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Monday, 30 March 2009

30/03/09 - Yeovilton

StuC went down for the 100 Years of Naval Aviation Flypast rehearsal. (many thanks to Glyn Coney for serial/code tie-ups)
In order of flypast:

ZH827/80/Arthur Merlin HM.1 824 NAS
ZH839/83/Guinevere Merlin HM.1 824 NAS
ZH846/CU:81 Merlin HM.1 824 NAS
ZH861/84/Gawaint Merlin HM.1 824 NAS

XV697/181 Seaking ASaC.7 849 NAS

ZE418/186 Seaking ASaC.7 849 NAS

ZA130/19/Clubs Seaking HU.5SAR 771 NAS

XZ693/304 Lynx HAS.3S 815 NAS
XZ248/308 Lynx HMA.8 815 NAS
ZD265/643 Lynx HMA.8DAS 702 NAS
ZF562/645 Lynx HMA.8 702 NAS
ZF124/L Seaking HC.4 845 NAS
ZA291/N Seaking HC.4 848 NAS

XV676/ZE Seaking Mk.6CR 845 NAS
ZE425/- Seaking HC.4 848 NAS

ZD282/- Lynx AH.7 847 NAS
ZJ256/56 Squirrel HT.1 DHFS
ZJ257/57 Squirrel HT.1 DHFS
ZJ267/67 Squirrel HT.1 DHFS
ZJ268/68 Squirrel HT.1 DHFS
XX481/CU:560 Jetstream T.2 750 NAS

XX488/CU:562 Jetstream T.2 750 NAS
ZA110/CU:563 Jetstream T.2 750 NAS

ZA111/CU:565 Jetstream T.2 750 NAS
WK608/906 Chipmunk T.10 RNHF
G-BYVF/VF Grob Tutor 727 NAS
G-BYVK/VK Grob Tutor 727 NAS
G-BWXA/A T-67M Firefly DEFTS
G-BWXB/B T-67M Firefly DEFTS
G-BWXC/C T-67M Firefly DEFTS
G-BWXV/V T-67M Firefly DEFTS


XX205/- Hawk T.1A FRADU
XX261/- Hawk T.1A FRADU

XP924/E:134/(G-CVIX) Sea Vixen FAW.2

Others noted were:

XZ728/326 Lynx HMA.8DSP Gate Guard
ZD578 Sea Harrier FA.2 Gate Guard
XS513 Wessex HU.5 Dump
XW630 Harrier GR.3 Dump
G-BYWM/WM Grob Tutor 727 NAS
G-BYXS/XS Grob Tutor 727 NAS
XZ730/632 Lynx HAS.3S 702 NAS
XZ233/634 Lynx HAS.3S 702 NAS
XZ234/630 Lynx HAS.3S 702 NAS
XZ726/302 Lynx HMA.8 815 NAS acted as Flypast photo ship
ZD565/312 Lynx HMA.8DAS 815 NAS
XZ736/642 Lynx HMA.8DAS 702 NAS
ZD268/697 Lynx HMA.8DAS 815 NAS
ZA293/A Seaking HC.4 845 NAS
ZA297/W Seaking HC.4 846 NAS
ZD625/P Seaking HC.4 846 NAS
ZF116/WP Seaking HC.4 848 NAS
ZF121/T Seaking HC.4 846 NAS
ZB507/F Seaking HC.4 845 NAS
XV700/ZC Seaking Mk.6CR 845 NAS