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    Welcome to our Trip Report Blog.
    Here we will post logs and pictures taken on aircraft spotting trips.
    Any info can be used for personal use, if passing on or publishing please credit SWAG.
    If you can correct or add any information please contact me here.

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    Header Picture: UP-MI602 Mil Mi-26T (34001212133) Kazakhstan Emercom at Boraldai, Kazakhstan on 08/07/19 (credit StuC)

    Updates 2022:
    26th May - Log and pics added for Private Flyer Show 14/05/22
    24th December - BAPC Register updated and 56 pictures added

    Friday, 18 January 2019

    19-20/09/18 - Lanseria - Johannesburg - Krugersdorp - Kempton Park

    Days 4 & 5 of RichT's South Africa trip, incorporating an Aeroprints tour.

    19/09 - Lanseria

    5R-AHF Cessna Citation Excel (560-5131) HFF Travel Airways
    5R-HMR Cessna Citation Excel (560-5209) Trans Ocean Airways
    5R-MGX Cessna Citation II (550-1054) GS Aviation
    5Y-VVM Beechcraft 1900 (UE-175) Blue Bird Aviation
    9G-ABF Lockheed Jetstar (5217) BF Jet Air SA
    9J-BTC Piper PA-28-235 Pathfinder (28-7610106)
    9J-PKP Embraer EMB-120 Brasilia (120316) Royal Air Charters
    A2-ACU Cessna 210N Centurion (21063549)
    D2-ECE Cessna Citation II (550-1008) Aeromercado Ltda
    D2-EPL Cessna Citation Sovereign (680-0293)
    D2-ERO Beechcraft King Air 200 (BT-08) Chik Chik Import & Export
    D2-EUP de Havilland Canada DHC-8 (4315) Heli Malongo Airlines
    EL-WNH Douglas DC-6 (43127) Fire Department
    FAM-002 Hawker 850XP (258750) Mozambique Air Force
    N108JH Beechcraft 55 Baron (TC-1530) International Air Services Inc Trustee
    N1148M Cessna 172L Skyhawk (17260157)
    N12972 Cessna 172M Skyhawk (17262417)
    N146LC Beechcraft King Air 200 (BB-1046) Aircraft Finance Partners II LLC
    N184RD Cessna 182S Skylane (18280466)
    N247LC Pilatus PC-12 (247) Aircraft Finance Partners V LLC
    N3043Z Piper PA-22-160 Tri-Pacer (22-6997)
    N31437 Beechjet 400 (RJ-37) Aviation Resource Group Inc
    N3777B Piper Aerostar (61-0420-120)
    N4057M Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser (12-2940)
    N474LC Beechcraft 1900 (UE-074) Alpine Air
    N540MX MXR MX2 (8)
    N704PG Embraer EMB-135 (145174) Air Katanga
    N743TT Learjet 45 (45-218) Flaghill LLC
    N800HA Beechcraft King Air 200 (BB-0220) Corporate Aire LLC
    N942DS Hawker Siddeley HS.125-731 (25032) Corporate
    N9652Q Cessna 172M Skyhawk (17265736)
    TR-LHJ Beechcraft King Air 200 (BB-1535)
    TU-GAH Beechcraft 1900 (UC-129)
    V5-ANG Embraer EMB-135 (145335) Air Namibia
    V5-NAG Learjet 31 (31A-091) Government Of Namibia
    V5-TUC Learjet 31 (31A-101) Trustco Air Services
    VQ-BFP Embraer EMB-135 (14501049) Planair
    Z-HAG Cessna A185F Skywagon (18504095)
    Z-MUR Beech B200 King Air (BB-954) Debonair Pvt Ltd
    ZS-AAM Raytheon 390 Premier I (RB-265) Bee Line Aviation Pty Ltd
    ZS-AAS Beechcraft 58 Baron (TH-0171) Angolan Aircraft CC
    ZS-AJP Cirrus SR-22 (3071)
    ZS-AJW Cessna T206H Turbo Stationair (T20608641)
    ZS-ALD Beechcraft King Air 90 (LA-160) C T Ver Der Merwe Boerdery Pty Ltd
    ZS-ALT Beechcraft 1900 (UE-094) Awesome Flight Logistics Pty Ltd
    ZS-AOA Hawker Siddeley HS.125-800A (258160) Netcare 911 Pty Ltd
    ZS-APR Cessna 182T Skylane (18281949)
    ZS-ARA Learjet 35 (35A-349) Awesome Aviation (Pty) Ltd
    ZS-ARG Cessna Citation II (551-0163) Bevrick Pty Ltd
    ZS-ARI Cirrus SR-22T (0808)
    ZS-AVI Cessna T182T Skylane (T18208211)
    ZS-BAJ Cirrus SR-22 (3523)
