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Header Picture: McDonnell-Douglas QF-4E Phantom IIs 73-1167 & 74-1638 of USAF/53rdWEG at Oshkosh 2016

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Sunday, 24 May 2015

18/05/15 - Geneva

Day 3 of the Aeroprints trip.
We left GVA at 14:00 for elsewhere so this isn't a full log.
Thanks to RichT for the exhibition pics.

Geneva - EBACE

9H-AFQ Bombardier Challenger 605 (5709) Comlux Aviation Malta
9H-VCC Bombardier Challenger 350 (20535) VistaJet Malta
9H-VJK Bombardier Global 6000 (9619) VistaJet Malta
C-GZKL Bombardier Challenger 650 (6050) Bombardier Aerospace Corporation
CS-CHA Bombardier Challenger 350 (20544) NetJets Europe
CS-GLD Bombardier Global 6000 (9538) NetJets Europe
D-CEFE Cessna 525C CitationJet CJ4 (525C-0177) E-Aviation
D-CMDH Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign (680-0322) ProAir Aviation
D-CNOB Cessna 525B CitationJet CJ3 (525B-0119) Atlas Air Service GmbH
D-EDOP Classic Aircraft Corp YMF-5C (F5C-8-137)
F-HANA Eurocopter EC.130B4 (4590) Comatrans SA
F-HGHF Dassault Falcon 7X (207) Dassault Aviation
F-HLXS Dassault Falcon 2000LXS (269) Dassault Aviation
F-HNDO Dassault Falcon 900LX (281) Dassault Aviation
G-HARA Sikorsky S-76C++ (760684) Air Harrods
G-ISAN Bombardier Global 5000 (9457) Aravco Ltd
HB-FWA Pilatus PC-12/47E (1515) Pilatus AG
HB-IVZ Gulfstream G5 (577) Jet Aviation Business Jets AG
HB-ZSQ Sikorsky S-76C+ (760464) Swift Copters
I-EASP AgustaWestland AW-109SP GrandNew (22339) AgustaWestland SpA
I-LUXO Gulfstream G550 (5071) Sirio SpA
LX-JFV Pilatus PC-12/47E (1409) Jetfly Aviation
M-ILTD Gulfstream 200 (207) Flash Sky Ltd
M-SAPL Bombardier Challenger 605 (5883) Sapetro Aviation Ltd
M-YNNS Dassault Falcon 7X (82) NS Falcon Ltd
N133XL Cessna 560 Citation XLS+ (560-6133) Cessna Aircraft Co
N150GD IAI Gulfstream 150 (298) Gulfstream Aerospace
N162WC Boeing737-7BC BBJ1 (30329) WCA Holdings III LLC
N2060K Beech C90GTx King Air (LJ-2060) Beechcraft Corporation
N239KF Beech B200GT King Air (BY-239) Beechcraft Corporation
N280GD Gulfstream 280 (2001) Gulfstream Aerospace
N30CJ Cessna 525B CitationJet CJ3+ (525B-0451) Cessna Aircraft Co
N350KA Beech 350 King Air (FL-924) Beechcraft Corporation
N400XT Nextant 400XTi (RK-137) PSM Holdings Inc
N420HE Honda HA-420 Hondajet (42000016) Honda Aircraft Company
N450GD Gulfstream G450 (4308) Gulfstream Aerospace
N500QK Quest Aircraft Co. Kodiak 100 (100-0138) Aircraft Guaranty Corp Trustee
N501BZ Bombardier Challenger 350 (20501) Bombardier Aerospace Corporation
N543GL Bombardier Global 6000 (9543) Bank Of Utah Trustee
N548EE Embraer EMB-500 Phenom 100 (50000348) Embraer Executive Aircraft
N550GD Gulfstream G550 (5477) Gulfstream Aerospace
N566EE Embraer EMB-505 Phenom 300 (50500266) Embraer Executive Aircraft
N583EX Cessna 208B Grand Caravan (208B-5183) Cessna Aircraft Co
N650GA Gulfstream G650ER (6087) Gulfstream Aerospace Corp
N682A Cessna 680A Citation Latitude (680A-0002) Cessna Aircraft Co
N698EE Embraer ERJ-135BJ Legacy 650 (14501198) Embraer Executive Aircraft
N751LJ Learjet 75 (45-503) Bank Of Utah Trustee
N843TE Eclipse Aviation 500 (000072) Southern Aircraft Consultanty Inc Trustee
N862MT Cessna 525 Citation M2 (525-0862) Cessna Aircraft Co
N86LA Cessna 525 CitationJet CJ1 (525-0012) Bingham Leasing & Sales LLC
N895EE Embraer EMB-550 Legacy 500 (55000014) Embraer Executive Aircraft
N900XH Socata TBM900 (1019) N900XH Corp Trustee
N981EE Embraer Emb-190-100BJ Lineage 1000 (19000559) Embraer Executive Aircraft
N984JP Cirrus Design SR-22T (0984) Cirrus SR22T 0984 Inc Trustee
N990MM Dassault Falcon 50EX (105) Falcon 50 LLC
OE-ITH Bombardier Challenger 604 (5636) Air Independence
OK-BHX Bell Helicopters 429 (57224) Bell Helicopter Prague
PT-ZIJ Embraer EMB-550 Legacy 450 (55000009) Embraer
VP-CGI Gulfstream G550 (5149) TAG Aviation (UK) Ltd
VT-SMI Gulfstream G5 (525) Essar Shipping Ltd

