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Header Picture: McDonnell-Douglas QF-4E Phantom IIs 73-1167 & 74-1638 of USAF/53rdWEG at Oshkosh 2016

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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

07/08/16 - Los Angeles - Torrance - Bob Hope - Van Nuys

Another day around Los Angeles.

Los Angeles IAP - Morning

4X-ECA Boeing 777-258ER (30831) El Al Israel Airlines
9H-VJA Bombardier Global Express XRS (9441) VistaJet Malta
B-16719 Boeing 777-36NER (42103) EVA Air
B-18706 Boeing 747-409F (30763) China Airlines
B-2007 Boeing 777-31BER (43221) China Southern Airlines
B-2021 Boeing 777-39PER (43273) China Eastern Airlines
B-2085 Boeing 777-39LER (38666) Air China
B-KPE Boeing 777-367ER (36156) Cathay Pacific Airways
B-KPM Boeing 777-367ER (36159) Cathay Pacific Airways
CC-BBH Boeing 787-8 (42224) LATAM Chile
C-FDSU Airbus A320-211 (0141) Air Canada
C-FGYS Airbus A320-211 (0255) Air Canada
C-FNVV Airbus A320-211 (0404) Air Canada
C-FPCA Boeing 767-375ER (24306) Air Canada
C-FUJR Boeing 737-8CT (60130) Westjet
C-FWSE Boeing 737-8CT (36690) Westjet
C-GDCP Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign (680-0251) Anderson Air Ltd
C-GWJT Boeing 737-7CT (40338) Westjet
ET-AOU Boeing 787-8 (34749) Ethiopian Airlines
F-OJGF Airbus A340-313X (385) Air Tahiti Nui
F-OSEA Airbus A340-313X (438) Air Tahiti Nui
HL7627 Airbus A380-861 (130) Korean Air
HL7635 Airbus A380-841 (183) Asiana Airlines
HP-1838CMP Boeing 737-8V3 (41445) Copa Airlines
HZ-AK21 Boeing 777-368ER (41057) Saudia
JA742J Boeing 777-346ER (36129) Japan Airlines
JA778A Boeing 777-381ER (32651) All Nippon Airways
LN-RKS Airbus A330-343E (1665) SAS Scandinavian Airlines
M-SAMA Bombardier Global 6000 (9579) Execujet Middle East
N101NN Airbus A321-231(SL) (5834) American Airlines
N107NN Airbus A321-231(SL) (5938) American Airlines
N108SY Embraer Emb-175-200LR (17000401) United Express
N114NN Airbus A321-231(SL) (6046) American Airlines
N117AN Airbus A321-231(SL) (6094) American Airlines
N121SY Embraer Emb-175-200LR (17000430) United Express
N123NN Airbus A321-231(SL) (6256) American Airlines
N124SY Embraer Emb-175-200LR (17000439) United Express
N127AA Airbus A321-231(SL) (6334) American Airlines
N137FE Boeing 767-F3S2F (61206) Federal Express
N14115 Boeing 757-224ET (27557) United Airlines
N158AN Airbus A321-231(SL) (7009) American Airlines
N162SY Embraer Emb-175-200LR (17000576) United Express
N188DN Boeing 767-332ER (27583) Delta Air Lines
N18MZ Dassault Falcon 900 (32) SP Leasing LLC
N192DN Boeing 767-332ER (28449) Delta Air Lines
N200NN Embraer Emb-175-200LR (17000456) American Eagle
N201NN Embraer Emb-175-200LR (17000461) American Eagle
N202NN Embraer Emb-175-200LR (17000467) American Eagle
N203NN Embraer Emb-175-200LR (17000473) American Eagle
N203UW Boeing 757-23N (30548) American Airlines
N204NN Embraer Emb-175-200LR (17000477) American Eagle
N206NN Embraer Emb-175-200LR (17000489) American Eagle
N207AN Embraer Emb-175-200LR (17000490) American Eagle
N208AN Embraer Emb-175-200LR (17000494) American Eagle
N209NN Embraer Emb-175-200LR (17000497) American Eagle
N210FR Airbus A320-214 (4668) Frontier Airlines
N210NN Embraer Emb-175-200LR (17000500) American Eagle
N211NN Embraer Emb-175-200LR (17000501) American Eagle
N214NN Embraer Emb-175-200LR (17000508) American Eagle
N215NN Embraer Emb-175-200LR (17000511) American Eagle
N216NN Embraer Emb-175-200LR (17000513) American Eagle
N217NN Embraer Emb-175-200LR (17000515) American Eagle
N219NN Embraer Emb-175-200LR (17000522) American Eagle
N233FR Airbus A320-214(SL) (7095) Frontier Airlines
N25201 Boeing 737-824 (28958) United Airlines
N261WN Boeing 737-7H4 (32517) Southwest Airlines
N267WN Boeing 737-7H4 (32525) Southwest Airlines
N27246 Boeing 737-824 (28956) United Airlines
N27964 Boeing 787-9 (37813) United Airlines
N281VA Airbus A320-214(SL) (6669) Virgin America
