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    Welcome to our Trip Report Blog.
    Here we will post logs and pictures taken on aircraft spotting trips.
    Any info can be used for personal use, if passing on or publishing please credit SWAG.
    If you can correct or add any information please contact me here.

    To visit our Flickr photo pages click StuC, RichT, IanG, MatthewB

    Header Picture: UP-MI602 Mil Mi-26T (34001212133) Kazakhstan Emercom at Boraldai, Kazakhstan on 08/07/19 (credit StuC)

    Updates 2022:
    26th May - Log and pics added for Private Flyer Show 14/05/22

    Sunday, 24 June 2018

    15/06/18 - Aero/Heli Expo, Wycombe Air Park

    Thanks to RichT.


    2-SEXY Agusta A-109E Power (11010) Volare Aviation
    D-EAZR FFA AS 202-18A-4 Bravo (233)
    G-BNYD Bell Helicopters 206B Jet Ranger II (1911) Aerospeed Ltd
    (G-BXDI)/WD373/12 de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk 22 (C1/0312)
    (G-BXDN)/WK609/93 de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk 22 (C1/0618)
    (G-CEHR)/XP241 Auster AOP.9 (B5/10/149)
    G-CIXE Zlin Z.326 Trener Master (928)
    G-CKIH Agusta A-109S Grand (22047) Heli Delta BV
    G-COPR Robinson R44 Raven II (14172) BML Utility Contractors Ltd
    G-CRIK Colomban MC-15 Cri-Cri (PFA 133-13289)
    G-DENY Robinson R44 Raven II (14044)
    G-DONE Bell Helicopters 505 Jet Ranger X (65056) Simpson Heli Charters Ltd
    G-DYLN Pilatus PC-12/47E (1760) Oriens Leasing Ltd
    G-HCEN Guimbal G-2 Cabri (1079) Helicentre Aviation Ltd
    G-JNSH Robinson R22 Beta II (4591) Hawesbates LLP
    G-KIMI Piper PA-46-500TP (4697314)
    G-LUGS Agusta A-109S Grand (22125) Volare Aviation Ltd
    G-OBSM Robinson R44 Raven (1030) NT Aviation
    G-OGLE Airbus Helicopters AS.350B3 Squirrel (7827) Freshair UK Ltd
    G-OODX Robinson R22 Beta (720) HQ Aviation Ltd
    G-PERU Guimbal G-2 Cabri (1140)
    G-REGJ Robinson R44 Raven II (10235) HQ Aviation Ltd
    G-TFAM Piper PA-46R-350T Matrix (4692068)
    G-TRON Robinson R66 (731) PFR Aviation
    G-WINR Robinson R22 Beta (1709) Heli Air Ltd
    NC12467 Waco UEC (3620)
    N166MG Robinson R66 (694)
    N930SA Socata TBM930 (1241) Flying Smart Inc Trustee
    OE-FKA Diamond DA 62 (62.035)

    Based Aprons

    G-ETIN Robinson R22 Beta (853) HQ Aviation Ltd
    G-HAGL Robinson R44 Raven II (12403) HQ Aviation Ltd
    G-HOCA Robinson R44 Raven II (12388) JRS Aviation Ltd
    G-IBMS Robinson R44 Raven II (11287) BMS Holdings Ltd
    G-JIIL Pitts S-2A Special (20935)
    (G-KAXT)/XT787 Westland Wasp HAS.1 (F.9669)
    G-LROK Robinson R66 (581) London Rock Supplies Ltd
    G-MXPI Robinson R44 Raven II (12827) MG Group
    G-NEWZ Bell Helicopters 206B-3 Jet Ranger III (4475)
    G-NJSH Robinson R22 Beta (780) Hawesbates LLP
    G-PIPB Aerospatiale AS.355F1 Twin Squirrel (5261) Heli Air Ltd
    G-ROYM Robinson R44 Raven II (12295) HQ Aviation Ltd
    G-VVBL Robinson R44 Raven II (11606) Phoenix Helicopter Academy Ltd
    LN-OCS Robinson R44 Raven II (11433) European Helicopter Center AS
    OE-XDT Robinson R44 Clipper II (10498) Foxhill Holding Ltd


