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Monday, 29 June 2009

26/06/09 - Heathrow

StuC went on the Aeroprints trip to the Reims Airshow, seen between 1600 & 2300 while waiting for the coach were:

3B-NBI Airbus A340-313X (793) Air Mauritius
4R-ADF Airbus A340-313X (374) Srilankan
5B-DBS Airbus A330-243 (505) Cyprus Airways
5N-BGG Boeing 767-241ER (23805) Bellview Airlines
5Y-KQT Boeing 777-2U8ER (33682) Kenya Airways
9A-CTI Airbus A319-112 (1029) Croatia Airlines
9H-AEQ Airbus A320-214 (3068) Air Malta
9K-ANC Airbus A340-313 (101) Kuwait Airways
9M-MPQ Boeing 747-4H6 (29901) Malaysia Airlines
9V-SKB Airbus A380841 (5) Singapore Airlines
9V-SWL Boeing 777-312ER (34577) Singapore Airlines
A6-COM Boeing 747-433 (25074) Dubai Government Air Wing
A6-DAS Boeing 737-7Z5 (29858) Royal Jet
A6-EBG Boeing 777-36NER (33862) Emirates Airlines
A6-ECF Boeing 777-31HER (35574) Emirates Airlines
A6-ECK Boeing 777-31HER (35584) Emirates Airlines
A6-EHA Airbus A340-541 (748) Etihad Airways
A6-HRM Boeing 747-422 (26903) Dubai Government Air Wing
A7-ACA Airbus A330-202 (473) Qatar Airways
A7-AGC Airbus A340-642 (766) Qatar Airways
A9C-KB Airbus A330-243 (281) Gulf Air
A9C-LI Airbus A340-313X (554) Gulf Air
AP-BEG Airbus A310308 (653) Pakistan International Airlines
B-16705 Boeing 777-35EER (32645) EVA Airways
B-6505 Airbus A330-243 (957) Air China
B-HKD Boeing 747-412 (26548) Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HOS Boeing 747-467 (24850) Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HUL Boeing 747-467F (30804) Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HXG Airbus A340-313X (208) Cathay Pacific Airways
C-FMWU Boeing 767-333ER (25585) Air Canada
C-GHKX Airbus A330-343X (412) Air Canada
C-GHOZ Boeing 767-375ER (24087) Air Canada
C-GSCA Boeing 767-375ER (25121) Air Canada
CN-RNZ Boeing 737-8B6 (33058) Royal Air Maroc
CS-DXB Cessna 560 (560-5553) NetJets Europe
CS-TFX Airbus A340-542 (912) Arik Air
CS-TNB Airbus A320-211 (191) TAP Air Portugal
CS-TNK Airbus A320-214 (1206) TAP Air Portugal
CS-TNQ Airbus A320-214 (3769) TAP Air Portugal
CS-TTM Airbus A319-111 (1106) TAP Air Portugal
D-ABEK Boeing 737-330 (25414) Lufthansa
D-ABEP Boeing 737-330 (26430) Lufthansa
D-ABEU Boeing 737-330 (27904) Lufthansa
D-ABIA Boeing 737-530 (24815) Lufthansa
D-ABIB Boeing 737-530 (24816) Lufthansa
D-ABJH Boeing 737-530 (25357) Lufthansa
D-ACHB Canadair Regional-Jet 200LR (7391) Lufthansa Regional
D-AILA Airbus A319-114 (609) Lufthansa
D-AILB Airbus A319-114 (610) Lufthansa
D-AILN Airbus A319-114 (700) Lufthansa
D-AILP Airbus A319-114 (717) Lufthansa
D-AIPE Airbus A320-211 (78) Lufthansa
D-AIRF Airbus A321-131 (493) Lufthansa
D-AIRK Airbus A321-131 (502) Lufthansa
D-AKNI Airbus A319-112 (1016) Lufthansa Italia
D-AVRR British Aerospace 146-RJ85 (E2317) Lufthansa Regional
EC-HQJ Airbus A320-214 (1430) ClickAir
EC-HQL Airbus A320-214 (1461) ClickAir
EC-HYC Airbus A320-214 (1262) Iberia
EC-IEG Airbus A320-214 (1674) Iberia
EC-ITN Airbus A321-211 (2115) Iberia
EC-IZR Airbus A320-214 (2242) Iberia
EC-JMR Airbus A321-211 (2599) Iberia
EC-JZM Airbus A321-211 (2996) Iberia
EC-KHN Airbus A320-216 (3203) ClickAir
EI-CPG Airbus A321-211 (1023) Aer Lingus
EI-CXK Boeing 737-4S3 (25596) Transaero
EI-DSY Airbus A320-216 (3666) Air One
EI-DSZ Airbus A320-216 (3695) Air One
EI-DTB Airbus A320-216 (3815) Air One
EI-DTE Airbus A320-216 (3885) Air One
F-GFKN Airbus A320-211 (128) Air France
F-GJVB Airbus A320-211 (145) Air France
F-GRHU Airbus A319-111 (1471) Air France
F-GTAI Airbus A321-211 (1299) Air France
F-ORMA Airbus A330-243 (926) Middle East Airlines
G-EUYE Airbus A320-232 (3912) British Airways
G-RJXL Embraer ERJ-135ER (145376) bmi Regional
