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    Welcome to our Trip Report Blog.
    Here we will post logs and pictures taken on aircraft spotting trips.
    Any info can be used for personal use, if passing on or publishing please credit SWAG.
    If you can correct or add any information please contact me here.

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    Header Picture: UP-MI602 Mil Mi-26T (34001212133) Kazakhstan Emercom at Boraldai, Kazakhstan on 08/07/19 (credit StuC)

    Updates 2022:
    26th May - Log and pics added for Private Flyer Show 14/05/22

    Tuesday, 1 January 2019

    Oshkosh 2018 - Biz & Twins

    Seen 23-27/07/18.


    C-FREE Gulfstream 150 (296)
    N100FZ Embraer EMB-500 Phenom 100 (50000137)
    N106JT Cessna 525B CitationJet CJ3 (525B0106)
    N106LD Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet (0057)
    N10TD Cessna 560 Citation V (560-0096)
    N113EA Eclipse Aviation 500 (000152)
    N136EA Eclipse Aviation 500 (000136)
    N13DL Cessna 501 Citation I (501-0052)
    N140NE Eclipse Aviation 500 (000018)
    N151GS Embraer EMB-500 Phenom 100 (50000379)
    N175DT Cessna 510 Citation Mustang (510-0250)
    N1895C Cessna 525C CitationJet CJ4 (525C0235)
    N189K Raytheon 390 Premier I (RB-248)
    N197EE Embraer EMB-500 Phenom 100 (50000397)
    N1MG/17-246/MG Cessna 525C CitationJet CJ4 (525C0246)
    N1VT IAI 1124-2 Westwind (342)
    N224WA Pilatus PC-24 (102)
    N228BS Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet (0040)
    N22PC Cessna 550 Citation II (550-0583)
    N253CV Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet (0005)
    N28MH Cessna 525B CitationJet CJ3 (525B0110)
    N314EE Embraer EMB-505 Phenom 300E (50500414)
    N326JK Cessna 525 CitationJet CJ1 (525-0511)
    N358K Cessna 525A CitationJet CJ2+ (525A0475)
    N361DE Cessna 501 Citation I (501-0687)
    N366F Cessna 525C CitationJet CJ4 (525C0260)
    N383SF IAI 1125 Astra SPX (083)
    N38DA Eclipse Aviation 500 (000083)
    N406CM Cessna 510 Citation Mustang (510-0015)
    N40ML Embraer EMB-505 Phenom 300 (50500231)
    N420EX Honda HA-420 Hondajet (42000011)
    N43BH Cessna 525 CitationJet CJ1+ (525-0633)
    N450NE Eclipse Aviation 550 (550-0280)
    N45AF Cessna 501 Citation I (501-0284)
    N486JR Cessna 525B CitationJet CJ3 (525B0486)
    N49RF Gulfstream G4 (1246)
    N4GA Cessna 525B CitationJet CJ3 (525B0055)
    N4HK Cessna 525 CitationJet CJ1 (525-0049)
    N500ZH Eclipse Aviation 500 (000158)
    N505GP Embraer EMB-505 Phenom 300 (50500188)
    N510JM Cessna 510 Citation Mustang (510-0051)
    N511TC Cessna 525 CitationJet CJ1 (525-0074)
    N511TP Cessna 510 Citation Mustang (510-0407)
    N514EA Eclipse Aviation 500 (000053)
    N516KM Cessna 525B CitationJet CJ3 (525B0132)