    F-GDKJ Robin DR.400-120 Petit Prince (1612)
    G-AHAO Auster J/1 Autocrat (1886)
    G-AMEN Piper L-18C-95 Super Cub (18-1998) The G-AMEN Flying Group
    G-AREO Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub (18-7407)
    G-AREX Aeronca 15AC Sedan (15AC-61)
    G-ARUI Beagle A.61 Terrier 1 (2529)
    G-ATKX SAN Jodel D.140C Mousquetaire III (163)
    G-AVCM Piper PA-24-260 Super Cub (24-4520)
    G-AVRZ Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee C (28-4137)
    G-AWFJ Piper PA-28R-180 Cherokee Arrow (28R-30688)
    G-AWSL Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee D (28-4907)
    G-AXJX Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee B (28-25990)
    G-AYDZ Centre-Est DR.200 (1)
    G-AYEF Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee E (28-5815) Pegasus Flying Group
    G-AYPE Bolkow Bo.209 Monsun 160RV (123)
    G-BAJR Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee (28-7305008)
    G-BASH American Aviation AA-5 Traveler (319)
    G-BBBN Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee (28-7305365)
    G-BBKX Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee (28-7305581)
    G-BBTY Beech C23 Sundowner 180 (M-1525)
    G-BBZV Piper PA-28R-200 Cherokee Arrow II (28R-7435105)
    G-BDPJ Piper PA-25-250 Pawnee B (25-3665)
    G-BFIG Reims/Cessna FR.172K Hawk XP (615)
    G-BGXS Piper PA-28-236 Dakota (28-7911198)
    G-BHFK Piper PA-28-151 Cherokee Warrior (28-7615088) G-BHFK Flying Group
    G-BHGO Piper PA-32-260 Cherokee Six (32-7800007)
    G-BHLX American Aviation AA-5B Tiger (573)
    G-BHRC Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II (28-7916430)
    G-BIAP Piper PA-16-108 Clipper (16-732)
    G-BJAG Piper PA-28-181 Archer II (28-7990353)
    G-BJBW Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II (28-8116280)
    G-BLGH Robin DR.300-180R Remorqueur (570) Booker Gliding Club Ltd
    G-BMCI Reims/Cessna F.172H (683)
    G-BMID Wassmer Jodel D.120 (259)
    G-BMIV Piper PA-28R-201T Turbo Arrow III (28R-7703154)
    G-BMIZ Robinson R22 Beta (505) Heli Air Ltd
    G-BMSA Stinson HW-75 Voyager (7040)
    G-BNRG Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II (28-8116217)
    G-BOJM Piper PA-28-181 Archer II (28-8090244)
    G-BOLI Cessna 172P Skyhawk (172-75484)
    G-BOLU Robin R.3000-120 (106)
    G-BOSN Aerospatiale AS.355F1 Twin Squirrel (5266) Helicopter & Pilot Services Ltd
    G-BPFI Piper PA-28-181 Archer II (28-8090113)
    G-BPOT Piper PA-28-181 Archer II (28-7790267)
    G-BRTD Cessna 152 (152-80023)
    G-BSDH Robin DR.400-180 Regent (1980)
    G-BSKW Piper PA-28-181 Archer II (2890138) Air Navigation & Trading Co.
    G-BSVB Piper PA-28-181 Archer II (2890098)
    G-BTAW Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II (28-8616031)
    G-BTHY Bell Helicopters 206B-3 Jet Ranger III (2290) Suffolk Helicopters Ltd
    G-BTJA Luscombe 8E Silvaire (5037)
    G-BTMA Cessna 172N Skyhawk (172-73711)
    G-BTNH Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II (28-8216202) Falcon Flying Services Ltd
    G-BUHZ Cessna 120 (14950)
    G-BUIJ Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II (28-8116210)
    G-BUJE Cessna 177B Cardinal (177-01920)
    G-BUTH Centre-Est DR.220 2+2 (6)
    G-BUWK Rans S.6 Super Coyote (PFA 204A-12448)
    G-BWPH Piper PA-28-181 Archer II (28-7790311)
    G-BXWO Piper PA-28-181 Archer II (28-8190311)
    G-BXWT Van's RV-6 (PFA 181-12639)
    G-BYEA Cessna 172P Skyhawk (172-75464)
    G-BYYG Slingsby T.67C1 Firefly (2101)
    G-BZTN Europa Europa XS (PFA 247-13715)
