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    Welcome to our Trip Report Blog.
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    Header Picture: UP-MI602 Mil Mi-26T (34001212133) Kazakhstan Emercom at Boraldai, Kazakhstan on 08/07/19 (credit StuC)

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    Thursday, 12 August 2010

    12/08/10 - Cosford Tour - Catshill

    After Shawbury, Rich & Stu went on to Cosford for a tour of 1 SoTT, with a stop at Catshill on the way home for the ex-Romanian L-29 cockpit

    Parade Ground

    BAPC-298/"MK356" Supermarine Spitfire FSM (n/a)

    Bldg 143 ATW

    XX112/EA SEPECAT Jaguar GR.3A (S-5)
    XX729/EL SEPECAT Jaguar GR.3A (S-26)
    XX738/ED SEPECAT Jaguar GR.3A (S-35)
    XX752/EK SEPECAT Jaguar GR.3A (S-49)
    XX970/EH SEPECAT Jaguar GR.3A (S-92)
    XZ103/EF SEPECAT Jaguar GR.3A (S-104)
    XZ109/EN SEPECAT Jaguar GR.3A (S-110)
    XZ112/GW nwd SEPECAT Jaguar GR.3A (S-113)
    XZ114/EO SEPECAT Jaguar GR.3A (S-115)
    XZ115/ER SEPECAT Jaguar GR.3A (S-116)
    XZ392/EM SEPECAT Jaguar GR.3A (S-157)
    XZ398/EQ SEPECAT Jaguar GR.3A (S-163)
    XZ399/EJ SEPECAT Jaguar GR.3A (S-164)
    ZA357/TTV BAe/Panavia Tornado GR.1T (BT010)
    ZA450/TH BAe/Panavia Tornado GR.1 (BS080)
    ZD939 BAe/Panavia Tornado F.2 (AS008) cockpit only
    ZE340/GO BAe/Panavia Tornado F.3T (AT025)

    Bldg 146 AvMTS

    XM362 BAC Jet Provost T.3 (PAC/W/6319)
    XM362 port
    XV653/CU:63 Westland Seaking HAS.6 (WA641)
    XV659/62 Westland Seaking HAS.6 (WA647)
    XV701/N:64 "Lulabelle" Westland Seaking HAS.6 (WA672)
    XW320/71 BAC Jet Provost T.5A (EEP/JP/984)
    XW327/62 BAC Jet Provost T.5A (EEP/JP/991)
    XW375/52 BAC Jet Provost T.5A (EEP/JP/1025)
    XW436/68 BAC Jet Provost T.5A (EEP/JP/1058)
    XW852 Aerospatiale Gazelle HCC.4 (1024)
    XX117/ES nwd SEPECAT Jaguar GR.3A (S-10)
    XX723/EU SEPECAT Jaguar GR.3A (S-20)
    XX726/EB SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1 (S-23)
    XX746/S SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1 (S-43)
    XX756/W SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1 (S-53)
    XX766/EFoxy SEPECAT Jaguar GR.3 (S-63)
    XX767/FK SEPECAT Jaguar GR.3A (S-64)
    XZ104/FM SEPECAT Jaguar GR.3A (S-105)
    XZ358/E SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1A (S-125)
    XZ371/AP SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1 (S-138)
    XZ377/EP SEPECAT Jaguar GR.3A (S-144)
    XZ391/ET SEPECAT Jaguar GR.3A (S-156)
    ZA131/N:271 "Fanny" Westland Seaking HAS.6 (WA892)
    ZJ695 Pennant International Genfly (n/k)
    ZJ696 Pennant International Genfly (n/k)
    ZJ697 Pennant International Genfly (n/k)
    ZJ698 Pennant International Genfly (n/k)
    ZK006 BAE Systems Tornado Training Aid (n/k)