    N523TA Cessna 525B CitationJet CJ3 (525B0300)
    N524HJ Honda HA-420 Hondajet (42000077)
    N525FC Cessna 525 CitationJet CJ1 (525-0531)
    N533F Cessna 525A CitationJet CJ2+ (525A0489)
    N542CJ Cessna 525B CitationJet CJ3 (525B0542)
    N544JB Cessna 510 Citation Mustang (510-0353)
    N545CS Gulfstream G4SP (1361)
    N545GH Cessna 525C CitationJet CJ4 (525C0067)
    N550BW Cessna 525B CitationJet CJ3+ (525B0464)
    N550ME Cessna 550 Citation II (550-0097)
    N551JK Beech 400A (RK-128)
    N55MW Cessna 560 Citation Encore (560-0688)
    N569TA Cessna 560 Citation V (560-0006)
    N583AJ Gulfstream G4 (1184)
    N600BS Cessna 560 Citation Excel (560-5162)
    N602NP Bombardier 601-3A Challenger (5121)
    N62EL Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet (0030)
    N633PC Cessna 550 Citation Bravo (550-1085)
    N656FP Eclipse Aviation 550 (550-0265)
    N69AY Cessna 510 Citation Mustang (510-0115)
    N6JR Raytheon 390 Premier I (RB-281)
    N71FB Cessna 525 Citation M2 (525-0812)
    N725DS Cessna 550 Citation Bravo (550-0822)
    N774AR Cessna 510 Citation Mustang (510-0077)
    N80C Cessna 525A CitationJet CJ2 (525A0104)
    N819SC Cessna 550 Citation Bravo (550-0818)
    N81ER Cessna 525B CitationJet CJ3 (525B0522)
    N820UT Cessna 510 Citation Mustang (510-0332)
    N82824 Cessna 510 Citation Mustang (510-0279)
    N865MT Cessna 525 Citation M2 (525-0865)
    N865SM Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet (0044)
    N876JC Embraer EMB-500 Phenom 100 (50000075)
    N887RB Cessna 525B CitationJet CJ3 (525B0001)
    N888GS Cessna 510 Citation Mustang (510-0209)
    N888TF Cessna 525B CitationJet CJ3 (525B0481)
    N8HS Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet (0053)
    N926JK Embraer EMB-500 Phenom 100 (50000107)
    N92BE Cessna 501 Citation I (501-0098)
    N92TE Cessna 560 Citation V (560-0123)
    N951CM Cessna 510 Citation Mustang (510-0327)
    N955GH Cessna 750 Citation X (750-0106)


    C-GTBM Socata TBM850 (666)
    D-FHBG Socata TBM850 (617)
    D-FKAE Socata TBM850 (428)
    M-ATTI Socata TBM930 (1127)
    N1024S Socata TBM850 (586)
    N1247E Pilatus PC-12/47E (1762)
    N133PE Pilatus PC-12/47E (1018)
    N247MS Pilatus PC-12/45 (558)
    N25GJ Socata TBM850 (547)
    N316CT Pilatus PC-12/47E (1318)
    N317WC Socata TBM700C2 (317)
    N327JZ Pilatus PC-12/45 (327)
    N401SM Pilatus PC-12/45 (255)
    N409BG Pilatus PC-12/47E (1274)
    N418A Socata TBM700C2 (292)
    N436CB Socata TBM850 (465)
    N444CD Socata TBM930 (1166)
    N453TB Socata TBM850 (453)
    N456CM Piaggio P-180 Avanti (1095)
    N4MD Socata TBM900 (1012)
    N546PB Pilatus PC-12/45 (546)
    N553CA Socata TBM850 (629)
    N607JM Socata TBM850 (401)
    N630PF Socata TBM930 (1214)
    N694PB Socata TBM900 (1043)
