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    Header Picture: UP-MI602 Mil Mi-26T (34001212133) Kazakhstan Emercom at Boraldai, Kazakhstan on 08/07/19 (credit StuC)

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    Tuesday, 10 September 2013

    08/09/133 - Edinburgh - Boulmer - Eshott - Newcastle - NEAM Usworth - Fishburn - East Midlands - Birmingham

    Last Day of the Lindsay Tours trip to the final Leuchars Airshow by StuartL, PatW, MarkP and StuC. My thanks to all for an excellent trip.

    Edinburgh - 06:30-08:15

    C-GHPE Boeing 767-33AER (33423) Air Canada rouge
    EI-DHA Boeing 737-8AS (33571) Ryanair
    EI-DLD Boeing 737-8AS (33825) Ryanair
    EI-EFS Boeing 737-8AS (37542) Ryanair
    EI-EMP Boeing 737-8AS (40285) Ryanair
    EI-EVY Boeing 737-8AS (40319) Ryanair
    EI-EZW Airbus A320-214 (1983) Virgin Atlantic
    EI-FAT Aerospatiale ATR 72-600 (1097) Aer Lingus Regional
    EI-RJU British Aerospace 146-RJ85 (E2367) Cityjet
    EI-RJX British Aerospace 146-RJ85 (E2372) Cityjet
    G-BZHA Boeing 767-336ER (29230) British Airways
    G-CELA Boeing 737-377 (23663) Jet 2
    G-CELP Boeing 737-330F (23522) Jet 2 Cargo
    G-CELZ Boeing 737-377 (23658) Jet 2
    G-EZBM Airbus A319-111 (3059) EasyJet
    G-EZEW Airbus A319-111 (2300) EasyJet
    G-EZIJ Airbus A319-111 (2477) EasyJet
    G-EZIZ Airbus A319-111 (2646) Leasing Company
    G-EZTV Airbus A320-214 (4234) EasyJet
    G-EZUG Airbus A320-214 (4680) EasyJet
    G-FBEA Embraer Emb-195-200LR (19000029) Flybe
    G-GDFE Boeing 737-3Q8F (24131) Jet 2
    G-LCYP Embraer Emb-190-100SR (19000443) BA Cityflyer
    N29129 Boeing 757-224ET (28969) United Airlines

    Boulmer - 11:00

    XV415/E McDonnell-Douglas Phantom FGR.2 (3007) Preserved
    XZ590/F Westland WS.61 Seaking HAR.3 (WA856) 202 Sqn A Flt
    XZ591/G Westland WS.61 Seaking HAR.3 (WA857) 202 Sqn A Flt

    Eshott - 11:40

    G-BRLR Cessna 150G (150-64822)
    G-BRWP CFM Streak Shadow (PFA 161A-11596)
    G-CBSP Solar Wings Pegasus (7903)
    G-CBUR Zenair CH.601 (PFA 162A-13891)
    G-CBUY Rans S.6 Coyote (PFA 204-13954)
    G-CCJN Rans S.6 Coyote (PFA 204-13575)
    G-CCWV P & M Aviation Pegasus (8043)
    G-CDAT I.C.P. MXP-740 Savannah (BMAA/HB/327)
    G-CDBB P & M Aviation Pegasus (8062)
    G-CEBC I.C.P. MXP-740 Savannah (BMAA/HB/503)
    G-CEGK I.C.P. MXP-740 Savannah (BMAA/HB/515)
    G-CEII Medway SLA-80 (010107)
    G-CGLW P & M Aviation Quik (8509)
    G-CHJG Evektor EV-97 EuroStar (3938)
    G-CHTX Voltair 86 electric powered microlight (DRS-01)
    G-EDMC Solar Wings Pegasus (7513)
    G-FAME CFM Streak Shadow SA-II (PFA 206A-12973)
    G-JABZ Jabiru UL (PFA 274A-14289)
    G-MNWO Mainair Gemini (490-1086-4)
    G-MRSS Ikarus Comco C-42 Cyclone (1110-7175)
    G-MTNI Mainair Gemini (595-1187-5)
    G-MTUU Mainair Gemini (623-288-5)
    G-MTZY Mainair Gemini (653-688-6)
    (G-MWPG) Microflight Spectrum (019) stored
    G-MWVR Mainair Gemini (855-0991-7)
    (G-MWWX) Microflight Spectrum (025) stored
    G-MYAY Microflight Spectrum (027)
    G-MYDK Rans S.6 Coyote (PFA 204-12239)
    G-MYKW Mainair Mercury (960-0893-7)
    G-MYZJ Solar Wings Pegasus (7150)
    G-MYZK Solar Wings Pegasus (7157)
    G-MZAB Mainair Blade (1043-0695-7)
    G-MZLR Solar Wings Pegasus (7441)
    G-MZOG Solar Wings Pegasus (7471)
    G-RTMS Rans S.6 Coyote (PFA 204-14149)
    G-SJES Evektor SportStar (2007-2918)
    G-TEDI Best Off Skyranger (BMAA/HB/243)
    G-TJAV P & M Aviation Pegasus (8070)
    G-TNRG Air Creation Tanarg (BMAA/HB/468)
    G-TSKS Evektor SportStar (2009-3320)
    G-UMMS Evektor SportStar (2005-2316)

