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    Welcome to our Trip Report Blog.
    Here we will post logs and pictures taken on aircraft spotting trips.
    Any info can be used for personal use, if passing on or publishing please credit SWAG.
    If you can correct or add any information please contact me here.

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    With luck we are intending to visit the following in 2019:
    WEF Zurich, Geneva Motor Show, Sun'n'Fun Florida, Air Expo Friedrichshafen, Rome, Paris Air Show, Kazakhstan/Kyrigistan, Scandinavia, Oshkosh/Florida, Hahnweide, Zeltweg Show

    Header Picture: NX7629C Grumman F7F-3 Tigercat suffering a tyre burst on landing at Oshkosh in 07/18 (credit Matthew Blunt)

    Logs/pics - If you have any topical logs and pics from interesting places we could use on the blog please contact me here. Especially welcome would be any museums we haven't yet covered.

    1st & 2nd Oct - Logs & pics added for the SWAG USA Tour 31/07-01/08/18
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    Monday, 13 March 2017

    25-29/07/16 - Oshkosh - Types A-M

    Visited by Stu, Pat & Matthew.

    C-FAUH/14 Harmon F-1 Rocket (054)
    C-FHEZ Innovator Technologies Mosquito XE (1004)
    C-FLBW Avid Magnum (M51)
    C-FUFO/496 Co-Z Developments Cozy MK IV (0962)
    C-GBCK Diamond DA 40 Diamond Star (40.201)
    C-GEDZ Co-Z Developments Cozy Mk.I (117)
    C-GEVO/109 Evo-1 [Harmon Rocket F-1] (102)
    C-GMPU Lesperance MP Unik (OLMP-001)
    C-GOOI Helio H.391B Courier (001)
    C-GSYY Bellanca 7KCAB Citabria (524-75)
    C-GVCC Maule M-7-235C Orion (25105C)
    C-GYQZ EAA Acro-Sport I (RGLJT I)
    E001MO Eipper Quicksilver MX (5992)
    E016WB Earthstar Thunder Gull 2000 (unknown)
    N100ZU Kitplanes for Africa Bush-Baby Safari LSA (016-11-12-SAF)
    N1010W Fairchild F.24R-46 Argus (46-253)
    N102MD Maule M-4-220C Strata Rocket (2127C)
    N103UF Aerolites Aerosport 103 (AL 103-500)
    N1044F Maule MX-7-180A Sportplane (20046C)
    N104CV Canadian Home Rotors Safari 400 (CH1503)
    N109BR Grob G.109B (6228)
    N11095 Champion 7ECA Citabria (115)
    N1124S Caro 1 MG (01)
    N112WT Larson 11 (001)
    N114JC Bushby-Long M-I Midget Mustang (1092)
    N114WT Denney Kitfox Mk.IV (C98120227)
    N1155B Luscombe 8A Silvaire (5782)
    N115P/80 Howard GH-3 Jobmaster (926)
    N115US Czech Sport Aircraft SportCruiser (09SC288)
    N117CV Extra 300LP (1236)
    N118AK Camper Cub (00118)
    N1194N American Aviation AG-5B Tiger (10081)
    N1194Z American Aviation AG-5B Tiger (10087)
    N1197K Luscombe 8A Silvaire (3924)
    N119CK Leza Lockwood Air Cam (AC100)
    N120BS Meyer Atlantis II (004)
    N120EJ Europa Europa (A210)
    N120SW Clapp-Saberwing (CLAPP04)
    N123VB American Aviation AG-5B Tiger (10056)
    N1279/NX1279 Hatz CB-1 (279)