    N695PC Pilatus PC-12/45 (305)
    N6FZ Pilatus PC-12/45 (290)
    N700BF Socata TBM700A (53)
    N700JJ Socata TBM700B (242)
    N700LG Socata TBM700C2 (264)
    N700PW Socata TBM700B (211)
    N700ZZ Socata TBM700A (116)
    N707AV Socata TBM700B (197)
    N712LR Socata TBM850 (592)
    N71EE Socata TBM700C2 (343)
    N755JG Socata TBM900 (1039)
    N770DC Socata TBM700B (183)
    N777FX Socata TBM700C2 (294)
    N81KF Socata TBM850 (508)
    N842CA Socata TBM850 (672)
    N84HS Socata TBM700A (50)
    N850HD Socata TBM850 (674)
    N850KT Socata TBM850 (566)
    N850LH Socata TBM850 (374)
    N850MK Socata TBM850 (403)
    N850PR Socata TBM850 (426)
    N850RP Socata TBM850 (616)
    N850SB Socata TBM850 (357)
    N850SJ Socata TBM850 (447)
    N851JT Socata TBM850 (675)
    N874CA Socata TBM850 (360)
    N885CA Socata TBM850 (363)
    N900WF Socata TBM900 (1004)
    N900XH Socata TBM900 (1019)
    N902TM Socata TBM900 (1103)
    N910RW Socata TBM910 (1220)
    N910ZV Socata TBM910 (1242)
    N922BG Socata TBM850 (531)
    N930TA Socata TBM930 (1139)
    N930TS Socata TBM930 (1239)
    N930WD Socata TBM930 (1152)
    N988EC Pilatus PC-12/47E (1056)
    N990MA Socata TBM910 (1222)
    OM-IPS Socata TBM700C2 (326)
    PP-OKK Socata TBM900 (1018)


    C-FCJT Piper PA-34-200T Seneca II (34-7770374)
    C-FHSP Beech 350CER King Air (FM-57)
    C-FIGU Piper PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftain (31-8152008)
    C-FJDQ Beech B100 King Air (BE-16)
    C-FOSG Piper PA-30-160 Twin Comanche (30-873)
    C-FTLU/552 Beech 3NM Expeditor (CA-152)
    C-FVAK Reims/Cessna FT.337GP Pressurized Skymaster (0013)
    C-FVDC Diamond DA 62 (62.C006)
    C-FXTS/"N42LA" Diamond DA 42 Twin Star PL2 (42.L002)
    C-GCVT Beech E55 Baron (TE-1197)
    C-GILW Cessna 337G Super Skymaster (33701781)
    C-GNDL Piper PA-30-160 Twin Comanche B (30-1704)
    C-GVGT Cessna T.337H Turbo Super Skymaster (33701930)
    D-IBIS Cessna T303 Crusader (T303-00024)
    D-INFO Piper PA-31T2 Cheyenne IIXL (31T-8166031)
    N100MR Beech B55 Baron (TC-1512)
    N100SS Beech B55 Baron (TC-1884)
    N10EA de Havilland Canada DHC-6-200 Twin Otter (199)
    N110JY Yakovlev Yak-110 (1)
    N111FD Beech C55 Baron (TE-66)
    N111FJ Beech B55 Baron (TC-2121)
    N111UC Piper PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftain (31-7952190)
    N118SA/53-7471 Beech E.18S (BA-14)
    N11QT Piper PA-30-160 Twin Comanche C (30-1780)
    N123MN Cessna 310Q (310Q0602)
    N123TC Beech D50E Twin Bonanza (DH-339)
    N1258S Cessna 337H Super Skymaster (33701894)
    N125D Cessna 425 Conquest I (425-0231)
    N127ML Beech D.18S (A-212)
    N12828 Dornier Do.28A-1 (3023)
    N131F Beech B55 Baron (TC-538)
    N1380G Cessna 340A (340A0079)