Geneva - others

15+02 Airbus A319-133CJ (4060) German Air Force
99-0404 Gulfstream C-37A (590) United States Air Force
9A-JSC Cessna 525A (525A-0049)
9H-AFR Bombardier Global 5000 (9249) Comlux Aviation Malta
9H-BEC Dassault Falcon 2000LX (63)
9H-JGR Bombardier Challenger 604 (5624) Nomad Aviation
A6-AFD Airbus A330-343E (1205) Etihad Airways
A6-ENP Boeing 777-31HER (41362) Emirates Airlines
C-GLUL Bombardier Global Express (9264) Skyservice Aviation
CS-DFF Dassault Falcon 2000EX EASy (41) NetJets Europe
CS-DKI Gulfstream G550 (5166) NetJets Europe
CS-DRT Hawker 800XPi (258802) NetJets Europe
CS-DSB Dassault Falcon 7X (43) NetJets Europe
CS-DTC Embraer EMB-500 Phenom 100 (50000115)
CS-DTZ Dassault Falcon 2000 (42)
CS-DUA Hawker 750 (HB-4) NetJets Europe
CS-DXJ Cessna 560XL (560-5627) NetJets Europe
CS-DXT Cessna 560XL (560-5765) NetJets Europe
CS-TNT Airbus A320-214 (4095) TAP Portugal
D-ABIR Boeing 737-530 (24941) Lufthansa
D-ABJB Boeing 737-530 (25271) Lufthansa
D-ACNR Canadair Regional-Jet 900 (15263) Lufthansa Regional
D-AIUI Airbus A320-214(SL) (6265) Lufthansa
D-CAWX Cessna 680 (680-0535) Aerowest GmbH
D-IOHL Cessna 525A (525A-0233)
D-ISTP Embraer EMB-500 Phenom 100 (50000147) MHS Aviation
EI-DEP Airbus A320-214 (2542) Aer Lingus
F-GRHF Airbus A319-111 (1025) Air France
F-GSMG Cessna 525B (525B-0230)
F-GVUJ Cessna 525B (525B-0156) Unijet
F-HISI Dassault Falcon 50 (169)
F-HKRA Cessna 525 (525-0661)
F-HLPM Dassault Falcon 2000LX (282) Michelin Air Services
G-EUPS Airbus A319-131 (1338) British Airways
G-EUYL Airbus A320-232 (4725) British Airways
G-EZFC Airbus A319-111 (3808) EasyJet
G-EZIW Airbus A319-111 (2578) EasyJet
G-EZTA Airbus A320-214 (3805) EasyJet
G-EZTB Airbus A320-214 (3843) EasyJet
G-EZTL Airbus A320-214 (4012) EasyJet
G-EZWE Airbus A320-214 (5289) EasyJet
G-EZWI Airbus A320-214(SL) (5592) EasyJet
G-EZWK Airbus A320-214(SL) (5688) EasyJet
G-EZWO Airbus A320-214(SL) (5785) EasyJet
G-FBKG Cessna 510 (510-0361) Blink
G-GMAA Learjet 45 (45-167) Gama Aviation
G-HOTY Bombardier Challenger 604 (5443) Hangar 8
G-LEGC Embraer ERJ-135BJ (14501025) London Executive Aviation
G-LUBB Cessna 525 (525-0271) Hangar 8
G-SXTY Learjet 60 (60-280) TAG Aviation (UK)
G-TTJF Dassault Falcon 2000S (705) TAG Aviation (UK)
HA-LYI Airbus A320-232(SL) (6352) Wizz Air
HB-GIL Beech 200 King Air (BB-194) Air Glaciers
HB-IAZ Dassault Falcon 2000 (30) TAG Aviation SA
HB-IJJ Airbus A320-214 (0585) Swiss International Air Lines
