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    Welcome to our Trip Report Blog.
    Here we will post logs and pictures taken on aircraft spotting trips.
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    Header Picture: 6814 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21MF (966814) Displayed at Poznań-Kobylnica on 24/07/17

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    Sunday, 15 March 2015

    29/10/14 - Bogota - Caracas

    From RichT on the Aeroprints Tour.


    73-1217 Beech C-12C (BD-13) US Air Force
    84-00177 Beech C-12U (BL-107) US Army
    85-01270 Beech C-12U (BP-61) US Army National Guard
    CC-BAN Airbus A320 (4758) LAN Airlines
    CC-BAZ Airbus A320 (5229) LAN Airlines
    CC-BDB Boeing 767 (40590) LAN Colombia
    CC-BFC Airbus A320 (5316) LAN Airlines
    CC-BFD Airbus A320 (5324) LAN Airlines
    CC-BFE Airbus A320 (5364) LAN Airlines
    CC-CWF Boeing 767 (34626) LAN Airlines
    CC-CZZ Boeing 767 (25756) LAN Cargo
    CS-TFY Airbus A320 (1868) MasterJet
    D-AIHC Airbus A340 (523) Lufthansa
    F-GLZR Airbus A340 (307) Air France
    FAC0001 Boeing 737NG (29272) Colombian Air Force
    FAC1015 Lockheed C-130H Hercules (4498) Colombian Air Force
    FAC1041 Fokker 28 (11162) SATENA
    HK-4949 ATR-42 (621) SATENA
    FAC1201 Boeing 707 (19716) Colombian Air Force
    FAC1202 Boeing 767 (24157) Colombian Air Force
    FAC1203 Boeing 727 (19868) Colombian Air Force
    FAC1204 Boeing 727 (22608) Colombian Air Force
    FAC1209 Boeing 737 (25262) Colombian Air Force
    FAC1215 Embraer Emb135 (14501095) Colombian Air Force
    FAC-1247 Boeing 727 (20303) Colombian Air Force
    FAC-5733 Beechcraft King Air 350 (FL-689) Colombian Air Force
    HC-CJV Airbus A320 (4547) AeroGal
    HC-CKN Airbus A319 (1882) AeroGal
    HK-4491 DHC-8 (478) LAN Colombia
    HK-4505 Embraer Emb190 (19000114) Copa Airlines Colombia
    HK-4521 Bae Jetstream 41 (41092) Easyfly
    HK-4549 Airbus A320 (3408) Avianca
    HK-4607 Boeing 727 (22476) SELVA Cargo
    HK-4730 Antonov AN-26 (9510) Aerolineas Del Caribe
    HK-4817 Airbus A320 (1725) Viva Colombia
    HK-4818 Airbus A320 (1306) Viva Colombia
    HK-4888X Antonov AN-26 (10406) ServiCaribe Express
    HK-4956 ATR-72 (1116) Regional Express Americas
    HK-5000 ATR-72 (1142) Regional Express Americas
    HK-5070-X ATR-42 (655) EasyFly
    HK-5071-X ATR-42 (651) EasyFly
    HP-1374CMP Boeing 737NG (30459) Copa Airlines
    N195AV Airbus A320 (5195) Avianca
    N280AV Airbus A330 (1400) Avianca
    N398AV Airbus A320 (3988) Avianca
    N426AV Airbus A320 (4026) Avianca
    N477AV Airbus A320 (5477) Avianca
    N519AV Airbus A319 (5119) Avianca
    N536AV Airbus A320 (5360) Avianca
    N557AV Airbus A319 (5057) Avianca
    N598EL Airbus A318 (2552) Avianca
    N599AV Airbus A320 (4599) Avianca
    N612MX Airbus A319 (1612) Avianca
    N690AV Airbus A319 (5944) Avianca
    N694AV Airbus A319 (6068) Avianca Central America
    N725AV Airbus A321 (6219) Avianca Central America
    N789AV Airbus A320 (4789) Avianca
    N900JG Dassault Falcon 7X (115) Elmet 7X Inc
    N968AV Airbus A330 (1009) Avianca
    N969AV Airbus A330 (1016) Avianca
    N973AV Airbus A330 (1073) Avianca
    N992TA Airbus A319 (2066) Avianca

