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Monday, 11 May 2009

09/05/2009 - Lyneham - Hullavington - Kemble - Aston Down - Staverton

IanG & StuC had a day out to day one of G-VFWE, with some stops on the way there & back.
Those marked * were also present on Sunday (see next post).

RAF Lyneham

167984/QB-984 Lockheed KC-130J Hercules (5605) VMGR-352 USMC
9G-RAC Douglas DC-8-63F (46093) Airlift International
G-CDHB/1130 BAC Strikemaster Mk.80A (EEP/JP/4096)
G-MXPH/311 BAC Strikemaster Mk.84 (EEP/JP/1931)
G-OROO Cessna 560 (560-5724)
G-SOAF/425 BAC Strikemaster Mk.82A (PS.376)
G-UVNR BAC Strikemaster Mk.87 (EEP/JP/2876)
NZ7571/71 Boeing 757-2K2 (26633) 40 Sqn Royal New Zealand Air Force

Buckley Barracks Hullavington

(BGA4366)/WB922 Slingsby T.21 Sedbergh (585) 621 VGS Historic Flight
ZE495/VA Grob Viking T.1 (33879) 621/625 VGS
ZE503/VG Grob Viking T.1 (33887) 621/625 VGS
ZE522/VL Grob Viking T.1 (33891) 621/625 VGS
ZE526/VN Grob Viking T.1 (33895) 621/625 VGS
ZE529/VR Grob Viking T.1 (33898) 621/625 VGS
ZE557/WE Grob Viking T.1 (33916) 621/625 VGS
ZE560/WH Grob Viking T.1 (33924) 621/625 VGS
ZE561/WJ Grob Viking T.1 (33925) 621/625 VGS
ZE564/WN Grob Viking T.1 (33928) 621/625 VGS
ZE593/WW Grob Viking T.1 (33940) 621/625 VGS
ZE604/XD Grob Viking T.1 (33948) 621/625 VGS
ZE628/XS Grob Viking T.1 (33975) 621/625 VGS
ZE679/YP Grob Viking T.1 (34026) 621/625 VGS


G-AAOK Curtiss-Wright Travel Air 12-Q (2026) *
G-ABWP Spartan Arrow (78) *
G-ACEJ de Havilland DH-83 (4069)
G-ADGP/8 Miles M.2L (160)
G-ADKC de Havilland DH-87B (8064)

G-AEXT Dart Kitten II (123)
G-AFYO Stinson HW-75 (7039) *
G-AHSS Auster J/1N (2136)
(G-AIDL)/TX310 de Havilland DH-89A Dragon Rapide (6968) Air Atlantique Classic Flight *
G-AJKB/N71631 Luscombe 8E (3058) *
G-AJWB Miles M.38 (6699)

G-AKKH Miles M651A (6479)
(G-AKPF)/N3788 Miles M.14A (2228) *
G-AKUO Aeronca 11AC (11AC-1376)

G-AKVF Chrislea CH.3 Srs.2 (114)
G-AKVZ Miles M.38 (6352)
(G-AKWS)/RT610 Auster 5A/160 (1237)
G-ALFA Auster 5 (1236)
G-ALIJ Piper PA-17 (17-166)
(G-ANMY)/DE470/16 de Havilland DH-82A Tiger Moth (85466)
(G-ANNI)/T6953 de Havilland DH-82A Tiger Moth (85162)
G-APIE Tipsy Belfair (535)
G-ARDB Piper PA-24-250 (24-2166) *
G-ARGO Piper PA-22-108 (22-8034)
G-ARKS Piper PA-22-108 (22-8422)
G-ARNK Piper PA-22-108 (22-8622) *
G-ASAL Scottish Aviation SA.120-124 Bulldog (239) *
G-ASSS Cessna 172E (172-51467) *
G-ASXU Wassmer Jodel D.120A (196)
G-ATJT Socata GY-80-160 (108)
G-AVTP Reims-Cessna F.172H (458)

G-AWFP Rollason Condor D.62B (RAE631)
G-AWHY Falconar F.11 (PFA 1322)
G-AWPW Piper PA-12 (12-3947)
G-AWVB Jodel D.117 (604)

G-AWVF/XF877/JX Percival Provost T.1 (PAC/F/375)
G-AWVG Victa Airtourer T.2 (513)
G-AXIA Beagle B121-100 Pup (B078) *
G-AXXC Rousseau CP.301B (117)
(G-AZBN)/FT391 Noorduyn AT-16 (14A-1431)
(G-BBND)/WD286 de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk (C1/0225) *
G-BBPS Jodel D.117 (597) *