HB-IJN Airbus A320-214 (0643) Swiss International Air Lines
HB-IJW Airbus A320-214 (2134) Edelweiss Air
HB-IOC Airbus A321-111 (0520) Swiss International Air Lines
HB-IPT Airbus A319-112 (0727) Swiss International Air Lines
HB-IPV Airbus A319-112 (0578) Swiss International Air Lines
HB-IYD SAAB 2000 (059) Darwin Airline
HB-IYI SAAB 2000 (016) Darwin Airline
HB-IZW SAAB 2000 (039) Darwin Airline
HB-JEH Bombardier Global 6000 (9523)
HB-JGK Lockheed Jetstar 2 (5233)
HB-JGL IAI Galaxy (193) TAG Aviation SA
HB-JHE Airbus A330-343X (1084) Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JRQ Bombardier Challenger 604 (5651)
HB-JSB Dassault Falcon 2000 (171) PrivatAir
HB-JSN Dassault Falcon 7X (76) Dasnair
HB-JXC Airbus A320-214 (5146) EasyJet Switzerland
HB-JXD Airbus A320-214 (5150) EasyJet Switzerland
HB-JYA Airbus A320-214 (4250) EasyJet Switzerland
HB-JYC Airbus A319-111 (4785) EasyJet Switzerland
HB-JYF Airbus A319-111 (4778) EasyJet Switzerland
HB-JYG Airbus A319-111 (4781) EasyJet Switzerland
HB-JZF Airbus A319-111 (2184) EasyJet Switzerland
HB-JZM Airbus A319-111 (2370) EasyJet Switzerland
HB-JZR Airbus A320-214 (4034) EasyJet Switzerland
HB-JZU Airbus A319-111 (2402) EasyJet Switzerland
HB-JZW Airbus A319-111 (2729) EasyJet Switzerland
HB-PFS Piper PA-28-181 (28-8190083) Segel- und Motorfluggruppe Grenchen
HB-PIK Piper PA-28R-201T (28R-7803343)
HB-PLL Piper PA-28-161 (2816057) Aero Club de Geneve
HB-VDW Learjet 45 (45-438) TAG Aviation SA
HB-VNA Cessna 560 (560-0280)
HB-VWJ Cessna 560XL (560-5217) TAG Aviation SA
HB-VWM Cessna 525 (525-0690)
HB-ZAP Bell Helicopters 429 (57174) Heli Alpes
HB-ZEN Eurocopter EC135T2 (0257) REGA Swiss Air Ambulance
HB-ZFR Eurocopter EC120B (1378) Swift Copters
HB-ZMZ Agusta A-109E (11033) Swift Copters
HB-ZOL Eurocopter EC.155B1 (6791) Heli-Link Helikopter AG
HB-ZSL Eurocopter AS.350B3 (4043) Swift Copters
I-ADJL Embraer Emb-195-200LR (19000256) Air Dolomiti
LN-RNW Boeing 737-783 (34549) SAS Scandinavian Airlines
LX-GLD Dassault Falcon 900EX EASy (211) Global Jet Concept
LX-JFH Pilatus PC-12/45 (522) Jetfly Aviation
LX-JFI Pilatus PC-12/45 (574) Jetfly Aviation
LX-LXL Dassault Falcon 50EX (315) Global Jet Concept
LZ-CGS Boeing 737-4Q8 (26306) Cargo Air
M-ABCM Bombardier Challenger 300 (20277)
M-ATEX Dassault Falcon 900EX EASy (250)
M-ENTA Dassault Falcon 200 (511)
M-RONE Dassault Falcon 2000EX (28)
M-SAWO Gulfstream G550 (5050) Avcon Jet
