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    Welcome to our Trip Report Blog.
    Here we will post logs and pictures taken on aircraft spotting trips.
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    Header Picture: N104AZ Van's RV-10 (41226) at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2016

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    Sunday, 14 August 2011

    14/08/11 - Dunkeswell

    Jac Osborne visited the Fly-in in G-AZCZ. Pics from Jac, log from reports on the newsgroups. Thanks Jac.


    G-ASNW Reims-Cessna F.172E (0031)
    G-ASSS Cessna 172E (172-51467)
    G-ASVG Rousseau CP.301B (109)
    G-ASVG_  Dunkswell
    G-ATWA SAN Jodel DR.1050 (296)
    G-ATWA- Jodel_  Dunkswell
    G-AVFZ Piper PA-28-140 (28-22767)
    G-AVMB Rollason Condor D.62B (RAE621)
    G-AYEW SAN Jodel DR.1050 (443)
    G-AYPU Piper PA-28R-200 (28R-7135005)
    G-AZCZ Beagle B121 Pup 150 (B167)
    G-AZCZ_  Dunkswell  Our Transport
    G-AZVI Socata MS.892A (12039)
    G-BADM Rollason Condor D.62B (RAE653)
    G-BADM_  Dunkswell
    G-BAKN SNCAN Stampe SV.4C (348)
    G-BAKN_  Dunkswell
    G-BANA Centre-Est DR.221 (73)
    G-BANA- Jodel_  Dunkswell
    G-BCLI American Aviation AA-5 (0643)
    G-BCLI- Grumma AA5_  Dunkswell
    G-BCVB Piper PA-17 (17-190)
    G-BCVB- Piper Cub_  Dunkswell
    G-BECA Socata MS.880B (2751)
    G-BFVU Cessna 150L (150-74684)
    G-BGVK Piper PA-28-161 (28-7816400)
    G-BHXS Wassmer Jodel D.120 (133)
    G-BJOE Wassmer Jodel D.120A (177)
    G-BKMA Mooney M.20J (24-1316)
    G-BKMA- Mooney Bravo_  Dunkswell
    G-BKRH Brugger MB.2 (PFA 043-10150)
    G-BLMP Piper PA-17 (17-193)
    G-BMEX Cessna A.150K (A150-0169)
    G-BOMZ Piper PA-38-112 (38-78A0635)
    G-BOMZ_  Dunkswell
    G-BPCK Piper PA-28-161 (28-8016279)
    G-BPCK - Piper Warrior_  Dunkswell
    G-BPMX ARV ARV-1 Super 2 (PFA 152-11128)
    G-BPMX - ARV1 Super 2_  Dunkswell
    G-BPPF Piper PA-38-112 (38-79A0578)
    G-BRBD Piper PA-28-151 (28-7415315)
    G-BRBD - Piper Warrior_  Dunkswell
    G-BRHA Piper PA-32RT-300 (32R-7985076)
    G-BRHA_  Dunkswell
    G-BSMN CFM Streak Shadow (PFA 161-11656)
    G-BSVE Binder CP.301S (113)
    G-BTDT CASA 1.131E (2131)
    G-BTDT_  Dunkswell
    G-BUCO Pietenpol Air Camper (PFA 047-11829)
    G-BUCO_  Dunkswell
    G-BUDR Denney Kitfox (PFA 172-12107)
    G-BUDR- Denney Kitfox MK3_  Dunkswell
    G-BVDT CFM Streak Shadow SA-1 (PFA 206-12462)
    G-BVLT Bellanca 7GCBC (1103-79)
    G-BVSF Aero Designs Pulsar (PFA 202-12071)
    G-BVSF - Freestone Pulsar_  Dunkswell
    G-BWMB Jodel D.119 (77-1492)
    G-BWPS CFM Streak Shadow SA (PFA 206-12954)
    G-BWPS - Microlight shadow_  Dunkswell
    G-BWYI Denney Kitfox (PFA 172-12143)
    G-BXIO SAN Jodel DR.1050M (493)
    G-BYCS SAN Jodel DR.1051 (201)
    G-BYCS-  Jodel 1051_  Dunkswell
    G-CCKL Evektor EV-97A (PFA 315-14117)
    G-CCMM Dyn'Aero MCR-01 (PFA 301B-13945)
    G-CCMM_  Dunkswell
    G-CDCC Evektor EV-97 (PFA 315A-14262)
    G-CDCC_  Dunkswell
    G-CDJR Evektor EV-97 (2005-2318)
    G-CDSF Diamond DA 40D (D4.190)
    G-CEAT Zenair CH.601 (PFA 162-13930)
    G-CEAT_  Dunkswell
    G-CEKO Robin DR.400-100 (1932)
    G-CEYM Van's RV-6 (PFA 181A-14595)
    G-CEYM - Vans Rv-6_  Dunkswell
    G-CEYR AutoGyro Europe MT-03 (RSUK/MT-03/032)
    G-CEYR - Motorsport_  Dunkswell
    G-CFIC SAN Jodel DR.1050M1 (432)
    G-CFIH Piel CP.1320 (PFA 170-11266)
    G-CGJS Czech Aircraft Works SportCruiser (LAA 338-14962)
    G-CGJS - Tiley Sportcruiser_  Dunkswell
    G-CGNC AutoGyro Europe MTO (RSUK/MTOS/035)
    G-CGOG Evektor EV-97 (LAA 315A-14980)
    G-CGOG -  EV-97A EUROSTAR_  Dunkswell
    G-CGRO Robin DR.400-140B (2272)
    G-CGWS Raj Hamsa X'Air Hawk (LAA 340-15025)
    G-CGWS - Collins T xAir hawk_  Dunkswell
    G-CRWZ Czech Aircraft Works SportCruiser (PFA 338-14648)
    G-DCPB Eurocopter EC145C-2 (9265)
    G-DEEZ Denney Kitfox (931)
    G-DEEZ - Denney Kitfox mk3_  Dunkswell
    G-DLEE Socata TB-9 (884)
    G-DOZZ Best Off Skyranger (BMAA/HB/573)
    G-OOZZ_  Dunkswell
    G-EVSL Evektor EV-97 (LAA 315B-14891)
    G-FLYB Ikarus Comco C-42 (0309-6572)
    G-FOXZ Denney Kitfox (PFA 172-11834)
    G-FOXZ_  Dunkswell
    G-HMHM AutoGyro Europe MTO (RSUK/MTOS/004)
    G-IMAB Europa Europa XS (PFA 247-13128)
    G-IOSL Van's RV-9 (90121)
    G-JABS Jabiru UL (PFA 274A-13704)
    G-JLHS Beech A36 (E-2571)
    G-KATS Piper PA-28-140 (28-7325022)
    G-MYGP Rans S-6-ESD Coyote (0992 349)
    g-mygp_  Dunkswell
    G-OCAD Sequoia F.8L (PFA 100-12114)
    G-OFIT Socata TB-10 (938)
    G-OFIT_  Dunkswell
    G-ONUN Van's RV-6A (PFA 181-12976)
    G-ONUN_  Dunkswell
    G-OTEC Tecnam P.2002 Sierra (LAA 333-14950)
    G-OTEC_  Dunkswell
    G-PGFG Tecnam P.92 Echo (PFA 318-13772)
    G-PHYS Jabiru SP (PFA 274B-13926)
    G-PHYZ Jabiru J430 (PFA 336-14617)
    G-PHYZ- Jabiru J430_  Dunkswell
    G-PJMT Neico Lancair 320 (PFA 191-12348)
    G-RUVY Van's RV-9A (PFA 320-13807)
    G-RVJO Van's RV-9A (PFA 320-13778)
    G-RVJO_  Dunkswell
    G-SAGE Luscombe 8A (2581)
    G-SAGE_  Dunkswell
    G-SLNT Flight Design CTSW (06-10-02)
    G-SPDY Raj Hamsa X'Air Hawk (PFA 340-14678)
    G-SPDY - Gimour White Hawk_  Dunkswell
    G-TEMB Tecnam P.2002 Sierra (PFA 333-14593)
    G-VTAL Beech V35 (D-7978)
    G-VTAL - Beech Bonanza_  Dunkswell
    N134TT Cessna L-19E (24541)
    N134TJ_  Dunkswell
    N882JH Maule M-7-235B (23056C)
    N882JH - Maule Orion_  Dunkswell
    OO-CPD Robin DR.400-120 (2215)
    OO-CPD- Robin_  Dunkswell