    N127AK Aviat A-1B Husky (2059)
    N127R Bushby-Long Mustang M-II (M-II-1110)
    N129BR C-R Sportster [RV-7] (52A)
    N129DK Diamond DA 40 Diamond Star (40.454)
    N130GW American Aviation AA-5 Traveler (0707)
    N1318K Luscombe 8A Silvaire (4045)
    N133WZ Just Aircraft Superstol (JA-280-11-12)
    N1342R American Aviation AA-5 Traveler (0742)
    N137DW KLS Composites SQ-2000 (3)
    N1387K Luscombe 8A Silvaire (4114)
    N13VC Cox PA-18 Replica Super Cub (0002)
    N1418 Meek SunDevil (DSM II)
    N1420R American Aviation AA-1B (AA1B-0520)
    N142PF Denney Kitfox Srs.7 Super Sport (KA12216239)
    N144BR/NC144BR Luscombe 8A Silvaire (3695)
    N145SA Aero 45S (51186)
    N14786 Bellanca 17-30A Super Viking (30651)
    N149LS Flight Design CTLS (07-12-05)
    N15069 Magni M-16 Tandem Trainer (16-14-8734)
    N155BH Maule M-5-180C (8087C)
    N158Y/NC158Y Davis D-1-K (508)
    N160MA Micco MAC-145B SP-26 (260009)
    N1654N Funk Model B 85C (438)
    N16818/NC16818 Fairchild F.24C-8F Argus (3119)
    N1684G Champion 7KCAB Citabria (139)
    N16KC Denney Kitfox Mk.IV Speedster (LCS151)
    N171CB Diamond DA 40 Diamond Star (40.969)
    N178WW Aviat Husky A-1B (2378)
    N181PT Cub Crafters CC-11 160 (CC11-00181)
    N1822K Luscombe 8E Silvaire (4549)
    N183SB Barnes Stormer [RV-7] (001)
    N184SC Ellipse LH-10 (4)
    N1855M Bushby-Long Mustang M-II (SRK2013)
    N18688 Fairchild F.24W-9 Argus (101)
    N187JC Christen Eagle II (0001)
    N188DL Maule MX-7-235 Star Rocket (10026C)
    N18AP American Aviation AA-5B Tiger (0291)
    N19175 Albatros Flugzeugwerke D.Va Replica (1267)
    N199LC Avid Flyer (1130D)
    N2066K Luscombe 8A Silvaire (4793)
    N210GK American Champion 8KCAB Decathlon (1166-2016)
    N2113B Luscombe 8F Silvaire (6541)
    N2115E Aeronca 7AC Champion (7AC-5686)
    N211CJ Canadian Home Rotors Safari Bell Air (DK1-1)
    N2139H Erco Ercoupe 415-C (2762)
    N215RV Bellanca 8KCAB Decathlon (67-73)
    N217JW Kolb Twinstar Mk.III X-TRA (M3X-11-3-000105)
    N2189E/NC2189E Aeronca 7AC Champion (7AC-5763)
    N218BB Backcountry Super Cruiser (TCQ1312090)
    N218DC Diamond DA 40 Diamond Star (40.965)
    N222TF Maule M-7-235C Orion (25063C)
    N223JA Just Aircraft Superstol JA35 STRET (JA-365-03-14)
    N22410/NC22410 Howard DGA15P Jobmaster (509)
    N226PA Diamond DA 40 Diamond Star (40.1087)
    N22AZ Co-Z Developments Cozy Mk.I (442)
    N22YR Bushby-Long Mustang M-II (72A)
    N230KL Co-Z Developments Cozy Mk.IV (230)
    N232DD Mudry CAP-232 (24)
    N232E Fairchild F.24R-9 Argus (R9-425)
    N23977/NC23977 Aeronca 65-C Defender (C-6369)
    N23LM/11 Bushby-Long Midget Mustang (101)
    N2416E Aeronca 7AC Champion (7AC-5995)
    N241BW Europa Europa XS (A185)
    N242BC American Champion 8GCBC Scout (534-2010)
    N243DS Diamond DA 40 Diamond Star (40.325)
