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    Welcome to our Trip Report Blog.
    Here we will post logs and pictures taken on aircraft spotting trips.
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    With luck we are intending to visit the following in 2018:
    Oshkosh/Florida, Finnish AF show, Sliac show, RIAT, Farnborough Airshow, Bastille Day Flypast, Belgian AF show

    Header Picture: TCSG-505 Agusta-Bell 412EP (SAR) on coastal patrol off Antalya on 29/04/18

    Logs/pics - If you have any topical logs and pics from interesting places we could use on the blog please contact me here. Especially welcome would be any museums we haven't yet covered.

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    Thursday, 26 May 2011

    17/05/11 - Basel - Triengen - Stans - Thun - Bern - Ecuvillens - Yverden - Geneva and more

    Day 5 saw us travel 730km from Strasbourg to Geneva with numerous stops enroute. Visits had been pre-arranged at most major places, thanks to all our hosts, especially the gentleman at Stans who opened the hangars and shelters for us.


    9H-AFM Airbus A318-112CJ (2910) Comlux Aviation Malta
    B-8133 Gulfstream G450 (4196) Air China
    D-AVRF British Aerospace 146-RJ85 (E2269) Lufthansa Regional
    F-GPMF Airbus A319-113 (0637) Air France
    F-HBXC Embraer Emb-170-100LR (17000263) Air France
    F-HMLA Canadair Regional-Jet 1000 (19004) Air France
    F-WWUM Dassault Falcon 7X (136) Dassault
    G-AIVG Vickers Viking 1B (220) Preserved/stored
    G-BTPE British Aerospace ATP-F (2012) West Atlantic
    G-KWIN Dassault Falcon 2000EX EASy (52)
    HB-AFF Aerospatiale ATR 42-320 (264) Farnair Europe
    HB-AFJ Aerospatiale ATR 72-202F (154) Farnair Europe
    HB-AFR Aerospatiale ATR 72-201F (195) Farnair Europe
    HB-AFS Aerospatiale ATR 72-201F (198) Farnair Europe
    HB-CFN Reims-Cessna F.172P (2113) Motorfluggruppe Basel
    HB-CYU Cessna 172S (172S-9323) Flugschule Basel
    HB-DWI Mooney M.20F (22-1411)
    HB-IGM Gulfstream G550 (5004)
    HB-IKR Gulfstream G4 (1159)
    HB-IUW Dassault Falcon 900B (150) Jet Aviation Business Jets
    HB-IXR British Aerospace 146-RJ100 (E3281) Swiss European Air Lines
    HB-JZJ Airbus A319-111 (2265) EasyJet Switzerland
    HB-JZU Airbus A319-111 (2402) EasyJet Switzerland
    HB-LMM Piper PA-34-200T (34-8170029) Flugschule Basel
    HB-LPZ Partenavia P.68B (44)
    HB-LUD Piper PA-60-700P (60-8423010)
    HB-OXL Piper J/3C 90 (MDC-1039) Flugschule Basel
    HB-PNP Piper PA-28RT-201T (28R-8131037)
    HB-SDU Diamond DA 40 (40.248) Flugschule Basel
    HL7759 Boeing 737-7EG (35990)
    HZ-HM1 Boeing 747-468 (28343) Saudi Government
    I-CLBA British Aerospace 146-RJ85 (E2300) Italiatour Airlines
    I-FFRR Dassault Falcon 7X (94) Eurofly Service
    LZ-YUM Bombardier Challenger 600S (1085) Air Lazur
    M-GULF Gulfstream G4 (1082)
    M-NOLA Bombardier Challenger 605 (5814)
    N13188 Cessna 172M (172-62557)
    N685CP Cessna 310R (310R-1375)
    N757AG Boeing 757-256 (29306)
    N8268U Cessna 172F (172-52168) Southern Aircraft Consultancy
    N899SR Gulfstream G550 (5231)
    N923FD Boeing 757-204F (26266) Federal Express
    OE-IFG Bombardier Global 5000 (9182) Global Jet Concept
    P4-ASL Boeing 737-7BH (29791) Arabasco Flight Operations
    TU-VAD Gulfstream G4 (1019) Ivory Coast Government
    VP-BDU Bombardier Global Express (9057)
    VP-BZL Boeing 737-8DV (32915)
    VP-CCC Airbus A340-642 (779) Saad Air
    VP-CTF Douglas MD87 (49777)


