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    Welcome to our Trip Report Blog.
    Here we will post logs and pictures taken on aircraft spotting trips.
    Any info can be used for personal use, if passing on or publishing please credit SWAG.
    If you can correct or add any information please contact me here.

    To visit our Flickr photo pages click StuC, RichT, IanG, MatthewB

    Header Picture: UP-MI602 Mil Mi-26T (34001212133) Kazakhstan Emercom at Boraldai, Kazakhstan on 08/07/19 (credit StuC)

    Updates 2022:
    26th May - Log and pics added for Private Flyer Show 14/05/22
    24th December - BAPC Register updated and 56 pictures added

    Monday, 22 April 2019

    AERO Friedrichshafen 11-12/04/19

    Visited by StuC on an Aeroprints tour.

    Outside West Entrance

    D-MFLK Flywhale Aircraft Adventure (006)

    Hall A1

    D-0031/μ31 Akaflieg Munchen Mu.31 (1)
    D-7107/PR Glaser-Dirks DG-100 Thermik2Go (51)
    D-7968/21B Schleicher ASK-21B (21968)
    D-9687/TA Rolladen Schneider LS1-f (unknown)
    D-KAAQ/BB HPH 304 Shark eS (101-MS)
    D-KDAB/AB Jonker JS-MD3 Rapture (3.MD029)
    D-KFES Schempp-Hirth Discus 2c-FES (1)
    D-KFVP/VP Schleicher ASH-31Mi (31194)
    D-KFXX/3V Schempp-Hirth Ventus 3T (056TS)
    D-KHIB/71 Rolladen-Schneider LS8-t NEO (8532)
    D-KHSH/20 Schempp-Hirth Discus M (unknown)
    D-KILU/CD Akaflieg Berlin B-13 Electric (001)
    D-KKCT/CT Jonker JS-MD3 Rapture (3.MD035)
    D-KLSA/32 Schleicher ASG-32 Mi (32066)
    D-KPSA/EL Schleicher ASG-32 El (32002)
    D-KVLZ/LZ Schempp-Hirth Ventus 3F (unknown)
    D-KWRL/D-9118/29 FVA 29 Replica (28745) ..converted from ASW-28-18E
    D-MTPA Zlin Aviation Savage (0155)
    D-MTYA Zlin Aviation Savage (242)
    F-CNGC/TO DG Flugzeugbau DG-1001 (10-272S178)
    G-CLXG/BGA5995/895 Lange Antares E1 (89E59)
    LY-GQT/77 Sportinė Aviacija LAK17 cfes (248)
    LY-GRO/IV Sportinė Aviacija Mini LAK fes/jet (unknown)
    OH-1031/3W Schempp-Hirth Ventus (unknown)
    OK-0114 Aerotechnik L-13SW Vivat (900411)
    OK-2301 LET L-23 Super Blanik (182301)
    OK-5513/D3 Avionic KKB-18KE (001)
    OK-6767/TH HPH 304MS Shark SJ (112-MS)
    OK-7393/TS HPH 304TS Twin Shark (001-TS)
    OK-8304/JeT HPH 304 S-Jet (unknown)
    SP-3881 PZL-Bielsko PW-6U Kingo (78.05.04)
    SP-3886 Allstar SZD-59 Acro (590.A.16.019)
    SP-4001/13 Allstar SZD-54-2 Perkoz (542.A.16.013)
    SP-4032/N556DS/ZJ Allstar SZD-56-2 (unknown)
    unmarked Karlsruher Institute of Technology Glider (unknown)

    Hall A3

    D-EZFW Jurca MJ-8 1-Nine-0 (1656)
    D-FIPD Piper M600 (4698093)
    D-FRAS Daher TBM-910 (1278)
    (F-WWRD) Daher TBM-930 (1275) ..N291MA on c/n plate
    HB-DMO Waco YMF-5C (F5C-8-153)
    HB-FXR Pilatus PC-12/47E (1862) Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG
    HB-RIM Junkers F13 Replica (13-001)
    N124MX Cirrus SR20 (2476)
    N472JJ Cirrus SR22T (1889)
    N719SJ Honda Jet HA-420 Elite (42000149) Rheinland Air Service
    OK-PDX Piper PA-28-181 Archer III (2843828)
    OK-PMG Piper PA-46-350P Malibu Mirage (4636725)
    T7-HGW Cirrus SF50 Vision (0106) Heinrich Weiss