    N2466C Fokker D.VII Scale Replica (111022)
    N246DC AirBorne Windsports Edge XT912-L (XT912-457)
    N246RA American Champion 7GCBC Citabria Explorer (1398-2005)
    N247M/47 Meyers 200C (288)
    N24859 Hatz CB-1 (248)
    N2490B Bell Helicopters 47G-2 (1516)
    N2501K Luscombe 8E Silvaire (5228)
    N25174/NC25174/40 Luscombe 8A Silvaire (1098)
    N2546G Champion 7ECA Citabria (421)
    N2549R Bradley 70% Tiger Moth (001)
    N257AC American Champion 7GCBC Citabria Explorer (1257-99)
    N259M/200 Aero Commander AC.200D (297)
    N26069 American Aviation AA-5A Cheetah (0412)
    N260DC de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk 1B-2-S5 (180-218)
    N260HP Aviation Specialities Unlimited Challenger III (0001)
    N26299 American Aviation AA-5A Cheetah (0512)
    N262WF Europa Europa XS (A099)
    N263AL Aviat A-1B Husky (2426)
    N2657K Luscombe 8E Silvaire (5384)
    N26737 American Aviation AA-5A Cheetah (0683)
    N2683E Aeronca 7AC Champion (7AC-6263)
    N2688E Aeronca 7AC Champion (7AC-6268)
    N2689K Luscombe 8A Silvaire (5416)
    N268DK Experimental Aviation Berkut (059)
    N2722E Aeronca 7AC Champion (7AC-6302)
    N272DS Diamond DA 40 Diamond Star (40.1188)
    N28035 Bellanca 17-30A Super Viking (30951)
    N28130 Bellanca 17-30A Super Viking (30981)
    N28177 Bellanca 17-30A Super Viking (30883)
    N281RC Bellanca 17-30A Super Viking (30619)
    N281SV Alexandria Aircraft 17-30B Super Viking (00-301029)
    N28264 American Aviation AA-5B Tiger (0978)
    N28296 American Aviation AA-5B Tiger (0534)
    N28329/NC28329 Interstate S-1A Cadet (17)
    N283DS Diamond DA 40 Diamond Star (40.956)
    N28460/NC28460 Luscombe 8B Silvaire Trainee (1327)
    N28584 American Aviation AA-5B Tiger (0692)
    N285DM American Champion 7GCBC Citabria Explorer (1236-97)
    N285DS Diamond DA 40 Diamond Star (40.285)
    N287BM Bushby-Long Midget Mustang M-II (287)
    N28943/NC28943 Erco Ercoupe 415-C (38)
    N28ET Europa Europa Monowheel (A028)
    N28S de Havilland Canada U-6A Beaver (855)
    N2900K/NC2900K/8 Luscombe 8A Silvaire (5627)
    N291AC American Champion 7GCBC Citabria Explorer (1285-99)
    N29457/NC29457 Howard NH-1 Jobmaster (782)
    N29498 Aeronca 65-LB Chief (LB-10390)
    N295Y Fairchild F.24W-41 (W41-102)
    N2991T Aero Commander AC.200D (364)
    N29PK Gyroflug SC-01B-160 Speed Canard (S-56)
    N2EE American Aviation AA-5B Tiger (0064)
    N300WS American Champion 8KCAB Super Decathlon (687-92)
    N3019T Maule M-7-235B Super Rocket (23099C)
    N310LL Loudenslager 300 (1)
    N312PT Jabiru J250 (401)
    N312TJ/NX312TJ Balentine Allied TJ (023)
    N3177D Fisher Flying Products Avenger (00176)
    N317KD Magni M-16 Tandem Trainer (16169634)
    N31815 American Legend AL3 Cub (AL-1071)
    N319MA Cub Crafters CCK-18 65 Carbon Cub Ex (CCK-1865-0019)