    J-1150 de Havilland DH-100 Vampire FB.6 (659) Preserved


    J-1624/"EU-GEN"/63 de Havilland DH-112 Venom FB.1R (834) Preserved


    (D-EMCY) Piper PA-28R-201T (28R-7803257) possible i/d for red cockpit section in clubhouse
    HB-CCN Reims-Cessna F.152 (1621)
    HB-CEO Cessna 172M (172-65929)
    HB-DCB Wassmer WA.40A Super IV (68)
    HB-FKC Pilatus PC-6B2-H4 (844)
    HB-HAB Dornier Do.27H-2 (2012)
    HB-KHU Robin DR.500-200i (0033)
    HB-KHX Aviat Husky A-1B (2431)
    HB-MTB Extra 200 (031)
    HB-NCH Rockwell Commander 114 (14050)
    HB-OKP Piper J/3C 65 (12810)
    HB-ONE Piper J/3C 90 (12661)
    HB-SFF SAN Jodel D.140 (19)
    HB-TCH Zlin Z.143L (0029)
    HB-TDM Cessna T.182T (T182-09014)
    HB-UDA American Aviation AG-5B (10135)
    HB-USD Bucker APM.131-150 (65)
    HB-YHM Aero Designs Pulsa XP (346)
    HB-YHW Aero Designs Pulsa XP (287)
    N941MZ Mooney M20R (29-0108)
    N929SU Sukhoi Su-29 (77-01)
    VP-BGK Cessna 182R (182-68189)


    J-1578 de Havilland DH-112 Venom FB.50 (788) Preserved


    J-2302 Dassault Mirage IIIS (502) Preserved


    HB-ZDI Robinson R22 (2337)
    HB-ZFA Aerospatiale AS.350B (1594) Lions Air
    HB-ZMJ Eurocopter EC120B (1485) Own-A-Heli AG
    ZK-JHM Pacific Aerospace 750XL (152)


    A-932 Pilatus PC-7 (340) Swiss Air Force
    D-108 IAI Ranger UAV (Unknown) Swiss Air Force ..launched
    D-133 IAI Ranger UAV (Unknown) Swiss Air Force
    HB-FCF Pilatus PC-6B1-H2 (614) Swiss Air Force/Armasuisse
    J-3201 Northrop F-5F (M1001) Swiss Air Force
    J-4070 Hawker Hunter F.58 (41H/697437) Preserved
    RA-82042 Antonov An-124-100 (9773054055093) Volga Dnepr Airlines

    Stans Pilatus

    891/FCE Pilatus PC-6B2-H4 (891) French Army
    D-FGPG Pilatus PC-6B2-H4 (954) Pilatus
    HB-FLB Pilatus PC-6B2-H4 (906) Zimex Aviation
    HB-FNV Pilatus PC-6B2-H4 (976) Pilatus
    HB-FNX/PR-AJJ Pilatus PC-6B2-H4 (978) Pilatus
    HB-FOB Pilatus PC-12 (P02) Pilatus
    HB-FOY Pilatus PC-12-45 (386) Lions Air
    HB-FQH Pilatus PC-12-47E (1277) Pilatus
    HB-FQY Pilatus PC-12-47E (1295) Pilatus
    HB-FVU Pilatus PC-12-47 (888)
    HB-HZC Pilatus PC-21 (101) Pilatus

    Stans Buochs

    D-ENMA Diamond DA40 (40.337)
    D-GGWU Diamond DA 42 (42.220)
    D-KRRK Valentin Taifun 17E-II (1128)
    HB-FOW Pilatus PC-12-45 (411)
    HB-FOY Pilatus PC-12-45 (386) Lions Air
    HB-FPR Pilatus PC-12-45 (544)
    HB-FQN Pilatus PC-12-47E (1283)
    HB-FVC Pilatus PC-12-47E (1002) Pilatus
    HB-HMR Pilatus PC-7 (010) Pilatus
    HB-HXB Pilatus PC-21 (129) Pilatus
    HB-LTH Piper PA-34-220T (3449040)
    HB-NDE Rockwell Commander 114 (14150)
    HB-PKS Piper PA-46-350P (4636180)
    HB-POJ Piper PA-28-236 (28-8411030)
    HB-YIY Cirrus Design VK-30 (UV-1)
    HB-ZIX Eurocopter EC120B (1593) Europavia
    J-2313 Dassault Mirage IIIS (1003) Preserved
    N120PP Pilatus PC-12-45 (549)
    N185GW Cessna A.185F (185-03549)
    N366KW SIAI-Marchetti S.205-20R (383) Plane Fun Inc


