EACK Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP (172S9969) Private
    D-EFNN Mooney M.20E Chaparral (21-1178) Private
    D-EGHZ Beech V35B Bonanza (D-10024) Private
    D-HDRU Eurocopter EC135 P2+ (0790) DRF Luftrettung
    D-HDSJ Airbus Helicopters H145 (20104) Luftrettung
    D-ISCV Cessna 525A CitationJet CJ2+ (525A0429) Christine Volkmann
    EI-FOP Boeing 737-8AS/W (44723) Ryanair
    EI-FZB Boeing 737-800/W (44775) Ryanair
    G-LTSK Canadair Challenger 605 (5872) TAG Aviation (UK) Ltd
    G-RJXG Embraer ERJ-145EP (145390) bmi regional
    HA-LXC Airbus A321-231SL (6976) Wizz Air
    LX-NYO Bombardier Global Express (9084) Global Jet Luxembourg SA
    N256LC Cirrus SR22 (3858) Private
    OK-JDM Learjet 60XR (60-330) ABS Jets
    T7-SCI Learjet 45 (45-033) Cubango Safari Services Lda
    TC-AEK Learjet 60XR (60-401) Turkish Ministry of Health
    TC-KLC Learjet 60XR (60-395) Kuanta Air

    Munich - 19:00-22:00 ..excluding Lufthansa/Eurowings/Dolomiti etc

    4X-EKF Boeing 737-8HX/W (29638) EL AL
    9A-CQA de Havilland Canada DHC-8-402 (4205) Croatia Airlines
    A4O-DI Airbus A330-343E (1582) Oman Air
    A6-EDA Airbus A380-861 (11) Emirates Airline
    CS-PHC Embraer EMB-505 Phenom 300 (50500214) NetJets Europe
    CS-TNG Airbus A320-214 (945) TAP Air Portugal
    D-ASXR Boeing 737-86J/W (30827) SunExpress Germany
    D-IANA Beech B200 King Air (BB-1517) Euro Link GmbH
    D-IICE Beech B200 King Air (BB-269) Euro Link GmbH
    EC-KHM Airbus A319-111 (3209) Iberia
    EI-FPW Bombardier CRJ-900 LR NG (15443) Scandinavian Airlines System
    ES-ACF Bombardier CRJ-701ER (10085) Nordica
    G-EUOE Airbus A319-131 (1574) British Airways
    G-EZGR Airbus A319-111 (4837) easyJet Airline
    G-EZIR Airbus A319-111 (2527) easyJet Airline
    G-RJXK Embraer ERJ-145ER (145494) bmi regional
    HB-JCJ Bombardier CS300 (55025) Swiss International Air Lines
    HB-JVG Fokker F100 (11478) Helvetic Airways
    JA876A Boeing 787-9 (34532) All Nippon Airways
    LN-NHC Boeing 737-7JP/W (41128) Norwegian
    LN-RRO Boeing 737-683 (28288) Scandinavian Airlines System
    N347BD Dassault Falcon 7X (248) Beckton Dickinson & Co
    OE-LBZ Airbus A320-214 (5181) Austrian
    OE-LWO Embraer EMB-195 LR (19000555) Austrian
    OE-LYW Airbus A319-132 (4998) Eurowings Europe
    OK-GLF Gulfstream G200 (167) Eclair Aviation
    OK-MEK Airbus A319-112 (3043) Eurowings
    OK-PET Airbus A319-112 (4258) Eurowings
    PH-BGQ Boeing 737-7K2/W (39256) KLM
    PH-XRC Boeing 737-7K2/W (29347) Transavia
    S5-AAX Airbus A319-111 (1000) Adria Airways
    SP-LLE Boeing 737-45D (27914) LOT Polish Airlines
    SX-DGD Airbus A320-232 (4065) Aegean Airlines
    TC-JMM Airbus A321-231 (2916) Turkish Airlines
    YL-BBS Boeing 737-31S (29267) Air Baltic
    YR-BAF Boeing 737-322 (24453) Blue Air
    YR-BGK Boeing 737-800/W (63702) Tarom
    ZS-SNI Airbus A340-642 (630) South African Airways