    N13GP Piper PA-30-160 Twin Comanche B (30-1535)
    N13HL Cessna 421B Golden Eagle (421B0927)
    N144RC Beech B55 Baron (TC-1750)
    N146DM Piper PA-44-180 Seminole (4496427)
    N148TT Piper PA-44-180 Seminole (4496428)
    N14BR Cessna 310K (310K0104)
    N151P Cessna T.337G Pressurized Skymaster (P3370058)
    N15KW Piper PA-31T2 Cheyenne IIXL (31T-8166014)
    N15TC Mitsubishi MU-2L (692)
    N165X/189 Beech E.18S (BA-189)
    N16NJ Piper PA-30-160 Twin Comanche C (30-1845)
    N17334/NC17334 Douglas DC-3-178 (1920)
    N17KR Beech C55 Baron (TE-210)
    N181DC Piper PA-31T Cheyenne (31T-7520026)
    N1873H/35973 Cessna 310C (35973)
    N188LL Beech B100 King Air (BE-119)
    N189KF Beech B350i King Air (FL-1089)
    N18SG Cessna 310R (310R0560)
    N190XT Beech C90A King Air (LJ-1066)
    N197TS/116 Diamond DA 42 Twin Star (42.AC001)
    N1BF Beech E55 Baron (TE-961)
    N1UF Cessna T.337G Pressurized Skymaster (P3370098)
    N206RG Piper PA-30-160 Twin Comanche B (30-1427)
    N2118H Piper PA-34-200T Seneca II (34-7970046)
    N213E Beech C55 Baron (TE-40)
    N214CR/19486/214 Beech AT-11 Kansan (912)
    N218Q Beech 350CER King Air (FM-62)
    N2298Q Piper PA-34-200T Seneca II (34-7770185)
    N234NX Tecnam P.2006T (234/US)
    N255MA Beech C55 Baron (TE-318)
    N25GR Beech C90B King Air (LJ-1440)
    N260ST Piper PA-34-220T Seneca III (34-8133047)
    N2631S Cessna 310R (310R1620)
    N2633/NC2633 Lockheed 12A (1281)
    N2638X Cessna T.310R Turbo (310R1666)
    N27VM Beech D55 Baron (TE-698)
    N28AA Douglas DC-3A (2239)
    N29997 Beech B200 King Air (BB-1268)
    N30100 Piper PA-34-200T Seneca II (34-7870463)
    N3020R Cessna 320A Skyknight (320A0020)
    N303CK Piper PA-34-220T Seneca V (3449257)
    N303CM Cessna T303 Crusader (T303-00296)
    N303TL Cessna T303 Crusader (T303-00286)
    N304ER/04 Diamond DA 42NG Twin Star (42.N203)
    N306AK Piper PA-30-160 Twin Comanche B (30-1253)
    N30AE Beech J50 Twin Bonanza (JH-167)
    N310CJ Cessna 310R (310R0223)
    N310MD Cessna 310N (310N0119)
    N310MN Cessna 310R (310R1509)
    N310TC Cessna 310R (310R1603)
    N310XR Cessna 310R (310R0626)
    N3110A Beech B55 Baron (TC-2207)
    N3175W Beech B55 Baron (TC-1614)
    N31C Cessna 421C Golden Eagle (421C0096)
    N31MM Cessna 421C Golden Eagle (421C0819)
    N32VU Piper PA-44-180 Seminole (4496430)
    N333BS Cessna 310R (310R0865)
    N33644/NC33644/102 Douglas DC-3A-197E (4123)
    N33646 Piper PA-34-200T Seneca II (34-7570140)
    N337B Cessna T.337C Turbo Super Skymaster (33700775)
    N338ML Mitsubishi MU-2B-60 (1539SA)
    N33MQ Piper PA-34-200T Seneca II (34-7770027)
    N340AJ Cessna 340A (340A1040)
    N340BB Cessna 340A (340A0991)
    N340CF Cessna 340A (340A0001)
    N340SG Cessna 340A (340A1274)
    N340SV Cessna 340A (340A1003)