N282VA Airbus A320-214(SL) (6704) Virgin America
N307NV Airbus A319-111 (2427) Allegiant Air
N315AS Boeing 737-990 (30019) Alaska Airlines
N322US Airbus A320-211 (0263) Delta Air Lines
N323AS Boeing 737-990 (30021) Alaska Airlines
N324NV Airbus A319-111 (2709) Allegiant Air
N328NV Airbus A319-111 (2821) Allegiant Air
N32PJ Hawker-Siddeley 125-800A (258189) Avtran LLC
N331NB Airbus A319-114 (1567) Delta Air Lines
N33284 Boeing 737-824 (31635) United Airlines
N33292 Boeing 737-824 (33455) United Airlines
N34222 Boeing 737-824 (28931) United Airlines
N353NW Airbus A320-212 (0786) Delta Air Lines
N354VJ Bombardier Challenger 350 (20614) Priester Aviation LLC
N359SW Boeing 737-3H4 (26596) Southwest Airlines
N35CT Cessna 525A CitationJet CJ2 (525A-0120) 35CT LLC
N373AA Boeing 767-323ER (25200) American Airlines
N376SW Boeing 737-3H4 (26584) Southwest Airlines
N3772H Boeing 737-832 (30823) Delta Air Lines
N383DN Boeing 737-832 (30346) Delta Air Lines
N385HA Airbus A330-243 (1295) Hawaiian Airlines
N390HA Airbus A330-243 (1389) Hawaiian Airlines
N393HA Airbus A330-243 (1422) Hawaiian Airlines
N394SW Boeing 737-3H4 (27380) Southwest Airlines
N396HA Airbus A330-243 (1488) Hawaiian Airlines
N397DA Boeing 737-832 (30537) Delta Air Lines
N407SW Canadair Regional-Jet 100LR (7034) American Eagle
N412WN Boeing 737-7H4 (29818) Southwest Airlines
N413UA Airbus A320-232 (0470) United Airlines
N413WN Boeing 737-7H4 (29819) Southwest Airlines
N415WN Boeing 737-7H4 (29836) Southwest Airlines
N422QX de Havilland Canada DHC-8Q-402 (4150) Alaska Horizon
N437QX de Havilland Canada DHC-8Q-402 (4240) Alaska Horizon
N439QX de Havilland Canada DHC-8Q-402 (4246) Alaska Horizon
N439UA Airbus A320-232 (0683) United Airlines
N447WN Boeing 737-7H4 (33720) Southwest Airlines
N453AS Boeing 737-990ER (36354) Alaska Airlines
N455WN Boeing 737-7H4 (32462) Southwest Airlines
N469UA Airbus A320-232 (1409) United Airlines
N487AS Boeing 737-990ER (44108) Alaska Airlines
N495AS Boeing 737-990ER (41728) Alaska Airlines
N509NK Airbus A319-132 (2603) Spirit Airlines
N515VL Airbus A320-233 (5391) Volaris Mexico
N516AS Boeing 737-890 (39044) Alaska Airlines
N519AS Boeing 737-890 (36482) Alaska Airlines
N521VA Airbus A319-112 (2773) Virgin America
N524AS Boeing 737-890 (35195) Alaska Airlines
N525VA Airbus A319-112 (3324) Virgin America
N544US Boeing 757-251 (26491) Delta Air Lines
N550NW Boeing 757-251 (26497) Delta Air Lines
N553AS Boeing 737-890 (34594) Alaska Airlines
N554CA Canadair Regional-Jet 900 (15168) Delta Connection
N568AS Boeing 737-890 (35183) Alaska Airlines
N573UW Airbus A321-231 (5939) American Airlines
N585UW Airbus A321-231 (6214) American Airlines
N590UA Boeing 757-222 (28708) United Airlines
N597AS Boeing 737-890 (35689) Alaska Airlines
N597UA Boeing 757-222 (28750) United Airlines
N599FE McDonnell-Douglas MD-11F (48598) Federal Express
N604NK Airbus A320-232 (4431) Spirit Airlines
N605CZ Embraer Emb-175-200LR (17000186) Delta Connection
N607NK Airbus A320-232 (4595) Spirit Airlines
N608SK Canadair Regional-Jet 700 (10252) Delta Connection
N616CZ Embraer Emb-175-200LR (17000209) Delta Connection
N622SW Boeing 737-3H4 (27932) Southwest Airlines
N626CZ Embraer Emb-175-200LR (17000226) Delta Connection
N62884 Boeing 737-924ER (42203) United Airlines
N635NK Airbus A320-232(SL) (6383) Spirit Airlines
N636VA Airbus A320-214 (3460) Virgin America
N639VA Airbus A320-214 (3016) Virgin America
N645NK Airbus A320-232(SL) (7008) Spirit Airlines
N665AW Airbus A320-232 (1644) American Airlines
N665FE Airbus A300F4-605R (769) Federal Express
N6714Q Boeing 757-232 (30485) Delta Air Lines
N68817 Boeing 737-924ER (42747) United Airlines
N688DL Boeing 757-232 (27587) Delta Air Lines
N688ZJ Bombardier Global 6000 (9688) Zetta Jet
N69826 Boeing 737-924ER (42180) United Airlines
N69888 Boeing 737-924ER (42191) United Airlines
N707DN Boeing 777-232LR (39091) Delta Air Lines