    T-312 Aerospatiale AS.332M1 (2224) Swiss Air Force
    T-315 Aerospatiale AS.332M1 (2335) Swiss Air Force
    T-318 Aerospatiale AS.332M1 (2340) Swiss Air Force
    T-331 Aerospatiale AS.532UL (2522) Swiss Air Force
    T-333 Aerospatiale AS.532UL (2521) Swiss Air Force
    T-342 Aerospatiale AS.532UL (2560) Swiss Air Force
    V-262 Sud Aviation SE.3160 (138) Preserved


    HB-1697 Grob G.103A (3785)
    HB-3011/OV Rolladen-Schneider LS-4 (4760)
    HB-3175/OZ Rolladen-Schneider LS-6C-18 (6357)
    HB-834 Schleicher K.8B (8548)
    HB-CZV Cessna 182S (182-80190)
    HB-EDB Robin DR.300-180R (613)
    HB-ODH Piper J/3C 90 (13342)
    HB-PNG Piper PA-28-161 (2816109)
    HB-PNL Piper PA-28-161 (2816108)


    J-3096 Northrop F-5E (L1096) Preserved
    V-222 Sud Aviation SE.3160 (1409) Preserved


    HB-XWB Agusta A-109K2 (10002) REGA Swiss Air Ambulance
    HB-XWN Agusta A-109K2 (10014) REGA Swiss Air Ambulance
    HB-XWP Agusta A-109K2 (10027) REGA Swiss Air Ambulance
    HB-ZRS Agusta AW-109SP (22202) REGA Swiss Air Ambulance
    HB-ZRT Agusta AW-109SP (22210) REGA Swiss Air Ambulance
    J-4018 Hawker Hunter F.58 (41H/691766) Preserved


    HB-XTM Sud Aviation SA.315B (2654) BOHAG Berner Oberlander Helikopter AG
    HB-ZKT Eurocopter AS.350B3 (4884) BOHAG Berner Oberlander Helikopter AG
    HB-ZMC Eurocopter AS.350B3 (4984) BOHAG Berner Oberlander Helikopter AG


    HB-XRF Sud Aviation SA.315B (2490) Air Glaciers
    HB-ZEQ Sud Aviation SE.3160 (1152) Air Glaciers
    HB-ZMA Eurocopter EC120B (1571) Helipool Europe GmbH
    HB-ZNA Eurocopter AS.350B3 (4082) Air Glaciers


    HB-1381 Grob G.102 (1629)
    HB-1505 Pilatus B4-PC11AF (309)
    HB-1620 Schleicher ASK-21 (21111)
    HB-1854 Schleicher ASK-21 (21290)
    HB-3223 Schempp-Hirth Duo Discus (102)
    HB-767 Slingsby T.50 (1401)
    HB-CIE Reims-Cessna F.172P (2221)
    HB-CIT Reims-Cessna F.172P (2248)
    HB-CZF Cessna 182P (182-61450)
    HB-EMQ Robin DR.300-180R (571)
    HB-GIX Beech E95 (TD-717)
    HB-NCG Rockwell Commander 112TC (13074)
    HB-OQB Piper PA-18-150 (18-8991)
    HB-PMK Piper PA-28-181 (2890130)
    HB-PMY Piper PA-28-181 (2890191)
    HB-UUD Bucker APM.131-150 (16)
    HB-WYL Piper PiperSport (P1001061) Motorfluggruppe Thun
    HB-XVC Brugger MB.1 (1)