    Hangar 2 AMS

    G-CGKD/KD Grob G.115E Tutor (82304) Birmingham UAS
    G-CGKE/KE Grob G.115E Tutor (82305) Birmingham UAS
    G-CGKF/KF Grob G.115E Tutor (82306) Birmingham UAS
    G-CGKG/KG Grob G.115E Tutor (82307) Birmingham UAS
    G-CGKH/KH Grob G.115E Tutor (82308) Birmingham UAS
    XW330/MJ/82 BAC Jet Provost T.5A (EEP/JP/994)
    XW361/MM/81 BAC Jet Provost T.5A (EEP/JP/1011)
    XW897 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH.1 (1178)
    XW899/Z Aerospatiale Gazelle AH.1 (1192)
    XX412 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH.1 (1362)
    XX724/EC SEPECAT Jaguar GR.3A (S-21)
    XX833 SEPECAT Jaguar T.2A (B-21)
    XX835/EX SEPECAT Jaguar T.4 (B-23)
    XZ316/B Aerospatiale Gazelle AH.1 (1599)
    XZ367/EE/GP nwd SEPECAT Jaguar GR.3 (S-134)
    ZA771 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH.1 (1813)

    Hangar 3 238 Sqn Rects

    XX110/EP SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1 (S-3)
    XX727/ER SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1 (S-24)
    XX743/EG SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1 (S-40)
    XX818/DE SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1 (S-67)
    XX819/CE SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1 (S-68)
    XX824/AD SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1 (S-73)
    XX825/BN SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1 (S-74)
    XX959/CJ SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1 (S-81)
    XX967/AC SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1 (S-89)
    XX968/AJ SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1 (S-90)
    XX969/01 SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1 (S-91)
    XX975/07 SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1 (S-97)
    XX976/BD SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1 (S-98)
    XZ370/JB SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1 (S-137)
    XZ383/AF SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1 (S-148)
    XZ384/BC SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1 (S-149)
    XZ389/BL SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1 (S-154)
    XZ390/DM SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1 (S-155)

    Hangar 4 EDSTF

    XR498/X Westland Wessex HC.2 (WA123)
    XV643/PW:262 Westland Seaking HAS.6 (WA631)
    XX119/AI SEPECAT Jaguar GR.3A (S-12)
    XX725/T SEPECAT Jaguar GR.3A (S-22)
    XX748/EG SEPECAT Jaguar GR.3A (S-45)
    XX840/EY SEPECAT Jaguar T.4 (B-28)
    XX847/EZ SEPECAT Jaguar T.4 (B-35)
    XX958/BK SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1 (S-80)
    XZ117/ES SEPECAT Jaguar GR.3A (S-118)
    XZ322/N Aerospatiale Gazelle AH.1 (1630)
    XZ941/B Aerospatiale Gazelle HT.2 (1758)
    XZ991/3A British Aerospace Harrier GR.3 (712214)
    ZA320/TAW BAe/Panavia Tornado GR.1T (BT002)
    ZA323/TAZ BAe/Panavia Tornado GR.1T (BT003)
    ZA399/AJ-C BAe/Panavia Tornado GR.1 (BS066)

    Hangar 15 238 Sqn Line

    XW299/MB/60 BAC Jet Provost T.5A (EEP/JP/963)
    XW301/MC/63 BAC Jet Provost T.5A (EEP/JP/965)
    XW318/MG/78 BAC Jet Provost T.5A (EEP/JP/982)
    XW328/MI/75 BAC Jet Provost T.5A (EEP/JP/992)
    XW358/MK/59 BAC Jet Provost T.5A (EEP/JP/1008)
    XW360/ML/61 BAC Jet Provost T.5A (EEP/JP/1010)
    XW418/MT BAC Jet Provost T.5A (EEP/JP/1040)
    XW425/MV/H BAC Jet Provost T.5A (EEP/JP/1047)
    XW430/MW/77 BAC Jet Provost T.5A (EEP/JP/1052)
    XW434/MY/78 BAC Jet Provost T.5A (EEP/JP/1056)
    ZK008 BAE Systems Tornado Training Aid (n/k)