    Newcastle - 12:40

    A6-EBT Boeing 777-31HER (32730) Emirates Airlines
    C-GWJO Boeing 737-7CT (33969) Westjet
    G-BIXH Reims-Cessna F.152 (1840)
    G-BMUZ Piper PA-28-161 (28-8016329)
    G-BOFZ Piper PA-28-161 (28-7816255)
    G-BRLO Piper PA-38-112 (38-78A0621)
    G-CBBS/XX694/E Scottish Aviation SA.120 Bulldog T.1 (343)
    G-CDXA Robinson R44 (1584)
    G-JASS Beech B200 King Air (BB-983) Platinum Executive Aviation
    G-MAVI Robinson R22 (0960)
    G-WBVS Diamond DA 40D Star TDI (D4.060)
    N999F Beech F33A Bonanza (CE-1282)

    Usworth North East Aircraft Museum - 14:00


    (G-ARPO) Hawker-Siddeley Trident 1C (2116) wings/tail separate
    (G-AZLP) Vickers Viscount 813 (346) fuselage only
    WJ639 English Electric Canberra TT.18 (HP206B)
    XL319 Avro Vulcan B.2 (SET28)
    XM833 Westland WS.58 Wessex HAS.3 (WA14)
    (ZF594)/"XS933" English Electric Lightning F.53 (95303)

    Restoration/storage Hangar

    42157 North American F-100D Super Sabre (223-37)
    BGA2383 CARMAM M.100S (12) dismantled
    G-ARHX de Havilland DH-104 Dove (04513) fuselage only
    (WB685) de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk T.10 (C1/0133) composite, rear fuselage off WP969, wings off WP833 nearby
    XN258/89 Westland WS.55 Whirlwind HAR.9 (WA.270)
    XP627 BAC Jet Provost T.4 (PAC/W/16899) fuselage only
    (XT148) Agusta-Bell 47 Sioux AH.1 (1560) under restoration, no bubble, using parts from G-ASOL
    others should be here but were not positively seen

    Vehicle shed

    XG680/438 de Havilland DH-112 Sea Venom FAW.22 (121043)
    XN696/751 de Havilland DH-110 Sea Vixen FAW.2 (10104) cockpit only