G-BCPD Gardan GY-201 (18)
G-BCUJ Reims-Cessna F.150M (1176) *
G-BCUS/60 Scottish Aviation SA.120-122 Bulldog (373) *
G-BDDD de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk (C1/0326)
(G-BDWJ)/F8010/Z Replica Plans SE.5A (PFA 020-10034) *
G-BEAH Auster J/2 (2366)
(G-BEER)/K2075 Isaacs Fury II (PFA 1588)
G-BFDK Piper PA-28-161 (28-7816010) *
G-BFEH Jodel D.117A (828)
G-BHOZ Socata TB-9 (84) *

G-BIAP Piper PA-16 (16-732)
G-BJBW Piper PA-28-161 (28-8116280)
(G-BLUZ)/LF858 de Havilland DH-82B Queen Bee (Unknown) *
G-BMIP Jodel D.112 (1264)
(G-BNPH)/WV740 Percival P.66 Pembroke C.1 (P66/41) *

(G-BNPV)/C.L.1.1801/18 Bowers Fly Baby 1-A (PFA 016-11120) *

G-BPAF Piper PA-28-161 (28-7716142) *
G-BPFM Aeronca 7AC (7AC-4751) *
G-BPMX ARV ARV-1 Super 2 (PFA 152-11128) *
G-BPPF Piper PA-38-112 (38-79A0578)
G-BRAK Cessna 172N (172-73795) *

G-BROO Luscombe 8E (6154) *
G-BRWR Aeronca 11AC (11AC-1319)
G-BRXP SNCAN Stampe SV.4C (678)
G-BSDJ/N35975 Piper J/4A (4-1456)
G-BSDK Piper J/5A (5-175)
G-BSXS Piper PA-28-181 (28-7990151) *
(G-BTBH)/854 Ryan PT-22 (2063) *

G-BTBJ Cessna 190 [Modified] (16046)
G-BTDE Cessna C.165 (551) *
G-BTDT CASA 1.131E (2131)
G-BUKU Luscombe 8E (4720)
G-BUTH Centre-Est DR.220 (6) *
(G-BUYU)/C.L.1.1803/18 Bowers Fly Baby 1-A (PFA 016-12222) *

G-BVAF Piper J/3C 85 (4645)
G-BVCS Aeronca 7AC (7AC-1346)

(G-BWEB)/XW422 BAC Jet Provost T.5A (EEP/JP/1044) Delta Jets hangar *
(G-BWGK)/XE689/864 Hawker Hunter GA.11 (HABL003032) South Side *
(G-BWGM)/XE665/VL-876 Hawker Hunter T.8C (HABL003008) Outside Delta Jets Hangar *
(G-BWGN)/WT722/878 Hawker Hunter T.8C (41H/670689) Outside Delta Jets Hangar *
G-BWNM Piper PA-28R-180 (28R-30435)
(G-BWSG)/XW324/K BAC Jet Provost T.5 (EEP/JP/988) Delta Jets hangar *
G-BWTW Mooney M.20C (20-1188) *
(G-BXFI)/WV372/R Hawker Hunter T.7 (41H/670818) Delta Jets hangar *
(G-BXKF)/XL577/V Hawker Hunter T.7 (HABL003314) Delta Jets hangar *
(G-BYPY)/001 Ryan ST3KR (1001) *

(G-BZPB)/WB188 green Hawker Hunter GA.11 (41H/670762) Outside Delta Jets Hangar *
(G-BZPC)/WB188 red Hawker Hunter GA.11 (HABL003061) Outside Delta Jets Hangar *
(G-CCBN)/PH-WWI/8010S/19 Replica Plans SE.5A (77246) *
G-CCJP British Aerospace 146-200 (E2066) Club Air, Scrapping area *
G-CEMY Alpi Aviation Pioneer 300 (PFA 330-14440) Hangared *
G-CFIC SAN Jodel DR.1050M1 (432)
G-DENS Binder CP.301S (121)
G-EITE Luscombe 8F (3407) *

(G-FFOX)/WV318 Hawker Hunter T.7B (41H/670792) Delta Jets hangar, Flew *

G-FMKA Diamond HK-36TTC (36672) *

G-HACK Piper PA-18-150 (18-7168)
(G-HELV)/XJ771 de Havilland DH-115 Vampire T.55 (975) Delta Jets hangar *
G-IVOR Aeronca 11AC (11AC-1035) *
G-JEBV British Aerospace RJ100 (E3236) Western Hangar area *
(G-JPRO)/XW433 BAC Jet Provost T.5A (EEP/JP/1055) Delta Jets hangar *
G-KEJY Evektor EV-97 (2017)
G-KITI Pitts S-2E Special (2) Delta Jets hangar *
G-LGTG Boeing 737-3Q8 (24470) British Airways, Scrapping area *
G-MASH Westland-Bell 47G-4A (WA.725)
G-MDAY/N2807C Cessna 170B (26350)