    ZS-BAR Beech F33A Bonanza (CE-1301)
    ZS-BCI SOCATA TBM-700 (397) Barnes Fencing Industries Pty Ltd
    ZS-BEI Piper PA-46 Meridian (4697523) B&E International Pty Ltd
    ZS-BGA Bombardier Challenger 600 (1072) Summermania Seven Pty Ltd
    ZS-BGA Bombardier Challenger 600 (1072) Summermania Seven Pty Ltd
    ZS-BGC Beechcraft King Air 90 (LJ-1947) Absolute Solutions Pty Ltd
    ZS-BHL Stinson 108 Voyager 1 (108-1087)
    ZS-BLW Cessna 182S Skylane (18280942)
    ZS-BOR Cirrus SR-20 (1611)
    ZS-CAL Hawker Siddeley HS.125-F3B/RA (25172) King Air Charter
    ZS-CCE Cirrus SR-22 (0659)
    ZS-CCL Beechcraft 1900 (UE-089) Mahogany Air
    ZS-CCT Cirrus SR-20 (2314)
    ZS-CDA Cirrus SR-22 (2914)
    ZS-CFN Cirrus SR-22 (0645)
    ZS-CGH Cessna 208B Caravan (208B2297) Condor Aviation Partnership
    ZS-CHI Beechcraft King Air 200 (BB-0197) Ngomso Investments Holdings Pty Ltd
    ZS-CJB Learjet 45 (45-037) World Wide Tractors CC
    ZS-CLP Cirrus SR-22T (0470)
    ZS-CNM Cirrus SR-22 (2946)
    ZS-CNY Cessna 210 (57355)
    ZS-CPB Cirrus SR-22 (3346)
    ZS-CPL Cessna 172B Skyhawk (17247981)
    ZS-CPT Cirrus SR-20 (1603)
    ZS-CTP Cirrus SR-20 (2259)
    ZS-CVT Cirrus SR-22 (3093)
    ZS-CVU Learjet 45 (45-250) Cochrane Steel Products Pty Ltd
    ZS-DAD Hawker 800XP (258477) King Air Charter
    ZS-DAW Rockwell 500S Commander (3266) Unicom Systems Pty Ltd
    ZS-DFI Cessna Citation Mustang (510-0093) Tradepost 19 Pty Ltd
    ZS-DFJ Dassault Falcon 900 (141) Cirano Investments 307 Pty Ltd
    ZS-DIP Cessna Citation Latitude (680A0106) CJ Air Safaris Pty Ltd
    ZS-DJV Cirrus SR-22 (0779)
    ZS-EAA Beechcraft 1900 (UE-435) Money Aviation
    ZS-EDA Cessna Citation IIS (S550-0126) Netcare 911 Aeromedical Services Pty Ltd
    ZS-EFC Beechcraft King Air 90 (LJ-0161) Legends Charter Pty Ltd
    ZS-EGZ Cessna 150F (15063463)
    ZS-ELI Learjet 55 (55-084) MedAir Charter Pty Ltd
    ZS-ENG Cirrus SR-22T (0143)
    ZS-EZJ Cessna P206B Super Skylane (P206-0418)
    ZS-FIF Cessna 172I Skyhawk (17256705)
    ZS-FKD Mooney M.20C Ranger (680038)
    ZS-FML Beechcraft King Air 350 (FL-534) National Airways Corp (Pty) Ltd
    ZS-FON Beechcraft King Air 90 (LJ-1735) Avna Airlines Partnership
    ZS-FOX Dassault Falcon 10 (072) Awesome Aviation (Pty) Ltd
    ZS-HED Hughes 269 (11-1020) Orsmond Aerial Spray Pty Ltd
    ZS-HGY Bell 47 (WA.599) Gauteng 45 Business Management
    ZS-HNA Enstrom F-28 (0507) Tannery Industrial Park (Pty)
    ZS-HSC Bell 206 JetRanger (04105) Chatz Cellular Pty Ltd
    ZS-HTA Enstrom 280 Shark (1073) R & D Metal Works Pty Ltd
    ZS-HTH Robinson R-22 (0770) Boscrand Plant CC
    ZS-HTJ Hughes 269 (54-0308) Britannia Bay Developers Pty Ltd
    ZS-HUD Bell 430 (49028) Fortune Air (Pty) Ltd
    ZS-HWS Enstrom 280 Shark (1155) Volume Injection Products CC
    ZS-IGG Cessna 421 Golden Eagle (421B0221) VSJ Air CC
    ZS-IPP Pilatus PC-12 (195) Arelco Resources Pty Ltd
    ZS-IRL Cessna 172N Skyhawk (17272397)
    ZS-ISA Bombardier Challenger 600 (1081) Billion Group Pty Ltd
    ZS-IVK Cessna 172M Skyhawk (17261750)
    ZS-IZN Rockwell 500S Commander (3132) Globify 49 CC
    ZS-JAA Cirrus SR-22 (3998)
    ZS-JAB Cirrus SR-20 (1583)
    ZS-JDL Bombardier Challenger 350 (20556) Comair Flight Services
    ZS-JES Fokker 28 (11236) Airquarius Air Charter
    ZS-JGC Grumman Gulfstream 3 (312) Midnight Storm Investments 264 Pty Ltd
    ZS-JIK Cessna Citation Mustang (510-0092) Marde Pty Ltd
    ZS-JMA Cessna 441 Conquest (441-0095) Spring Lights 1 Pty Ltd
    ZS-JOP Cessna 421 Golden Eagle (421C0068) Unison Rentals CC
    ZS-JRA Turbo Commander 690A (11284) South African Weather Service