    Main Hangar

    146/8-MC Dassault Mystere IVA (146)
    16171 North American F-86D Sabre (173-315)
    26541 Republic F-84F Thunderstreak (52-6541)
    54439 Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star (580-9883)
    A-522 FMA IA.58A Pucara (022)
    (BAPC-96) Brown Helicopter (unknown)
    (BAPC-211)/"G-ADVU" Mignet HM.14 Pou-du-Ciel (KF.1)
    (G-9-441)/E-419 Hawker Hunter F.51 (41H/680278)
    G-APTW Westland WS.51 Dragonfly Mk.2 (WA/H/150)
    (G-AWRS) Avro Anson C.19 (33785)
    (G-BEEX) de Havilland DH-106 Comet (6458) nose only
    G-OGIL Short SD-330-200 (SH3068)
    (G-SFTA)/"XZ177" Aerospatiale SA.341G Gazelle (1039)
    WA577 Bristol B.171 Sycamore Mk.3 (12888)
    WD790 Gloster Meteor NF.12 (WD790) cockpit only
    WG724/LM-932 Westland WS.51 Dragonfly (WA/H/055)
    WL181/X Gloster Meteor F.8 (WL181)
    WZ518/B de Havilland DH-115 Vampire T.11 (15105)
    Unmarked Fiesler Fi-103 V-1 FSM (unknown)
    V-1 FSM
    Unmarked Scottish Aviation C-10A Jetstream EMU (unknown)
    Jetstream EMU

    Fishburn - 14:30

    G-ATRM Reims-Cessna F.150F (0053)
    G-AYUT SAN Jodel DR.1050 (479)
    G-AYYX Socata MS.880B Rallye (1812) wreck
    G-BCXB Socata MS.880B Rallye (2546)
    G-BGMT Socata MS.235 (13126)
    G-BKKZ Pitts S-1S Special (PFA 009-10525)
    G-BOPD Bede BD-4 (632)
    G-BPVZ Luscombe 8E (5565)
    G-BTOT Piper PA-15 Vagabond (15-60)
    G-CBBT/XX695/C Scottish Aviation SA.120 Bulldog T.1 (344)
    G-CBJH Aeroprakt A.22 (PFA 317-13847)
    G-DONT Zenair CH.601 (PFA 162B-14172)
    G-EDMC Solar Wings Pegasus (7513)
    G-MMPZ Teman Monofly (JWH-01)
    G-MUTS/X4683/EB-N Jurca MJ.10 Spitfire (PFA 130-12007)
    G-MWCH Rans S.6 Coyote (PFA 204-11632)
    G-MYXO Letov LK-2M Sluka (PFA 263-12873)
    G-NALA Cessna 172S (172S-10214)
    G-TJAV P & M Aviation Pegasus (8070)

    East Midlands - 17:10

    EI-EMC Boeing 737-8AS (38510) Ryanair
    EI-JIV Lockheed L-100-30 (4673) Air Contractors
    G-BIKU Boeing 757-236F (23399) DHL Worldwide Courier Express
    G-FIFA Cessna 404 (404-0644) Trans Euro Air
    G-IASA Beech B200 King Air (BB-1698) IAS Medical
    G-MAPP Cessna 402B (402B-0583) RVL Aviation
    G-MEDX Agusta A-109E (11745) Sloane Helicopters
    G-MIND Cessna 404 (404-0004) RVL Aviation
    G-NOSE Cessna 402B (402B-0823) RVL Aviation
    G-SOUL Cessna 310R (310R-0140) RVL Aviation
    G-TASK Cessna 404 (404-0829) RVL Aviation
    G-TAWJ Boeing 737-8K5 (38108) Thomson Airways
    G-TURF Reims-Cessna F.406 (F406-0020) RVL Aviation
    N323UP Boeing 767-34AF (27749) United Parcel Service Company
    N700UT Beech 350 King Air (FL-749)
    OE-FHA Cessna 510 (510-0081) GlobeAir

    Birmingham - 18:30

    B-8251 Gulfstream G450 (4242)
    D-AIQC Airbus A320-211 (0201) Lufthansa
    EZ-A011 Boeing 757-22K (28336) Turkmenistan Airlines
    G-CBRG Cessna 560 (560-5266) Eurojet Aviation
    G-FBJA Embraer Emb-175-200LR (17000326) Flybe
    G-JECM de Havilland Canada DHC-8Q-402 (4118) Flybe
    N350PB Piper PA-31-350 (31-8252028)
    OY-KFA Canadair Regional-Jet 900 (15206) SAS Scandinavian Airlines