    N321TL Maule M-7-235C Orion (25046C)
    N32482/NC32482 Culver LCA Cadet (215)
    N3308H Erco Ercoupe 415-C (3933)
    N330BH Arion Lightning LS-1 (00071)
    N330ER Extra 300LC (LC044)
    N331TT Leza Lockwood Air Cam (AC185)
    N339C Aviat Husky A-1B (2044)
    N33JJ American Aviation AA-5 Traveler (0061)
    N342SC Just Aircraft Highlander (JA-245-07-11)
    N34337/NX34337 Luscombe 10 Replica (1-R)
    N3433P American Champion 7GCAA Citabria Adventure (420-99)
    N346B Denney Kitfox Mk.IV Speedster (EB5004)
    N347LL Canadian Home Rotors Safari 400 (2160)
    N348ST Bede BD-4 (529)
    N351BL BRM Aero NG-5 Speed Wing (033/2013)
    N354BM Aviat Husky A-1C-180 (3258)
    N355JM Bushby-Long Mustang M-II (M-II-2074)
    N356PV American Aviation AA-5 Traveler (0303)
    N359DL Aeroprakt A.22LS (A22LS-231)
    N35BW American Champion 8KCAB Super Decathlon (678-92)
    N35PZ Epic Aircraft LT (0034)
    N36035 Bellanca 8KCAB Decathlon (100-73)
    N3639E/NC3639E Aeronca 7AC Champion (7AC-6961)
    N371 Lancair 320 (311-320-73)
    N37219/NC37219 Interstate S-1A Cadet (62)
    N37266/NC37266 Interstate S-1A Cadet (109)
    N37280/NC37280 Interstate S-1A Cadet (123)
    N37323/NC37323 Interstate S-1A Cadet (166)
    N37330/NC37330 Interstate S-1A Cadet (173)
    N37334/NC37334 Interstate S-1A Cadet (177)
    N37340/NC37340 Interstate S-1A Cadet (183)
    N37369/NC37369 Interstate S-1A Cadet (212)
    N37400/NC37400 Interstate S-1A Cadet (243)
    N37428/NC37428 Interstate S-1A Cadet (273)
    N37429/NC37429 Interstate S-1A Cadet (274)
    N37436/NC37436 Interstate S-1A Cadet (281)
    N37451 Interstate S-1A Cadet (296)
    N3773H Erco Ercoupe 415-C (4398)
    N377WB Just Aircraft Superstol JA30 (JA-449-03-15)
    N378AC American Champion 7ECA Citabria Aurora (1378-99)
    N37PD Monocub Clipwing (001)
    N381P Aeropro Aerotrek (42014)
    N388AB Epic Aircraft LT (0017)
    N388D Air Creation Racer (A02180-2198)
    N38LW Cub Crafters CC-11 160 (CC11-00185)
    N39109 Bleriot XI Replica (AB3)
    N391DM American Champion 7GCBC Citabria Explorer (1302-2000)
    N392SB Avid Flyer Mk.IV (1141D)
    N395H Helio H.395 Super Courier (514)
    N396MY Epic Aircraft LT (0227)
    N3976H/53 Erco Ercoupe 415-CD (4677)
    N399BR Co-Z Developments Cozy Mk.III (101)
    N39EA Bell Helicopters 206L Long Ranger (45007)
    N39JL American Champion 8KCAB Super Decathlon (1115-2012)
    N3ML Maule M-4-220C Strata Rocket (2048C)
    N40030 Maule MXT-7-180A Comet (21025C)
    N40333 Maule M-4-220C Strata Rocket (2108C)
    N4058X Aero Commander AC.100-180 Lark (5158)
    N40JM American Champion 8GCBC Scout (540-2011)
    N410FP Diamond DA 40F Diamond Star (40.FC010)
    N410LT Epic Aircraft LT (0035)
    N410SL Engkvist Starduster (2384)
    N411AR American Ranger 1 AR-1 (0004)
    N4121D Helio H.391B Courier (041)
