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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

09-13/05/11 - Gatwick - Knock - Galway - Dromod

RichT had a short break in Ireland with his good lady.

09/06/11 Gatwick - 09:30-13:45

9H-AEN Airbus A320 (2665) Sky Airlines
A6-EGA Boeing 777 (38984) Emirates
A6-EMG Boeing 777 (27252) Emirates
C-GTSO Airbus A330 (132) Air Transat
CN-RND Boeing 737 (26530) Royal Air Maroc
CS-TTP Airbus A319 (1165) TAP Portugal
EC-LCQ Embraer EMB195 (19000303) Air Europa
EI-DCF Boeing 737NG (33804) Ryanair
EI-DEJ Airbus A320 (2364) Aer Lingus
EI-DFA Airbus A319 (1305) Meridiana Fly
EI-DHR Boeing 737NG (33822) Ryanair
EI-DLF Boeing 737NG (33588) Ryanair
EI-DVJ Airbus A320 (3857) Aer Lingus
EI-DVN Airbus A320 (4715) Aer Lingus
EI-DYO Boeing 737NG (33636) Ryanair
EI-ENH Boeing 737NG (35033) Ryanair
F-OFDF Airbus A330 (253) Air Caraibes Atlantique
G-CRPH Airbus A320 (0424) Thomas Cook Airlines
G-ECOE DHC-8 (4212) Flybe
G-EZAO Airbus A319 (2769) Easyjet
G-EZAX Airbus A319 (2818) Easyjet
G-EZAZ Airbus A319 (2829) Easyjet
G-EZBN Airbus A319 (3061) Easyjet
G-EZBY Airbus A319 (3176) Easyjet
G-EZDI Airbus A319 (3537) Easyjet
G-EZDP Airbus A319 (3675) Easyjet
G-EZDW Airbus A319 (3746) Easyjet
G-EZDX Airbus A319 (3754) Easyjet
G-EZDY Airbus A319 (3763) Easyjet
G-EZEC Airbus A319 (2129) Easyjet
G-EZEW Airbus A319 (2300) Easyjet
G-EZEZ Airbus A319 (2360) Easyjet
G-EZFC Airbus A319 (3808) Easyjet
G-EZFJ Airbus A319 (4040) Easyjet
G-EZFR Airbus A319 (4125) Easyjet
G-EZFU Airbus A319 (4313) Easyjet
G-EZGB Airbus A319 (4437) Easyjet
G-EZGD Airbus A319 (4451) Easyjet
G-EZIE Airbus A319 (2446) Easyjet
G-EZIT Airbus A319 (2538) Easyjet
G-EZIY Airbus A319 (2636) Easyjet
G-EZPG Airbus A319 (2385) Easyjet
G-EZTE Airbus A320 (3913) Easyjet
G-EZTJ Airbus A320 (3979) Easyjet
G-EZTW Airbus A320 (4250) Easyjet
G-EZUC Airbus A320 (4591) Easyjet
G-EZUF Airbus A320 (4676) Easyjet
G-EZUI Airbus A320 (4721) Easyjet
G-FBED Embraer EMB195 (19000084) Flybe
G-FBEF Embraer EMB195 (19000104) Flybe
G-JEDP DHC-8 (4085) Flybe
G-OBYG Boeing 767 (29137) Thomson Airways
G-OJMB Airbus A330 (427) Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia
G-STRN Boeing 737NG (28007) Iceland Express
G-VIIB Boeing 777 (27484) British Airways
G-VKSS Airbus A330 (1201) Virgin Atlantic
G-VROS Boeing 747 (30885) Virgin Atlantic
G-VTOP Boeing 747 (28194) Virgin Atlantic
G-VZON ATR-72 (853) Aurigny Air Services
G-YMMB Boeing 777 (30303) British Airways
G-YMMF Boeing 777 (30307) British Airways
LN-KKD Boeing 737 (29339) Norwegian Air Shuttle
LN-KKJ Boeing 737 (28564) Norwegian Air Shuttle
LN-KKS Boeing 737 (24094) Norwegian Air Shuttle
LN-NOL Boeing 737NG (37159) Norwegian Air Shuttle
LN-NOO Boeing 737NG (30289) Norwegian Air Shuttle
LN-NOV Boeing 737NG (31713) Norwegian Air Shuttle
LX-STB Airbus A320 (0436) Strategic Airlines Luxembourg
N188DN Boeing 767 (27583) Delta
N270AY Airbus A330 (315) US Airways
N403TB Gulfstream 4 (1191) Knickerbocker Aviation LLC
N92AE Gulfstream 4 (1301) American Express
OY-JTY Boeing 737NG (30727) Jet Time
OY-VKF Airbus A330 (309) Thomas Cook Airlines
SP-HAA Boeing 737 (24664) Small Planet Airlines Polska
YL-BBI Boeing 737 (27454) Air Baltic

09/06/11 Knock

EI-DHR Boeing 737NG (33822) Ryanair
EI-STA Boeing 737 (29057) Europe Airpost
G-OBMP Boeing 737 (24963) BmiBaby

10/06/11 Galway

EI-ZZZ Bell 222 (47061) Dublin Pool & Juke Box Co
N222WX Bell 222 (47021) Newtown Aviation Inc ..stored
N369ST Piper PA-46 Malibu (4636396) My Mirage Inc Trustee

11/06/11 Dromod - Cavan and Leitrim Railway - South East Aviation Enthusiasts Group

173 De Havilland Canada Chipmunk T.20 (C1/0746) ..preserved
184 Percival Provost T.51 (PAC/F/408) ..preserved, wings off 183 (the fuselage of 183 is at Baldonnel fitted with the wings from 184)
187 DeHavilland DH-115 Vampire T.55 (15766) ..partially burnt, stored under tarpaulin
192 DeHavilland DH-115 Vampire T.55 (15816) ..pod, stored under tarpaulin
BGA1410 Schneider DFS 108-49 Grunau Baby III (unknown)
BGA1424 Slingsby T.8 Tutor (SSK/PF/27) ..stored in same bus as EI-139, fuselage will be mated to nose section of RA881
EI-100 PZL-Bielsko SZD-12A Mucha 100A (F-494) ..stored in train shed, pwfu as glue has given up the ghost
EI-139 Slingsby T.31B Cadet TX.3 (902) ..airworthy, lives in a bus, will be re-reg to EI-G?? before it flies again later this year
EI-BDM Piper PA-23-250 Aztec D (27-4166) ..dismantled
(G-AKGE) Miles M65-3C Gemini (6488) ..cockpit, stored in bread van
G-ANIS Auster 5 (TJ375) ..fuselage
(G-AOIE) Douglas DC-7C (45115) ..forward fuselage
(N435MA)/VP-BDF Boeing 707-321 (18085) ..nose section
(RAFGSA 163) Slingsby T.7 Cadet TX.1 (unknown) ..ex RA881, nose section preserved in train shed, see above

13/06/11 Knock

EI-DES Airbus A320 (2635) Aer Lingus
EI-DLT Boeing 737NG (33597) Ryanair
EI-DWT Boeing 737NG (33626) Ryanair
EI-EBW Boeing 737NG (35010) Ryanair
EI-EPG Boeing 737NG (34985) Ryanair
G-TOYH Boeing 737 (28570) BmiBaby