    Hall A4

    D-EERS Tecnam P.2008 JC (1128)
    D-EQTB Aquila AT-01 A-212 Turbo (AT01-100C-319)
    D-ESEX Aquila AT-01 A-211GX (AT01-357)
    D-EXXZ Extra 330SC (SC083)
    D-KIZG Stemme S12G Twin Voyager (12-028)
    D-MTCN Tecnam P.2002 Sierra Mk.II (unknown)
    F-WLXR Elixir Aircraft Elixir (001)
    I-EASD Tecnam P.2012 Traveller (002)
    I-PDVE Tecnam P.2010 Mk.II Premium Edition (083)
    I-TIFR Tecnam P.2002 JF Mk.II (unknown)
    I-X010 Blackshape BS100 Prime (BPU 047)
    N162AW Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub (18-8109082)
    OE-DWS Diamond DA40NG Diamond Star (40.N269)
    OE-FLZ Diamond DA42NG Twin Star (42.N351)
    OE-FSG Diamond DA62 (62.102)
    OE-VSO Diamond DA50 (50.002)
    OO-NCA Sonaca 200 (001)
    OO-NEW Sonaca 200 (FTA2)
    PH-KIO Tecnam P.2006T (279) Kavel 10 Aerial Surveys
    SP-MEL Tecnam P.2006T (285)
    VH-ARL Tecnam Astore (068)
    unmarked Tecnam Aquila A414 Mock-up (n/a)
    unmarked Blackshape BK160 Gabriel (unknown)
    unmarked Extra 330LX FSM (unknown)
    unmarked Tecnam P.92 Echo Mk.II (unknown)

    Hall A5

    D-EJJI Bucker Bu.133C Jungmeister (1006)
    D-MZTH Flaming Air FA-04 Peregrine SL (unknown)
    F-HDSL Robin DR.400-140B (2714)
    F-HTEN Mudry CAP.10B (319)
    G-TERO Van's RV-7 (LAA 323-15124)
    I-EASB I.I.I. Sky Arrow LSA (LSA-030)
    OK-RAR 01 BRM Aero NG-5 Bristell ELSA (025/2012)
    SP-RWB Aero AT-3 R100 (AT3-092)
    unmarked Cessna cockpit (unknown)
    unmarked JH Aircraft Corsair (unknown)
    unmarked CSA Delta Cruiser (unknown)
    unmarked CSA PS-28 Cruiser (C0646)
    unmarked CSA Sport Cruiser UL (unknown)

    Hall A6

    37/"WTD+61" EMT Luna (unknown) German Air Force/WTD-61
    D-EAXK/15 Extra EA.330 LT (LT019)
    D-EDUR/ST-26 Siai Marchetti SF.260 (110)
    D-EFXA Xtreme Air XA-42 Sbach (52)
    unmarked Xtreme Air XA-42 Sbach Gold (unknown)

    Hall A7

    99+99 EMT Luna NG-VTOL (unknown)
    D-MFSW Airsport Sro Song (16/2015)
    (OK-VZF 04) ? Ultralight Design Ego/ATOS-VRS (02417)
    OK-WAU 08 Jihlavan KP-5 Skyleader 400 Electric (4 280280 W)
    OK-XAA 54 Phoenix Air U-15E Phoenix (unknown)
    OM-M523/AB GP Gliders GP14SE Velo (unknown)
    unmarked Aeros ANT Trike (04.15.055)
    unmarked Aeros ANT Trike (04.18.105)
    unmarked Aeros ANT Trike (unknown) ..folded up, bagged
    unmarked Aeros/Combat (unknown)
    unmarked Aeros/Unmarked wing (unknown)
    unmarked Archaeopteryx E (unknown)
    unmarked A-I-R ATOS Wing (unknown)
    unmarked A-I-R ATOS-VR (unknown)
    unmarked AutoflightX V600 (unknown)
    unmarked Ultralight Design Ego Trike (unknown)
    unmarked JETcopter Mock-up (unknown)
    unmarked Birdy (unknown) ..modified Axel ultralight glider
    unmarked Gustav Weisskopf Nr.21B Nachbau Replica (unknown)
    unmarked/"AE-EXP" Pipistrel Alpha Electro (928AE60)

    West Concourse

    D-0926/D-15-926 Goppingen Go.1 Wolf (138)
    D-8180 Goppingen Go.3 Minimoa 38 (701)
    D-8184 Goppingen Go.4 Goevier III (409)