    ZS-JRB Turbo Commander 690A (11248) South African Weather Service
    ZS-JRM Boeing 737 (28890) Safair
    ZS-JTI Cessna 182R Skylane (18268547(2))
    ZS-JUH Piper PA-34 Seneca (34-7670190) Kylmel Property Investments CC
    ZS-KEN Bombardier Challenger 604 (5318) Four Rivers Trading 21 Pty Ltd
    ZS-KGS Dassault Falcon 20 (385) Gough Aviation Pty Ltd
    ZS-KHA Beechcraft 60 Duke (P-485) Magrem Trust
    ZS-KMB Cessna 421 Golden Eagle (421B0815) Ngangeni Air Charters
    ZS-KML Beechcraft 58P Baron (TJ-199) J W Van Tonder
    ZS-KRF Cessna 182R Skylane (18267816)
    ZS-KSL Cessna 152 (15284728)
    ZS-KUP Cessna T210N Turbo Centurion (21064111)
    ZS-KZZ Turbo Commander 695 (96052) Eskom Enterprises Pty Ltd
    ZS-LAC Dassault Falcon 50EX (257) Moxibuzz Pty Ltd
    ZS-LAD Beechcraft King Air 350 (FL-075) Halsteds Aviation Corp Pty Ltd
    ZS-LAH Grumman Gulfstream 3 (328) Norse Air Charter Pty Ltd
    ZS-LAW Beechcraft King Air 200 (BB-0889) Swiftflite Charters CC
    ZS-LBA Beech A36TC Bonanza (EA-246)
    ZS-LCD Piper PA-34 Seneca (34-8133256) Swift Flite Pty Ltd
    ZS-LHO Cessna 182R Skylane (18268249)
    ZS-LMF Beechjet 400 (RK-146) Elite Jet
    ZS-LMY Cessna 402 (402C0635) Zenith Air CC
    ZS-LOT Raytheon Hawker Horizon (RC-059) National Airways Corp (Pty) Ltd
    ZS-LRM Turbo Commander 690A (11105) Nine June Dawn Partnership
    ZS-LUX Grumman Gulfstream 3 (327) Basfour 3771 Pty Ltd
    ZS-LYF Cessna 210N Centurion (21064787)
    ZS-MBZ Beechcraft King Air 90 (LJ-0795) National Airways Corp (Pty) Ltd
    ZS-MCC Bell 407 (53766) MCC Aviation Pty Ltd
    ZS-MDX Cessna 172N Skyhawk (17272707)
    ZS-MED Cessna 210L Centurion (21059802)
    ZS-MGC Cessna 208B Caravan (208B5209) MCC Aviation Pty Ltd
    ZS-MGS Dassault Falcon 50 (232) Gough Aviation Pty Ltd
    ZS-MJN Cessna 210M Centurion (21062437)
    ZS-MMB Beechcraft King Air 350 (FL-086) Liketh Investments Pty Ltd
    ZS-MMG Grumman Gulfstream 2 (085) Gemini Moon Trading 349 Pty Ltd
    ZS-MMJ Beechcraft 1900 (UE-092) Balmoral Central Contracts SA Pty Ltd
    ZS-MNP Piper PA-31 Navajo (31-7812047) Corpinvest 91 Pty Ltd
    ZS-MNU Hawker 800XP (258435) CADG Trading Pty Ltd
    ZS-MOO Cirrus SR-22 (3128)
    ZS-MPD Embraer EMB-505 Phenom 300 (50500448) John McCormick Family Trust
    ZS-MPI Beechcraft King Air 350 (FL-784) John McCormick Family Trust
    ZS-MSW Cessna 182F Skylane (18254842)
    ZS-MTP Cessna 208B Caravan (208B5275) Grandex 5275 Aviation Pty Ltd
    ZS-MUS Cessna Citation Mustang (510-0137) J A Legh
    ZS-MWA Cirrus SR-22 (3807)
    ZS-MZZ Cessna 402 (402C0506) Cranbrook Flavours CC
    ZS-NAU Beechcraft 58 Baron (TH-1648) Lorbrand CC
    ZS-NBO Beechcraft King Air 200 (BB-0706) Smith Mining Equipment Pty Ltd
    ZS-NDN Piper PA-31-350 Chieftain (31-7952186) AOC Holdings (Pty) Ltd
    ZS-NDR Piper PA-46 Malibu (4636586) Geotech Nano Chemicals Pty Ltd
    ZS-NDX Cessna Citation V (560-0152) Hotline Holdings Pty Ltd
    ZS-NFH Cessna 210N Centurion (21062970)
    ZS-NGS Cessna Citation V (560-0241) Buonadonna Vervoer CC
    ZS-NHX Beechcraft King Air 200 (BB-0386) Shotech-Trade 20 CC
    ZS-NII Cessna Citation II (550-0168) Great Wall Motors SA Pty Ltd
    ZS-NKC Beechcraft King Air 200 (BB-1474) Comair Flight Services
    ZS-NKE Embraer EMB-120 Brasilia (120296) Swift Flite
    ZS-NOW Beechcraft King Air 200 (BB-1427) Anglovaal Ltd # Atair Executive Jet Charter Pty Ltd
    ZS-NTT Beechcraft King Air 200 (BB-0350) Independent Coal Marketing Co Pty Ltd
    ZS-NUG BAC 1-11 (237) Nationwide Air Charter
    ZS-NVE Cessna 402 (402C0033) Majormatic 185 Pty Ltd