(G-MOUR)/XR991 Folland Gnat T.1 (FL.596) Delta Jets hangar *
(G-OMHD)/XH134 English Electric Canberra PR.9 (SH1724) Delta Jets hangar *
G-OPLC de Havilland DH-104 Dove (4212) *
G-OSTU American Aviation AA-5A (807) *
G-PBEC Van's RV-7 (PFA 323-14382)
G-POCO Cessna 152 (152-83956)
G-RNRS Scottish Aviation SA.120-101 Bulldog (132) *
G-SDEV de Havilland DH-104 Sea Heron C.20 (4472) Air Atlantique Classic Flight, Western Hangar area *
(G-SIJJ)/472035 North American P-51D Mustang (122-31894)
G-SJMH Robin DR.400140B (2637)
(G-TDOG)/XX538/O Scottish Aviation SA.120 Bulldog T.1 (230)
G-TIMP Aeronca 7AC (7AC-3392)
G-TSKY Beagle B121-150 Pup (B010) *
G-VCIO EAA Acro-Sport II (PFA 072-12388)
N203SA/30274 Piper J/5C (5-1477)
N598HS/(VT-EVW) Airbus A310-304 (598) Air India, Scrapping area *
N6081F Rockwell Commander 114B (14681) Hangared *
N7238X/51-15629 Piper PA-18-150 (18-1629)
N7600E Bellanca 14-19-2 (4102)
N767HS/(S7)-EXL Boeing 767-204ER (24013) Air Seychelles, Stored, no engines *
VP-BBN Boeing 737-330 (23527) Sky Express, Scrapping area *
VT-EPX Boeing 747-337 (24160) Air India, Scrapping area *
VT-EVX Airbus A310-308 (695) Air India, Stored, no engines *
XH131 English Electric Canberra PR.9 (SH.1721) South Side *
XH135 English Electric Canberra PR.9 (SH.1725) South Side *
XL586 Hawker Hunter T.7 (41H/693736) Delta Jets, South Side *
XL592/Y Hawker Hunter T.7 (41H/693743) Delta Jets, South Side *
XM496 Bristol Britannia 253F (13508) Britannia Aircraft Preservation Trust *
XP502 Folland Gnat T.1 (FL.517) Outside "Aviate" restaurant *

XX889 Blackburn Buccaneer S.2B (B3-05-73) Blackburn Buccaneer Society, South Side *

MOD Aston Down

G-CHJV Grob G.102 (1007)
G-CKRX PZL-Bielsko PW-6U (78.04.08)


D-ILKA Dornier Do.228-100 (7005) Manx2
G-BATC Bolkow Bo-105DB (S-45) Bond Air Services
G-BCTK Reims-Cessna FR.172J (546)
G-BFEK Reims-Cessna F.152 (1442)
G-BGBA Robin R.2100A (133)
G-BGRR Piper PA-38-112 (38-78A0336)
G-BKDJ Robin DR.400-120 (1584)
G-BPON Piper PA-34-200T (34-7570040)
G-BUUF Slingsby T.67MII (2116)
G-BWNM Piper PA-28R-180 (28R-30435)
G-BZRS Eurocopter EC135T2 (166) Bond Air Services
G-CZNE Britten-Norman BN-2B-20 Islander (2301)
G-ILET Robinson R44 (10789)
(G-NIFE)/156 SNCAN Stampe SV.4A (156) French Air Force scheme
G-RYZZ Robinson R44 (11418) Rise Helicopters
G-SARM Ikarus Comco C-42 (0504-6674)
G-WEGO Robinson R44 (10325)
G-WIRL Robinson R22 (671) Rise Helicopters
G-WIZA Robinson R22 (861)
N147GT Cirrus Design SR-22 (1069)
N180BB Cessna 180K (180-53103)
N224CJ Cessna 525 (525-0224)
N278SA/72 Cessna 177RG (177RG-0571)
N27UB Cessna 525B (525B-0225)
N525DT Cessna 525A (525A-0003)
N750GF Cessna 750 (750-0244)
N80NS Cirrus Design SR-22 (2839)
N834CD Cirrus Design SR-22 (168)
N843SR Cirrus Design SR-22 (2790)
N96JL Cessna 421C (421C-0627)
OY-SUN Cessna 402C (402C-0461)