    N412W Kelch TA-12 [Curtiss-Wright Travel Air 12-W] (2013-1990)
    N413JJ American Champion 8KCAB Super Decathlon (1092-2009)
    N4181B Bellanca 17-30A Super Viking (75-30770)
    N4191H Fleet-Canada 80 Canuck (187)
    N419R Don-Mar Demon (0001)
    N420FP Diamond DA 40F Diamond Star (40.FC020)
    N424MG Flying K Sky Raider II (019)
    N42690 EAA Acro-Sport II (1PM)
    N426CC Cub Crafters CC-11-160 (CC11-00154)
    N4282Y Maule M-7-260C Orion (30016C)
    N4365V Bellanca 17-30A Super Viking (30487)
    N437L Denney Kitfox Srs.7 (DR001)
    N43CZ Co-Z Developments Cozy Mk.I (018)
    N43EX Cub Crafters CCK-18 65 Carbon Cub Ex (CCK-1865-1019)
    N43KF Denney Kitfox Srs.7 Super Sport (KA12181235)
    N4442N Boeing Stearman PT-17 Kaydet (75-7893)
    N4469 Aviat A-1B Husky (2307)
    N44JP/43576/444 Boeing Stearman PT-17 Kaydet (75-8670)
    N44KE Angel Aircraft Corporation Angel 44 (001)
    N450DS Diamond DA 40 Diamond Star (40.1193)
    N45211 American Aviation AA-5B Tiger (1077)
    N4522Z American Aviation AA-5B Tiger (1087)
    N45240 Grumman American AA-5B Tiger (AA5B-1112)
    N452S American Champion 8KCAB Super Decathlon (689-92)
    N4531V American Aviation AA-5B Tiger (1166)
    N4533F American Aviation AA-5B Tiger (1181)
    N4544P American Aviation AA-5B Tiger (1224)
    N454RM Epic Aircraft LT (0111)
    N45502 American Aviation AA-5B Tiger (AA5B-1190)
    N45569/NC45569 Luscombe 8A Silvaire (2096)
    N45853 Luscombe 8A Silvaire (2380)
    N460JC Aviat Husky A-1B (2343)
    N46243 Interstate L-6A Grasshopper (162)
    N462MC Bushby-Long Midget Mustang M-II (1865)
    N46333 Interstate L-6A Grasshopper (93)
    N46NS Custom Flight North Star (127)
    N46WM/46 Co-Z Developments Cozy Mk.III (31)
    N470CM Downer-Ballanca 14-19-3 (4107)
    N4718T Maule M-4 Bee Dee (61)
    N4783P American Aviation AA-5B Tiger (0526)
    N48443/32679 Interstate L-6A Grasshopper (122)
    N484AC American Champion 7GCAA Citabria Adventure (425-99)
    N486MM Extra 300L (136)
    N489C Meyers 200A (254)
    N492C Meyers 200A (256)
    N4935N/41 Boeing Stearman PT-17 Kaydet (75-2087)
    N4937 Bucker Bu.133D-1 Jungmeister (2003)
    N49948 American Aviation AA-5A Cheetah (0046)
    N4UC Brandi BX-2 Cherry (135)
    N503XL Denney Kitfox XL (ECX005)
    N5047G Bellanca 7ECA Citabria (1302-79)
    N508FM AutoGyro Europe MTOSport (M01096)
    N508RM Just Aircraft Superstol JA30 (JA-388-06-14)
    N508SC Cub Crafters CC-11 100 (CC11-00080)
    N50ER American Aviation AA-5B Tiger (0908)
    N50SD Bell Helicopters 47G-2A1 (3458)
    N518EE Eipper Quicksilver MXL-II Sport (001)
    N51LH Bellanca 17-30A Super Viking (98-301027)
    N52127 Boeing Stearman N2S-5 Kaydet (75-8493)
    N522PJ de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver (86)
    N52573/100 Boeing Stearman PT-17 Kaydet (75-2136)
