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    Welcome to our Trip Report Blog.
    Here we will post logs and pictures taken on aircraft spotting trips.
    Any info can be used for personal use, if passing on or publishing please credit SWAG.
    If you can correct or add any information please contact me here.

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    Header Picture: UP-MI602 Mil Mi-26T (34001212133) Kazakhstan Emercom at Boraldai, Kazakhstan on 08/07/19 (credit StuC)

    Logs/pics - If you have any topical logs and pics from interesting places we could use on the blog please contact me here. Especially welcome would be any museums we haven't yet covered.

    Updates 2021:
    30th January - Logs added for 2019 Austria/Slovakia/Hungary tour. Museums listings updated for same tour.
    1st February - 151 photos added to first three days of the 2019 Kazahkstan trip. See the dropdown under July 2019 on the sidebar
    20th February - completed adding pics to the 2019 Kazahkstan trip. Logs and some pics added for 9-day June 2019 French tour.
    22nd June - logs added for the Midland Air Festival at Ragley Hall
    23rd August - log & pics added for the Jet Age Museum, Gloucester

    Tuesday, 12 July 2016

    11/07/16 - Farnborough Air Show

    Visited by Stu from 1100-1500. Torrential rain from 1400 curtailed the flying display to just 3 items, and flooded the static park. Hall 1 was also partially flooded and suffered a power cut.
    On the aircraft front it was hugely disappointing that of the 6 F-35s in the country, not one could be placed on static display, just a plastic model again.