    HB-5005 Pipistrel Sinus (372 SLCH 912)
    HB-CHB Reims-Cessna FR.182 (0043)
    HB-CLB Cessna 182Q (182-67423)
    HB-CLU Cessna R.182 (R182-01776)
    HB-CYJ Cessna P.210R (P210-00836)
    HB-DIK Mooney M.20J 205 (24-3392)
    HB-ENP Beech A23-19 (MB-33)
    HB-HEF FFA AS 202-15 (002)
    HB-HEO FFA AS 202-15 (009)
    HB-HER FFA AS 202-15 (011)
    HB-HES FFA AS 202-15 (012)
    HB-HFW FFA AS 202-15-1 (129)
    HB-HFX FFA AS 202-15-1 (124)
    HB-JED Embraer ERJ-135BJ (145644)
    HB-JVH Fokker F-100 (11324) Helvetic Airways
    HB-LCY Cessna 320C (320C-0054)
    HB-LDH Piper PA-23-250 (27-3305)
    HB-LQM Piper PA-34-220T (3433129)
    HB-LQP Piper PA-31T1 (31T-8004044)
    HB-LQY Piper PA-34-220T (3448006)
    HB-LUF Piper PA-31T (31T-8120015)
    HB-LUQ Piper PA-31T (31T-8120056)
    HB-OKD Piper PA-28-180 (28-7205182)
    HB-PAL Piper PA-28R-200 (28R-7635125)
    HB-PBA Piper PA-18-150 (18-4922)
    HB-PCZ Piper PA-28-181 (28-7890529)
    HB-PKK Piper PA-28-181 (28-8690012)
    HB-PLP Piper PA-28-181 (2890074)
    HB-SCT HOAC DV 20 (20.112)
    HB-SDN Diamond DA 40D (D4.263)
    HB-SRA Aero AT-3R-100 (AT3-051) Alp-Aviation
    HB-SRB Aero AT-3R-100 (AT3-052) Alp-Aviation
    HB-SRC Aero AT-3R-100 (AT3-053) Alp-Aviation
    HB-UCV Gyroflug SC-01B-160 Speed Canard (S-33)
    HB-VLZ Cessna 560 (560-0446)
    HB-VOS Raytheon 390 (RB-187)
    HB-VOT Hawker 800XP (258645)
    HB-VOU Cessna 560 (560-5070)
    HB-XPQ Agusta-Bell AB.206B-3 (8606) Heliswiss
    HB-XQE Agusta A-109E (11016)
    HB-XSI Bell 206B-3 (3091) Heliswiss, wreck
    HB-XSM Agusta-Bell AB.206B-2 (8550) Mountain Flyers 80 Ltd
    HB-XVA Aerospatiale AS.350B2 (2387)
    HB-XYL Schweizer 269C (S 1648)
    HB-XZH Robinson R22 (2195) wreck, w-o 04-08-06
    HB-YLE Dyn'Aero MCR-01 (209)
    HB-ZAM Eurocopter AS.350B2 (4510) Mountain Flyers 80 Ltd
    HB-ZFX Kamov Ka-32A (8809) Heliswiss
    HB-ZGO Robinson R22 (3830) Mountain Flyers 80 Ltd
    HB-ZKO Agusta A-119 (14007)
    HB-ZKY Eurocopter AS.350B2 (2825) Heliswiss
    HB-ZLA Eurocopter EC120B (1618) Europavia
    HB-ZLS Guimbal G2 Cabri (1021) Heliswiss
    HB-ZLZ Agusta A-109E (11106)
    HB-ZMF Robinson R22 (4484) Mountain Flyers 80 Ltd
    HB-ZRF Eurocopter EC145C-2 (9215) REGA Swiss Air Ambulance
    HB-ZSA Robinson R44 (10365)
    N138CR Cirrus Design SR-22 (1584)
    N3066K Piper PA-28RT-201 (28R-7918005)
    N40KK Pitts S-1 Special (KK-1)
    N44BG Neico Lancair IVP (03G)
    N566DC Piper PA-60-602P (60-8265046)
    N6511Y Neico Lancair LC-40-550FG (40073)
    OY-JDE Dassault Falcon 7X (54) Air Alsie
    T-352 Eurocopter EC135P2i (0685) Swiss Air Force
    VP-BSI Gulfstream G550 (5084)
    YL-LEV Antonov An-2R (1G140-41)


