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    Welcome to our Trip Report Blog.
    Here we will post logs and pictures taken on aircraft spotting trips.
    Any info can be used for personal use, if passing on or publishing please credit SWAG.
    If you can correct or add any information please contact me here.

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    Header Picture: UP-MI602 Mil Mi-26T (34001212133) Kazakhstan Emercom at Boraldai, Kazakhstan on 08/07/19 (credit StuC)

    Updates 2022:
    26th May - Log and pics added for Private Flyer Show 14/05/22
    24th December - BAPC Register updated and 56 pictures added

    Sunday 26 November 2017

    05-06/11/17 - Toulouse-Lasbordes - Tarbes - Hamburg - Finkenwerder

    Thanks to RichT.

    05/11 - Toulouse-Lasbordes

    F-BOGX Reims/Cessna F150G (179) ..wfu
    F-GDNK SOCATA TB20 Trinidad (403) ..wfu

    05/11 - Tarbes–Lourdes–Pyrénées

    2-BHXG Airbus A340 (208) AerFin Ltd
    2-HJMN Airbus A340 (175) Airbus Financial Services Unlimited Co
    2-HJMO Airbus A340 (179) Airbus Financial Services Unlimited Co
    2-MCGE Airbus A319 (1377) Malcfin Leasing Co
    A6-EMK Boeing 777 (29324) Novus Aviation & Capital Management House
    B-HXF Airbus A340 (160) Cathay Pacific Airways
    B-HXH Airbus A340 (218) Cathay Pacific Airways
    CS-TQV Airbus A310 (494) GA Telesis Turbine Technologies
    D-ABXA Airbus A330 (288) GECAS-Celestial Aviation Trading 49 Ltd
    D-ABXB Airbus A330 (322) BCI IRL MSN 322-2006 Ltd
    D-ABXC Airbus A330 (665) AerCap-Whitney Leasing Ltd
    D-ABXE Airbus A330 (968) AerCap-Whitney Leasing Ltd
    D-ABXF Airbus A330 (1112) Secouya Leasing Aviation III BV
    D-ALPC Airbus A330 (444) AerCap Aviation Solutions BV
    D-ALPG Airbus A330 (493) AerCap Aviation Solutions BV
    D-ALPI Airbus A330 (828) AerCap-Whitney Leasing Ltd
    D-ALPJ Airbus A330 (911) AerCap Aviation Solutions BV
    EI-DDU Airbus A330 (463) GECAS-Celestial Aviation Trading 45 Ltd
    EI-FSS Boeing 777 (32701) Macquarie Aerospace AirFinance (Ireland) Ltd
    F-GITD Boeing 747 (25600) Air France
    F-GLZM Airbus A340 (237) Air France
    F-HCOA Boeing 737 (28084) Air Mediterranee
    F-WHUF Airbus A340 (611) Airbus Industrie
    F-WHUG Airbus A340 (457) Airbus Asset Management
    F-WHUH Airbus A340 (485) Airbus Asset Management
    F-WHUJ Airbus A340 (520) Airbus Asset Management
    F-WJKH Airbus A340 (192) Airbus Industrie
    F-WJKI Airbus A340 (608) Airbus Asset Management
    F-WJKJ Airbus A340 (478) Airbus Industrie Financial Services
    F-WJKK Airbus A340 (492) Airbus Industrie Financial Services
    F-WJKL Airbus A340 (499) Airbus Industrie Financial Services
    F-WJKO Airbus A340 (243) Airbus Industrie
    F-WTDI Airbus A340 (201) Airbus Industrie
    F-WXAA Airbus A340 (694) Airbus Industrie
    F-WXAB Airbus A340 (835) Airbus Asset Management
    F-WXAE Airbus A340 (471) Airbus Industrie
    F-WXAF Airbus A340 (264) Airbus Industrie
    G-VNAP Airbus A340 (622) Socrates 622 Ltd
    HS-TEJ Airbus A330 (209) AerCap Aviation Solutions BV
    HZ-AIW Boeing 747 (28340) Saudia
    N100CL Airbus A300 (529) Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee
    N835JM Airbus A300 (259) Southern Aircraft Charters Ltd
    OH-LQE Airbus A340 (938) Finnair Aircraft Finance Ltd
    RP-C8996 Airbus A320 (0874) Castlelake Aviation Services
    V5-NMF Airbus A340 (047) FirstRand Group
    VP-BDV Airbus A330 (535) VIM Airlines
    VP-BSF Boeing 777 (29067) BOC Aviation Pte Ltd