    N341A Douglas DC-3C-41A (2145)
    N34LT Beech B200 King Air (BB-1437)
    N34WE Cessna T.310R Turbo (310R1597)
    N36387 Piper PA-60-600 Aerostar (60-0877-8161249)
    N365H Beech B55 Baron (TC-843)
    N3684H Beech E55 Baron (TE-1180)
    N36SW Aero Commander Turbo Commander 690B (11505)
    N37242 Cessna 310R (310R0969)
    N3775B Beech C50 Twin Bonanza (CH-187)
    N3845X Cessna 310K (310K0245)
    N399WM Beech B200 King Air (BB-1747)
    N39A Cessna 425 Conquest I (425-0138)
    N3TH Beech B55 Baron (TC-1034)
    N40189 Beech RC-45J (5523)
    N40269 de Havilland Canada DHC-6-200 Twin Otter (152)
    N40982 Piper PA-34-200 Seneca (34-7450095)
    N411VV Aero Commander Twin Commander 520 (39)
    N414NH Cessna 414 (414-0640)
    N4154T Cessna 320D Executive Skynight (320D0054)
    N421JT Cessna 421C Golden Eagle (421C0666)
    N421WL Cessna 421B Golden Eagle (421B0328)
    N4251T Cessna 421B Golden Eagle (421B0533)
    N425WT Cessna 425 Conquest I (425-0175)
    N42C Beech D.18S (A-468)
    N433K Beech D55 Baron (TE-564)
    N434MC Beech B55 Baron (TC-969)
    N441MN Cessna 441 Conquest II (441-0184)
    N444WG Piper PA-31T2 Cheyenne IIXL (31T-8166054)
    N44GR Piper PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftain (31-7652074)
    N44UF Beech 200 King Air (BB-36)
    N455WC Cessna 337D Super Skymaster (33701191)
    N45DH Beech D55 Baron (TE-718)
    N45SK Beech C-45H (AF-645)
    N461MA Mitsubishi MU-2K (301)
    N47347 Piper PA-34-200T Seneca II (34-7770387)
    N47815 Piper PA-34-200T Seneca II (34-7870004)
    N47LU Piper PA-44-180 Seminole (4496416)
    N485CB Cessna 421C Golden Eagle (421C0466)
    N491DM Beech C-45H (AF-573)
    N495BB Beech G58 Baron (TH-2495)
    N4AF Cessna 421 (421-0142)
    N4AS Cessna 310I (310I0094)
    N4BU Cessna T.337H Pressurized Skymaster (P3370304)
    N500LE Mitsubishi MU-2P (351SA)
    N5053Q Cessna 310N (310N0153)
    N50BP Aero Commander Twin Commander 560E (560E-552-5)
    N50NS Short SC-7 Skyvan 3-200 (SH1856)
    N511D Beech B350 King Air (FL-172)
    N511MB Cessna 310R (310R0599)
    N512HP Cessna 340 (340-0324)
    N5179C Piper PA-31-310 Navajo B (31-7401252)
    N526VR Aero Commander Twin Commander 500B (500B-1424-150)
    N52C Beech B200 King Air (BB-992)
    N530M Beech B55 Baron (TC-687)
    N533PM Beech G58 Baron (TH-2255)
    N534KT Beech D50E Twin Bonanza (DH-322)
    N5387A Piper PA-31-325 Navajo C (31-7712003)
    N53WT Cessna 414A Chancellor (414A0533)
    N5437U Beech C55 Baron (TE-406)
    N5464J Cessna 310R (310R0262)
    N555AL Beech B350 King Air (FL-360)
    N555KK Cessna 421C Golden Eagle (421C1022)
    N555PX Piper PA-60-602P Aerostar (60-8265028)
    N556RT Cessna 310P (310P0077)
    N55AB Cessna T.310R Turbo (310R0038)
    N55CN Beech B55 Baron (TC-601)