    15-008 TAI Anka (unknown) Turkish Aerospace Industries
    15-20718 Sikorsky UH-60M Blackhawk (704596) United States Army/C/3-501st AVN
    16712 CASA 295MPA (S-065) Portuguese Air Force/Esq 502
    168853/853 Boeing P-8A Poseidon (44145) United States Navy/VP-30
    168930 Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornet (F-276) Boeing/United States Navy
    169119 Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet (E-295) Boeing/United States Navy
    2714 Alenia HC-27J (4172) United States Coast Guard/Sacremento
    39268/268 SAAB JAS-39C Gripen (39268) Swedish Air Force/F17
    39277/277 SAAB JAS-39C Gripen (39277) Swedish Air Force/F17
    91-0358/SP General Dynamics F-16CJ Falcon (CC-56) United States Air Force/52 FW
    92-3918/SP General Dynamics F-16CJ Falcon (CC-160) United States Air Force/52 FW
    A7-CGC Gulfstream G650ER (6179) Qatar Executive
    A7-CJA Airbus ACJ319-133LR (1656) Qatar Executive
    C-GVKI Viking DHC-6-400 (897) Pacific Sky Aviation
    C-GWXZ Bombardier CS-100 (50005) Bombardier Aerospace Corporation
    CSX55152 Aermacchi T-346A (unknown) Alenia/Italian Air Force
    CSX62127 Alenia MC-27J (4033) Alenia
    CSX81848/1-49 Agusta-Westland AW149 (49006) Italian Air Force
    CSX81890/02 Agusta-Westland AW149 (48002) Agusta Westland
    D-BIRD Dornier Do.328-310 (3180) Private Wings
    D-CTRJ Dornier Do.328-100 (3015) 328 Support
    D-ETPG Grob G.120TP-A (11024) Grob Flugzeugbau
    D-FHHH Grob G.520T Egrett II (10200) Grob Flugzeugbau
    EC-406 Airbus A400M (006) Airbus Military
    EC-MLC Canadair Regional-Jet 1000 (19048) Iberia Regional
    EI-FWB Sukhoi SSJ-100-95B Superjet (95108) CityJet
    F-HDJL Dassault Falcon 2000EX EASy (161) Dassault Aviation
    F-HIPK Dassault Falcon 7X (258) Dassault Aviation
    F-PFJP Stolp SA.300 Starduster Too (265)
    F-WATT Airbus E-Fan 2 FSM (n/a)
    F-WWCF Airbus A350-900 (002) Airbus Industries
    F-WWDD Airbus A380-861 (004) Airbus Industries
    F-WWEH/(SE-)MKE ATR 72-600 (1348) Braathens Regional
    G-BCUO Scottish Aviation SA.120 Bulldog 122 (371) Cranfield University
    G-BOPO Edgley OA.7 Optica (021)
    G-CBMD Yakovlev Yak-52 (822710)
    G-CHSU Eurocopter EC-135T1 (0079) 2 Excel Aviation Ltd
    G-CLAB Boeing 747-83QF (60119) Cargologicair
    G-MCGR AgustaWestland AW189 (92004) AgustaWestland/Bristow
    (G-NEWA) Rans S.6 Coyote II (LAA 204-15224) ..part built
    G-NFLA British Aerospace Jetstream 3102 (637) Cranfield University
    G-NSYS Eurocopter EC-135T1 (0115) Nova Aerospace Ltd
    G-OFFO Extra 300LP (1226) 2Excel Aviation/The Blades
    G-OSRA Boeing 727-2S2F (22938) 2 Excel/T2 Aviation Oil Response
    G-PRPC de Havilland Canada DHC-8Q-402NG (4338) Flybe
    G-SSCA Diamond DA42NG Twin Star (42.N138)
    G-YOAA Airbus Helicopters H145 (20086) Yorkshire Air Ambulance
    G-ZEXL Extra 300LP (1225) 2Excel Aviation/The Blades
    G-ZXCL Extra 300LP (1223) 2Excel Aviation/The Blades
    G-ZXLL Extra 300L (1319) 2Excel Aviation/The Blades
    HB-FWA Pilatus PC-12/47E (1515) Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG
    HB-HZC Pilatus PC-21 (101) Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG
    HB-JBA Bombardier CS100 (50010) Swiss International
    HB-ZAP Bell 429 (57174) Heli Alpes
    I-RAIR/10 AgustaWestland AW169 (69010) AgustaWestland
    M-HNDA Honda HA-420 Honda Jet (42000018) Marshall of Cambridge Aerospace
    N1015B/JA880A Boeing 787-9 (34533) Boeing/All Nippon Airways
    N280SD Gulfstream G280 (2080) Gulfstream Aerospace
    N350ER Beech 300 King Air 350ER (FL-1046) Textron Aviation Inc
    N450GA Gulfstream G450 (4331) Gulfstream Aerospace
    N504GS Gulfstream GVII-G500 (72004) Gulfstream Aerospace
    N5055J Beech 300 King Air 350 (FL-855) L3 Communications
    N531TA Textron AirLand Scorpion (721001) Cessna Aircraft Co
    N591JA Bell 407GX (54640) Bell Helicopter Textron Inc
    N630LA Beechcraft AT-6B Wolverine (AT-3) Beechcraft Corporation
    N650GA Gulfstream G650ER (6161) Gulfstream Aerospace
    N721EE Embraer EMB-550 Legacy 500 (55000046) Embraer Executive Aircraft
    N728AE Embraer ERJ-135LR (145328) Jet Suite
    N867EX Cessna 208 Grand Caravan EX (208B-5162) Cessna Aircraft Co
    N8704Q Boeing 737-8 MAX (36988) Boeing/Southwest Airlines
    N974VV McDonnell DC-10-40 (46974) Omega Tanker
    OE-FSB Diamond DA62 (62.007) Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH
    OE-VDA Diamond Dart-450 (Dart.001) Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH
    OE-VFT Diamond DA42MPP (42.379) Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH
    P.1H-0001/32-01 Piaggio P.1H Hammerhead FSM (n/a) Piaggio
    PR-ZEY Embraer Emb-190-300STD (19020001) Embraer
    PT-ZNF Embraer KC-390 (39000001) Embraer
    PT-ZNV Embraer Emb.314 Super Tucano (31400221) Embraer
    RA-82081 Antonov An-124-100M (9773051462165) Volga Dnepr
    SP-YVA/036 PZL-Mielec S-70i Blackhawk (704008) PZL-Mielec
    UR-EXP Antonov An-178 (001) Antonov Design Bureau
    UR-HLD Mil Mi-8MTV-1 (94915) Ukranian Helicopters
    XZ731/VL-311 Westland Lynx HMA.8SRU (204) General Dynamics
    ZE653/YE Grob Viking T.1 (34003) Royal Air Force
    ZH122/TH Grob Vigilant T.1 (6515) Royal Air Force
    ZK031/V British Aerospace Hawk T.2 (RT-022) Royal Air Force/IV(R) Sqn
    ZR356 AgustaWestland HH-101A (CSAR05) AgustaWestland/Aeronautica Militaire
    ZZ381 AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA.2 (500) Royal Navy/825 NAS
    ZZ415 AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA.2 (491) AgustaWestland
    ZZ519 AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA.2 (525) Royal Navy/825 NAS
    unmarked Bell 505 FSM (n/a)
    unmarked Bell 525 FSM (n/a)
    unmarked Bell V-280 Valor FSM (n/a)
    unmarked Dragon GBT1170 Autogyro UAV (unknown) Hall 4
    unmarked Eurofighter Typhoon FSM (n/a)
    Typhoon FSM
    unmarked Leonardo Falco EVO UAV FSM (n/a)
    Falco EVO FSM
    unmarked Raytheon/Leonardo T-100 FSM (n/a)
    Raytheon LeonardoT-100 FSM
    unmarked Lockheed Martin F-35B FSM (n/a)
    F-35 FSM
    unmarked Mil Mi-8 fuselage pod (n/a)
    unmarked Saab JAS39 Gripen FSM (n/a)
    Gripen FSM
    unmarked Thales Watchkeeper X FSM (n/a)
    Watchkeeper FSM