N708SW Boeing 737-7H4 (27842) Southwest Airlines
N709DN Boeing 777-232LR (40559) Delta Air Lines
N725AN Boeing 777-323ER (41666) American Airlines
N73278 Boeing 737-824 (31596) United Airlines
N746SK Canadair Regional-Jet 700 (10202) United Express
N753SK Canadair Regional-Jet 700 (10214) United Express
N756AS Boeing 737-4Q8 (25097) Alaska Airlines
N75854 Boeing 757-324 (32813) United Airlines
N760 Douglas DC-3-362 (3269) Preserved
N762AN Boeing 777-223ER (31479) American Airlines
N76519 Boeing 737-824 (30132) United Airlines
N76533 Boeing 737-824 (62748) United Airlines
N768UA Boeing 777-222 (26919) United Airlines
N7708E Boeing 737-76N (32652) Southwest Airlines
N7711N Boeing 737-76N (32657) Southwest Airlines
N7712G Boeing 737-76N (32660) Southwest Airlines
N771AN Boeing 777-223ER (29579) American Airlines
N7733B Boeing 737-76N (32678) Southwest Airlines
N7739A Boeing 737-7BD (35110) Southwest Airlines
N774SK Canadair Regional-Jet 700 (10240) United Express
N78005 Boeing 777-224ER (27581) United Airlines
N7836A Boeing 737-7L9 (28010) Southwest Airlines
N790SK Canadair Regional-Jet 700 (10292) United Express
N792AS Boeing 737-490 (28887) Alaska Airlines
N793QS Bombardier Challenger 350 (20636) NetJets
N799SW Boeing 737-7Q8 (28209) Southwest Airlines
N802NN Boeing 737-823 (31073) American Airlines
N8030F Airbus A319-115(SL) (6552) American Airlines
N809NN Boeing 737-823 (33519) American Airlines
N818NW Airbus A330-323X (857) Delta Air Lines
N825SK Canadair Regional-Jet 900 (15212) Delta Connection
N827NN Boeing 737-823 (33209) American Airlines
N829DN Boeing 737-932ER (31941) Delta Air Lines
N8315C Boeing 737-8H4 (38811) Southwest Airlines
N832AW Airbus A319-132 (1643) American Airlines
N835VA Airbus A320-214 (4448) Virgin America
N838VA Airbus A320-214 (4559) Virgin America
N839MA Cessna 208B (208B-2392)
N840NN Boeing 737-823 (33518) American Airlines
N840VA Airbus A320-214 (4616) Virgin America
N841VA Airbus A320-214 (4655) Virgin America
N848VA Airbus A320-214 (4959) Virgin America
N852VA Airbus A320-214 (5004) Virgin America
N8672F Boeing 737-8H4 (36940) Southwest Airlines
N8682B Boeing 737-8H4 (36651) Southwest Airlines
N8685B Boeing 737-8H4 (36723) Southwest Airlines
N869NN Boeing 737-823 (40764) American Airlines
N896SK Canadair Regional-Jet 900 (15102) Delta Connection
N9017P Airbus A319-115(SL) (6085) American Airlines
N906NV Boeing 757-204 (27236) Allegiant Air
N907NN Boeing 737-823 (31158) American Airlines
N909NN Boeing 737-823 (31159) American Airlines
N912WN Boeing 737-7H4 (36621) Southwest Airlines
N923JB Airbus A321-231(SL) (5960) jetBlue Airways
N935JB Airbus A321-231(SL) (6185) jetBlue Airways
N939NN Boeing 737-823 (33491) American Airlines
N945JT Airbus A321-231(SL) (6390) jetBlue Airways
N946NN Boeing 737-823 (33234) American Airlines
N948AT Boeing 717-2BD (55011) Delta Air Lines
N948QS Cessna 750 Citation X (750-0149) NetJets
N959NN Boeing 737-823 (33329) American Airlines
N962SW Canadair Regional-Jet 200LR (7859) United Express
N965AT Boeing 717-2BD (55026) Delta Air Lines
N967WN Boeing 737-7H4 (36967) Southwest Airlines
N980SW Canadair Regional-Jet 200LR (7955) United Express
N986AT Boeing 717-231 (55089) Delta Air Lines
N988AT Boeing 717-23S (55068) Delta Air Lines
N988NN Boeing 737-823 (31237) American Airlines
N989DN Boeing 717-23S (55067) Delta Air Lines
P4-ASL Boeing 737-7BH (29791) Arabasco Flight Operations
VH-VPE Boeing 777-3ZGER (37939) Virgin Australia
VH-VPH Boeing 777-3ZGER (37943) Virgin Australia
VP-CLK Gulfstream G550 (5511) Jet Aviation Business Jets (HK) Ltd
XA-AMC Boeing 737-852 (36704) Aeromexico
XA-AMW Boeing 737-8FZ (34954) Aeromexico
XA-CTG Boeing 737-752 (35123) Aeromexico
XA-VAI Airbus A320-214 (3160) Interjet-ABC
XA-VOD Airbus A319-133 (3045) Volaris Mexico
XA-VOW Airbus A320-232 (3543) Volaris Mexico
ZK-NCJ Boeing 767-319ER (26915) Air New Zealand
ZK-OKS Boeing 777-319ER (44547) Air New Zealand