    ZS-NYG Learjet 25 (25C-098) The Core Computer Business Pty Ltd
    ZS-NZJ Beechcraft King Air 200 (BB-0630) Out Of The Blue Air Safaris (Pty) Ltd
    ZS-ODU Beechcraft King Air 200 (BB-1476) Swift Flite Pty Ltd
    ZS-OFP Cessna 402 (402B1046) MCC Aviation Pty Ltd
    ZS-OHK Cessna 172N Skyhawk (17272253)
    ZS-OHZ Cessna Citation Excel (560-5079) Anglo Operations Ltd
    ZS-OIE Cessna Citation II (550-0480) Two Mountains Aviation Pty Ltd
    ZS-OIF Hawker Siddeley HS.125-731 (25221) Landonia Trust CC
    ZS-OVB Beechcraft 58 Baron (TH-2013) Bosveld Sitrus Pty Ltd
    ZS-PAV Beech A36 Bonanza (E-3487)
    ZS-PBR Partenavia P68 (359-40-TC) AOC Holdings (Pty) Ltd
    ZS-PCC Beechcraft 1900 (UC-143) DTL Air Charters
    ZS-PEF Beechcraft 1900 (UE-009) King Air Services Partnership
    ZS-PFG Cessna Citation I (500-0122) Rare Aviation South Africa Pty Ltd
    ZS-PHP Cessna Citation I (501-0103) Manetrade 120 Pty Ltd
    ZS-PPG Beechcraft King Air 200 (BB-1562) Pick N Pay (Gabriel Road) Pty Ltd
    ZS-PRT Beechcraft King Air 90 (LJ-0485) Avozinha Trading CC
    ZS-PTE Beechcraft King Air 200 (BB-1184) Phumatra Transport Enterprise CC
    ZS-PTT Cessna Citation I (500-0085) Kambani Holdings Pty Ltd
    ZS-PTT Cessna Citation I (500-0085) Kambani Holdings Pty Ltd
    ZS-PUT Cessna 152 (15283367)
    ZS-PVD Cirrus SR-22 (2381)
    ZS-PXD Cessna Citation I (500-0257) Michigan Equipment Pty Ltd
    ZS-PXR Turbo Commander 690A (11259) Joint Aid Management
    ZS-PYH Cessna T206H Turbo Stationair (T20608748)
    ZS-PYY Grumman Gulfstream 2 (026) Cascade Avenue Trading 69 Pty Ltd
    ZS-PZA Pilatus PC-12 (1316) WBHO Construction Pty Ltd
    ZS-PZG Beech A36 Bonanza (E-1928)
    ZS-RBF Robinson R-22 (1812) P Gibbons
    ZS-RCO AS.350 Ecureuil (7944) Savannah Helicopters CC
    ZS-RDN Bell 206 JetRanger (02668) S Bond
    ZS-RDR Bell 206 JetRanger (04183) NAC Charter
    ZS-REC Bell 206 LongRanger (45341) Pieter Ernst Familie Trust
    ZS-RGS Cessna 441 Conquest (441-0353) Nedbank Ltd
    ZS-RHB Robinson R-44 II (12409) Brightwater Trade & Invest 3 Pty Ltd
    ZS-RHR Robinson R-44 (0283) Capital Legal & Aviation Solutions CC
    ZS-RKV Cessna Citation II (550-0051) Mouritzen Family Trust
    ZS-RLR Robinson R-44 II (12557) Platoon Trade & Invest 27 Pty Ltd
    ZS-RRU Bell 206 JetRanger (02914) Battlefields Developments CC
    ZS-RSH Bell 407 (54380) TM Crane & Transportation Projects CC
    ZS-RXM Bell 206 LongRanger (51084) UPS Air Pty Ltd
    ZS-RZA Bell 430 (49060) Fortune Air (Pty) Ltd
    ZS-SAB Dassault Falcon 2000LX (212) The South African Breweries Ltd
    ZS-SBT Robinson R-44 II (12098) Varsivista Investments (PTY) Ltd
    ZS-SDS Beechcraft King Air 200 (BB-0803) Aircraft Africa Contracts Co (Pty) Ltd
    ZS-SDT Cessna 172R Skyhawk (17281488)
    ZS-SDW Diamond DA-42 Twin Star (42.369) SML Aviation (Pty) Ltd
    ZS-SFV Learjet 35 (35A-275) Billion Property Group Pty Ltd
    ZS-SGB Cirrus SR-22 (3183)
    ZS-SGF Cessna 400 (411048)
    ZS-SGT Cessna Citation I (500-0224) Litfole Inyatsi Construction Pty Ltd
    ZS-SHW Cirrus SR-22 (2114)
    ZS-SJD Boeing 737NG (28829) Mango
    ZS-SJY Diamond Aircraft DA20-C1 Eclipse (C0525)
    ZS-SJZ Diamond Aircraft DA20-C1 Eclipse (C0524)
    ZS-SKY Cessna 208B Caravan (208B5245) Tigair Aviation Pty Ltd
    ZS-SLI Turbo Commander 690A (11211) Ceragyn Pty Ltd
    ZS-SNK Beechcraft 1900 (UE-132) National Airways Corp (Pty) Ltd
    ZS-SOB Embraer EMB-120 Brasilia (120186) Sahara African Aviation
    ZS-SOI Hawker Siddeley HS.125-700A (257144) Gaints Logistics CC
    ZS-SPB Cessna 172N Skyhawk (17269348)