    Caracas-Simon Bolivar

    CS-TOF Airbus A330 (308) TAP Portugal
    D-AIKL Airbus A330 (905) Lufthansa
    EC-LZJ Airbus A330 (1490) Iberia
    F-GZCA Airbus A330 (422) Air France
    HP-1538CMP Boeing 737NG (36554) Copa Airlines
    LY-COM Airbus A320 (0528) Cubana
    LY-VEW Airbus A320 (1005) Cubana
    N118T Dassault Falcon 2000EX (022) Union Credit Leasing Corp
    N121JD IAI Westwind (252) Island Transport Group LLC
    N137WS Gulfstream 4 (1307) G1307 LLC
    N163FJ Dassault Falcon 7X (163) Dassault Falcon Jet Corp
    N179JA Gulfstream 200 (088) Don Goyo Aviation Corp
    N196AT Learjet 45 (45-344) Champion Aviation Holdings Inc
    N199HE IAI Astra Jet (027) 2029 Aircraft Trust 2 LLC Trustee
    N200VR Gulfstream 200 (133) 200PG PSA Holdings LLC
    N222G Grumman Gulfstream 3 (422) Solid Investment Aircorp Inc
    N227CP Canadair Challenger 601 (5097) Alesworth Inc
    N234ES Learjet 55 (55C-138) CSC Trust Co Of Delaware Trustee~ Wilmington, DE
    N247DH Swearingen SA227AT Merlin (AT-626B) Ameriflight
    N276GR Canadair Challenger 601 (5174) L60-215 Holdings LLC
    N27FL Hawker 800XP (258426) Encato Investments Inc
    N339CC Hawker 800XP (258277) International Aircraft Finance & Leasing Inc
    N34FS Canadair Challenger 604 (5307) Scott Villanueva
    N34VR Cessna Citation X (750-0034) Citation 0034 Corp
    N414PE BAe.125-800 (258090) White Flight Inc
    N445BH Canadair Challenger 605 (5758) Delaware Trust Co Trustee
    N450KK Gulfstream 4 (1225) Las Eugenias Aircraft Holdings LLC
    N493SA Boeing 737 (29487)
    N564RM IAI Westwind (434) SY 1826 Enterprises Inc
    N604DS Cessna Citation II (550-0647) Bank Of Utah Trustee
    N682TA Airbus A320 (3581) Avianca Central America
    N724AV Airbus A320 (6153) Avianca
    N747CX Dassault Falcon 20 (442) Main Event LLC
    N75FC Cessna Citationjet (525-0455) Bank Of Utah Trustee
    N777GU Canadair Challenger 601 (5084) GUG LLC
    N796HR IAI Astra Jet (085) Incopair II Inc
    N797AX Boeing 767 (23147) ABX Air - DHL Worldwide Express
    N802NN Boeing 737NG (31073) American Airlines
    N810AA Gulfstream 200 (063) Delaware Trust Co Trustee
    N818JH IAI Westwind (341) Bank Of Utah Trustee
    N94AM Dassault Falcon 2000LX (154) Aircraft Finance Aircorp Inc
    N95JN Learjet 35 (35A-595) Successful Winner Corp
    N97BD Beechcraft King Air 200 (BB-1277) Mark Solomon Trustee
    PR-GIT Boeing 737NG (28403) GOL Linhas Aereas Inteligentes
    YV185T Swearingen SA227AC Metro (DC-704B)
    YV1243 Douglas MD-81 (49908) LASER
    YV1574 Swearingen SA227TT Merlin (TT-435) Helitec
    YV1607 Beechcraft King Air 90 (LJ-0973) Transportes Guyanes SA
    YV1734 Beechcraft 1900 (UB-57) Aeropanamericano CA
    YV1766 Cessna 208B (208B0793)
    YV1844 LET L-410 (831114)
    YV2085 Beech C90GTi (LJ-1941)
    YV2110 Cessna Citation V (560-0511) Transpolar CA
    YV2419 Beechcraft King Air 90 (LJ-1828)
    YV2443 Cessna Citation II (550-0214) Hotel Tampa
    YV2485 Dassault Falcon 900EX (196)
    YV2486 Dassault Falcon 900EX (197) PDVSA Petroleo SA
    YV2493 Beech 200 (BL-23)
    YV2565 Learjet 45 (45-389) PDVSA Petroleo SA
    YV2653 Beechcraft King Air 90 (LJ-0720)
    YV266T Cessna Citation II (550-0943) Ricardo Cohen
    YV2686 Cessna Citation V (560-0093) Segrus Guyana CA
    YV2722 Boeing 737 (24031) Estelar Latinoamerica
    YV2757 ATR-42 (206) LTA - Linea Turistica Aereotuy
    YV2793 McDonnell MD-82 (49796) Aeropostal
    YV2851 Embraer Emb190 (19000515) ConViasa
    YV2855 Cessna Citation II (550-0427) Profit Corporation CA
    YV2872 IAI Astra Jet (036) Constructora Francisco Miranda CA
    YV2911 Embraer Emb190 (19000610) ConViasa
    YV2927 MD-82 (49924) LASER
    YV2943 Embraer Emb190 (19000634) ConViasa
    YV2966 Embraer Emb190 (19000646) ConViasa
    YV2990 Douglas MD-83 (53473) ASERCA Aeroservicios Carabobo
    YV2992 Douglas MD-82 (53206) Aeropostal
    YV380T Boeing 737 (22127) RUTACA Airlines
    YV388T LET L-410 (882040)
    YV469T MD-81 (53299) LASER
    YV485T MD-83 (49668) Aserca
    YV494T McDonnell MD-82 (49521) ASERCA Aeroservicios Carabobo
    YV528T Boeing 767 (24349) SBA Airlines
    YV535T Boeing 737 (23153) Venezolana - Linea Aerea De Venezuela