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Header Picture: McDonnell-Douglas QF-4E Phantom IIs 73-1167 & 74-1638 of USAF/53rdWEG at Oshkosh 2016

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Thursday, 7 July 2011

03/07/11 - Stansted - Takely - North Weald - Luton - Denham - Notholt - Heathrow

IanG, RichT and MatthewB had a day out for the Air Britain Fly-in

Stansted - 06:00-08:45

A6-MRM Boeing 737-8EC (32450) Dubai Government Air Wing
A6-ORX Gulfstream G450 (4133)
C-GJKI Dassault Falcon 2000LX (34)
D-ABQG de Havilland Canada DHC-8Q-402 (4250) Air Berlin
D-AGWE Airbus A319-132 (3128) Germanwings
D-AGWO Airbus A319-132 (4166) Germanwings
D-AKNQ Airbus A319-112 (1170) Germanwings
D-AONE Embraer ERJ-135 Legacy 600 BJ (14500988) DC Aviation
EI-DAH Boeing 737-8AS (33546) Ryanair
EI-DAJ Boeing 737-8AS (33548) Ryanair
EI-DAK Boeing 737-8AS (33717) Ryanair
EI-DCF Boeing 737-8AS (33804) Ryanair
EI-DCG Boeing 737-8AS (33805) Ryanair
EI-DCI Boeing 737-8AS (33567) Ryanair
EI-DCL Boeing 737-8AS (33806) Ryanair
EI-DCN Boeing 737-8AS (33808) Ryanair
EI-DCR Boeing 737-8AS (33811) Ryanair
EI-DCV Boeing 737-8AS (33814) Ryanair
EI-DHA Boeing 737-8AS (33571) Ryanair
EI-DHD Boeing 737-8AS (33816) Ryanair
EI-DHT Boeing 737-8AS (33581) Ryanair
EI-DLF Boeing 737-8AS (33588) Ryanair
EI-DLJ Boeing 737-8AS (34177) Ryanair
EI-DLM Boeing 737-8AS (33594) Ryanair
EI-DLT Boeing 737-8AS (33597) Ryanair
EI-DPN Boeing 737-8AS (35549) Ryanair
EI-DPO Boeing 737-8AS (33612) Ryanair
EI-DWB Boeing 737-8AS (36075) Ryanair
EI-DWP Boeing 737-8AS (36082) Ryanair
EI-DWT Boeing 737-8AS (33626) Ryanair
EI-DYJ Boeing 737-8AS (36572) Ryanair
EI-DYN Boeing 737-8AS (36576) Ryanair
EI-EBZ Boeing 737-8AS (35008) Ryanair
EI-EFJ Boeing 737-8AS (37536) Ryanair
EI-EFR Boeing 737-8AS (37541) Ryanair
EI-EFX Boeing 737-8AS (35019) Ryanair
EI-EKF Boeing 737-8AS (35025) Ryanair
EI-EKI Boeing 737-8AS (38496) Ryanair
EI-EMB Boeing 737-8AS (38511) Ryanair
EI-EMC Boeing 737-8AS (38510) Ryanair
EI-EME Boeing 737-8AS (35029) Ryanair
EI-EMJ Boeing 737-8AS (34975) Ryanair
EI-EMR Boeing 737-8AS (40284) Ryanair
EI-ENE Boeing 737-8AS (34976) Ryanair
EI-ENN Boeing 737-8AS (35036) Ryanair
EI-ENR Boeing 737-8AS (35041) Ryanair
EI-ENS Boeing 737-8AS (40307) Ryanair
EI-EPF Boeing 737-8AS (40309) Ryanair
G-BWDB Aerospatiale ATR 72 202 (449) Aurigny Air Service
G-EZAA Airbus A319-111 (2677) EasyJet
G-EZAL Airbus A319-111 (2754) EasyJet
G-EZBO Airbus A319-111 (3082) EasyJet
G-EZBT Airbus A319-111 (3090) EasyJet
G-EZDB Airbus A319-111 (3411) EasyJet
G-EZDP Airbus A319-111 (3675) EasyJet
G-EZFR Airbus A319-111 (4125) EasyJet
G-EZGD Airbus A319-111 (4451) EasyJet
G-EZIE Airbus A319-111 (2446) EasyJet
G-EZII Airbus A319-111 (2471) EasyJet
G-EZMS Airbus A319-111 (2378) EasyJet
G-FDZS Boeing 737-8K5 (35147) Thomson Airways
G-LEAF Reims-Cessna F.406 Caravan II (F406-0018) RVL Aviation
G-OAMB Cessna 510 Citation Mustang (510-0050)
G-OMYA Airbus A320-214 (0716) Thomas Cook Airlines
G-OOAR Airbus A320-214 (1320) Thomson Airways
G-POWC Boeing 737-33AF (25402) Titan Airways
G-POWD Boeing 767-36NER (30847) Titan Airways
G-WCCI Embraer ERJ-135 Legacy BJ (145505) London Executive Aviation
G-ZAPX Boeing 757-256 (29309) Titan Airways
HZ-DME Dassault Falcon 900 (076)
LX-GJC Airbus A318-112CJ Elite (3100) Global Jet Concept
N120AK Bombardier Global Express (9153)
N202DF Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign (680-0098) Executive Jet Management
N300K Gulfstream G5 (587) Executive Jet Management
N312PV Dassault Falcon 900EX (67)
N52MK Gulfstream G4SP (1337)
N70PS Bombardier Global Express (9012)
N747AG Embraer ERJ-135 Legacy 600 BJ (14501132)
N770BB Boeing 757-2J4 (25220)
N7799T Gulfstream G4SP (1474) Arabian Jets
SX-GJN Bombardier Global Express (9260) Gainjet
VP-CME Boeing 767-231 (22567) Mid East Jet
VQ-BON Eurocopter AS 365N3 (6770) ex 9M-TSN