N110QS Bombardier Global 5000 (9592) NetJets
N134WM Bombardier Challenger 604 (5340)
N222RA Gulfstream G4SP (1375)
N352AF Bombardier Global 5000 (9302)
N37HE Piper PA-24-260 (24-4514)
N502GM Gulfstream G350 (4011)
N502NX Cessna 750NG Citation X+ (750-0502) Cessna Aircraft Co
N505SS Gulfstream G5 (608)
N551PM Gulfstream G550 (5374)
N552PM Gulfstream G550 (5382)
N588G Gulfstream G550 (5488) General Dynamics Corporation
N652UA Boeing 767-322ER (25390) United Airlines
N662P Gulfstream G550 (5403)
N689WM Bombardier Global 5000 (9265)
N77ZA Pilatus PC-12/45 (300)
N801TM Gulfstream G550 (5222)
N850AC Socata TBM850 (426)
N882WT Gulfstream G5 (516) Qualcomm
N930JG Dassault Falcon 50 (230)
OE-FXE Cessna 525A (525A-0017)
OE-FXM Cessna 525A (525A-0341)
OE-GXL Cessna 560XL (560-5154)
OE-HBG Dassault Falcon 2000 (207)
OE-IMF Dassault Falcon 7X (125)
OE-IOE Dassault Falcon 900EX EASy (214) International Jet Management
OE-LFR Fokker F-70 (11572) Austrian Airlines
OE-LGP de Havilland Canada DHC-8Q-402 (4016) Austrian Airlines
OH-LEI Embraer Emb-170-100ST (17000120) Finnair
OO-SSC Airbus A319-112 (1086) Brussels Airlines
OO-SSQ Airbus A319-112 (3790) Brussels Airlines
OO-VLM Fokker F-50 (20135) Cityjet
OY-GKJ Dassault Falcon 2000LX (195) Air Alsie
OY-JJB Dornier Do.328-310 (3199) Sun-Air
OY-KFE Canadair Regional-Jet 900 (15224) SAS Scandinavian Airlines
P4-CEO Bombardier Challenger 605 (5732)
PH-CTR Cessna 680 (680-0525)
PH-KZF Fokker F-70 (11577) KLM cityhopper
S5-BDG Cessna 560XL (560-5215) Linxair
SE-RKM Cessna 525A (525A-0435)
SP-CEO Hawker 750XP (HB-70)
SP-LDI Embraer Emb-170-100LR (17000073) LOT Polish Airlines
SX-DVV Airbus A320-232 (3773) Aegean Airlines
SX-GRC Dassault Falcon 7X (109) Amjet Executive
T-352 Eurocopter EC135P2i (0685) Swiss Air Force
T7-BPJ Pilatus PC-12/47E (1406)
T7-LSS AgustaWestland AW139 (41265) Skymedia
T7-MRC Airbus A320-214 (5253) Middle East Airlines
TC-FTG Dassault Falcon 900EX EASy (161)
TC-JMM Airbus A321-232 (2916) THY Turkish Airlines
TS-IMN Airbus A320-211 (1187) Tunisair
UR-GBD Boeing 737-36Q (28659) Ukraine International Airlines
VP-BBJ Boeing 737-72U (29273)
VP-BOP Boeing 737-73W BBJ1 (40117) Hong Kong Jet
VP-CSG Dassault Falcon 7X (106) Volkswagen Air Service
VQ-BHM Airbus A321-211 (4500) Aeroflot Russian Airlines
VQ-BHN Airbus A320-214 (4498) Aeroflot Russian Airlines
VT-RSP Bombardier Challenger 300 (20356)
YR-CJF Dassault Falcon 900 (26)
YU-SPC Cessna 560XL (560-6136)