    F-BNVC Centre-Est DR.250-160 (67)
    F-CJPK AJI RF-5AJI (E-0004)
    F-PYAT Dyn'Aero MCR-01 (92)
    HB-CEU Reims-Cessna F.172L (0879)
    HB-CIP Reims-Cessna F.172P (2153) Air-Fribourg Services SA
    HB-CLS Cessna 172P (172-76640) Air-Fribourg Services SA
    HB-CPL Cessna 172 (29046)
    HB-CQC Cessna R.182 (R182-02034) Air-Fribourg Services SA
    HB-CQR Cessna 172R (172-80506) Air-Fribourg Services SA
    HB-DFA Mooney M.20J (24-0262)
    HB-EDH Socata MS.885 (43)
    HB-EFH Beech V35 (D-8072)
    HB-EFR SAN Jodel DR.1051 (318)
    HB-EMI/FZ823 Fairchild UC-61A (767)
    HB-FLI Pilatus PC-6B2-H4 (893)
    HB-KBK Robin DR.400-180R (779)
    HB-KFL Robin DR.400-180R (1908)
    HB-KOU Tecnam P.2002 Sierra (047)
    HB-KPF Socata MS.880B (1735)
    HB-LOT Piper PA-31-310 (31-7400981)
    HB-LSC Piper PA-34-220T (34-8333004)
    HB-LTS Partenavia P.68B (69)
    HB-OFK Piper J/3C 65 (13131)
    HB-OTW Piper PA-24-250 (24-2643)
    HB-PMR Piper PA-28-181 (2890131) Air-Fribourg Services SA
    HB-PNZ Piper PA-24-260 (24-4934)
    HB-PRJ Piper PA-46-350P (4636309)
    HB-SCB Robin ATL-S (74)
    HB-SFD SAN Jodel D.140C (167)
    HB-SOI Druine D.31 Turbulent (00)
    HB-SPI Brugger MB.2 (2)
    HB-UBC de Havilland DH-82A (3956)
    HB-UPD Bolkow Bo.208C (584)
    HB-XMG Westland-Bell 47G-3B1 (WA.579)
    HB-YBG Rutan Vari Eze (1236)
    HB-YCC Quickie Aircraft Corp. Quickie Q-1 (475)
    HB-YCU Zenair CH.300 (3-440)
    HB-YEQ Avid Hauler (483)
    HB-YEK Pottier P.180S (73)
    HB-YHQ Neico Lancair 320 (870-320-691)
    HB-YKB Neico Lancair 360 (755)
    HB-YKQ Slepcev Storch SS4 (SS4-074)
    HB-YLM Van's RV-7 (70795)
    N63DR Quest Aircraft Co. Kodiak 100 (100-0045)
    N640EH Cessna 340 (340-0075)

    Payerne Town

    J-1134 de Havilland DH-100 Vampire FB.6 (643) Preserved


    J-1156 de Havilland DH-100 Vampire FB.6 (665) Preserved
    J-2301 Dassault Mirage IIIS (IIS200) Preserved
    J-2334 Dassault Mirage IIIS (1024) Preserved
    J-4045 Hawker Hunter F.58 (41H/697412) Preserved
    J-4078 Hawker Hunter F.58 (41H/697445) Preserved
    R-2117 Dassault Mirage IIIRS (1040) Preserved
    U-1211 de Havilland DH-115 Vampire T.55 (971) Preserved
    V-282 Sud Aviation SE.3160 (158) Preserved
    V-43 Sud Aviation SE.3130 (1120) Preserved

    Estavayer Le Lac

    J-2332 Dassault Mirage IIIS (1031) Preserved

    Yverden Les Baines

    HB-1458 Grob G.102 (1812)
    HB-3050 Glaser-Dirks DG-500T (5E-44)
    HB-EUN Robin DR.300-108 2+2 (523)
    HB-EYD Socata MS.893E (12680)
    HB-FCT Pilatus PC-6B2-H2 (637) Air Glaciers
    HB-KOP Tecnam P.2002 Sierra (045)
    HB-LTI Piper PA-31T (31T-8020091)
    HB-MTD Extra 200 (1041)
    HB-PGA Piper PA-32R-301 (32R-8113045)
    HB-PKF Piper PA-28-236 (2811004)
    HB-PQN Piper PA-32R-301 (3246119) Aero Club de Geneve
    HB-TBD Uetz Marabu (1)
    HB-TCC Zlin Z.326 (925)
    N1458 Van's RV-4 (1621)
    N45CF Beech G.18S (BA-466)


