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    Welcome to our Trip Report Blog.
    Here we will post logs and pictures taken on aircraft spotting trips.
    Any info can be used for personal use, if passing on or publishing please credit SWAG.
    If you can correct or add any information please contact me here.

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    Header Picture: UP-MI602 Mil Mi-26T (34001212133) Kazakhstan Emercom at Boraldai, Kazakhstan on 08/07/19 (credit StuC)

    Updates 2022:
    26th May - Log and pics added for Private Flyer Show 14/05/22
    24th December - BAPC Register updated and 56 pictures added

    Saturday, 20 February 2021

    21/06/19 - Toulouse - Tarbes - Tarbes-Lourdes - Pau-Pyrenees - Pau - Dax - Bordeaux-Merignac

    Day 7 of the Aeroprints Paris Air Show long tour.


    D-AECC Embraer Emb-190 100LR (19000333) Lufthansa
    D-ALER Boeing 757-2Q8(PCF) (27351) DHL Air
    D-AMGL British Aerospace 146-200 (E2055) easyJet Europe Airline
    EC-MQQ Canadair Regional-Jet 1000 NG (19055) Iberia Regional
    F-GIXC Boeing 737-38B(SF) (25124) ASL Airlines France
    F-GRHJ Airbus A319-111 (1176) Air France
    F-GUGJ Airbus A318-111 (2582) Air France
    F-HBNJ Airbus A320-214 (4908) Air France
    F-HBXL Embraer Emb-170 100LR (17000009) Air France HOP
    F-HNAK Beech C90GTx King Air (LJ-2047) Ecole Nationale de l Aviation Civile
    G-JMCT Boeing 737-3Y0(SF) (24546) West Atlantic Cargo Airlines
    OE-IVH Airbus A320-214 (4286) easyJet Europe Airline
    OE-IVN Airbus A320-214(SL) (7572) easyJet Europe Airline
    OY-SRV Boeing 767-346F(ER)/W (35816) Star Air


    5R-MHK Aerospatiale SN 601 Corvette (34) Preserved
    ZS-SLF Airbus A340-212 (6) Preserved, nose


    2-GPIB Aerospatiale ATR 72-212A (707) Mistral Air
    2-LFEA Aerospatiale ATR 42-512 (621) SATENA
    A6-RRA Embraer ERJ-145MP (145398) Rotana Jet Aviation
    EI-FSN Aerospatiale ATR 72-600 (1069) FMI Air
    EI-FSO Aerospatiale ATR 72-600 (1109) FMI Air
    EI-GOL Airbus A321-211(SL) (7680) WOW Air
    F-GUSE Eurocopter AS.350B3 Squirrel (9046) Helicopteres De France SA
    F-WKVH Aerospatiale ATR 72-212A (700) Bangkok Airways
    F-WNUA Aerospatiale ATR 72-212A (704) Bangkok Airways
    F-WNUC Aerospatiale ATR 72-600 (1060) Best Fly
    F-WTBX Aerospatiale ATR 72-600 (1466) Avianca Argentina
    F-WTBY Aerospatiale ATR 72-600 (1474) Avianca Argentina
    F-WWDL Airbus A320-214(SL) (8784) Chengdu Airlines
    F-WWEB Aerospatiale ATR 72-600 (1545) IndiGo Airlines
    F-WWEG Aerospatiale ATR 72-600 (1550) IndiGo Airlines
    F-WWEI Aerospatiale ATR 72-600 (1552) IndiGo Airlines
    F-WWEK Aerospatiale ATR 72-600 (1577) Royal Brunei Airlines
    F-WWEM Aerospatiale ATR 72-600 (1556) Wings Abadi Air
    F-WWEN Aerospatiale ATR 72-600 (1557) IndiGo Airlines
    F-WWEZ Aerospatiale ATR 72-600 (1544) IndiGo Airlines
    F-WWIH Airbus A320-214(SL) (8845) Chengdu Airlines
    F-WWLC/N405SV Aerospatiale ATR 42-600 (1403) Silver Airways
    F-WWLE Aerospatiale ATR 42-600 (1405) Avions de Transport Regional
    I-SKYB Embraer Emb-120RT (120087) Skybridge Airops
    TF-NOW Airbus A321-211(SL) (7715) WOW Air
    XA-TRJ Aerospatiale ATR 42-512 (608) Aeromar


