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Thursday, 17 July 2014

13/07/14 - Norwich - Old Buckenham - Tibenhams - Seething - Beccles - Monewdon - Crowfield - Elmsett - Hadleigh - Nayland - Biggin Hill

Day 3 of the trip. Our grateful thanks to all the owners/pilots who granted us access.

Norwich County Hall - 09:00

XW563 SEPECAT Jaguar S (S-07) Preserved

Norwich - 09:15-10:10

(5N-MJA) Boeing 737-322 (24360) Stored
D-AGEN Boeing 737-75B (28100) Germania
G-BIMU Sikorsky S-61N (61752) Stored/Bristow Helicopters Ltd
G-BNNO Piper PA-28-161 (28-8116099)
G-BPWB Sikorsky S-61N (61822) Stored/Bristow Helicopters Ltd
G-BRXU Aerospatiale AS.332L Super Puma (2092) Stored/Bristow Helicopters Ltd
G-BZOG Dornier Do.328-110 (3088) Loganair
G-CCGS Dornier Do.328-100 (3101) Loganair
G-CERY SAAB 2000 (008) Eastern Airways
G-CHNS AgustaWestland AW139 (31465) Bristow Helicopters Ltd
G-EEGU Piper PA-28-161 (28-7916457)
G-KLNP Eurocopter EC120B (1492) Saxonair
G-ODSK Boeing 737-37Q (28537) Stored
G-TIGE Aerospatiale AS.332L Super Puma (2028) Stored/Bristow Helicopters Ltd
(G-TOYD) Boeing 737-3Q8 (26307) Stored
(G-TOYI) Boeing 737-3Q8 (28054) Stored
OY-HJB Eurocopter EC.155B1 (6871) DanCopter A/S
(P4-GIU)/YV-2787) British Aerospace 146-RJ85 (E2349) Lamia Airlines
(PH-JCH) Fokker F-70 (11528) Stored
(PH-KZG) Fokker F-70 (11578) Stored
PH-KZH Fokker F-70 (11583) KLM cityhopper
PH-KZU Fokker F-70 (11543) KLM cityhopper
(PH-KZV) Fokker F-70 (11556) Stored
(PH-LNH) Fokker F-100 (11341) Sol del Paraguay
PH-WXA Fokker F-70 (11570) Stored

Old Buckenham - 10:45

G-AFWI de Havilland DH-82A Tiger Moth (82187)
G-ARNE Piper PA-22-108 (22-8502)
G-AVWA Piper PA-28-140 (28-23660)
G-AYUH Piper PA-28-180 (28-7105042)
G-BAVR American Aviation AA-5 (0348)
(G-BFBY)/329707/S-44 Piper L-4H Cub (10998)
G-BFXS Rockwell Commander 114 (14271)
G-BKFC Reims-Cessna F.152 (1443)
G-BLMN Rutan Long Ez (PFA 074A-10643)
G-BUKP Denney Kitfox (PFA 172-12301)
G-CCGG Jabiru J400 (PFA 325-14055)
G-CCVP Beech 58 Baron (TH-1948)
G-ELZN Piper PA-28-161 (28-8416078)
G-LFSC Piper PA-28-140 (28-7425005)
(G-OBEE)/3397/174 Boeing Stearman N2S-3 Kaydet (75-1174)
G-OTNA Robinson R44 (11092)
G-OWTF Christen S-2B (5189)
G-RVPL/06 Van's RV-8 (PFA 303-13885)
G-WJCM CASA 1.131E (2053)
N322RJ Beech B60 Duke (P-322)
N3596T Aero Commander Twin Commander 500 (752) Centreline Aerospace
N6954J Piper PA-32R-300 (32R-7680394)
N9405H Beech D.17S (4803)