    G-ALBJ Auster 5 (1831)
    G-AVSC Piper PA-28-180 (28-4193)
    G-AVWR Piper PA-28R-180 (28R-30242)
    G-AXCG Jodel D.117 (510)
    G-BACE Sportavia RF-5 (5102)
    G-BFWD/C3009 Currie Wot (PFA 3009)
    C'3009_  Dunkswell
    G-BHUG Cessna 172N (172-72985)
    G-BLHS Bellanca 7ECA (1342-80)
    G-BLHS- _  Dunkswell
    G-BPFZ Cessna 152 (152-85741)
    G-CEDC Ikarus Comco C-42 (0607-6831)
    G-CETL P & M Aviation Quik (8307)
    G-DENE Piper PA-28-140 (28-21710)
    G-DUNK Reims-Cessna F.172M (1402)
    G-DUNK- Cessna 182_  Dunkswell
    G-IIIO Schempp-Hirth Ventus 2cM (41)
    G-MGPA Ikarus Comco C-42 (0412-6635)
    G-MPGA_  Dunkswell
    G-MZHU Thruster T600T (9077-T600T-019)
    G-OFRY Cessna 152 (152-81420)
    G-OFRY - Cessna 152_  Dunkswell
    G-OSTL Ikarus Comco C-42 (0503-6661)
    G-OSTL_  Dunkswell
    G-OVAL Ikarus Comco C-42 (0407-6608)
    G-OVAL- Microlight_  Dunkswell
    G-RACY Cessna 182S (182-80588)
    G-RACY- Cessna 182_  Dunkswell
    G-RYNS Piper PA-32-301FT (3232071)
    G-SAWI Piper PA-32RT-300T (32R-7887069)
    G-TBOK Socata TB-10 (1111)
    G-TLST TL Ultralight TL-2000 (LAA 347-14895)
    N21381 Piper PA-34-200 (34-7350274)
    N4178R Piper PA-34-220T (3449113)
    N899DZ Beech B.99 (U-153)