    ZS-SRU Raytheon 390 Premier I (RB-063) Katzbro Premier Aviation Pty Ltd
    ZS-SSM Learjet 25 (25XR-022) ZS-SSM Partnership
    ZS-SSP Beechcraft King Air 200 (BB-0643) MCC Aviation Pty Ltd
    ZS-STE Beechcraft 1900 (UE-080) Allegiance Air
    ZS-SUA Cessna Citation II (550-1059) Chlor-Alkali Holdings Pty Ltd
    ZS-SUZ Cirrus SR-22 (1541)
    ZS-SVJ Beech A36 Bonanza (E-2937)
    ZS-SVP Cessna 208B Caravan (208B0573) Leopont 278 Popoerties Pty Ltd
    ZS-SWR Beechcraft King Air 200 (BB-1570) Paxton Group CC
    ZS-SYA Cessna 172L Skyhawk (17259817)
    ZS-SYW Cessna U206G Stationair 6 (U20606056)
    ZS-TAB Beechcraft 1900 (UC-019) TAB Air Charters
    ZS-TBB Cessna 208B Caravan (208B2030) Streak Street Investments Pty Ltd
    ZS-TBT Hawker Siddeley HS.125-700A (257210) Harberton Imports & Exports CC
    ZS-TBZ Beechcraft 58 Baron (TH-0357) J McCormick
    ZS-TCW Bombardier Challenger 600 (1066) EliteJet
    ZS-TDI Diamond DA-42 Twin Star (42.200) National Airways Corp (Pty) Ltd
    ZS-TEG Beechcraft King Air 200 (BY-126) Triton Express Pty Ltd
    ZS-TEJ Learjet 60 (60-173) Comair Flight Services
    ZS-TEX Grumman Gulfstream 3 (355) Jewels Of Africa CC
    ZS-TFP Cessna 172N Skyhawk (17268743)
    ZS-TFZ Beechcraft 1900 (UC-168) Advanced Aviation Logistics South Africa
    ZS-TGS Beechcraft King Air 200 (BB-0934) Swift Flite Pty Ltd
    ZS-THK Pilatus PC-12 (125) Absolute Aircraft Sales Pty Ltd
    ZS-THU de Havilland Canada DHC-8 (038) Titan Helicopter Group
    ZS-THV SOCATA TBM-700 (135) Joint Aid Management International
    ZS-TOB Beechcraft King Air 200 (BB-1515) Kingsclere Trading Pty Ltd
    ZS-TOP Cessna T206H Turbo Stationair (T20608627)
    ZS-TOW Learjet 35 (35A-475) National Airways Corp (Pty) Ltd
    ZS-TRI Cessna 208B Caravan (208B2116) Dikerson Investments Pty Ltd
    ZS-VBV Beechcraft 58 Baron (TH-0798) Gavil Air Services CC
    ZS-VIP Grumman Gulfstream 3 (444) Landonia Trust CC
    ZS-WAT Cessna 182P Skylane (18261674)
    ZS-WLO Beechcraft 55 Baron (TE-1009) CDC Aviation Pty Ltd
    ZS-WRI Cessna 402 (402C0610) Batair Charters (Pty) Ltd
    ZS-YAG Bombardier Challenger 600 (1076) Owenair Pty Ltd
    ZS-ZAZ Beechcraft King Air 350 (FL-459) Petra Diamond Southern Africa Pty Ltd
    ZS-ZEN Hawker Siddeley HS.125-800A (258246) Cirano Investments 307 Pty Ltd
    ZS-ZIM Hawker 800XP (258499) Cirano Investments 307 Pty Ltd
    ZS-ZIP Cirrus SR-20 (1496)
    ZS-ZOB Swearingen Sa226AT Merlin (AT-051) WC Ferries CC
    ZS-ZWE Boeing 737NG (40854) Comair
    ZS-ZWF Boeing 737NG (40856) Comair
    ZT-RAJ Bell 206 JetRanger (03477) Hemingways Exploration (Pty) Ltd
    ZT-RCK Bell 430 (49020) MML Aviation (Pty) Ltd
    ZT-RCO AS.350 Ecureuil (8225) MCC Aviation (Pty) Ltd
    ZT-RCP Bell 206 LongRanger (52355) Mesiglo Pty Ltd
    ZT-RDH Bell 505 JetRanger X (65045) Wow Helicopters Pty Ltd
    ZT-RDT AS.350 Ecureuil (8562) Hestony Transport Pty Ltd
    ZT-RFB Robinson R-44 II (13913) Verrauxs Air (Pty) Ltd
    ZT-RKP Bell 206 JetRanger (02969) John Bassi Helicopters CC
    ZT-RMM Bell 407 (54490) MCC Aviation (Pty) Ltd
    ZT-ROB Bell 206 LongRanger (45427) Parsons Aviation CC
    ZT-RRM Bell 222 (47558) Helicopter & Airplane Logistical
    ZU-FOY North American T-28 Trojan (171-089) Pacific Coast Investments 126 Pty Ltd
    ZU-HUN Hawker Hunter T.68 (HABL003119)
    ZU-MEW Czech Aircraft Works Sportcruiser (07SC065)
    ZU-RXX Bell 204 (01104) Mokoro Safaris
    ZU-SOO CASA 235 (008) Interjet Maintenance Pty Ltd
    ZU-SWL Cessna 402 (402A0126) DMI Engineering CC
    ZU-XAX Xtremeair XA-41 (03)
    ZU-XYZ Airplane Factory Sling 2 (047K)
    Unmarked Bell 206 (unknown)
    RED 206