Tibenham Priory Farm - 11:35

(G-AHSD)/LB323 Taylorcraft UK Plus D (182)
G-AKVN Aeronca 11AC Chief (11AC-469)
G-ASML Luton LA-4A Minor (PFA 802)
G-BGHY Taylor JT.1 Monoplane (PFA 1455)
(G-BHPK)/238410/A-44 Piper L-4A Cub (8979)
G-BIFO Evans VP-1 Volksplane (PFA 062-10411)
G-BLCW Evans VP-1 Volksplane (PFA 062-10835)
G-BOOH Jodel D.112 (481)
G-BUPR Jodel D.18 (PFA 169-11289)
G-CBDL Mainair Blade (1292-0701-7)
G-CBIB Flight Design CT2K (01-08-06-23)
G-CCFO Pitts S-1S Special (001)
G-CCKO P & M Aviation Pegasus (7982)
G-CDDS Zenair CH.601HD Zodiac (PFA 162-14223)
G-CETO Best Off Skyranger (BMAA/HB/541)
G-CEWT Flight Design CTSW (07-10-10)
G-CEZE Best Off Skyranger (BMAA/HB/555)
G-CGEX P & M Aviation Quik (8491)
G-FBSS Aeroprakt A.22LS Foxbat (LAA 317B-15101)
G-LDWS SAN Jodel D.150A (48)
G-MYDF Tennessee Eng. & Manufacturing MiniMax (PFA 186-12129)
G-MYGR Rans S.6 Coyote (PFA 204-12378)
G-MYYL Cyclone AX3 (7110)
G-SDFM Evektor EV-97 EuroStar (PFA 315-13884)
N38940/18263/822 Boeing Stearman PT-17 Kaydet (75-1822)
(N6438C)/298177/R-8 Stinson L-5B Sentinel (76-1428)
(N68427) Boeing Stearman N2S-4 Kaydet (75-5008) ..under restoration
N75TQ/3403/180 Boeing Stearman N2S-3 Kaydet (75-1180)
PH-RTS Jodel DR.1050M (946)

Tibenham - 12:05

BGA886/BDM Slingsby T.21B Sedbergh (1216)
G-ADNZ/DE673 de Havilland DH-82A Tiger Moth (85614)
G-AODT de Havilland DH-82A Tiger Moth (83109)
G-APUW Auster J/5V-160 (3273)
G-AVAW Rollason D.62C Condor (RAE617)
G-BOHJ Cessna 152 (152-80558)
(G-BTZB)/10 yellow Yakovlev Yak-50 (801810)
G-BUGL Slingsby T.61F Falke (1966)
G-BYNS Jabiru SK (PFA 274-13235)
G-BZGM Mainair Blade (1247-0400-7)
G-CBPM Yakovlev Yak-50 (812101)
G-CDVS Europa Europa XS (PFA 247-13217)
G-CDZA Alpi Aviation Pioneer 300 (PFA 330-14329)
G-CKBL/N12 Grob G.102 (1464)
G-CKCPNG1 Grob G.102 (1094)
G-DCCF/CCF Schleicher ASK-13 (13042)
G-DDUE/A11 Schleicher ASK-13 (13591)
G-DECW/ECW Schleicher ASK-21 (21008)
G-DKDP Grob G.109 (6100)
G-FUNK Yakovlev Yak-50 (852908)
G-GYAK Yakovlev Yak-50 (825905)
G-HAMM Yakovlev Yak-50 (832409)
G-JHYS Europa Europa (PFA 247-13307)
G-JYAK/R Yakovlev Yak-50 (853001)
G-KEMC Grob G.109 (6024)
G-MZKU Thruster T600T (9038-T600T-024)
G-NINA Piper PA-28-161 (28-7716162)
G-OKIS Tri-R TR-1 (PFA 239-12248)
G-ONGC Robin DR.400-180R (1385)
G-STEM Stemme S-10V (14-027)
N30NW Piper PA-30-160 (30-312) Centreline Aerospace
N39CR Piper PA-39-160 (39-4)
N515CL Cessna 182G (182-55135) Centreline Aerospace
N88NL Christen S-2B Special (5147)
unmarked Slingsby T.45 Swallow (unknown) ..dismantled

Seething - 13:20

G-ASUS Jurca MJ.2E (PFA 2001)
G-AYAT Piper PA-28-180 (28-5801)
G-BAIS Reims-Cessna F.177RG (0069)
G-BAUH Jodel D.112 (870)
G-BCRB Reims-Cessna F.172M (1259)
G-BLRC Piper L-21B-135 Cub (18-3602)
G-BOIV Cessna 150M (150-78620)
G-BWAP Clutton FRED III (PFA 029-10959)
G-CBRR Evektor EV-97 EuroStar (PFA 315-13919)
G-CDMA Piper PA-28-151 (28-7415650)
G-DOTY Van's RV-7 (PFA 323-14387)
G-GCKI Mooney M.20K (25-0401)
G-HUMH Van's RV-9A (PFA 320-14357)
G-JEWL Van's RV-7 (PFA 323-14523)
N6602Y Piper PA-28-140 (28-21943)
N834CD Cirrus Design SR-22 (0168)