Takeley Street Farm - 09:00-09:15

G-BNZO Rotorway Exec (3535)
G-BUJZ Rotorway Exec (6793)
G-BVOY Rotorway Exec (5238)
G-BWUJ Rotorway Exec (6153)
G-BYNI Rotorway Exec (5216)
G-BZBW Rotorway Exec (6415)
G-BZES Rotorway Exec (6191)
G-CBJV Rotorway Exec (6589)
G-CBWO Rotorway Exec (6597)
G-CCFY Rotorway Exec (6719)
G-ESUS Rotorway Exec (6169/6729)
G-JONG Rotorway Exec (6168)
G-OHOV Rotorway Exec (6885)
G-TALN Rotorway A600 Talon (8022)
G-WHOO Rotorway Exec (6495)

North Weald Air Britain Fly-In

see log under events

Luton - 13:40-14:00

A6-AZH Gulfstream 450 (4136)
A7-RZA Bombardier 605 Challenger (5798)
C-FJOA Dassault Falcon 2000EX EASy (126)
C-GCPM Gulfstream G4 (1238)
CS-DLD Dassault Falcon 2000EX EASy (109) NetJets Europe
CS-DMD Beech 400XP Beechjet (RK-407) NetJets Europe
CS-DRM Hawker 800XPi (258771) NetJets Europe
D-CCCA Learjet 35A 35-160 Jet Executive International
D-IEFA Cessna 525A Citation Jet 2+ (525A-0358)
EC-KBC IAI Galaxy G200 (145) Executive Airlines
EI-DWE Boeing 737-8AS (36074) Ryanair
EI-DYC Boeing 737-8AS (36567) Ryanair
EI-DYE Boeing 737-8AS (36568) Ryanair
EI-XLS Cessna 560 Citation Excel S (560-5666) Airlink Airways
G-BIKO Boeing 757-236F (22187) DHL Worldwide Courier Express
G-BYAP Boeing 757-204 (27236) Thomson Airways
G-CDLT Hawker 800XP (258710)
G-CGMC Embraer ERJ-135ER (145198) Eastern Airways
G-CGUL Gulfstream G550 (5176) GAMA Aviation
G-CGUZ Cessna 525A Citation Jet 2+ (525A-0473) GAMA Aviation
G-CIEL Cessna 560 Citation Excel (560-5247) London Executive Aviation
G-CPSH Eurocopter EC135T2 (0209) Police ASU
G-EDCM Cessna 525A Citation Jet 2 (525A-0213) Air Charter Scotland
G-EZBR Airbus A319-111 (3088) EasyJet
G-EZED Airbus A319-111 (2170) EasyJet
G-EZFK Airbus A319-111 (4048) EasyJet
G-EZGL Airbus A319-111 (4744) EasyJet
G-EZSM Airbus A319-111 (2062) EasyJet
G-HARK Bombardier 604 Challenger (5646) Twinjet Aircraft
G-KSFR Bombardier Challenger 300 (20189) London Executive Aviation
G-LEAA Cessna 510 Citation Mustang (510-0072) London Executive Aviation
G-LEAB Cessna 510 Citation Mustang (510-0073) London Executive Aviation
G-LEGC Embraer ERJ-135 Legacy 600 BJ (14501025) London Executive Aviation
G-MATF Gulfstream G4 (1109) GAMA Aviation
G-MPTP Bombardier 604 Challenger (5403)
G-MRJK Airbus A320-214 (1081) Monarch Airlines
G-OMRH Cessna 550 Citation Bravo (550-1086)
G-PFCT Learjet 45 (45-055) The Fighter Collection
G-SFCJ Cessna 525 Citation Jet (525-0245) Hangar 8
G-VILP Embraer ERJ-135 Legacy 600 BJ (14501127) London Executive Aviation
HA-LPB Airbus A320-233 (1635) Wizz Air
HA-LPJ Airbus A320-232 (3127) Wizz Air
HA-LWL Airbus A320-232 (4736) Wizz Air
HB-JKF Gulfstream G450 (4203)
JY-KME Embraer ERJ-135 Legacy 600 (14501055) Arab Wings
N107VS Gulfstream G550 (5043)
N10EU Dassault Falcon 2000EX EASy (46)
N132SD Gulfstream G5 (537)
N144PK Gulfstream G4 (1210)
N222LX Gulfstream G5 (633)
N251VP Gulfstream G450 (4083)
N25SB Bombardier 601 Challenger 3A (5115)
N270SC Gulfstream G4 (1229)
N288Z Bombardier Global Express (9228)
N300CR Gulfstream G4SP (1401)
N30GZ Swearingen SJ-30-2 (010)
N352BH Gulfstream G4SP (1393)
N400FJ Gulfstream G4SP (1494)
N425QS Gulfstream G450 (4010) NetJets International
N444MG Hawker 800XP (258415)
N568M Bombardier Global Express (9069)
N600AK Bombardier Global Express (9033)
N605CH Gulfstream G550 (5263)
N60LW Cessna 550 Citation Bravo (550-1129)
N671LE Gulfstream G550 (5130)
N673BF Boeing 767-238ER (23402)
N726AF Bombardier Global Express (9352)
N737ER Boeing BBJ (30754)
N80AT Gulfstream G4SP (1410)
N811DF Gulfstream G4SP (1306)
N85V Gulfstream G5 (595)
N889JA Bombardier Global Express (9148)
N900JG Dassault Falcon 900EX EASy (168)
N914QS Cessna 750 Citation X (750-0296) NetJets
OE-GAG Beech 400XP Beechjet (RK-448) Avcon Jet
OE-IIS Gulfstream G5 (572) Avcon Jet
OM-OPF Dassault Falcon 2000 (207) Opera Jet
OY-VGA Canadair Regional-Jet 850 (8077) Execujet Scandinavia
P4-KMK Bombardier 605 Challenger (5799) Comlux Aviation
SX-IRP IAI Galaxy G200 (142) Gainjet
TR-KSP Gulfstream G4SP (1327) Gabonese Government
VP-CFM Cessna 560 Citation Excel (560-5218)
VP-CSF Gulfstream G4SP (1390)
VQ-BLA Gulfstream G550 (5215)