    N53040/NC53040 Boeing Stearman PT-17 Kaydet (75-799)
    N531RP Europa Europa (1)
    N540JH/NX540JH MXR Technologies MXS (14)
    N540SC de Havilland Canada DHC-1B-2-S3 Super Chipmunk (101/139)
    N540WW Murphy Yukon (001)
    N543MA American Champion 8KCAB Super Decathlon (972-2004)
    N5440L American Aviation AA-5 Traveler (0340)
    N5474F Alon A-2A Aircoupe (B-274)
    N5497F Alon Aircoupe A-2A (B-297)
    N55000 Maule M-7-260C Orion (30031C)
    N5517Z Maule M-7-235C Orion (25085C)
    N556DM/424 Boeing Stearman N2S-3 Kaydet (75-7581)
    N556JM Diamond DA 40 Diamond Star (40.847)
    N559RD Gottschalk 1 Gyrocopter (JG001)
    N55MA Aviat Husky A-1B (2316)
    N5604V/NC5604V Howard NH-1 Jobmaster (859)
    N5641F Alon Aircoupe A-2 (A-241)
    N565K Czech Aircraft Works SportCruiser (C0480)
    N567PC American Champion 7GCBC Citabria Explorer (1419-2006)
    N567TK Canadian Home Rotors Safari 400 (TK1001)
    N578XL Liberty XL-2 (0062)
    N57AM Co-Z Developments Cozy Mk.IV (589)
    N57EV Cub Crafters CCK-18 65 Carbon Cub Ex (CCK-1865-0056)
    N580LT Cub Crafters CC-11 160 (CC11-00235)
    N584JH Harmon Rocket II (84)
    N59223 Boeing Stearman PT-17 Kaydet (75-2740)
    N597J Jabiru J250 (425)
    N599J American Aviation AA-5B Tiger (0740)
    N5HN Gyroflug SC-01B Speed Canard (1)
    N600PU I.I.I. Sky Arrow LSA (LSA027)
    N6015L American Aviation AA-5 Traveler (0115)
    N611AF Avid Flyer (611)
    N615RK Canadian Home Rotors Safari (CH405)
    N62070 Maule M-5-210C Rocket (6092C)
    N6212 Experimental Aviation Berkut 540 (037)
    N6283B AutoGyro Europe Calidus (C00416)
    N6312Y Bellanca 17-30A Super Viking (30993)
    N63529 Boeing Stearman PT-17 Kaydet (75-338)
    N6360V Alon Aircoupe A-2 (A-36)
    N640DS Diamond DA 40 Diamond Star (40.340)
    N641P American Champion 7GCBC Citabria Explorer (1357-2004)
    N643R Bede BD-4 (643)
    N6443 Bowers Fly Baby 1-B (3888)
    N645E Murphy Rebel Elite (645E)
    N647DS Diamond DA 40 Diamond Star (40.647)
    N65068 Ector Aircraft Company 305A Bird Dog (2034)
    N6557Q Alon Aircoupe A-2 (A-57)
    N655JR Denney Kitfox Srs.5 (S95120164)
    N656WC American Champion 8KCAB Super Decathlon (781-96)
    N66294/NC66294 Howard GH-3 Jobmaster (892)
    N662J Jabiru J170SP (0185)
    N666SM Bell Helicopters 47G-3B1 (3533)
    N6677V Bellanca 17-30 Viking 300 (30020)
    N669S/66 Bushby-Long Mustang M-II (7095)
    N669VP Franklin Demon 1 (001)
    N67478/NC67478 Howard GH-1 Jobmaster (562)
    N676W American Aviation AA-5B Tiger (0676)
    N67722/NC67722 Howard GH-1 Jobmaster (560)
    N677TS Fisher Flying Products Dakota Hawk (021)
    N6781G/NX6781G Marquart MA-5 Charger (32)
    N67MB Bede BD-4 (379)
    N6802X Bushby-Long Mustang M-II (354)
    N688E/NC688E Bellanca CH.300 Pacemaker (133)
    N698LH Fisher Flying Products Dakota Hawk (DH14)