    G-CBLY Grob G.109B (6403)
    G-CBZX Dyn'Aero MCR-01 ULC (PFA 301B-13957)
    G-CCPN Dyn'Aero MCR-01 Club (PFA 301A-14133)
    G-CDMN Van's RV-9 (PFA 320-14108)
    G-CDRU CASA 1.131E Jungmann (2321)
    G-CDTU Evektor EV-97 TeamEurostar UK (2005-2522)
    G-CECJ Aeromot AMT-200S Super Ximango (200-168)
    G-CEEN Piper PA-28-161 Cadet (2841293)
    G-CEUU Robinson R44 Raven II (11949)
    G-CEZL Piper PA-28-161 Cadet (2841247)
    G-CFGH Jabiru J160 (PFA 346-14693)
    G-CFKB Czech Aircraft Works SportCruiser (LAA 338-14766)
    G-CGIL Czech Aircraft Works SportCruiser (LAA 338-14856)
    G-CGLR Czech Sport Aircraft SportCruiser (09SC324)
    G-CHAH Europa Europa XS (PFA 247-12949)
    G-CHFK Piper PA-32-260 Cherokee Six E (32-7200031) British Disabled Flying Association
    G-CHIP Piper PA-28-181 Archer II (28-8290095)
    G-CHIR Van's RV-7 (LAA 323-13981)
    G-CIFC Socata TB-200 Tobago XL (1634)
    G-CIGR Nando Groppo Trail (LAA 372-15229)
    G-CIMT AutoGyro Europe Cavalon (RSUK/CVLN/015)
    G-CIWG Aeropro Eurofox 912(S) (LAA 376-15351)
    G-CLAC Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II (28-8116241)
    G-CLIF Ikarus Comco C-42 FB UK (PFA 322-14377)
    G-CMEW Aerospool WT-9 Dynamic (DY457/2012)
    G-CRUI Czech Aircraft Works SportCruiser (PFA 338-14723)
    G-CSBM Reims/Cessna F.150M (1359)
    G-CTCL Socata TB-10 Tobago (1107)
    G-DADZ Czech Aircraft Works SportCruiser (LAA 338-14792)
    G-DBOD Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP (172S-10961) Goodwood Road Racing Co. Ltd
    G-DIGS Hughes 369HE (0105E) AT Aviation Sales Ltd
    G-DKTA Piper PA-28-236 Dakota (28-8011089)
    G-EFOF Robinson R22 Beta II (3605) Helicopter & Pilot Services Ltd
    G-EGAG Socata TB-20 Trinidad (1675)
    G-ENCE Partenavia P.68B Victor (141)
    G-EWAD Robinson R44 Raven II (12296) MG Helicopters Ltd
    G-EZZL Aerospatiale SA.341D Gazelle HT.3 (1104)
    G-FOFO Robinson R44 Raven II (10320)
    G-FOZY Van's RV-7 (PFA 323-14150)
    G-FRYA Robinson R44 Raven II (11605) BryanAir
    G-GUAR Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II (28-7816576)
    G-HALC Piper PA-28R-200 Cherokee Arrow II (28R-7335042) Halcyon Aviation
    G-HHDR Cessna 182T Skylane (182-82071)
    G-HVER Robinson R44 Raven II (11754) Equation Associates Ltd
    G-HVRZ Eurocopter EC120B Colibri (1338)
    G-IFRH Agusta A-109C (7619) Helicopter & Pilot Services Ltd
    G-IIDR Ikarus Comco C-42 FB100 (1207-7220)
    G-IIFX Marganski MDM-1 Fox (223)
    G-IIGI Van's RV-4 (381)
    G-IMCD Van's RV-7 (PFA 323-13965)
    G-IPOD Europa Europa XS (PFA 247-14007)
    G-ITOY Robin DR.400-140B (2682)
    G-JBRN Cessna 182S Skylane (182-80029)
    G-JFWI Reims/Cessna F.172N (1622)
    G-JKHT Robinson R22 Beta II (2947) JK Helicopter Training Ltd
    G-JOID Cirrus Design SR-20 GTS G3 (1910)
    G-JONT Cirrus Design SR-22 X (3599)
    G-JRXI Bell Helicopters 505 Jet Ranger X (65058) Helicompany Ltd
    G-KAYS Hughes 369E (0157E) Transair (UK) Ltd
    G-KITI Pitts S-2E Special (2)
    G-KUBE Robinson R44 Raven II (10091) Helicopter Services Ltd
    G-LANE Reims/Cessna F.172N (1853)
    G-LARK Helton Lark 95 (9517)
    G-LBAC Evektor EV-97 TeamEurostar UK (3934)
    G-LLIZ Robinson R44 Raven II (12140) HQ Aviation Ltd
    G-MACR Cirrus Design SR-22T (1704)
    G-MAUS Europa Europa (PFA 247-12651)
    G-MERL Piper PA-28RT-201 Arrow IV (28R-7918036)
    G-MODE Eurocopter EC120B Colibri (1295)
    G-MPLA Cessna 182T Skylane (182-81686) Oxford Aviation Academy
    G-NELI Piper PA-28R-180 Cherokee Arrow (28R-31011)
    G-NILT Evektor EV-97 Eurostar SL (2014-4202)