Los Angeles - Proud Bird Restaurant, closed for refurbishment

"1170" Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15bis (unknown)
(144930)/4 Douglas A-4B Skyhawk (12176)
(N19915) Douglas C-53-DO (7347)
(N81GB) Beech C.18S (7881)
6062 Bell X-1 FSM (n/a)
unmarked Chance-Vought FG-1D Corsair FSM (n/a)
S-9 Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless FSM (n/a)
unmarked Fokker D.VII FSM (n/a)
unmarked Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat FSM (n/a)
X2 Grumman TBM-3E Avenger FSM (n/a)
unmarked Lockheed F-80C Shooting Star FSM (n/a)
203993 Lockheed P-38L Lightning FSM (n/a)
unmarked North American P-51D Mustang FSM (n/a)
unmarked Spad XIII FSM (n/a)
P8080/XR-V Supermarine Spitfire FSM (n/a)

Los Angeles - Redstone College

(62-4456)"N1965W" Rockwell CT-39A Sabreliner (276-9)
(N15061) Piper PA-34-200 Seneca (34-7350003)
(N2765B) Aero Commander Twin Commander 560A (265)
(N646) Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star (580-6608)

Torrance - Western Museum of Flight - from outside only

(142227)/1 Douglas A-4A Skyhawk (11481)
159830/NE-201 Grumman F-14A Tomcat (190)
207 Northrop F-5A Freedom Fighter (N7030)
(52-9239)/"90505" Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star (580-7305)
(62-7497)/"24401/FU-401" North American F-86F Sabre (227-122)
72-1569 Northrop YF-17A (1)
87-0801 Northrop YF-23A (PAV-2)
N2261J Bede BD-5B (1008)
N963NA/63 Northrop T-38N Talon (N.5116)
XZ145 British Aerospace Harrier T.4 (41H-212026)
unmarked Boeing F4B-3 Replica (unknown)
Boeing F4B-3
unmarked Montgomery 1883 Glider Replica (unknown)
RP-76 Northrop AQM-38A (unknown)
unmarked Northrop MQM-36 Shelduck (unknown)
unmarked Radioplane OQ-2A (unknown)

Torrance Zamperini Field

N10332 Cessna LC-41-550FG (411132)
N1038A/90917 North American SNJ-5 Texan (121-41633)
N135CM Eurocopter EC135P2+ (0706) Air Methods Corp
N2138F Piper PA-32RT-300T Turbo Lance II (32R-7987065)
N2503Z Bellanca 7KCAB Citabria (613-77)
N3171G/RG-00 North American T-6G Texan (168-404)
N38768 Piper PA-34-200T Seneca II (34-7770085)
N4318Y Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II (28-8416006)
N439LP Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP (172S-9439)
N628MB Cessna 182L Skylane (182-58729)
N6323L American Aviation AA-1B (0023)
N660SP Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP (172S-8065)
N702JJ Robinson R22 Beta II (3791)
N703JJ Robinson R44 Raven (1573)
N7531M Cessna 175 Skylark (55831)
N7973C/K-215 North American SNJ-5 Texan (Unknown)
(N810AD)/VH-XAE Beech 65-B80 Queen Air (LD-328)
N8327Z Piper PA-32-301T Texan (32-8124007)
N93RS Socata TB-10 Tobago (978)