    N69VV Christen Eagle II (VOYCE-0001)
    N703EX Extra 300SHP (1035)
    N704TK/NX704TK/87 Alvarez Special [RV-4] (AA-1)
    N709J Jabiru J230SP (671)
    N712SM Maule M-5-235C Lunar Rocket (7057C)
    N71965/NC71965 Luscombe 8A Silvaire (3392)
    N71968/NC71968 Luscombe 8A Silvaire (3395)
    N71AW Dyke Delta JD-2 (1123)
    N72000 Luscombe 8A Silvaire (3427)
    N721TS Leza Lockwood Air Cam (AC026)
    N727RH Bushby-Long Mustang M-II (M-II-1209)
    N727ST/NC727ST Howard GH-3 Jobmaster (1010)
    N73TD Bellanca 7GCA Citabria (278-73)
    N74560 American Aviation AA-5B Tiger (0251)
    N7467V Denney Kitfox Srs.5 (S94110072)
    N749C Meyers 200A (261)
    N74GM Co-Z Developments Cozy Mk.I (607)
    N751ZB Carpenter EMG Self Build Glider (EMG-6002)
    N752NF M-Squared Breese (05-2016-0800)
    N7579G Buckeye Industries Dream Machine (3775)
    N7583F Bellanca 7ECA Citabria (739-70)
    N765DP Denney Kitfox Srs.7 Super Sport (KA10029162)
    N7665S Bellanca 7GCA Citabria (331-76)
    N772TA Extra 300L (1260)
    N77661 Fairchild F.24R-46 Argus (46-361)
    N7776J JV Special [RV-8] (001)
    N777ZV Diamond DA 40 Diamond Star (40.364)
    N77FB Avid Mk.IV STOL (989)
    N77KW Extra 300L (053)
    N7807S Bellanca 7KCAB Citabria (584-76)
    N780ZA Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 (0718)
    N795MC Marquart MA-5 Charger (356)
    N796DM EAA Acro-Sport II (1044)
    N797DL Co-Z Developments Cozy Mk.IV (243)
    N799FW Aviat A-1B Husky (2023)
    N79AC American Champion 8KCAB Super Decathlon (708-93)
    N7ZF Maule M-7-260 Super Rocket (26012C)
    N800LK Aerotek S-2A Special (2018)
    N801AT Arctic S-1B2 Cadet (2001)
    N80DE Bellanca 17-31ATC Turbo Super Viking (31083)
    N80PC Bushby-Long Mustang M-II (PC-2)
    N81363/NC81363 Fairchild F.24R-46 Argus (46-263)
    N81369/NC81369 Fairchild F.24W-46 Argus (46-269)
    N81377 American Aviation AA-5B Tiger (AA5B-0516)
    N816W Flight Design CTLS (F-08-07-08)
    N817CK Cub Crafters CC-11 160 (CC11-00203)
    N81BH American Champion 8GCBC Scout (542-2011)
    N81JT Jurca MJ.5 Sirocco (50)
    N81LK Bushby-Long Mustang M-II (M-II-579)
    N8241R Bellanca 17-30A Super Viking (30444)
    N825J/98 Bushby-Long Midget Mustang (703)
    N826DM Denney Kitfox Mk.IV (C95080121)
    N82881/NC82881 Aeronca 7AC Champion (7AC-1531)
    N83228/NC83228 Aeronca 7AC Champion (7AC-1888)
    N83318 Aeronca 7AC Champion (7AC-1985)
    N83569/NC83569 Aeronca 7AC Champion (7AC-2246)
    N83987/NC83987 Aeronca 7AC Champion (7AC-2673)
    N84712 Aeronca 7AC Champion (7AC-3426)
    N849J Hatz CB-1 (247)
    N8506R Inter-Air 14-19-3A (4268)
    N850DV Epic Aircraft LT (0031)
    N85805 Aeronca 11AC Chief (11AC-217)
    N85841 Aeronca 11AC Chief (11AC-210)
    N85TP Harmon Rocket F-1 (2828)
    N863GB Kolb Slingshot (041744)