    05/11 - Hamburg

    9H-ELI Cessna 750 Citation X (750-0115) Luxwing Ltd
    CS-LTC Cessna 680A Citation Latitude (680A0080) NetJets Europe
    D-ABNN Airbus A320 (1889) Eurowings
    D-AEWI Airbus A320 (7210) Eurowings
    D-AEWQ Airbus A320 (7398) Eurowings
    D-AEWS Airbus A320 (7439) Eurowings
    D-AEWV Airbus A320 (7545) Eurowings
    D-AEWW Airbus A320 (7615) Eurowings
    N351TP Gulfstream 450 (4139) Confectionery Advantage LLC
    N543GL Bombardier Global 6000 (9543) Bombardier Aerospace Corp
    OE-LCC Airbus A321 (4334) Niki
    OE-LXC Airbus A320 (3502) Austrian Airlines
    SP-EQE DHC-8 (4417) LOT Polish Airlines
    TC-JSB Airbus A321 (5205) THY - Turkish Airlines

    06/11 - Hamburg

    16+02 Airbus A340 (355) German Air Force
    5A-ONP Airbus A330 (1472) Afriqiyah Airways
    5B-CKO Dassault Falcon 2000EX (096) Columbia Ship Management Ltd
    60204 Airbus A340 (698) Royal Thai Air Force
    7T-VPP Airbus A340 (917) Government Of Algeria
    A6-EBM Boeing 777 (34482) Emirates
    A7-HHE Boeing 747 (37544) Qatar Amiri Flight
    D-AEWT Airbus A320 (7534) Eurowings
    D-AINE Airbus A320 (7103) Lufthansa
    D-AIUW Airbus A320 (7251) Lufthansa
    D-AIZG Airbus A320 (4324) Lufthansa
    D-BUBI Bombardier Challenger 300 (20145) Triple Alpha Aviation
    D-CIRP Dornier 328 (3006) Sun-Air Of Scandinavia
    D-CJUG Cessna Citation Excel (560-6206) Atlas Air Service GmbH
    D-CKHK Cessna Citation Excel (560-6051) SFD Stuttgarter Flugdienst
    D-COLO Cessna Citationjet 4 (525C0044) JK Jet Kortor AG
    D-EOPW Piper PA-46 Malibu (4622192)
    D-ESAN Piper PA-28-181 Archer III (2843028)
    D-FALF SOCATA TBM700 (610)
    D-HONE Eurocopter EC-135 (0338) Hamburg Police
    D-HTWO Eurocopter EC-135 (0343) Hamburg Police
    D-IAWU Cessna Citationjet (525-0435) Sylt Air GmbH
    D-ICSH Embraer EMB-500 Phenom 100 (50000143) D-ICSH GmbH
    D-IMPC Cessna Citationjet (525-0639) Schroeder & Offen GmbH
    D-INCS Cessna Citationjet (525-0466) JK JetKontor AG
    EI-FJC Boeing 737NG (39412) Norwegian Air International
    EI-FPC Canadair CRJ-900 (15400) SAS
    EI-FPM Canadair CRJ-900 (15429) SAS
    EI-FPP Canadair CRJ-900 (15435) SAS
    EI-FRO Boeing 737NG (44742) Ryanair
    EI-FRZ Boeing 737NG (44749) Ryanair
    EI-FXE ATR-42 (327) FedEx Feeder
    HB-FOW Pilatus PC-12 (411) Future Finance Corporation AG
    LN-DYW Boeing 737NG (39010) Norwegian
    LX-LQC DHC-8 (4513) Luxair
    LX-LQJ DHC-8 (4562) Luxair
    PH-PST Embraer EMB-500 Phenom 100 (50000132) Air Service Liege / JetNetherlands
    TC-JRU Airbus A321 (4788) THY - Turkish Airlines
    V8-ALI Boeing 747 (26426) Stored, Government of Brunei
    VP-BFF Airbus A321 (7645) Aeroflot Russian Airlines
    VP-BQK Airbus A319 (3179) Rossiya Airlines
    VP-CHG Dassault Falcon 900LX (266) ASW Air Ltd
    YL-BAH DHC-8 (4296) Air Baltic
    YL-BBM Boeing 737 (26680) Air Baltic
    YL-BBW DHC-8 (4448) Air Baltic