Denham - 14:30-15:00

G-ATOI Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee (28-21556)
G-BNHJ Cessna 152 (152-81249)
G-BNSN Cessna 152 (152-85776)
G-BOJS Cessna 172P (172-74582)
G-BSFP Cessna 152 (152-85548)
G-BYEM Cessna R.182rg Skylane (R182-00822)
G-CEEU Piper PA-28-161 Cadet (2841038) Cabair Group
G-CEYE Piper PA-32R-300 Lance (32R-7780533)
G-DMRS Robinson R44 Raven II (10513)
G-DNOP Piper PA-46-350P Malibu Mirage (4636303)
G-FIFI Socata TB-20 Trinidad (688)
G-GWYN Reims-Cessna F.172M (1217)
G-HRND Cessna 182T (182-81936)
G-HVER Robinson R44 Raven II (11754)
G-JAMP Piper PA-28-151 Warrior (28-7515026)
G-JCOP Eurocopter AS.350B3 Ecureuil (4345)
G-MELS Piper PA-28-181 Archer III (2843633)
G-OJWS Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II (28-7816415)
G-OOGA Grumman-American GA-7 Cougar (GA7-0111)
G-SHAF Robinson R44 Raven II (10892)
G-TAAC Cirrus Design SR-20 (1694)
G-WINR Robinson R22 Beta (1709)
N13243 Cessna 172M (172-62604)
N147LD Cirrus Design SR-22 (0937)
N210EU Cessna T.210L Turbo Centurion (210-61152)
N29566 Piper PA-28RT-201 Arrow IV (28R-7918146)
N8968H North American Navion (NAV-4-968)