    (F-WFYF)/111/63-BP Nord N.2501 Noratlas (111) Preserved


    EC-LTG Boeing 737-4K5 (24129) AlbaStar
    F-MSAD Morane-Saulnier MS.760 Paris (70) Preserved
    F-WOMG Socata TB-319 Omega (01) Preserved in Terminal
    F-WWRT/183 SOCATA TB-360 Tangara (02)
    2-ACUA Airbus A330-202 (947) Jet Airways
    2-BHXG Airbus A340-313X (208) Cathay Pacific Airways
    2-DRPA Airbus A380-841 (003)
    2-PAOH Airbus A330-203 (811) Shaheen Air International
    2-RLAX Airbus A330-223 (943) Bamboo Airways
    2-RLAY Airbus A330-223 (962) Bamboo Airways
    (2-STEJ)/HS-TEJ Airbus A330-322 (209) Thai Airways International
    3B-NBI Airbus A340-313X (793) Air Mauritius
    3B-NBJ Airbus A340-313X (800) Air Mauritius
    9H-AGW Aerospatiale ATR 42-512 (511) Air Botswana
    9H-DPB Airbus A380-841 (005)
    9H-DPD Airbus A380-841 (8) Singapore Airlines
    9H-DPE Airbus A380-841 (10) Singapore Airlines
    CS-TFX Airbus A340-542 (912) HiFly
    CS-TRY Airbus A330-223 (970) Azores Airlines
    D-ALAE Boeing 737-8FH/W (29668) Jet Airways
    EI-DDU Airbus A330-202 (463) Turkish Airlines
    EI-FSS Boeing 777-2Q8(ER) (32701) Vietnam Airlines
    EI-GID Embraer Emb-170 100LR (17000111) Eastern Airways
    (F-HHIT)/G-VFIZ Airbus A340-642 (764) European Aviation
    F-WHUG Airbus A340-541 (457)
    F-WJKI Airbus A340-541 (608) Emirates Airline
    (F-WJKJ) Airbus A340-541 (478) Singapore Airlines
    F-WJKK Airbus A340-541 (492) Singapore Airlines
    (F-WJKL) Airbus A340-541 (499) Singapore Airlines
    F-WJKO Airbus A340-313X (243) Air China
    F-WTBU Airbus A330-223 (1019) Vietnam Airlines
    F-WXAF Airbus A340-313X (264) Air China
    F-WZNW Airbus A350-941 (4) Airbus
    G-VRED Airbus A340-642 (768) Virgin Atlantic Airways
    HZ-AIW Boeing 747-468 (28340) Saudi Arabian Airlines
    LZ-AWT/TK Airbus A319-112 (1886) Germania
    M-ABLV Airbus A330-302 (1361) Jet Airways
    M-ABLW Airbus A330-302 (1370) Jet Airways
    N100CL Airbus A300B4-622RF (529) Air Atlanta Icelandic
    N508AV Airbus A330-243 (1508) Avianca
    N835JM Airbus A300B4-203F (259) Air Contractors
    OE-IEZ Airbus A330-343X (1157) HongKong Airlines
    OE-IFW Airbus A330-203 (535)
    OE-IGY Airbus A319-132 (2414) Shaheen Air International
    OE-IHA Airbus A320-232 (2027) Shaheen Air International
    OE-IHE Airbus A320-232 (1497) Shaheen Air International
    OE-IHN Airbus A320-232 (1715) Small Planet Airlines
    PR-ONM Airbus A318-121 (3585) Avianca Brasil
    V8-001 Airbus A340-212 (46) Brunei Government
    VP-CIB Embraer Emb-190 100LR (19000227) BoraJet
    VQ-BXQ Airbus A320-214(SL) (6057) Avianca Brasil
    VQ-BXS Airbus A320-214(SL) (6103) Avianca Argentina
    XU-723 Airbus A321-211 (1629) Sky Angkor Airlines


    EC-406 Airbus A400M (006) Airbus Defence & Space
    F-GAPF Piper PA-28R-201 Arrow III (28R-7737064)
    F-GHRK de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter 200 (144) Parachutisme Tallard
    F-HBME Cirrus Design SR-22 G3 GTS (2962)
    F-HCHB Eurocopter AS.350B3 Squirrel (7695) H2i Sarl
    F-HDPY Cessna 510 Citation Mustang (510-0149) Air Vendee
    F-HLRA Diamond DA 62 (62.018)
    F-HMLK Canadair Regional-Jet 1000 EL NG (19016) Air France HOP
    N121HT Cirrus Design SR-22 (0794)


    161/63-BP Nord N.2501 Noratlas (161) Preserved
    1075/BRY Aerospatiale SA.330B Puma (1075) Preserved


    F-BHDV Cessna 310 (35068) Displayed outside Promo Meubles on D943


    1147/DAX Aerospatiale SA.341F Gazelle (1147) Preserved
    1689/DAX Aerospatiale SA.341F Gazelle (1689) Preserved
    unmarked Bell 47 (unknown) Preserved