    06/11 - Finkenwerder

    D-AVWY Airbus A319 (7964) (Chengdu Airlines B-8852)

    D-AVVB Airbus A320N (6642) Airbus Industries
    D-AXAT Airbus A320N (7735) (Lufthansa D-AINJ)
    B-8683 Airbus A320N (7744) (Sichuan Airlines B-8683)
    D-AVVC Airbus A320N (7788) (Tianjin Airlines B-8662)
    D-AVVJ Airbus A320N (7802) (Easyjet G-UZHC)
    D-AXAE Airbus A320N (7842) (Sichuan Airlines B-8681)
    D-AXAY Airbus A320N (7853) (Zhejiang Loong Airlines (B-1349)
    D-AXAZ Airbus A320N (7859) (Go Air VT-WGM)
    D-AUBH Airbus A320N (7887) (Avianca N764AV)
    D-AVVD Airbus A320N (7892) (IndiGo Airlines VT-ITZ)
    D-AVVQ Airbus A320N (7897) (SAS EI-SIA)
    D-AVVT Airbus A320 (7902) (Aeroflot VP-BTJ)
    D-AVVY Airbus A320 (7904) (Easyjet G-EZRN)
    D-AUBI Airbus A320 (7906) (China Express Airlines B-8696)
    D-AUBK Airbus A320 (7910) (Flyadeal HZ-FAD)
    D-AUBN Airbus A320N (7912) (IndiGo Airlines VT-IVA)
    D-AUBO Airbus A320 (7913) (Allegiant Air N254NV)
    D-AUBQ Airbus A320N (7928) (Avianca N765AV)
    D-AUBR Airbus A320N (7931) (IndiGo Airlines VT-IVC)
    D-AUBS Airbus A320 (7937) (China Eastern Airlines B-8859)
    D-AUBU Airbus A320N (7951) (SAS EI-SIB)
    D-AUBX Airbus A320N (7961) (IndiGo Airlines VT-IVD)
    D-AUBC Airbus A320 (7966) (Vanilla Air JA14VA)
    D-AUBD Airbus A320 (7975) (Zhejiang Loong Airlines (B-8896)
    D-AUBJ Airbus A320N (7979) (SAS EI-SIC)
    D-AUBY Airbus A320 (7989) (Allegiant Air N255NV)
    D-AUBZ Airbus A320N (7996) (Capital Airlines B-????)
    D-AXAF Airbus A320 (8006) (JetSMART CC-AWD)
    D-AXAH Airbus A320 (8019) (China Eastern Airlines B-1035)
    D-AXAO Airbus A320N (8027) (VivaAeroBus XA-VAY)
    D-AXAP Airbus A320 (8028) (JetSMART CC-AWE)
    unmarked Airbus A320 (8057)
    unmarked Airbus A320 (8058)