HB-IJE Airbus A320-214 (559) Swiss International Air Lines
HB-IJH Airbus A320-214 (574) Swiss International Air Lines
HB-IJP Airbus A320-214 (681) Swiss International Air Lines
HB-IOC Airbus A321-111 (520) Swiss International Air Lines
HL7494 Boeing 747-4B5 (27662) Korean Air
HS-TGL Boeing 747-4D7 (25366) Thai Airways
HZ-AKG Boeing 777-268ER (28350) Saudi Arabian Airlines
I-BIMD Airbus A319-112 (2074) Alitalia
I-BIXC Airbus A321-112 (526) Alitalia
I-BIXD Airbus A321-112 (532) Alitalia
JA706J Boeing 777-246ER (33394) Japan Airlines
JA732J Boeing 777-346ER (32430) Japan Airlines
JA733A Boeing 777-381ER (32648) All Nippon Airways
JA8911 Boeing 747-446BCF (26356) Japan Airlines
JY-AGM Airbus A310304 (491) Royal Jordanian Airlines
LN-RLF Douglas MD82 (49383) SAS Scandinavian Airlines
LN-RMD Douglas MD82 (49555) SAS Scandinavian Airlines
LN-RML Douglas MD82 (53002) SAS Scandinavian Airlines
LN-RMR Douglas MD81 (53365) SAS Scandinavian Airlines
LN-RPM Boeing 737-883 (30195) SAS Scandinavian Airlines Norge
LN-RPU Boeing 737-683 (28312) SAS Scandinavian Airlines
LN-TUF Boeing 737-705 (28222) SAS Scandinavian Airlines Norge
LZ-FBA Airbus A319-112 (3564) Bulgaria Air
N19117 Boeing 757-224ET (27559) Continental Airlines
N342AN Boeing 767-323ER (33081) American Airlines
N358AA Boeing 767-323ER (24039) American Airlines
N643UA Boeing 767-322ER (25093) United Airlines
N751AN Boeing 777-223ER (30798) American Airlines
N780AN Boeing 777-223ER (29956) American Airlines
N783AN Boeing 777-223ER (30004) American Airlines
N785AN Boeing 777-223ER (30005) American Airlines
N797AN Boeing 777-223ER (30012) American Airlines
N826MH Boeing 767-432ER (29713) Delta Air Lines
OE-LDD Airbus A319-112 (2416) Austrian Airlines
OE-LNM Boeing 737-6Z9 (30138) Austrian Airlines
OH-LXA Airbus A320-214 (1405) Finnair
OH-LXE Airbus A320-214 (1678) Finnair
OH-LZB Airbus A321-211 (961) Finnair
OK-CGK Boeing 737-55S (28471) CSA Czech Airlines
OK-CGT Boeing 737-46M (28549) CSA Czech Airlines
OO-DLD Airbus A300B4-203F (259) DHL Worldwide Courier Express
OY-KBR Airbus A319-131 (3231) SAS Scandinavian Airlines
OY-KGT Douglas MD82 (49380) SAS Scandinavian Airlines
OY-KHC Douglas MD82 (49436) SAS Scandinavian Airlines
PH-BXC Boeing 737-8K2 (29133) KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
PH-BXD Boeing 737-8K2 (29134) KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
PH-BXE Boeing 737-8K2 (29595) KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
PH-BXG Boeing 737-8K2 (30357) KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
PT-MUD Boeing 777-32WER (37667) TAM Brasil
S7-SEZ Boeing 767-219ER (24150) Air Seychelles
SE-DIK Douglas MD82 (49728) SAS Scandinavian Airlines
SP-LLD Boeing 737-45D (27256) Centralwings
SU-GBR Boeing 777-266 (28424) Egypt Air
SU-GCE Airbus A330-243 (600) Egypt Air
SX-BVL Airbus A320-211 (87) Hellas Jet
SX-DFC Airbus A340-313X (280) Olympic Airlines
TC-JFI Boeing 737-8F2 (29771) THY Turkish Airlines
TC-JIH Airbus A340-313X (270) THY Turkish Airlines
TF-FIX Boeing 757-308 (29434) Icelandair
TS-IML Airbus A320-211 (958) Tunisair
VH-OJR Boeing 747-438 (25547) QANTAS
VP-BUH Boeing 757-231 (30339) Uzbekistan Airways
VP-BZO Airbus A320-214 (3574) Aeroflot
VT-ALN Boeing 777-337ER (36312) Air India
VT-JEA Boeing 777-35RER (35157) Jet Airways
VT-JEB Boeing 777-35RER (35158) Jet Airways
VT-JWE Airbus A330-203 (807) Oman Air
VT-VJO Airbus A330-223 (939) Kingfisher Airlines
VT-VJP Airbus A330-223 (946) Kingfisher Airlines
ZK-OKD Boeing 777-219ER (29401) Air New Zealand
ZK-SUI Boeing 747-441 (24957) Air New Zealand
ZS-SNA Airbus A340-642 (410) South African Airways
ZS-SNC Airbus A340-642 (426) South African Airways
ZS-SNI Airbus A340-642 (630) South African Airways