Bob Hope Airport

N106KM Gulfstream G3 (305) AirLNG Ltd
N107PT Cessna 525B CitationJet CJ3 (525B-0127) Papa Tango LLC
N126V Cessna 208 (208-00270) Mercury Air LLC
N181SY Embraer Emb-175-200LR (17000574) Alaska Skywest
N347AF Beech 1900C-1 (UC-66) Ameriflight
N409AV Hawker 800XP (258347) Raven Acquisitions LLC
N422MA Swearingen SA.227AC Metro III (AC-635) Ameriflight
N426MA Swearingen SA.227AC Metro III (AC-645) Ameriflight
N427GW Dassault Falcon 2000 (20) Executive Jet Management
N448LM Cirrus Design SR-22 (2893)
N473AF Swearingen SA.227AC Metro III (AC-473) Ameriflight
N4ES Hawker-Siddeley 125F-400A (25243) DD251 LLC
N555EH Learjet 60 (60-236) East Coast Jets Inc
N580ML Embraer ERJ-135BJ Legacy 600 (14500990) Stone Tower Air
N683FE Airbus A300F4-605R (801) Federal Express
N7535G Robinson R44 Raven II (11181)
N75RP Gulfstream G550 (5460) Warner Communications LLC
N816SA Pilatus PC-12/47E (1499) Surf Airlines
N828SA Pilatus PC-12/47E (1525) Surf Airlines
N850TR Bombardier Global Express (9027) Tony Robbins Productions Inc
N853RS Robinson R22 Beta II (3807)
N867K Eclipse Aviation 500 (000239) Goodyear Leasing Inc
N92CJ Dassault Falcon 50 (92) Skyview LLC
N942LR Canadair Regional-Jet 900 (15042) American Eagle