    D-AVZT Airbus A321N (7530) (China Southern Airlines B-8367)
    D-AVZZ Airbus A321N (7544) (China Southern Airlines B-8368)
    D-AVXM Airbus A321N (7548) (China Southern Airlines B-8369)
    D-AYAK Airbus A321N (7567) (Air Astana P4-KDC)
    D-AYAW Airbus A321N (7610) (China Southern Airlines B-8380)
    D-AVYC Airbus A321N (7634) (Air Astana P4-KDD)
    D-AVZO Airbus A321N (7877) Airbus Industries
    D-AZAT Airbus A321 (7884) (Frontier Airlines N721FR)
    D-AZAV Airbus A321N (7891) (SriLankan Airlines 4R-ANE)
    D-AZAX Airbus A321N (7895) (Sichuan Airlines B-8682)
    D-AYAT Airbus A321 (7898) (VietJetAir VN-A634)
    D-AYAC Airbus A321 (7903) (Interjet XA-PAT)
    D-AYAG Airbus A321 (7919) (VietJetAir VN-A635)
    D-AYAQ Airbus A321 (7933) (VietJetAir VN-A636)
    D-AYAR Airbus A321 (7934) (Aeroflot VP-BTK)
    D-AYAV Airbus A321N (7939) (Interjet XA-JOE)
    D-AYAX Airbus A321 (7940) (VietJetAir VN-A643)
    D-AVZJ Airbus A321N (7942) (Virgin America N924VA)
    D-AVZL Airbus A321N (7945) (Interjet XA-NEO)
    D-AVZU Airbus A321 (7948) (Capital Airlines B-1012)
    D-AVZW Airbus A321 (7953) (VietJetAir VN-A644)
    D-AVZY Airbus A321 (7956) (JetBlue Airways N988JT)
    D-AVYA Airbus A321N (7959) (Hawaiian Airlines (N204HA)
    D-AVYB Airbus A321 (7962) (VietJetAir VN-A645)
    D-AVYD Airbus A321N (7968) (China Southern Airlines B-????)
    D-AVYF Airbus A321 (7969) (Hong Kong Express B-LEI)
    D-AVYG Airbus A321 (7970) (China Southern Airlines B-8900)
    D-AVYI Airbus A321N (7972) (Azores Airlines (CS-TSF)
    D-AVYJ Airbus A321 (7976) (China Eastern Airlines B-8861)
    D-AVYK Airbus A321 (7981) (Finnair OH-LZR)
    D-AVYL Airbus A321 (7985) (Air Seoul HL7212)
    D-AVYM Airbus A321N (7986) (Interjet XA-MAP)
    D-AVYN Airbus A321N (7991) (VietJetAir VN-A???)
    D-AVYS Airbus A321 (7993) (JetBlue Airways N990JL)
    D-AVYV Airbus A321 (7998) (VietJetAir VN-A???)
    D-AYAI Airbus A321N (7999) (Virgin America N925VA)
    unmarked Airbus A321 (8032) (VietJetAir VN-A???)
    unmarked Airbus A321 (8034) (VietJetAir VN-A???)
    unmarked Airbus A321 (8040) (Delta Airlines N334DN)
    unmarked Airbus A321 (8041) (Finnair OH-LZT)
    unmarked Airbus A321 (8044) (Wizz Air HA-LXY)
    unmarked Airbus A321 (8045) (Capital Airlines B-????)
    unmarked Airbus A321 (8049) (China Eastern Airlines B-8860)
    unmarked Airbus A321 (8054)
    unmarked Airbus A321 (8055)
    unmarked Airbus A321 (8061)
    unmarked Airbus A321 (8063)
    unmarked Airbus A321 (8129)

    A6-EUV Airbus A380 (239) Emirates Airline
    F-WJKF Airbus A380 (243) (Singapore Airlines 9V-SKU)
    F-WWAO Airbus A380 (235) (Qatar Airways A7-API)
    F-WWAY Airbus A380 (238) (Emirates Airline A6-EUU)
    F-WWSE Airbus A380 (240) (Emirates Airline A6-EUW)
    F-WWSJ Airbus A380 (247) (Singapore Airlines 9V-SKV)
    F-WWSN Airbus A380 (167) (Emirates Airline A6-EVA)
    F-WWSS Airbus A380 (251) (Singapore Airlines 9V-SKY)