    5210 Mikoyan MiG-21MF (965210) Military Megastore
    5305 Mikoyan MiG-21MF (965305) Military Megastore


    3A-MGA Dassault Falcon 900EX EASy (195) Prince Albert of Monaco
    3C-LGE Dassault Falcon 50 (246)
    9H-AEL Airbus A319-111 (2332) Air Malta
    9H-XRS Bombardier Global Express (9329) Comlux Aviation Malta
    A6-DLM Airbus A320-232 (2403) United Arab Emirates Government
    CS-DHN Cessna 550 (550-1098) NetJets Europe
    CS-DRD Hawker 800XP (258721) NetJets Europe
    CS-DXF Cessna 560 (560-5586) NetJets Europe
    CS-DXG Cessna 560 (560-5595) NetJets Europe
    CS-DXT Cessna 560 (560-5765) NetJets Europe
    CS-TFY Airbus A320-232 (1868) HiFly
    CS-TNM Airbus A320-214 (1799) TAP Air Portugal
    D-ABIE Boeing 737-530 (24819) Lufthansa
    D-ACKF Canadair Regional-Jet 900 (15083) Lufthansa Regional
    D-ACNL Canadair Regional-Jet 900 (15252) Lufthansa Regional
    D-ACPN Canadair Regional-Jet 700 (10083) Lufthansa Regional
    D-AEBE Embraer Emb-195-200LR (19000350) Lufthansa Regional
    D-COST Cessna 680 (680-0153)
    D-CVVV Cessna 560 (560-5723) Augusta Air
    D-ENHM Cessna 182T (182-81092)
    D-IPPY Piaggio P-180 (1172) Airgo Flugservice
    EX-052 Technoavia GM-17 (GM17-001)
    EX-053 Technoavia GM-17 (GM17-003)
    F-GKGO Dassault Falcon 50 (155)
    F-GTAI Airbus A321-211 (1299) Air France
    F-GTDO Robin R.2160 (310)
    F-HANN Pilatus PC-12-47 (887) Unijet
    F-HBBM Dassault Falcon 50 (16) Dassault Falcon Service
    F-HDCB Dassault Falcon 50 (204)
    F-HFMA Cessna 525 (525-0423)
    G-BSGT Cessna T.210N (210-63361)
    G-CGSB Cessna 525A (525A-0082) Air Charter Scotland
    G-HCGD Learjet 45 (45-328) TAG Aviation (UK)
    G-LGAR Learjet 60 (60-286) TAG Aviation (UK)
    G-MGNE Embraer EMB-505 (50500017) Flairjet
    G-MPMP Bombardier Challenger 604 (5528)
    G-OJWB Hawker 800XP (258674) Hangar 8
    G-OTAZ Hawker 800XP (HA-0112) Hangar 8
    G-ROOB Embraer EMB-500 (50000179) Hangar 8
    G-SXTY Learjet 60 (60-280) TAG Aviation (UK)
    G-TSLS Bombardier Global 5000 (9231) TAG Aviation (UK)
    G-ZXZX Learjet 45 (45-005) GAMA Aviation
    HB-AFW Aerospatiale ATR 72-212A (419) Farnair Europe
    HB-FQC Pilatus PC-12-47E (1272) Pilatus
    HB-FRE Pilatus PC-12-47E (1233) Pilatus
    HB-GPS Beech B200GT (BY-93) Family Airlines
    HB-IAZ Dassault Falcon 2000 (30) TAG Aviation SA
    HB-IDJ Canadair Regional-Jet SE (7136) TAG Aviation SA
    HB-IGL Dassault Falcon 900 (58) TAG Aviation SA
    HB-IJB Airbus A320-214 (0545) Swiss International Air Lines
    HB-IPR Airbus A319-112 (1018) Swiss International Air Lines
    HB-IRJ Douglas DC-3A (2204) Super Constellation Flyers Association
    HB-IUX Dassault Falcon 900EX (54) TAG Aviation SA
    HB-IZZ SAAB 2000 (048) Darwin Airline
    HB-JEX Bombardier Global Express (9145) TAG Aviation SA
    HB-JGK Lockheed Jetstar 2 (5233)
    HB-JGL IAI Galaxy G200 (193) TAG Aviation SA
    HB-JQB de Havilland Canada DHC-8Q-402 (4175) Baboo Airways
    HB-JRQ Bombardier Challenger 604 (5651)
    HB-JZI Airbus A319-111 (2245) EasyJet Switzerland
    HB-JZM Airbus A319-111 (2370) EasyJet Switzerland
    HB-JZN Airbus A319-111 (2387) EasyJet Switzerland
    HB-JZY Airbus A320-214 (4196) EasyJet Switzerland
    HB-KFR Socata TBM700B (195)