    Hall B1

    CC-DAR Evektor Harmony LSA (unknown)
    D-EALF Robin DR.400-180 Regent (976)
    D-EBWB Horten HX10-2 (unknown)
    D-EETA Flight Design F2C (M-19-01-01)
    D-ETOO Flight Design F2 (unknown)
    D-MBIS Ikarus Comco C42CE Super Bison 914 Turbo (1704-7499)
    D-MCIE Ikarus Comco C42CS ePower Hybrid (unknown)
    D-MCMT Flight Design CTLS i (unknown)
    D-MDXX Ultralight Concept SV4-RS (041)
    D-MEFG Ikarus Comco C42CS 912iS (unknown)
    (D-MFXI) ? Innovaviation FX1 (unknown)
    D-MGJJ Dova DV-1 Skylark (09/230)
    D-MGSD Spacek SD-2 (unknown)
    D-MKAR Evektor EuroStar SLW Sport 600 (4305)
    D-MKIA Kitplanes for Africa Explorer UL-600 (unknown)
    D-MKRL Ikarus Comco C22 Fox (9303-3449)
    D-MODK Aerostyle Breezer B400-6 (UL144)
    D-MQDK Aerostyle Breezer Sport (003)
    D-MQLR Ultralight Concept SV4-RS (011)
    D-MQSD Sportmaster SD-1 120TG (194)
    D-MTNK Funk FK14 (unknown)
    D-MRVX Rotorvox C2A (C2A-14002)
    I-D060 Pro.Mecc Pegaso 19 (unknown)
    OK-NVF Evektor EV-97 Sportstar RTC (2018-2109)
    OK-VUA 15 ATEC 321 Faeta NG (unknown)
    OM-M214 Tomark Viper SD4 (27404)
    OM-M215 Tomark Skyper GT9 (27566)
    OM-NFR Tomark Viper SD4 (unknown)
    (RA-1234) ? Aerovolga Borey UL650 (ELO11) ..became D-MBUY 11/19
    SP-SKRD Aeroprakt A-32L (015)
    unmarked B&F Funk FK12 (unknown)
    unmarked DAS Scalewings SW51 Mustang (unknown) ..under build
    unmarked/SW-51 DAS Scalewings SW51 Mustang (unknown)
    unmarked DAS Scalewings SW51 Mustang (unknown) ..cockpit
    unmarked Innovaviation FX1 (unknown)
    unmarked Pro Mecc Freccia (unknown)
    unmarked Aero&Tech Nexth (unknown)
    unmarked Pelegrin Tarragon (unknown)
    unmarked Pelegrin Tarragon (unknown) ..half fuselage
    unmarked/ULC 01 Ultralight Concept SV4-RS (061)
    unmarked Ultralight Concept SV4-RS (unknown) ..fuselage frame
    unmarked unknown glider ..frame being recovered, quoted by a gentleman present as "D-1487", which is an ASK-21, so probably incorrect

    Hall B2

    AB075 TL-Ultralight Stream FSM (unknown)
    D-MAXV Shark Aero Shark UL (071)
    D-MCNG Fly Synthesis Catalina NG (F5AB0090E23C)
    D-MEBW Blackwing BW635RG (unknown)
    D-MKAZ Zlin Aviation Shock Cub Ultra (unknown)
    D-MLUS Luscombe Silvaire UL (unknown)
    D-MUMO Groppo G70 (170/130/7)
    D-MVOO Solid Air Diamant Twin 912/Pico S (unknown) ..quoted as trike from D-MFAS
    F-JPLI JMB VL-3 (VL3-310)
    HA-BHX Magnus Fusion 212 (unknown)
    HA-XEL Magnus Fusion 212 (unknown)
    HB-SXD BRM Aero NG-5 Bristell Energic H55 (unknown)
    HB-WED Lightwing AC4 CS-LSA (005)
    I-D244 Fly Synthesis Syncro (F4AD0071228C)
    I-D278 I.C.P. Savannah S (19-01-54-0664)
    I-X060 I.C.P. Ventura (18-02-62-0006R)
    OK-QUU 06 BRM Aero NG-5 Bristell Speed Wing (360/2018)
    OK-UUA 99 TL Ultralight Stream Plus G (15STR01)
    OK-VAU 99 BRM Aero NG-5 Bristell (unknown)
    OK-YUA 95 TL Ultralight TL-3000 Sirius (19SI174)
    OM-S444 Shark Aero Shark (053)
    "OO-JMB" JMB VL-3 (VL-3-325)
    unmarked Belmont Aero DW200 Patina (03)
    unmarked Belmont Aero DW200 Patina (04)
    unmarked Solid Air Diamant EP/Aeros (unknown)
    unmarked Solid Air Diamant Trike (unknown)
    unmarked Fly Synthesis Storch CL 472.5 Jumper (F1AC5111309C)
    unmarked Fly Synthesis Texan EVO Turbo (unknown)
    unmarked Groppo Trail (170/129)
    unmarked JMB VL-3 (VL3-308)
    unmarked JMB VL-3 (VL3-313)
    unmarked JMB VL-3 Cargo Mock-up (unknown)
    unmarked Zlin Aviation Shock Cub (unknown)
    unmarked TL Ultralight TL-3000 Sirius Floatplane (unknown)
    unmarked TL Ultralight TL-2000 Sting S4 (unknown)
    unmarked I.C.P. Ventura (19-03-62-0010R)