Northolt - 15:00-15:10

2585 Embraer VC-99B Legacy (14501078) Brazilian Air Force
VQ-BDG Bombardier 605 Challenger (5765)

Heathrow - 16:00-19:00

5Y-KQU Boeing 777-2U8ER (33681) Kenya Airways
9K-AND Airbus A340-313 (104) Kuwait Airways
9V-SFM Boeing 747-412F (32898) Singapore Airlines
9V-SKG Airbus A380-841 (019) Singapore Airlines
A6-EDH Airbus A380-861 (025) Emirates Airlines
A6-EHE Airbus A340-642 (829) Etihad Airways
A7-AGA Airbus A340-642 (740) Qatar Airways
B-16708 Boeing 777-35EER (33752) EVA Airways
B-6092 Airbus A330-243 (873) Air China
B-6122 Airbus A330-243 (732) China Eastern Airlines
CS-TFX Airbus A340-542 (912) Arik Air
CS-TTE Airbus A319-111 ((0821) TAP Air Portugal
D-ABXO Boeing 737-330 (23873) Lufthansa
D-ACPB Canadair Regional-Jet 700 (10013) Lufthansa Regional
D-ACPE Canadair Regional-Jet 700 (10027) Lufthansa Regional
D-ACRM Canadair Regional-Jet 200LR (7478) Lufthansa Regional
D-AIPR Airbus A320-211 (0111) Lufthansa
D-AIQM Airbus A320-211 (0268) Lufthansa
D-AIRO Airbus A321-131 (0563) Lufthansa
D-AISC Airbus A321-231 (1161) Lufthansa
D-ALEH Boeing 757-236F (23492) DHL Worldwide Courier Express
EC-FCB Airbus A320-211 (0158) Vueling Airlines
EC-GRG Airbus A320-211 (0143) Vueling Airlines
EC-IDF Airbus A340-313X (474) Iberia
EI-CVD Airbus A320-214 (1467) Aer Lingus
EI-DEC Airbus A320-214 (2217) Aer Lingus
EI-DSI Airbus A320-216 (3213) Alitalia
EI-DTK Airbus A320-216 (4075) Alitalia
EI-DVE Airbus A320-214 (3129) Aer Lingus
EI-DVF Airbus A320-214 (3136) Aer Lingus
EI-DVH Airbus A320-214 (3345) Aer Lingus
EI-DVI Airbus A320-214 (3501) Aer Lingus
EI-EAC Airbus A300B4-203F (250) DHL Worldwide Courier Express
F-GRHK Airbus A319-111 ((1190) Air France
F-GUGK Airbus A318-111 ((2601) Air France
G-BNWS Boeing 767-336ER (25826) British Airways
G-BYGB Boeing 747-436 (28856) British Airways
G-BZHA Boeing 767-336ER (29230) British Airways
G-CIVE Boeing 747-436 (27350) Brirish Airways
G-DBCA Airbus A319-131 (2098) bmi British Midland
G-DBCB Airbus A319-131 (2188) bmi British Midland
G-DBCF Airbus A319-131 (2466) bmi British Midland
G-DBCH Airbus A319-131 (2697) bmi British Midland
G-DBCK Airbus A319-131 (3049) bmi British Midland
G-EUOD Airbus A319-131 (1558) British Airways
G-EUOG Airbus A319-131 (1594) British Airways
G-EUOI Airbus A319-131 (1606) British Airways
G-EUPD Airbus A319-131 (1142) British Airways
G-EUPG Airbus A319-131 (1222) British Airways
G-EUPH Airbus A319-131 (1225) British Airways
G-EUPK Airbus A319-131 (1236) British Airways
G-EUPT Airbus A319-131 (1380) British Airways
G-EUPU Airbus A319-131 (1384) British Airways
G-EUPV Airbus A319-131 (1423) British Airways