    Hangar 16 238 Sqn Line

    XW290/MA/41 BAC Jet Provost T.5A (EEP/JP/954)
    XW321/MH/62 BAC Jet Provost T.5A (EEP/JP/985)
    XW364/MN/35 BAC Jet Provost T.5A (EEP/JP/1014)
    XW367/MO/64 BAC Jet Provost T.5A (EEP/JP/1017)
    XW370/MP/72 BAC Jet Provost T.5A (EEP/JP/1020)
    XW410/MR/80 BAC Jet Provost T.5A (EEP/JP/1032)
    XW416/MS/84 BAC Jet Provost T.5A (EEP/JP/1038)
    XW420/MU/83 BAC Jet Provost T.5A (EEP/JP/1042)
    XW432/MX/76 BAC Jet Provost T.5A (EEP/JP/1054)

    Air Ambulance Hangar

    G-WMAS Eurocopter EC135T2 (174)

    Between Hangars

    G-BFNI Piper PA-28-161 (28-7816215)
    G-COSF Piper PA-28-161 (28-7716215)
    G-DKEY Piper PA-28-161 (28-7716084)

    RAF Museum


    204/V SP-2H Neptune
    XG225 Hunter F.6A
    "XM497"/(G-AOVF) Britannia 312F

    Test Flight Hangar

    DG202/G F9/40 Meteor
    WA634 Meteor T.7 mod
    WG760 EE P.1A
    WG768 Short SB.5
    WG777 Fairey FD.2
    WK935 Meteor F.8 mod
    WZ744 Avro 707C
    XD145 SARO SR.53
    XF926 Bristol 188
    XM351/Y Jet Provost T.3
    XN714 Hunting 126/50
    XR220 TSR-2
    XX765 Jaguar GR.1 mod

    "Warplanes" Hangar

    5439 Ki.46 Dinah
    191614/"191461"/14 Me.163B
    "413573"/B6-V/(9133M) P-51D
    420430/3U-CC Me.410A
    475081/GM-AK Fi.156C
    (8469M) Fa.330A-1
    A-515 Pucara
    (BAPC-82) Afghan Hind
    (BAPC-99) Ohka II
    J-1704 Venom FB.54
    K9942/SD-D Spitfire I
    L-866 PBY-6A Catalina
    LF738/UH-A Hurricane II
    RF398 Lincoln B.2/4A
    TA639/AZ-E Mosquito TT.35
    XK724 Gnat F.1
    XX946/WT Tornado P.02

    National "Cold War" Exhibition

    503 MiG.21PF
    1120 Lim-2
    68-8284 MH-53M
    74-0177/LN F-111F
    KN645 Dakota C.4
    TG511 Hastings T.5
    TS798 York C.1
    WS843 Meteor NF.14
    XA564 Javelin FAW.1
    XB812 Sabre F.4
    XD818 Valiant BK.1
    XG337 Lightning F.1
    XH171 Canberra PR.9
    XH672 Victor K.2
    XL568/X Hunter T.7A
    XL993 Twin Pioneer CC.1
    XM598 Vulcan B.2
    "XN972"/(XN962) Buccaneer S.1 cockpit only
    XR371 Belfast C.1
    XV591/013 Phantom FG.1 cockpit only

    Hangar 1

    (BAPC-94) Fi.103 (V-1)
    "FS628"/(G-AIZE) Argus II
    G-AEEH HM.14 Flea
    "G-AFAP"/(T.2B-273) CASA 352L
    "G-AJOV"/(WP495) Dragonfly HR.3
    G-APAS Comet IXB
    G-EBMB Hawker Cygnet
    TX214 Anson C.19
    VP952 Devon C.2/2
    WE600 Auster C.4
    WL679 Varsity T.1
    WP912 Chipmunk T.10
    WV562/7606M Provost T.1
    WV746 Pembroke C.1
    XD674 Jet Provost T.1
    XJ918 Sycamore HR.14
    XL703 Pioneer CC.1
    XP411 Argosy C.1
    XR525/G Wessex HC.2
    XR977 Gnat T.1
    XS639 Andover E.3A
    XX496/D Jetstream T.1
    XX654/3 Bulldog T.1

    Catshill - at the "Kids Army" shop on the B4091 near J4A of the M5

    42 Aero L-29 (792642) cockpit only, ex Romanian AF