    Hall B3

    07SN Air Creation Tanarg NEO/Air Creation (unknown)
    67CCS/F-JDWJ Aerospool WT9 Dynamic (DY668/2019)
    D-4764 Schneider DFS 108-49 Grunau Baby IIB (AB Try 1/4764)
    D-ERGX Remos GX LSA (418)
    (D-ETMP)/T7213 de Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth (83683)
    D-EUTS Aerospool WT9 Dynamic LSA (19001)
    D-MBOJ Remos GX NXT (455)
    D-MCPM Alpi Pioneer 200 (unknown)
    D-MFNL Alpi Aviation AH130 Syton (013)
    D-MKMA MHI-Air Legend 600 (1854)
    D-MMTP Pipistrel Taurus 503 (161T503)
    D-MRFW Flywhale Aircraft Flywhale (008)
    D-MVMX Pipistrel Virus SW600D (VSW1270001)
    (F-BGEE/PG732) de Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth (86618) ..fuselage under restoration
    HB-5512 Alisport Silent 2 Targa (2046)
    HB-YNG Experimental Aviation Culp Special (CH001)
    OK-XAU 19 Jihlavan KP-5 Skyleader 400 (4 302341 X)
    OK-XUL 30 Ellipse Spirit (unknown)
    OK-XUN 01 Jihlavan KP-5 Skyleader GP One (8 011011 X)
    OK-XUS 29 Aerospool WT-9 Dynamic D3 (DYK93/2018)
    PH-NEY Alpi Griffon (unknown)
    unmarked Alpi Pioneer 400 (unknown)
    unmarked Jihlavan KP-5 Skyleader 200 (unknown)
    unmarked Jihlavan KP-5 Skyleader 600 (unknown)
    unmarked/01 Pipistrel Adventurer (unknown)
    unmarked Pipistrel Alpha Trainer (965AT912)
    unmarked Pipistrel Virus SW121TC (VSW1210048)
    unmarked Risen Race 912iS (unknown)
    unmarked Risen Race Turbo (unknown)
    unmarked SBM Development RT216 (unknown)
    unmarked Air Creation Skypper 912 (unknown)
    unmarked ZM Aircraft ZM1 (unknown)

    Hall B4

    04HV Heli-Sport CH-77 Ranabot (unknown)
    D-ESSR Van's RV-14A (140306)
    (D-MAWU) ? ATOM Trike UL (unknown)
    D-MCAU AutoGyro Europe Cavalon (unknown)
    D-MCSZ Trendak Tercel (T&S B28618S)
    D-MEWR ELA Aviation ELA-10 Eclipse (unknown)
    D-MHCX Cicaré CH-8 (unknown)
    D-MPHU Modern Wings Swan 120 (unknown)
    D-MTOJ AutoGyro Europe MTOSport (M01744)
    D-MTOU AutoGyro Europe MTOSport (M01715)
    D-MULH EDM Aerotec Co-Ax 2D/2R (02/2013) EDM Aerotec
    D-MYSP Aerostyle Breezer Sport (002)
    (DYN01) ? Dynali H3 EasyFlyer Sport (unknown)
    G-KTCH Magni M-16C Tandem Trainer (16-18-1534) Ketchell Holdings Ltd
    HB-YBZ Van's RV-12 (120275)
    I-A214 Magni M-22 Voyager (unknown)
    I-D047 Magni M24 Orion (24192006)
    OK-WUS 22 Flying Machines FM.250 Vampire (CD-FM250V49/2018)
    SP-XTRE Trendak Taurus AAT (T&S J28918S)
    unmarked Aventura-S (unknown)
    unmarked DTA J-Ro (unknown)
    unmarked DTA XeeLex (008)
    unmarked Dynali H3 Naked (unknown)
    unmarked ELA Aviation ELA-07 Scorpion (02185700734)
    unmarked ELA Aviation ELA-10 Eclipse (unknown)
    unmarked Flying Machines FM.250 Vampire (CD-FM250V48/2018)
    unmarked Modern Wings Swan 240 (unknown)
    unmarked Rotorschmeide VA115 (unknown)
    unmarked Wagner GFW-4 (unknown)