    HB-KPB Tecnam P.2002 Sierra (083) Aero Club de Geneve
    HB-KPG Tecnam P.2002 Sierra (125) Aero Club de Geneve
    HB-PFE Piper PA-28-181 (28-8090314) Aero Club de Geneve
    HB-PIU Piper PA-46-310P (46-8608047)
    HB-PLL Piper PA-28-161 (2816057) Aero Club de Geneve
    HB-PMJ Piper PA-28-236 (2811027) Aero Club de Geneve
    HB-VDO Cessna 551 (551-0133)
    HB-VMV Cessna 560 (560-0166)
    HB-VNS Cessna 560 (560-5209)
    HB-VNV Learjet 60 (60-179)
    HB-VOE Cessna 525A (525A-0017)
    HB-VOO Hawker 1000A (259030)
    HB-VOQ Hawker 1000 (259021)
    HB-VPJ Hawker 800XP (HA-0038)
    J-2314 Dassault Mirage IIIS (1004) Preserved
    J-4085 Hawker Hunter F.58 (41H/697452) Preserved
    LX-GJC Airbus A318-112CJ (3100) Global Jet Concept
    LX-JFP Piaggio P-180 (1176) Jetfly Aviation
    LX-JFT Socata TBM850 (452) Jetfly Aviation
    LX-LAB Pilatus PC-12-45 (531) Jetfly Aviation
    LX-TAI Pilatus PC-12-47E (1008) Jetfly Aviation
    LZ-CGO Boeing 737-301F (23237) Cargo Air
    M-AMND Dassault Falcon 2000EX EASy (114)
    M-AUTO Learjet 60 (60-027)
    M-CHEM Dassault Falcon 2000EX EASy (128)
    M-JACK Beech B200GT (BY-94)
    M-NOLA Bombardier Challenger 605 (5814)
    M-RIDE Bombardier Global 5000 (9190) Arkia
    M-RKAY Raytheon 390 Premier 1 (RB-88)
    M-TRIX Bombardier Challenger 604 (5608)
    N112AZ Rockwell Commander 112TC-A (13251)
    N119FM Gulfstream G4SP (1464)
    N308U Dassault Falcon 2000EX EASy (37)
    N321CR Piper PA-46-350P (4636124)
    N352CM Piper PA-46-350P (4636019)
    N537XL Liberty XL-2 (0031)
    N59LW Cessna 510 (510-0213)
    N633W Dassault Falcon 50 (184)
    N71GT Socata TB-20 (2119) Southern Aircraft Consultancy
    N767CM Beech A36 (E-2723)
    N77ZA Pilatus PC-12-45 (300)
    N810LP Gulfstream G4SP (1260)
    N850GM SOCATA TBM-700 (535)
    N900HC Dassault Falcon 900EX EASy (127)
    N90DE Piaggio P-180 (1167)
    OE-FMU Cessna 525 (525-0040)
    OE-GGC Learjet 40 (45-2015) International Jet Management
    OE-HCB Dassault Falcon 2000EX EASy (78)
    OE-HFA Dassault Falcon 2000 (216)
    OE-LFL Fokker F-70 (11573) Austrian Arrows
    OH-PPR Dassault Falcon 900EX (118) Airfix Aviation
    OK-MYS Cessna 510 (510-0268)
    OO-RAM Cessna 510 (510-0317) Air Service Liege
    OO-SNA Airbus A320-214 (1441) Brussels Airlines
    OY-KFC Canadair Regional-Jet 900 (15218) SAS Scandinavian Airlines
    P4-IKF Dassault Falcon 2000 (227)
    PH-BTD Boeing 737-306 (27420) KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
    PH-CIJ Cessna 680 (680-0185)
    PH-RID Cessna 680 (680-0212)
    S5-BAV Cessna 560 (560-5660)
    S5-BAW Cessna 525B (525B-0016) Linxair
    SP-LDC Embraer Emb-170-100ST (17000025) LOT Polish Airlines
    SP-RDW Raytheon 390 (RB-233)
    SX-CRC Dassault Falcon 50 (226) Gainjet
    TF-BBG Boeing 737-36EF (25263) Bluebird Cargo
    TY-AOM Dassault Falcon 900 (33)
    UR-KKA Dassault Falcon 20F (389) Aerostar (UR)
    VH-ZZH Bombardier Global Express (9167)
    VP-BOK Bombardier Global Express (9101)
    VP-BEB Bombardier Global Express (9369)
    VP-BIL Dassault Falcon 7X (03)
    VP-BNE Gulfstream G550 (5051)
    VP-CAZ Raytheon 390 (RB-202) Global Jet Concept
    VP-CSB Bombardier Global 5000 (9263)
    YU-SPB Cessna 560 (560-5807)