    Musée de l'Alat et de l'Hélicoptère, Dax

    1032/BRD Aerospatiale SA.330B Puma (1032)
    1185/KBA Sud Aviation SE.3160 Alouette III (1185)
    133 Hiller UH-12A Raven (133)
    143 Sikorsky HSS-1 Seabat (SA143)
    1579/CWD Aerospatiale SA.341F Gazelle (1579)
    160/ZP Agusta-Bell 47G-2 (160)
    163 Aerospatiale SA.321G Super Frelon (163)
    1634/BEJ Sud Aviation SE.3130 Alouette II (1634)
    1721/BGG Aerospatiale SA.341F Gazelle (1721)
    2010/JBM Sud Aviation SA.316 Alouette III (2010)
    2430/CZZ Eurocopter AS.532UL Cougar (2430)
    24725/BUA Cessna L-19E Bird Dog (24725)
    269 Max Holste MH.1521M Broussard (269)
    5309/UD Aerospatiale AS.355F Fennec (5309)
    55-1086/AVW Sikorsky H-19D Chickasaw (55-1086)
    66/AJR Nord N.3202 (66)
    84-EL Marquiond RM-02 Gyrocopter (1)
    (F-BDIZ)/496/1 SNCAN Stampe SV.4B (496)
    (F-BDQQ)/UA Morane-Saulnier MS.505 Criquet (656)
    (F-BFYP)/"22-25621"/KAK Piper PA-22-125 Tri-Pacer (22-25)
    (F-BLCQ)/"18-1475" Piper L-18C Super Cub (18-1363) ..complex composite
    FR14/ATN Sud-Ouest SO.1221S Djinn (FR14)
    FR94/BEJ Piasecki H-21C Shawnee (FR94)
    F-ZWTM Aerospatiale SA.365MTR Panther (6005)
    unmarked Piper Cub frame (unknown)
    unmarked Sagem Crecerelle UAV (unknown)
    unmarked Sud Aviation SE.3130 Alouette II (Unknown)
    unmarked Techno-sud Industries Vigilant UAV (unknown)


    7T-VJO Boeing 737-8D6/W (30207) Air Algerie
    9H-QAA Boeing 737-800/W (44782) Malta Air
    9H-QAB Boeing 737-800/W (44792) Malta Air
    9H-VJD Bombardier Global Express (9472) Vista Jet Malta
    D-ICKE Beech B200GT King Air (BY-96) Dachser SE
    EC-MTC Airbus A319-111 (2258) Volotea
    EC-MTN Airbus A319-111 (2113) Volotea
    EC-MTZ Canadair Regional-Jet 1000 NG (19060) Iberia Regional
    F-GIXT Boeing 737-39M(QC) (28898) ASL Airlines France
    F-GKXL Airbus A320-214 (2705) Air France
    F-GUGD Airbus A318-111 (2081) Air France
    F-GXGI Robin DR.400-180 Regent (2520)
    F-GZCK Airbus A330-203 (516) Air France
    F-HBCB Beech 1900D (UE-390) Chalair Aviation SAS
    F-HBDX Embraer EMB-505 Phenom 300 (50500216) JetKey
    F-HBLL Embraer Emb-190 100STD (19000767) Air France HOP
    F-HBMF Socata TBM850 (653) Travelfab
    F-HBNH Airbus A320-214 (4800) Air France
    F-HETS Beech 1900D (UE-360) Oyonnair
    F-HLNO Airbus Helicopters EC135T3 (1263) Babcock MCS France
    F-HMLF Canadair Regional-Jet 1000 EL NG (19010) Air France HOP
    F-HMLO Canadair Regional-Jet 1000 EL NG (19041) Air France HOP
    F-HREY Airbus A35-0941 (325) French Bee
    F-WNOV Airbus A310-304 (498) Novespace/CNES
    F-WZNI/(A6-XWB) Airbus A350-1041 (290) Etihad
    F-ZBCG Reims-Cessna F.406 Caravan II (406-0066) French Customs
    F-ZBGP Beech 350ER King Air (FL-802) French Customs
    G-EZRT Airbus A320-214(SL) (8162) easyJet Airline
    G-JMCR Boeing 737-4Q8(SF) (25372) West Atlantic Cargo Airlines
    HB-JVU Embraer Emb-190 100IGW (19000048) Helvetic Airways
    HB-JYF Airbus A319-111 (4778) easyJet Switzerland
    HB-JZZ Airbus A320-214 (4233) easyJet Switzerland
    HB-LKB Piper PA-34-200T Seneca II (34-7870183)
    M-FINK Hawker-Siddeley 125-1000A (259037) Barbara T Fink
    (N203SA)/PR-OCG Airbus A330-243 (1608) Stored, Avianca Brasil
    (N204SA)/PR-OCX Airbus A330-243 (1657) Stored, Avianca Brasil
    N474CG Cirrus Design SF50 Vision (0045) I-Fly AG
    N508RA Cirrus Design SR-22 GTS (4458)
    OE-IJJ Airbus A320-214(SL) (6546) easyJet Europe Airline
    OE-IJP Airbus A320-214 (4234) easyJet Europe Airline
    OE-IVA Airbus A320-214(SL) (6970) easyJet Europe Airline
    OE-IZN Airbus A320-214(SL) (6966) easyJet Europe Airline
    OY-SRK Boeing 767-204(ER)(BDSF) (23072) Star Air
    PH-VBG Dassault Falcon 2000EX (005) Jet Netherlands BV
    T7-SAU Airbus A340-541 (563) Stored, Singapore Airlines