Van Nuys AP

6189 Spad FSM ..displayed at the 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant
WW1 Model
2114 Dassault HU-25D Guardian (418) North Valley Occupational Center
C-GQBF/244 Canadair CL-415T (2019) Government of Quebec
C-GQBI/246 Canadair CL-415T (2023) Government of Quebec
M-SAAJ Gulfstream G550 (5301) Arabian Jets For Aviation Services
N104AD Gulfstream G4SP (1406) Clay Lacy Aviation Inc
N107A Dassault Falcon 50 (186)
N108DU Gulfstream G4 (1149) Tutor Perini Corp
N109HS Agusta A-109E Power (11145)
N10SL Bombardier Global 5000 (9221) Sun Air Jets LLC
N110HB Aero Vodochody L-39C Albatros (332742)
N110SN Gulfstream G4 (1208) Clay Lacy Aviation Inc
(N117K) Learjet 24D (24D-272) Clay Lacy Aviation Inc, wfu
N124VU American Aviation AG-5B Tiger (10060)
N158AC/731 Sikorsky S-64F Skycrane (64081) Erickson Helicopters
N16730/1+2 North American NA.75 Harvard IIA (75-3473)
N168KT Agusta A-109E Power (11831) Executive Heli Shares Sales LLC
N168PK Gulfstream G4 (1053) PMC Global Inc
(N17076)/O-70751 Lockheed JT-33A Shooting Star (580-1480) North Valley Occupational Center
N171JC Gulfstream G4 (1222) 171JC LLC
N175BG Gulfstream G3 (396) Clay Lacy Aviation Inc
N178PT Gulfstream G4 (1204) Pegasus Elite Aviation
N1882S Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP (172S-9930)
N18972 Beech A23-B19 Musketeer Sport 150 (MB-868)
N1925M Gulfstream G4SP (1282) Mannco LLC
N19896 Cessna 172M Skyhawk (172-60843)
N1AL Gulfstream G650 (6091) Air Lease Corp
N1GU Forney F-1 Aircoupe (5610)
N206TW Bell Helicopters 206B-3 Jet Ranger III (2403)
N210RG Cessna T.210M Turbo Centurion (210-61624)
N211FN Aerospatiale AS.350B1 (2174)
N2128T Schweizer 269C-1 (0366)
N2131X Cessna 337 Super Skymaster (337-0031)
N213HT Hughes TH-55A Osage (0929)
N213PD Bell Helicopters 206B-2 Jet Ranger II (1992) Purwin Co LLC
N214WT Cessna 750 Citation X (750-0032)
N217CK Learjet 35A (35-217) Kalitta Charters
N21705 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP (172S-9699)
N2183B Luscombe 8F Silvaire (6610)
N218KF Bombardier Challenger 300 (20438) KW Flight LLC
N223QS Dassault Falcon 2000EX EASy (86) NetJets
N226NR Aerospatiale AS.355F2 (5411) Helinet Aviation Services
N22SM Hawker 800XP (258655) Select Medical Corp
N232CH Neico Lancair LC-41-550FG (41696)
N233LA Eurocopter AS.350B3 (3366) Los Angeles Police Department
N234NL Robinson R44 Raven II (10575)
N235HR Learjet 55 (55-094) ZMG Aviation LLC
N23RL Cessna 421C Golden Eagle (421C-1094)
N243AC/735 Sikorsky S-64E Skycrane (64022) Erickson Helicopters
N252SP Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP (172S-8228)
N253WC Aerospatiale AS.355F2 (5206) Helinet Aviation Services
N259QS Dassault Falcon 2000 (159) NetJets
N25MX Learjet 60 (60-012) ACE Parts LLC
N25NK Bell Helicopters 407 (53885)
N2643L Cessna 172H Skyhawk (172-55843)
N264CL Gulfstream G2SP (227) North Valley Occupational Center
N267LG Gulfstream G4SP (1266) Aero Jet Services LLC
N269HM Gulfstream G4 (1118) Flynt Aviation LLC
N270SC Gulfstream G4 (1229) Harry Evans Sloan Trustee
N278L Gulfstream G650 (6038) Nantworks LLC
N2863G/HL-S North American SNJ-6 Texan (121-43001)
N294NG Pilatus PC-12/47E (1294) MJJ Capital Management Inc
N29FX Aerospatiale AS.350BA (2085) Helinet Aviation
N2T Bombardier Global Express XRS (9162) Oakley Inc
N300MB Cessna 421B Golden Eagle (421B-0573)
N301FD/1 Bell Helicopters 412EP (36329) Los Angeles City Fire Department
N303EF Piper PA-28-151 Cherokee Warrior (28-7415369)
N3067P Robinson R44 Raven II (12046)
N306FD/6 Bell Helicopters 206B-3 Jet Ranger III (4646) Los Angeles City Fire Department
N30EH Agusta A-109E Power (11029)
N315TS Boeing 737-7CU BBJ (30772) Tutor-Saliba Corporation
N3169G/HL-C North American AT-6F Texan (121-42687)
N318RX Airbus Helicopters EC135P2+ (1203) Reach Air Medical Services LLC
N319FT Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II (28-8216208)
N323CH Sikorsky S-76A (760095) Helinet Aviation Services LLC/Children's Hospital LA
N330HB Aero Vodochody L-39C Albatros (330212)
N336EB Gulfstream G550 (5525) Oakmont Holdings LLC
N35BP IAI 1126 Galaxy (016) Jet Edge
N36RR Gulfstream G4 (1099) BKF Aviation Ltd
N3DP Gulfstream G3 (334) Clay Lacy Aviation Inc
N405GA Gulfstream G500 (5205)