Beccles - 13:40

F-JTYB Pipistrel Virus S-Wing 100 (415SWN100)
G-AROA Cessna 172B (172-48628)
G-ASMY Piper PA-23-160 (23-2032)
G-ATHZ Cessna 150F (150-61586)
G-AVHM Reims-Cessna F.150G (0181)
G-AVZU Reims-Cessna F.150H (0283)
G-AWTX Reims-Cessna F.150J (0404)
G-AZKZ Reims-Cessna F.172L (0814)
G-BEIG Reims-Cessna F.150M (1361)
G-BEZK Reims-Cessna F.172H (0462)
G-BJVM Cessna 172N (172-69374)
G-BLIT Thorp T.18 Tiger (PFA 076-10550)
G-BSKA Cessna 150M (150-76137)
G-BYEO Zenair CH.601HDS Zodiac (PFA 162-13345)
G-CFAV Ikarus Comco C-42 Cyclone (0802-6939)
G-CTSL Flight Design CTSupralight (E12-09-07)
G-UKPS Cessna 208 (208-00423)

Monewdon Cherry Tree Farm - 16:00

G-MZJJ Murphy Maverick (PFA 259-13016)
main hangar empty and nothing outside, looks to be closed

Crowfield - 16:35

G-BEBR Gardan GY-201 Minicab (PFA 1824)
G-BHMG Reims-Cessna FA.152 (0368)
G-BTON Piper PA-28-140 (28-7425343)
G-BVFZ Maule M-5 180C (8082C)
G-CBCP Van's RV-6A (PFA 181A-13643)
G-CBMT Robin DR.400-180 (2538)
G-CDYZ Van's RV-7 (PFA 323-14276)
G-CEGH Van's RV-9A (PFA 320-14468)
G-DUDE/19 Van's RV-8 (PFA 303-13246)
G-FELL Europa Europa (PFA 247-13208)
G-IEJH SAN Jodel D.150A (02)
G-MRVL Van's RV-7 (PFA 323-14349)
G-OSPY Cirrus Design SR-20 (1546)
G-SCSC Czech Aircraft Works SportCruiser (LAA 338-14852)

Elmsett - 17:10

(G-ANIE)/TW467 Auster 5 (1809)
G-AWAZ Piper PA-28R-180 (28R-30512)
G-AZNL Piper PA-28R-200 (28R-7235006)
G-BAAW Jodel D.119 (366)
G-BVNU FLS Sprint Club (004)
G-BVVW Yakovlev Yak-52 (844605)
G-BXJB Yakovlev Yak-52 (877403)
G-ECAK Reims-Cessna F.172M (1509)
G-NYKS Cessna 182T (182-81607)

Hadleigh Gunsmoke Paintball - 17:30

(XN554) BAC Jet Provost T.3 (PAC/W/11809)
(XN579) BAC Jet Provost T.3A (XN579)
(XP629) BAC Jet Provost T.4 (XP629)
(XP686) BAC Jet Provost T.4 (PAC/W/18310)
(XT467) Westland WS.58 Wessex HU.5 (WA289)
we couldn't see Scout XW796

Nayland Hill Farm - 18:00

G-ATUF Reims-Cessna F.150F (0040)
G-AZVL Jodel D.119 (794)
G-BIDO Piel CP.301A Emeraude (327)
G-BPII Denney Kitfox (PFA 172-11496)
G-BRXG Aeronca 7AC Champion (7AC-3910)
G-CDJB Van's RV-4 (1270)
G-VIVO Nicollier HN.700 (PFA 217-14039)
unregistered Rand-Robinson KR-1 (5410) ..fuselage, unfinished project

Biggin Hill - 19:55

D-ASHY Bombardier Challenger 605 (5926)
D-ISAG Raytheon 390 Premier (RB-221)
G-BICG Reims-Cessna F.152 (1796)
G-BMGG Cessna 152 (152-79592)
G-CBWD Piper PA-28-161 (2842160)
G-CPFC Reims-Cessna F.152 (1430)
G-ENNA Piper PA-28-161 (28-7916060)
G-IFTF Hawker 800B (258021)
G-LUSH Piper PA-28-151 (28-7515201)
G-MICE Cessna 510 (510-0156)
G-RAAM Piper PA-28-161 (28-8016276)
G-SONE Cessna 525A (525A-0031)
I-MFAB Hawker 900XP (HA-0074) Italfly
K9998/QJ-K Spitfire Mk.I FSM (Unknown) Preserved
N317MJ Gulfstream G4 (1122)
N460QS Gulfstream G4SP (1360) NetJets International
N65PF Piper PA-30-160 (30-1515)
P2921/GZ-L Hurricane I FSM (Unknown) Preserved