    19/09 - Johannesburg O.R. Tambo

    9V-SMK Airbus A350 (0084) Singapore Airlines
    A2-ABR ATR-72 (786) Air Botswana
    A2-AGO Beechcraft King Air 200 (BB-1353) De Beers Botswana Mining Co Pty Ltd
    A6-BLT Boeing 787 (39667) Etihad Airways
    A6-FLH Gulfstream 450 (4155) Falcon Aviation Services
    B-KQS Boeing 777 (42144) Cathay Pacific Airways
    D-ABYI Boeing 747 (37833) Lufthansa
    EI-EJP Airbus A330 (1354) Alitalia
    ET-APL Boeing 737NG (40965) Ethiopian Airlines
    HZ-AQ12 Airbus A330 (1726) Saudia
    SU-GDV Airbus A330 (1246) Egypt Air
    TC-ACG Boeing 747 (25641) Saudia
    VP-BCR Boeing 747 (28434) Silk Way West Airlines
    ZS-ASZ BAe.146 (E2318) Airlink
    ZS-DMI Boeing 737 (24165) Safair
    ZS-JRE Boeing 737 (26065) Safair
    ZS-NRG BAe Jetstream 41 (41051) Airlink
    ZS-OAG Boeing 737 (27168) Safair
    ZS-OTG Boeing 737 (25840) Comair
    ZS-RAF Beechcraft King Air 200 (BB-1673) R A Forster
    ZS-SFH Airbus A319 (2355) South African Airways
    ZS-SFJ Airbus A319 (2379) South African Airways
    ZS-SFK Airbus A319 (2418) South African Airways
    ZS-SJA Boeing 737NG (29248) Mango
    ZS-SJC Boeing 737NG (28828) Mango
    ZS-SJG Boeing 737NG (32353) Mango
    ZS-SJS Boeing 737NG (32632) Safair
    ZS-SWV Embraer EMB-135 (145737) Airlink
    ZS-SYT Embraer EMB-135 (145358) Swaziland Airlink
    ZS-TCB Embraer EMB-135 (145210) Airlink
    ZS-TCE Embraer EMB-135 (145356) Airlink
    ZS-TLA Pilatus PC-12 (383) Amalgamted Colliery Contructor Pty Ltd
    ZS-YAC Embraer EMB-190 (19000209) Airlink
    ZS-YBA Embraer EMB-170 (17000004) Airlink
    ZS-YBB Embraer EMB-170 (17000005) Airlink
    ZS-YBT de Havilland Canada DHC-8 (4146) South African Express
    ZS-ZWA Boeing 737NG (40851) Comair
    ZS-ZWD Boeing 737NG (40855) Comair
    ZS-ZWH Boeing 737NG (40971) Comair
    ZS-ZWT Boeing 737NG (27990) Comair
    ZS-ZWU Boeing 737NG (33013) Comair