N414RF Hawker-Siddeley 125-700A (257060) North Valley Occupational Center
N432HC Gulfstream G4SP (1262) Clay Lacy Aviation Inc
N4352H Mooney M.20J Model 201 (24-0776)
N441NC Robinson R44 Raven II (10621)
N444NC Robinson R44 Raven II (11786)
N444RJ Cessna 401A (401A-0017)
N451GA Gulfstream G4 (1221) Amgen Inc
N457DS Gulfstream G4 (1077) Jet Edge
N45TL Cessna 501 Citation I (501-0016) Michael Dorn
N473PC Pilatus PC-12/45 (473) Jemasa Inc
N495RS Gulfstream G4 (1161) SP Aviation Inc
N504AB Learjet 60 (60-067) Andrew Bettis
N510PD McD-D Helicopters 369E (0400E)
N515JA Gulfstream G4 (1051) Journey Aviation
N52006 North American SNJ-5 Texan (88-15194)
N533SR Gulfstream G450 (4253) Executive Jet Management
N540CH Bombardier Global Express (9055) Gama Charters Inc
N552AV Gulfstream G550 (5497) Abbvie US LLC
N555GV Gulfstream G550 (5285) Jet Edge
N560MJ Aero Commander Twin Commander 560A (350) North Valley Occupational Center
N562LD Cessna 560XL Citation XLS (560-5532) Casey Company
N5711M Cessna 310P (310P-0011)
N57PU Diamond DA 40 Star (40.214)
N585JS Embraer EMB-500 Phenom 100 (50000138) JetSuite
N588ZJ Bombardier Global 5000 (9679) Zetta Jet
N603GR Learjet 60 (60-241) Taldav Holdings LLC
N605RA Gulfstream G4 (1028) STAjets
N613WF Gulfstream G550 (5535) Westfield Aviation
N615D Sikorsky S-76B (760328)
N620MS Dassault Falcon 2000EX EASy (31) Air Kaitar LLC
N620PJ Bombardier Challenger 601-3R (5169) N620PJ LLC
N623KM Learjet 35A (35-307) Quarry Lane LLC
N6249J Piper PA-32R-300 Cherokee Lance (32R-7680340)
N63RB/HL-M North American AT-6D Texan (121-42216)
N67TV Eurocopter AS.350B2 (2859) Helinet Aviation Services LLC
N685PB Aero Commander Twin Commander 685 (12057) Withdrawn from use
N700MV Gulfstream G4 (1233) Jet Edge
N701DB Gulfstream G4 (1036) Sun Air Jets LLC
N711DF Mooney M.20C (2532)
N711GH Bell Helicopters UH-1D Iroquois (5071) Guardian Helicopters
N711GL Gulfstream G4 (1130) Jet Edge
N724CL Boeing 727-51 (19121) Clay Lacy Aviation
N727AH Boeing 727-21 (19261) Classic Designs
N729JF Raytheon Hawker 4000 (RC-32) Executive AirShare
N7438A Cessna 172 (29538)
N755QS IAI G200 Galaxy (168) Evolution Trading Partners LLC
N770KS Gulfstream G4 (1093) Jet Edge
N776RB Gulfstream G5 (585) Jet Edge
N786CM Gulfstream G4 (1176) Legacy Ventures LLC
N787QS Bombardier Challenger 350 (20595) NetJets
N788FS IAI 1124-2 Westwind (319) Gateway Aviation Inc
N7928S Bell Helicopters 47G-3B1 (6598)
N7969C/1+1 North American SNJ-5 Texan (88-16316)
N800GH Dassault Falcon 2000 (89) CSM Corp
N8034Z Piper PA-32-301 Saratoga (32-8206016)
N8051P Piper PA-24-250 Comanche (24-3297)
N8096U Beech C90B King Air (LJ-1326) Alfalfa Aviation LLC
N811BW Cessna 402A (402A-0003)
N812FT IAI 1126 Galaxy (019) Jet Edge
N814RR Gulfstream G4SP (1468) Clay Lacy Aviation Inc
N828M Beech B55 Baron (TC-2299)
N831BG IAI G200 Galaxy (226) Clay Lacy Aviation Inc
N84AW Embraer ERJ-135BJ Legacy 600 (14500982) Allegiance Aviation
N850TR Bombardier Global Express (9027) Tony Robbins Productions Inc
N851CB Gulfstream G450 (4132) Clay Lacy Aviation Inc
N85XP Beech B200 King Air (BB-1202) Williams Communities LLC
N864KB Learjet 31A (31-048) KBLA LLC
N868BT Dassault Falcon 50 (93) Alpine International Aviation LLC
N86WW/HL-B/42 North American SNJ-4 Texan (88-12291)
N882SG IAI G200 Galaxy (084) Jet Edge
N883R Beech M35 Bonanza (D-6373)
N886CE Dassault Falcon 2000EX EASy (79) Caesars Entertainment Operating Co
N8888 Dassault Falcon 2000 (28) Gama Charters Inc
N899AL Gulfstream G4SP (1495) Jet Edge
N889MR IAI G200 Galaxy (074) Clay Lacy Aviation Inc
N893P Robinson R44 Raven II (12682)
N900NH Dassault Falcon 2000 (206) BSLCC-III LLC
N909TC/80425/JC Grumman F7F-3P Tigercat (C.167) Thornton Corporation
N9112 Beech D.18S (A-546) North Valley Occupational Center
N933QS Cessna 750 Citation X (750-0133) NetJets
N9246M Piper PA-46-350P Malibu Mirage (4622149)
N9411M Cessna 210K Centurion (210-59311)
N942JT Gulfstream G550 (5487) TJ Capital Investors
N950DP Hawker-Siddeley 125-800A (258154) VHG Aviation LLC
N950JB Dassault Falcon 900DX (602) Sweatmore Air III LLC
N9536D Cessna 172R Skyhawk (172-80481)
N9889 IAI G200 Galaxy (009) Jet Edge
N99ZM Bombardier Global 6000 (9587) Moelis & Company Manager LLC
VP-BAP Boeing 727-21RE (19260) Malibu Consulting Ltd