    N5632S Beech C55 Baron (TE-161)
    N5742K Beech B55 Baron (TC-729)
    N575HB Cessna 310Q (310Q0788)
    N5782M Cessna 310P (310P0082)
    N5845X Cessna 310F (310-0145)
    N5885M Cessna 310P (310P0185)
    N58HG Beech G58 Baron (TH-2432)
    N5996M Cessna 421B Golden Eagle (421B0334)
    N59987 Piper PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftain (31-7552081)
    N5RB Piper PA-31T1 Cheyenne I (31T-8104042)
    N5VX/0-35797 Cessna 310C (35797)
    N600PM Beech B55 Baron (TC-2082)
    N6024Q Beech B55 Baron (TC-2209)
    N6024U Beech B55 Baron (TC-2210)
    N6047V Beech C.18S (8151)
    N60LM Piper PA-60-601P Aerostar (61P-0619-7963280)
    N610VC Partenavia P.68R Victor (480/R)
    N6194Z Cessna 310 (35378)
    N6224X Aero Commander Twin Commander 500B (500B-1126-72)
    N6240X Cessna 340A (340A0437)
    N6288V Beech D55 Baron (TE-459)
    N62CJ Beech H.18 (BA-633)
    N62MP Piper PA-34-200T Seneca II (34-7970437)
    N633F Beech B50 Twin Bonanza (CH-70)
    N63RJ Beech B55 Baron (TC-1804)
    N649B Beech D.18S (A-454)
    N649DA Diamond DA 42NG Twin Star (42.N334)
    N653K Beech F90 King Air (LA-20)
    N66SR Beech B55 Baron (TC-1093)
    N6748Y Beech B55 Baron (TC-2317)
    N67RK Cessna T.310Q (310Q1107)
    N6817T Cessna 310D (39117)
    N6832Y Cessna 310R (310R2121)
    N6833L Cessna 310R (310R2125)
    N69699 Cessna 310Q (310Q0926)
    N700BV Piper PA-60-601P Aerostar (61P-0448-171)
    N7032L Cessna 310K (310K0132)
    N7077L Cessna 310K (310K0177)
    N707DT Cessna 421B Golden Eagle (421B0468)
    N70EA de Havilland Canada DHC-6-200 Twin Otter (139)
    N70GA/KJ508 Beech D.18S (A-177)
    N710DS Beech B60 Duke (P-594)
    N711TR Beech C55 Baron (TE-350)
    N713MF Cessna 310Q (310Q0785)
    N7171Y Piper PA-30-160 Twin Comanche (30-191)
    N7176N Beech D55 Baron (TE-522)
    N7185/7185 Beech 3NM Expeditor (CA-104)
    N720L Cessna 320F Executive Skynight (320F0042)
    N72JA Cessna 414A Chancellor (414A0333)
    N7371Y Piper PA-30-160 Twin Comanche (30-423)
    N7387Y Piper PA-30-160 Twin Comanche (30-442)
    N7396Y Piper PA-30-160 Twin Comanche (30-454)
    N7537Q Cessna 310Q (310Q0037)
    N7573Y Piper PA-30-160 Twin Comanche (30-638)
    N7644Q Cessna 310Q (310Q0423)
    N7685Y Piper PA-30-160 Twin Comanche (30-765)
    N76L Beech D50A Twin Bonanza (DH-183)
    N76PL Cessna 310R (310R0660)
    N773AG Beech H50 Twin Bonanza (HH-130)
    N777US Beech C55 Baron (TE-182)
    N777ZT Cessna 320E Executive Skynight (320E0033)
    N781ND Piper PA-44-180 Seminole (4496395)
    N7821R Beech B55 Baron (TC-1196)
    N7837R Beech D55 Baron (TE-675)
    N785LU Piper PA-44-180 Seminole (4496433)
    N788JJ Cessna 421B Golden Eagle (421B0851)
    N7902Y Piper PA-30-160 Twin Comanche B (30-990)