    Hall B5

    70+45 Bell UH-1D Iroquois (8105) German Air Force
    82+62 Eurocopter EC.135 T1 (0114) German Army
    83+23 Westland Lynx Mk.88A (392) German Navy
    (86+71)/"17+03" Bolkow Bo-105P1 (6071) German Army
    D-HAIM Robinson R66 (0879) Aeroheli International GmbH & Co KG
    D-HBLU Bell 206B Jet Ranger III (4256) Sky Magic e.K.
    D-HBOC Bolkow Bo-105CB-2 (S-325) FlyTripleSix
    D-HHHC AgustaWestland AW.109SP Grand New (22283)
    D-HHVV Bell 412 (33091) Agrarflug Helilift GmbH
    D-HKET Robinson R44 (unknown)
    D-HKIT Robinson R44 (unknown)
    D-HLTH Eurocopter EC.155B (6544) Bundespolizei
    D-HONY Guimbal Cabri G2 (1227) Sky Magic e.K.
    D-HSDM Bolkow Bo-105CB-4 (S-126) The Flying Bulls GmbH
    D-HWAL Agusta-Bell 47G-4A (2519)
    F-HSPH Guimbal Cabri G2 (1244)
    HB-ZQM Airbus Helicopters H145 (20247) Swiss Air Ambulance AG
    HB-ZYZ Guimbal Cabri G2 (1205) Swiss Helicopter AG
    (I-X049) ? Curti Zefhir (01)
    N81HE Robinson R44 Astro (0180)
    OE-XJP Aerospatiale AS.332L Super Puma (2102) Heli-Austria
    OE-XOX Robinson R44 Cadet (30033) Heli Austria Flight Academy GmbH
    OK-THA 71 Elisport CH-7 Kompress (unknown)
    OK-WHA 82 Elisport CH-77 Ranabot (0046/2016)
    SP-NCC Bell 505 Jet Ranger X (65063) Effect Glass SA
    SUI-4958 Swiss Helicopter UAV (unknown) Swiss Helicopter AG


    2-GSYJ Diamond DA42 Twin Star (42.135)
    (43+61)/"43+00" BAe/Panavia Tornado IDS (GS034) German Air Force
    D-CCVD Cessna 560XL Citation XLS (560-5784) Atlas Air Service AG
    D-CFHZ Embraer EMB-505 Phenom 300 (50500415) DAS Jets GmbH
    D-EAQI Aquila AT-01 A-211 (unknown)
    D-EJFC VulcanAir V1.0 (1002)
    D-EKFM Socata TB10 Tobago (760)
    D-ENDW Piper PA-46R-350T Matrix (4692125)
    D-FBHI Quest Kodiak 100 (100-0219) Rheinland Air Service GmbH
    D-FJNP Pilatus PC-12/47E (1770)
    D-ICAR Diamond DA62 (62.036)
    D-INFO Piper PA-31T2 Cheyenne IIXL (31T-8166031) STF Investment CC
    F-HJMB Vulcanair P-68TC Observer (509-53/TC) Aerolane
    F-HMSJ Robin DR-400/140B Major (2694)
    F-HTIL Partenavia P.68 Observer 2 (507-49/OB2)
    HB-VVV Pilatus PC-24 (124) Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG
    I-EASC Vulcanair V1.0 (1001)
    N1097L Cessna 350 (421006)
    N143LA Piper PA-46 JetPROP DLX (4636459)
    N242KT Mooney M.20V Acclaim Ultra (33-0006)
    N248KQ Quest Kodiak 100-II (100-0248)
    N255AV Gippsland GA-8 Airvan TC-320 (GA8-TC-320-15-215)
    N425DK Cessna 425 Conquest I (425-0086)
    OE-FMT Embraer EMB-500 Phenom 100 (50000348) Jet 24 GmbH
    OE-FTP Embraer EMB-500 Phenom 100 (50000316) Mustang Charter GmbH
    OK-OAM Cirrus SR22 (4114)
    OM-SHA Fly-Fan Shark 1 (P.001)