    G-NIOG Robinson R44 Clipper II (10471C) Helicopter Sharing Ltd
    G-NIOS Piper PA-32R-301 Saratoga SP (32R-8513004)
    G-NJCZ Piper PiperSport (P1001087)
    G-NJNH Robinson R66 (228) Aerospace Trust Management LLC
    G-NOTE Piper PA-28-181 Archer III (2843082)
    G-NUKA Piper PA-28-181 Archer II (28-8290134)
    G-NWFC Cessna 172P Skyhawk (172-76305)
    G-NWFS Cessna 172P Skyhawk (172-75815)
    G-OASP Eurocopter AS.355F2 Twin Squirrel (5479) Helicopter & Pilot Services Ltd
    G-OBBO Cessna 182S Skylane (182-80534)
    G-OBIL Robinson R22 Beta (792) Helicopter and Pilot Services Ltd
    G-OCFD Bell Helicopters 206B-3 Jet Ranger III (3165) Rushmere Helicopters LLP
    G-ODAZ Robinson R44 Raven II (12167)
    G-ODJG Europa Europa (PFA 247-12889)
    G-OMRC Van's RV-10 (LAA 339-15032)
    G-OONA Robinson R44 Clipper II (10907C) Malaika Developments Llp
    G-OOWS Eurocopter AS.350B3 Squirrel (4386) Millburn World Travel Services Ltd
    G-ORBK Robinson R44 Raven II (10213) T2 Technology Ltd
    G-ORVG Van's RV-6 (PFA 181A-13509)
    G-OSNX Grob G.109B (6413)
    G-OVLA Ikarus Comco C-42 FB UK (PFA 322-14028)
    G-PBEC Van's RV-7 (PFA 323-14382)
    G-PDGR Aerospatiale AS.350B2 Squirrel (2559) PDG Helicopters
    G-PIPZ BRM Aero NG-5 Speed Wing (LAA 385-15279)
    G-PPLL Van's RV-7A (PFA 323-14240)
    G-PTRE Socata TB-20 Trinidad (762)
    G-RDFX Aero AT-3 (PFA 327-14295)
    G-RISY Van's RV-7 (PFA 323-14320)
    G-RJWX Europa Europa XS (PFA 247-13197)
    G-RMAR Robinson R66 (154) Marfleet Civil Engineering Ltd
    G-RMRV Van's RV-7A (PFA 323-14434)
    G-RRAK Enstrom 480B (5055)
    G-RVIX Van's RV-9A (PFA 320-13779)
    G-RVJO Van's RV-9A (PFA 320-13778)
    G-RVRP Van's RV-7 (PFA 323-14085)
    G-SAFA Agusta A.109S Grand (22050) Inuit Holdings Ltd
    G-SIRD Robinson R44 Raven II (11745) Peglington Productions Ltd
    G-SPVI Socata TB-20 Trinidad GT (2168)
    G-SWNG Eurocopter EC120B Colibri (1532)
    G-TILE Robinson R22 Beta (1100) Heli Air Ltd
    G-TMAX Evektor SportStar MAX (2010-1305)
    G-TOLL Piper PA-28R-201 Arrow III (28R-7837025)
    G-TOLY Robinson R22 Beta II (2809) Helicopter & Pilot Services Ltd
    G-TRUE McD-D Helicopters 369E (0490E)
    G-TTEN Tecnam P.2010 (8)
    G-TYGA American Aviation AA-5B Tiger (1161)
    G-WACE Reims/Cessna F.152 (1978) Booker Aviation
    G-WLGC Piper PA-28-181 Archer II (2843484)
    G-WYLD Cessna T.210N Turbo Centurion (210-64341)
    G-XENA Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II (28-7716158)
    G-XFOX Aeropro Eurofox 912(S) (LAA 376-15200)
    G-XKKA Diamond HK 36TTC 115 Super Dimona (36.677)
    G-XSEA Van's RV-8 (PFA 303-14228)
    G-XVAX Tecnam P.2006T (76)
    G-ZZLE Aerospatiale SA.341C Gazelle HT.2 (1402)
    M-IKEY Eurocopter AS.365N3 Dauphin (6713) Whirligig Limited
    M-SAIL Pilatus PC-12/47E (1154)
    N1280Z Neico Lancair LC-41-550FG (41654)
    N180FN Cessna 180K Skywagon 180 (180-53201)
    N321W Cirrus Design SR-20 GTS (1727)
    N414FZ Cessna 414 (414-0175)
    N50AY Rockwell Commander 114A (14527)
    N61FD SIAI-Marchetti SF-260C (719)
    N622RC Cirrus Design SR-22T (1610)
    N65JF Piper PA-28-181 Archer II (28-7990140)
    N65MJ Beech 58P Baron (TJ-487)
    N781CD Cirrus Design SR-20 G2 (1423)
    N901B Aerospatiale SA.341G Gazelle (1410)
    N907MM Cirrus Design SR-20 (1270)
    N928HW Rockwell Commander 114B (14672)
    N949AC Cirrus Design SR-22T GTS Carbon (833)
    N95GT Cirrus Design SR-22 GTS (1758)
    OO-NZV Robin DR400-135cdi Ecoflyer (2633)
    PH-LPH Eurocopter EC120B Colibri (1256)