    N7916Y Piper PA-30-160 Twin Comanche B (30-1006)
    N791Q Beech D55 Baron (TE-724)
    N7940Y Piper PA-30-160 Twin Comanche B (30-1032)
    N794ND Piper PA-44-180 Seminole (4496434)
    N7998R Beech B55 Baron (TC-1241)
    N7BS Beech E.18S (BA-18)
    N7YM Piper PA-30-160 Twin Comanche C (30-1900)
    N8046Y Piper PA-30-160 Twin Comanche B (30-1157)
    N805PA Diamond DA 42 Twin Star (42.321)
    N8063Y Piper PA-30-160 Twin Comanche B (30-1177)
    N8074Y Piper PA-30-160 Twin Comanche B (30-1189)
    N80GA Beech E55 Baron (TE-1169)
    N81007 Piper PA-34-200T Seneca II (34-8070002)
    N8111Y Piper PA-30-160 Twin Comanche B (30-1033)
    N811AC Beech D50C Twin Bonanza (DH-239)
    N8150Q Cessna 414 (414-0050)
    N815BF Beech B55 Baron (TC-1659)
    N8239Y Piper PA-30-160 Twin Comanche B (30-1365)
    N823EB Beech B350 King Air (FL-227)
    N8250Y Piper PA-30-160 Twin Comanche B (30-1376)
    N82XP Beech C90-1 King Air (LJ-1012)
    N8322Y Piper PA-30-160 Twin Comanche B (30-1463)
    N8366Y Piper PA-30-160 Twin Comanche B (30-1516)
    N8368Y Piper PA-30-160 Twin Comanche B (30-1518)
    N840PN Aero Commander Turbo Commander 690C (11679)
    N8494N Beech B55 Baron (TC-1113)
    N8538Y Piper PA-30-160 Twin Comanche B (30-1606)
    N8683Q Beech B55 Baron (TC-810)
    N8693Y Piper PA-30-160 Twin Comanche C (30-1839)
    N8710Y Piper PA-30-160 Twin Comanche C (30-1859)
    N8754Y Piper PA-30-160 Twin Comanche C (30-1908)
    N87UP Piper PA-34-220T Seneca V (3449144)
    N8808Y Piper PA-30-160 Twin Comanche C (30-1965)
    N8812Y Piper PA-30-160 Twin Comanche C (30-1969)
    N881H Beech E55 Baron (TE-883)
    N8838Y Piper PA-30-160 Twin Comanche C (30-1993)
    N8854Y Piper PA-39-160 Twin Comanche C/R (39-9)
    N8866B Beech G58 Baron (TH-2327)
    N8876Y Piper PA-39-160 Twin Comanche C/R (39-32)
    N887PM Piper PA-39-160 Twin Comanche C/R (39-25)
    N888BS Beech D50 Twin Bonanza (DH-14)
    N8891Y Piper PA-39-160 Twin Comanche C/R (39-49)
    N8898Y Piper PA-39-160 Twin Comanche C/R (39-33)
    N8910U Beech B55 Baron (TC-946)
    N8927Z Cessna 310G (310G0027)
    N9033V Beech B55 Baron (TC-1436)
    N904P Beech C90A King Air (LJ-1181)
    N9109R Beech C.18S (4383)
    N91KT Piper PA-34-200T Seneca II (34-7870387)
    N91RW Beech 300 King Air (FA-21)
    N929DV Beech E.18S (BA-32)
    N930R Beech E.18S (BA-438)
    N932LT Piper PA-44-180 Seminole (4496420)
    N9616Y Beech D50E Twin Bonanza (DH-337)
    N9840Z Beech C-45H (AF-886)
    N985JA Diamond DA 42 Twin Star (42.AC132)
    N98937 Cessna 310R (310R0655)
    N98DM Cessna 310R (310R0819)
    N98FA Piper PA-31T1 Cheyenne I (31T-8004028)
    N999TB Beech B200 King Air (BB-1738)
    N99MQ Beech D55 Baron (TE-527)
    OE-FIS Piper PA-31T1 Cheyenne IA (31T-1104015)
    OE-FSJ Diamond DA 42NG Twin Star (42.N020)