    N86583 Bellanca 7ECA Citabria (1004-74)
    N869TT Champion 7KCAB Citabria (157)
    N871F Co-Z Developments Cozy Mk.IV (21)
    N876KF Denney Kitfox Mk.III (876)
    N879H/NC879H/27 Hamilton Metalplane H-47 (65)
    N880DM American Aviation AA-5B Tiger (0880)
    N883DC Diamond DA 20-C1 Katana (C0341)
    N8875 Canadian Home Rotors Safari 400 (CH401)
    N889HT Evolution Trikes Revo (000612)
    N88NX/NX88NX Bartoe Skyote (088)
    N898LF Aero Commander AC.200D (323)
    N8JT American Aviation AA-1B (0622)
    N900RB Epic Aircraft LT (0009)
    N9024/NC9024/2 Curtiss-Wright Travel Air 4000 (826)
    N9040R Boeing Stearman PT-17 Kaydet (75-4246)
    N9060L Bellanca 7GCBC Citabria (275-70)
    N9103E Maule M-5-235C Lunar Rocket (7099C)
    N9111L Bellanca 7ACA Champ (2-71)
    N9116L Bellanca 7GCBC Citabria (302-71)
    N911EL Canadian Home Rotors Safari (1)
    N9125H/NC9125H Howard NH-1 Jobmaster (767)
    N912DD Evolution Trikes Revo (000601)
    N912PV Evektor SportStar (2006-0708)
    N913JD Diamond DA 40 Diamond Star (40.068)
    N914AG Halley Gyro AG1 (USA220713)
    N9177F Hughes 369HS (43-0465S)
    N91PV American Champion 7EC Champ (1005-2006)
    N927SM Aero Commander Turbo Commander 690D (15013)
    N9297S Bartoe Skyote (037)
    N929ZM AirBorne Windsports Edge XTS-912 (XT912-432)
    N92K General Avia F.22A Pinguino (006)
    N92WP Classic Aircraft Corp YMF-5C Waco (F5C-042)
    N93771 Erco Ercoupe 415-C (1094)
    N93932/NC93932 Erco Ercoupe 415-C (1255)
    N93949 Erco Ercoupe 415-C (1272)
    N93CF Co-Z Developments Cozy Mk.IV (MK-0052)
    N94176/222 Erco Ercoupe 415-C (1499)
    N94196/NC94196 Erco Ercoupe 415-C (1519)
    N9429E Aeronca 11AC Chief (11AC-1067)
    N94849 Erco Ercoupe 415-E (4964)
    N94DN de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Mk.III Turbo Beaver (1632)
    N952DM Maule MX-7-180C Millenium (28013C)
    N952RA Allen RA2 [Quicksilver MXL III Sport] (599)
    N9598U American Aviation AA-5A Cheetah (AA5A-0098)
    N95XX Aerocomp Comp Air 7SL (017257SL)
    N9641U American Aviation AA-5A Cheetah (0007)
    N9653S Champion 7ECA Citabria (314)
    N9696C Keller Carbon Cub (001)
    N969DM Maule MXT-7-180 Star Rocket (14122C)
    N9714U American Aviation AA-5A Cheetah (0114)
    N975BH Bell Helicopters 47G-2 (2242)
    N975CC Cub Crafters CC-11 100 (CC11-00055)
    N9762H/15354 Fleet PT-26A Cornell (FV-453)
    N97PZ Co-Z Developments Cozy Mk.I (581)
    N983RB Baker-T (1)
    N9856H Boeing Stearman PT-17 Kaydet (75-4988)
    N9863U American Aviation AA-5A Cheetah (AA5A-0263)
    N989JB Montana Coyote (9810)
    N9906U American Aviation AA-5A Cheetah (0306)
    N992S Bushby-Long Mustang M-II (72069)
    N9970L American Aviation AA-1B (0270)
    N99955 Erco Ercoupe 415-C (2578)
    N99FK Monnett Sonerai IIL (356)
    N9WK Co-Z Developments Cozy Mk.IV (0536)