G-EUPW Airbus A319-131 (1440) British Airways
G-EUPZ Airbus A319-131 (1510) British Airways
G-EUUG Airbus A320-232 (1829) British Airways
G-EUUN Airbus A320-232 (1910) British Airways
G-EUUR Airbus A320-232 (2040) British Airways
G-EUUV Airbus A320-232 (3468) British Airways
G-EUUZ Airbus A320-232 (3649) British Airways
G-EUXC Airbus A321-231 (2305) British Airways
G-EUXE Airbus A321-231 (2323) British Airways
G-EUXG Airbus A321-231 (2351) British Airways
G-EUXJ Airbus A321-231 (3081) British Airways
G-EUYA Airbus A320-232 (3697) British Airways
G-EUYB Airbus A320-232 (3703) British Airways
G-EUYC Airbus A320-232 (3721) British Airways
G-EUYH Airbus A320-232 (4265) British Airways
G-EUYI Airbus A320-232 (4306) British Airways
G-EUYL Airbus A320-232 (4725) British Airways
G-MEDH Airbus A320-232 (1922) bmi British Midland
G-TTOB Airbus A320-232 (1687) British Airways
G-VBUG Airbus A340-642 (804) Virgin Atlantic
G-VFAR Airbus A340-313X (225) Virgin Atlantic
G-VSUN Airbus A340-313 (114) Virgin Atlantic
G-VWIN Airbus A340-642 (736) Virgin Atlantic
G-VWKD Airbus A340-642 (706) Virgin Atlantic
G-YMMK Boeing 777-236ER) (30312 British Airways
HB-IOL Airbus A321-111 ((1144) Swiss International Air Lines
HB-IPR Airbus A319-112 (1018) Swiss International Air Lines
HB-IPY Airbus A319-112 (0621) Swiss International Air Lines
HL7439 Boeing 747-4B5ERF (33516) Korean Air
HL7495 Boeing 747-4B5 (28096) Korean Air
HL7596 Boeing 777-28EER (28681) Asiana Airlines
HS-TGK Boeing 747-4D7 (24993) Thai Airways
HZ-AKB Boeing 777-268ER (28345) Saudi Arabian Airlines
HZ-AKG Boeing 777-268ER (28350) Saudi Arabian Airlines
JA731J Boeing 777-346ER (32431) Japan Airlines
JY-AGR Airbus A310-304F (490) Royal Jordanian Airlines
LN-BRE Boeing 737-405 (24643) SAS Scandinavian Airlines
LN-RCT Boeing 737-683 (30189) SAS Scandinavian Airlines
LN-RPH Boeing 737-683 (28605) SAS Scandinavian Airlines
OD-MRR Airbus A320-232 (3837) Middle East Airlines
OE-LNS Boeing 737-8Z9 (34262) Austrian Airlines
OH-BLH Boeing 717-2CM (55060) Blue1
OH-LXD Airbus A320-214 (1588) Finnair
PH-BGA Boeing 737-8K2 (37593) KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
PH-BGN Boeing 737-7BK (38125) KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
SP-LLG Boeing 737-45D (28753) LOT Polish Airlines
TC-JFG Boeing 737-8F2 (29769) THY Turkish Airlines
TS-IML Airbus A320-211 (0958) Tunisair
VT-ALN Boeing 777-337ER (36312) Air India
VT-JEG Boeing 777-35RER (35163) Jet Airways
VT-JEK Boeing 777-35RER (35165) Jet Airways
VT-VJO Airbus A330-223 (939) Kingfisher Airlines
VT-VJP Airbus A330-223 (946) Kingfisher Airlines