    Visitors Rotary

    G-DOGI Robinson R22 Beta (2389) Phoenix Helicopters
    G-HARA Sikorsky S-76C++ (760684) Air Harrods
    G-HKCC Robinson R66 (0516) HQ Aviation
    G-HOLM Eurocopter EC135T2+ (0574) Capital Air Services Ltd
    G-IDEB Aerospatiale AS.355F1 Ecureuil II (5192) MW Helicopters
    G-LCFC Agusta A-109S Grand (22137) Ceilo Del Ray Co Ltd
    G-MSPT Eurocopter EC135T2 (0361) GB Helicopters
    G-OSMD Bell Helicopters 206B-3 Jet Ranger III (2034) TR Aviation Services Ltd
    G-TCAL Robinson R44 Raven II (11628) Barhale PLC
    G-WOFM Agusta A-109E Power (11678) Quinasette Ltd
    G-XLLL Aerospatiale AS.355F1 Ecureuil II (5033) Excel Charter
    I-RAIT AgustaWestland AW169 (69008) AgustaWestland
    M-EMLI Agusta A-109E Power (11123) Tycoon Aviation Ltd

    Visitors FW

    4K-AZ888 Gulfstream G450 (4045) Silk Way Business Aviation
    9H-VCE Bombardier Challenger 350 (20540) VistaJet Malta
    A6-HHH Gulfstream G400 (1531) Dubai Air Wing
    A7-CEB Bombardier Challenger 605 (5784) Qatar Executive
    C-GWHF Bombardier Global Express XRS (9407) Skyservice Business Aviation
    CS-CHE Bombardier Challenger 350 (20623) NetJets Europe
    CS-DXI Cessna 560XL Citation XLS (560-5621) NetJets Europe
    CS-DXV Cessna 560XL Citation XLS (560-5782) NetJets Europe
    D-ALXX Airbus ACJ319-115X (4470) K5-Aviation GmbH
    D-ARKO Bombardier Global Express XRS (9348) K5-Aviation GmbH
    D-ASBG Dassault Falcon 900EX EASy (141) Airservice Bremgarten GmbH
    F-HRAY Dassault Falcon 900LX (288) Dassault Aviation
    G-FRYL Raytheon 390 Premier I (RB-97) Bookajet Operations Ltd
    G-KLNE Hawker 900XP (HA-0186) Saxonair Charter Ltd
    G-LALE Embraer ERJ-135BJ Legacy 600 (14501017) London Executive Aviation
    G-PROO Raytheon Hawker 4000 (RC-34) Executive Jet Management (Europe)
    G-RHMS Embraer ERJ-135BJ Legacy 600 (14501072) TAG Aviation (UK) Ltd
    G-RHYM Piper PA-31 Navajo B (31-815) 2Excel Aviation
    G-SIRS Cessna 560 Citation Excel (560-5185) London Executive Aviation
    G-SXTY Learjet 60 (60-280) TAG Aviation (UK) Ltd
    G-XXRS Bombardier Global Express XRS (9169) TAG Aviation (UK) Ltd
    I-ADVD Gulfstream G550 (5314) Sirio Fly SpA
    LX-GVI Gulfstream G650 (6095) Global Jet Luxembourg SA
    M-ASRI Bombardier Global Express XRS (9165) YYA Aviation Ltd
    M-JANP Bombardier Global 5000 (9293) Jounaou & Parskevaides
    M-LJGI Dassault Falcon 7X (178) Ven-Air
    M-TEAM Cessna 525Citation CJ1+ (525-0609) Mistral Aviation Inc
    M-VGAL Dassault Falcon 900EX EASy (205) Charter Air Limited
    N129NS Gulfstream G4SP (1281) NasJet
    N300GP Bombardier Challenger 300 (20253) Glenn West 300 Inc Trustee
    N379G Bombardier Global Express XRS (9199) General Electric Company
    N460QS Gulfstream G4SP (1360) SN 1360 LLC
    N490QS Gulfstream G4SP (1488) NetJets International
    N500CS Beech B200King Air (BB-773) FML Beech Inc Trustee
    N502P Gulfstream G450 (4231) Executive Jet Management
    N512RJ Gulfstream G450 (4124) Intrepid Production Holdings LLC
    N525KF Gulfstream G550 (5504) Oaktree Capital Management LP
    N543BA Bombardier Challenger 650 (6061) Boeing Company
    N586G Gulfstream G550 (5486) General Dynamics Corp
    N808TC Gulfstream G550 (5154) TC Equipment LLC
    N835BA Boeing 737-7BC/W BBJ (30572) Boeing Company
    N836BA Boeing 737-7BC/W BBJ (30756) Boeing Company
    N850JL Canadair Challenger 850 (8088) Corporate
    N930XX Socata TBM930 (1122) Transatlantic Deliveries Trust
    OY-NCL Dornier Do.328-310 (3192) Sun-Air
    RA-67218 Canadair Challenger 850 (8074) MBK-S Air Company
    SE-LRA SAAB 2000 (014) Swedish Aircraft Holdings
    TC-KHG Gulfstream G550 (5459) Korfez Havacilik
    VP-CCN Bombardier Global Express XRS (9362) Gama Aviation
    YR-TYA Cessna 560XL Citation XLS+ (560-6075) Toyo Aviation