Los Angeles IAP - Evening

9V-SFQ Boeing 747-412F (32901) Singapore Airlines Cargo
B-18715 Boeing 747-409F (33731) China Airlines
B-KPX Boeing 777-367ER (37897) Cathay Pacific Airways
C-FPLS Boeing 737-8CT (60132) Westjet
C-FZUL Airbus A319-114 (0721) Air Canada
C-GPWG Airbus A320-211 (0174) Air Canada
C-GWSI Boeing 737-6CT (34286) Westjet
D-ALFB Boeing 777-FBT (41675) Lufthansa Cargo
EI-DRC Boeing 737-852 (35116) Aeromexico
F-GSPD Boeing 777-228ER (29005) Air France
G-XLEF Airbus A380-841 (151) British Airways
HB-JNC Boeing 777-3DEER (44584) Swiss International Air Lines
HP-1847CMP Boeing 737-8V3 (41448) Copa Airlines
LN-LNF Boeing 787-8 (35313) Norwegian Long Haul AS
N124AA Airbus A321-231(SL) (6271) American Airlines
N129AA Airbus A321-231(SL) (6401) American Airlines
N139AN Airbus A321-231(SL) (6687) American Airlines
N14214 Boeing 737-824 (28774) United Airlines
N154AA Airbus A321-231(SL) (6928) American Airlines
N155NN Airbus A321-211(SL) (6940) American Airlines
N160SY Embraer Emb-175-200LR (17000568) United Express
N203WN Boeing 737-7H4 (32483) Southwest Airlines
N205NN Embraer Emb-175-200LR (17000481) American Eagle
N212NN Embraer Emb-175-200LR (17000504) American Eagle
N283VA Airbus A320-214(SL) (6787) Virgin America
N34455 Boeing 737-924ER (41743) United Airlines
N360HA Airbus A330-243 (1732) Hawaiian Airlines
N360SW Boeing 737-3H4 (26571) Southwest Airlines
N3759 Boeing 737-832 (30815) Delta Air Lines
N379HA Airbus A330-243 (1672) Hawaiian Airlines
N395DN Boeing 737-832 (30773) Delta Air Lines
N419AS Boeing 737-990ER (41734) Alaska Airlines
N433AS Boeing 737-990ER (41704) Alaska Airlines
N472WN Boeing 737-7H4 (33831) Southwest Airlines
N477MC Boeing 747-47UF (29255) Atlas Air
N492AS Boeing 737-990ER (44110) Alaska Airlines
N518UA Boeing 757-222 (24871) United Airlines
N523VA Airbus A319-112 (3181) Virgin America
N525NK Airbus A319-132 (2942) Spirit Airlines
N556JB Airbus A320-232 (1904) jetBlue Airways
N582HA Boeing 767-33AER (28139) Hawaiian Airlines
N589JB Airbus A320-232 (2215) jetBlue Airways
N593NW Boeing 757-351 (32993) Delta Air Lines
N595UA Boeing 757-222 (28748) United Airlines
N618AS Boeing 737-790 (30543) Alaska Airlines
N630VA Airbus A320-214 (3101) Virgin America
N635CZ Embraer Emb-175-200LR (17000252) Delta Connection
N68821 Boeing 737-924ER (43535) United Airlines
N689TA Airbus A320-214 (5333) Avianca Central America
N692AV Airbus A321-231(SL) (5936) Avianca
N707TW Boeing 757-2Q8 (27625) Delta Air Lines
N722TW Boeing 757-231 (29385) Delta Air Lines
N726AN Boeing 777-323ER (31550) American Airlines
N744P Airbus A319-112 (1287) American Airlines
N745FD Airbus A300B4-622RF (668) Federal Express
N7719A Boeing 737-76N (32666) Southwest Airlines
N7730A Boeing 737-7BD (33926) Southwest Airlines
N7740A Boeing 737-7BD (33927) Southwest Airlines
N7743B Boeing 737-7BD (36718) Southwest Airlines
N777AN Boeing 777-223ER (29585) American Airlines
N784AV Boeing 787-8 (37506) Avianca
N7876A Boeing 737-7Q8 (29355) Southwest Airlines
N792SW Boeing 737-7H4 (27887) Southwest Airlines
N811AB Boeing 787-8 (40629) American Airlines
N822SY Boeing 737-8BK (33017) Sun Country Airlines
N8619F Boeing 737-8H4 (33939) Southwest Airlines
N8686A Boeing 737-8H4 (36938) Southwest Airlines
N893AT Boeing 717-2BD (55045) Delta Air Lines
N899AT Boeing 717-2BD (55049) Delta Air Lines
N9012 Airbus A319-115(SL) (5810) American Airlines
N902NV Boeing 757-204 (26964) Allegiant Air
N928AN Boeing 737-823 (29528) American Airlines
N933WN Boeing 737-7H4 (36640) Southwest Airlines
N936NN Boeing 737-823 (31176) American Airlines
N968AN Boeing 737-823 (30095) American Airlines
N976UY Airbus A321-231 (5235) American Airlines
RP-C7776 Boeing 777-36NER (37712) Philippine Airlines
TC-LJG Boeing 777-3F2ER (44128) THY Turkish Airlines
VH-OQF Airbus A380-841 (029) QANTAS
XA-AMA Boeing 737-852 (36700) Aeromexico
XA-AMG Boeing 737-81D (39439) Aeromexico
XA-AMS Boeing 737-852 (43661) Aeromexico
XA-VLQ Airbus A320-233(SL) (7088) Volaris Mexico
XA-VOV Airbus A320-232 (3524) Volaris Mexico