    20/09 - Johannesburg O.R. Tambo

    A6-ENQ Boeing 777 (41363) Emirates
    A7-BEJ Boeing 777 (60336) Qatar Airways
    C-FXIP de Havilland Canada DHC-8 (4105) World Wide Aircraft Ferrying Ltd
    D2-TEE Boeing 777 (34566) TAAG Angola Airlines
    HZ-AQJ Airbus A330 (1473) Saudia
    N964CA Canadair Regional Jet (7129) CEM Air Pty Ltd, WFU
    PT-MOE Boeing 767 (41996) LATAM Brasil
    TC-JOU Airbus A330 (1550) THY - Turkish Airlines
    V5-ANK Airbus A319 (3586) Air Namibia
    ZS-AAK Dornier Do.328Jet (3162) Anglo American Corp
    ZS-ABM Cessna 208B Caravan (208B1168) GASA - Geotech Aviation South Africa
    ZS-ABN Cessna 208B Caravan (208B1289) GASA - Geotech Aviation South Africa
    ZS-BBD Embraer EMB-145 (145242) United Nations
    ZS-BIL Boeing 737 (22650) Jet Express Holding
    ZS-CME Canadair Regional Jet (7293) CEM Air Pty Ltd
    ZS-CMH Canadair Regional Jet (7292) Air Tanzania
    ZS-CMI Beechcraft 1900 (UE-218) CEM Air Pty Ltd
    ZS-CMN Beechcraft 1900 (UE-026) CEM Air Pty Ltd
    ZS-DAT Pilatus PC-12 (242) Federal Air Pty Ltd
    ZS-DGH Cessna 208B Caravan (208B2154) Federal Airlines Pty Ltd
    ZS-DHA de Havilland Canada DHC-8 (571) Starbow Airlines
    ZS-DHC de Havilland Canada DHC-8 (030) CEM Air Pty Ltd
    ZS-DHF de Havilland Canada DHC-8 (405) Proflight Zambia
    ZS-JAX Cessna 208B Caravan (208B0893) Jemax Aviation Pty Ltd
    ZS-JRL Boeing 737 (28550) Safair
    ZS-KEM Canadair Regional Jet (7297) CEM Air Pty Ltd
    ZS-KZU Beechcraft King Air 200 (BB-0416) Federal Airlines
    ZS-LVH Cessna 208B Caravan (208B5363) Leghvanh Aviation Partnership
    ZS-MTP Cessna 208B Caravan (208B5275) Grandex 5275 Aviation Pty Ltd
    ZS-NME Canadair Regional Jet (7240) South African Express
    ZS-NMK Canadair Regional Jet (7198) Maluti Sky
    ZS-NML Canadair Regional Jet (7201) South African Express
    ZS-NMM Canadair Regional Jet (7234) South African Express
    ZS-NMS de Havilland Canada DHC-8 (4127) South African Express
    ZS-NRJ BAe Jetstream 41 (41062) Airlink
    ZS-NVE Cessna 402 (402C0033) Majormatic 185 Pty Ltd
    ZS-NXH Beechcraft King Air 200 (BB-0037) Ferox Investments (Pty) Ltd
    ZS-NYR Cessna 208B Caravan (208B0382) Solenta Aviation Pty Ltd
    ZS-OHZ Cessna Citation Excel (560-5079) Anglo Operations Ltd
    ZS-OMZ BAe Jetstream 41 (41037) Airlink
    ZS-OVP ATR-42 (088) DHL Aviation Pty Ltd
    ZS-PCM Cessna 208B Caravan (208B0851) AAA Investments Pty Ltd
    ZS-PGN Pilatus PC-12 (1089) A.L.S Trust
    ZS-PHX Beechcraft 1900 (UE-145) Federal Air Pty Ltd
    ZS-PKB Beechcraft 1900 (UE-003) CEM Air Pty Ltd
    ZS-PLL Beechcraft King Air 200 (BB-1189) BJ Vorster Pty Ltd
    ZS-PUC Beechcraft 1900 (UE-084) Solenta Aviation Pty Ltd
    ZS-SJB Boeing 737NG (29249) Mango
    ZS-SKA Fokker 70 (11559) Branson Air
    ZS-SSJ BAe.146 (E2385) Airlink
    ZS-SUW Raytheon 390 Premier I (RB-066) Zingaro Trade 49 CC
    ZS-SYX Beechcraft King Air 350 (FL-833) Motrade 518 Pty Ltd
    ZS-TGB Boeing 737 (29327) LAM Mozambique
    ZS-TIN Cessna 208B Caravan (208B0261) Solenta Aviation Pty Ltd
    ZS-TOG Douglas DC-9 (49905) Global Aviation Leasing
    ZS-VDB Boeing 737 (27345) Mango
    ZS-VDP Boeing 737 (27346) Star Air Cargo
    ZS-XCK ATR-72 (195) Solenta Aviation Cote D'ivoire
    ZS-YAD Embraer EMB-190 (19000746) Airlink
    ZS-YBB Embraer EMB-170 (17000005) Airlink
    ZS-YBC Embraer EMB-170 (17000006) Airlink
    ZS-ZWF Boeing 737NG (40856) Comair
    ZS-ZWQ Boeing 737NG (28374) Comair

    20/09 - Krugersdorp

    ZS-ABZ Beech S35 Bonanza (D-7894)
    ZS-DVZ Cessna 172E Skyhawk (17251667)
    ZS-EOC Piper PA-24-260 Comanche B (24-4368)
    ZS-ERO Cessna 182J Skylane (18257614)
    ZS-HFJ Robinson R-44 II (10512) Status Mark Consulting Service
    ZS-HMK Robinson R-66 (0190) Len Smith Investment Holdings
    ZS-HTB Robinson R-44 II (12181) Krokodilnest 21 Trust
    ZS-JDJ Cessna 150M (15076748)
    ZS-LLI Cessna 172N Skyhawk (17272914)
    ZS-MCJ de Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth (3534)
    ZS-MKT Beechcraft 58 Baron (TH-0629) Metrivect Investments Pty Ltd
    ZS-MKY Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee B (28-1171)
    ZS-MOP Piper PA-18A-150 Super Cub (18-7207)
    ZS-MOP Piper PA-18A-150 Super Cub (18-7207)
    ZS-MSV Piper PA-24-180 Comanche (24-1086)
    ZS-OFH Piper PA-32R-301T Turbo Saratoga IITC (3257033)
    ZS-OII Piper PA-32-300 Cherokee Six (32-40179)
    ZS-OPB Robinson R-44 II (11262) WIB Investments CC
    ZS-RLT Robinson R-44 (0720) Status Mark Consulting Services CC
    ZS-RNV Aerospatiale Alouette III (1746) Ultimate African Conservancy Pty Ltd
    ZS-RYM Robinson R-44 II (10225) MML Aviation (Pty) Ltd
    ZS-UJW Phoenix RDS.1 (HDJ-1)
    ZS-VIG de Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth (DHA752)
    ZS-VIX Pietenpol Air Camper (SC-1)
    ZS-VYL Piper PA-20-125 Pacer (20-598)
    ZT-RBH Robinson R-44 II (12083) Mesiglo (Pty) Ltd
    ZU-ALO Aerospatiale Alouette II (1397) E N Couzyn
    ZU-BDH Kitplanes For Africa Bush-Baby 450 (031)
    ZU-CZI Magni M-16 Tandem Trainer (16-03-2174)
    ZU-EPR Tecnam P.2004 Bravo (074)
    ZU-EWE SSH T-131PA Jungmann (T-131.129)
    ZU-GDH Rans S-6 Coyote II (06971136S)
    ZU-HHP Aerospatiale Gazelle (1597) Sixbar Trading 784 CC
    ZU-IMU Van's RV-10 (40484)
    ZU-OLO SAAB 91 Safir (unknown)
    ZU-ONX Sonex Onex (0079)
    ZU-RFX Rotorway Executive 162F (7084) Zumat Trust
    ZU-SAL Antonov An-2 (1G167-13) M Van Heerden
    unmarked Cessna 185 (unknown) ex SAAF
    unmarked de Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth (unknown)

    20/09 - Kempton Park

    494 Aermacchi MB.326 (6372) Impala Park Primary School, preserved
    494 MB326
    807 Dassault Mirage IIICZ (163) St Pierre Van Ryneveld High School, preserved
    807 M3CZ